Bibliography of the History of
The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions



The Bibliography reflects the contribution of numerous individuals. The bibliographical work of Dr. Genevieve Miller provided over 250 citations. I am indebted to Lawrence Charap, whose efforts resulted in the creation of a data base for these citations and the addition of close to 400 citations. Karen Diesenberg and Nancy McCall also provided invaluable support and advice throughout this project.

--Toby A. Gordon, Sc.D.

Introduction: Methods


This bibliography was compiled from several sources. First, the bibliography compiled by Dr. Genevieve Miller was the foundation of this work. Private book collections were perused and the bibliographies of published works were reviewed for new citations. Other basic sources were the Alan Mason Chesney Archives at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and the Maryland Historical Society Library in Baltimore. Finally, leads on many articles were provided by searching through antiquarian book catalogues.  Updates to this bibliography have utilized internet databases, especially PubMed.

The citations in this bibliography have been catalogued and put into a standard format using EndNote 4.0.1, for informationon this program see  Citations have been organized according to biographical and institutional subject headings.  A complete list of all citations has also been arranged alphabetically by author.

A project like this is ongoing, and this list is limited to citations with verified publication information (provided either directly or by electronic indexes). Sound and audio recordings are thus under-represented here, and some articles given in footnotes or used book catalogues have not yet been verified. In this version of the bibliography magazine and newspaper articles have been included, but the list is by no means exhaustive of possible pieces in the Baltimore Sun or the Hopkins Medical News. Finally, there are bound to be a few books or articles in this version of the list which only tangentially relate to Hopkins history; any deeper knowledge of them that would help better classify them would be greatly appreciated.

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