LilA, Abraham M. Lilienfeld Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Box 2010-016-41] Miscellaneous studies

[Folder 189142] A collaborative study of oral contraception and cerebrovascular disease

[Folder 189142] AIDS study

[Folder 189142] Baltimore study of womens health

[Folder 189142] Basic backgroup items for US household surveys

[Folder 189142] Buffalo family study

[Folder 189142] Crohn's disease genetic study

[Folder 189142] Data collection forms

[Folder 189142] Diabetic retinopathy study

[Folder 189142] Diet and cancer etiology

[Folder 189142] Epidemiology of ovarian cancer

[Folder 189142] Face sheet information

[Folder 189142] Grand applications

[Folder 189142] Health history questionnaire

[Folder 189142] Illness survey

[Folder 189142] National health survey interviewers manual

[Folder 189142] Nova scotia - First observation

[Folder 189142] Patient questionnaire

[Folder 189142] Personal history form

[Folder 189142] Quantitative decision procedures for health workers

[Folder 189142] Roswel Park questionnaire

[Folder 189142] Roswell park memorial institute

[Folder 189142] Study of GI - GU diseases

[Folder 189142] Study of myocardial infarction

[Folder 189142] Study of the health of young women

[Folder 189142] The relationship of exposure to radiofrequency energy and selected reproductive and health factors

[Folder 189142] Thyroid papers

[Folder 189142] WHO - Medical care utilization