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American Clinical and Climatological Association

The American Clinical and Climatological Association (ACCA) was organized in 1884 by a group of physicians and scientists who set about to improve medical education, research and practice in this country. Its initial concern was with tuberculosis and its treatment by residence in a suitable climate. Over the past century, the society has expanded its field of interest to that of all aspects of internal medicine. Its membership comprises physicians engaged in both academic pursuits and clinical practice. The object of the Association is the clinical study of disease. With the rapid advances in medicine, the Association provided a place for the presentation and critical discussion of progress in research, teaching and clinical aspects of internal medicine. The members of ACCA are selected on the basis of leadership and excellence in their chosen field. Active membership is restricted to 175 physicians.

Scope of the Holdings

The Records of the ACCA document the administration and activities of the association since its founding in 1884. Included are administrative records, financial records, membership records, meeting records, publications, and photographs.

The Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives serves as the official repository for the records of the ACCA. Other repositories hold collections of ACCA records, including the National Library of Medicine (NLM). The records of the ACCA at the Medical Archives include photocopies of the documents at NLM. Original material held at the Medical Archives dates primarily from the 1930s to the present.

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