Abraham M. Lilienfeld Collection
in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

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[Series Box 1 to 11] Correspondence Series 1

[Series Box 12 to 14] Correspondence Series 2, Epidemiology

[Series Box 15 to 25] Epidemiological Studies

[Series Box 26] Epidemiology and MPH Program Records

[Series Box 27] Research Career Award

[Series Box 28] Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health Advisory Board Records

[Series Box 29] Grant Proposals

[Series Box 30] Miscellaneous

[Series Box 31 to 33] Manuscripts

[Series Box 34] AIDS Institute of New York, Cirrhosis Data

[Series Box 35] Journal Articles, Correspondence, Epidemiological Societies

[Series Box 36] Administrative Material

[Series Box 37] Miscellaneous

[Box 127K11-12] Correspondence, A-D

[Box 127K11-12] Correspondence, E-M

[Box 127K5-6] Correspondence, Ma-T

[Box 127K1-2] Correspondence, A-R

[Box 127K1-2] Correspondence, S-W

[Box 127K13-14] Correspondence, A-D

[Box 127K13-14] Correspondence, E-M

[Box 127K15-16] Correspondnce and Committee Files L-P

[Box 127K15-16] Correspondnce and Committee Files A-L

[Box 127K7-8] Correspondnce, A-N

[Box 127K7-8] Correspondnce, O-Z

[Box 432212025] Subject Files, A

[Box 432212025] Subject Files, A-N

[Box 2010-016-01] History of Epidemiology materials

[Box 2010-016-02] History of Epidemiology materials

[Box 2010-016-03] Framington Heart Study, Course Notes, reprints by A. Lilienfeld

[Box 2010-016-04] Lecture and Course Material, photos, correspondence

[Box 2010-016-05] Lecture Slides

[Box 2010-016-06] Lecture Slides

[Box 2010-016-07] Reprints, Course Pack, dissertation, miscellaneous publications and gray literature

[Box 2010-016-08] History of Public Health lectures, course material, Epidemiology and Cancer courses

[Box 2010-016-09] Study binders

[Box 2010-016-10] reprints by A. Lilienfeld

[Box 2010-016-11] Subject Files, some reprints by David Lilienfeld

[Box 2010-016-12] binders, Thesis by student

[Box 2010-016-13] Thesis/dissertations by students

[Box 2010-016-14] binders

[Box 2010-016-15] 1940s material

[Box 2010-016-16] Subject Files

[Box 2010-016-17] Subject Files

[Box 2010-016-18] Collected Reprints for Bibliographic Citations

[Box 2010-016-19] Foundations book files, course material, reprints

[Box 2010-016-20] lecture material and subject files, reprints

[Box 2010-016-21] course material, subject files, Minnesota Summer course

[Box 2010-016-22] binders, Epidemiology course

[Box 2010-016-23] Lectures, Subject Files

[Box 2010-016-24] reprints by others

[Box 2010-016-25] Manuals and dissertations

[Box 2010-016-26] lectures, subject files, reprints, grants, course materials

[Box 2010-016-27] Box 27

[Box 2010-016-28] Course Materials, Subject Files, Grant and Fellowship Applications

[Box 2010-016-29] Cancer Epidemiology Course Materials, Subject Files, Lecture Materials, Correspondence

[Box 2010-016-30] Binders

[Box 2010-016-31] Student thesis, Epidemology books, Large studies on cancer

[Box 2010-016-32] History of Cancer reprints, notecards

[Box 2010-016-33] Subject Files, Correspondence, Course Materials

[Box 2010-016-34] Breast cancer studeies, slides and negatives, Cancer and arsenic book, stroke application, international health books

[Box 2010-016-35] Pathology department, national health survey, Meehl papers, Heath Clark Lectures, adventists health study

[Box 2010-016-36] Digestive diseases, stroke material, survival-cancer, breast cancer notes

[Box 2010-016-37] Digestive diseases, cancer course material

[Box 2010-016-38] Cancer studies, Agent orange, and drug abuse

[Box 2010-016-39] Kepone study, epidemiology of cancer, state department study

[Box 2010-016-40] State department study, NINDB, census tracts

[Box 2010-016-41] Miscellaneous studies

[Box 2010-016-42] Reprints

[Box 2010-016-43] Reprints

[Box 2010-016-44] Reprints

[Box 2010-016-45] Reprints

[Box 2010-016-46] History Reprints

[Box 2010-016-47] History Reprints

[Box 2010-016-48] History Reprints