FitA, Alice Fitzgerald Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 3] Diaries and Scrapbooks. — 1903-1940

[Folder 1/13] Clippings Scrapbook photocopies. — c. 1903-1907
Bound volume that photocopies come from is located in Box 2

[Folder 1/14] Scrapbook (Use copy). — 1910's-1940
Photocopies of the contents of the scrapbook including photos.

[Bound volume 2/1] Clippings Scrapbook. — c. 1907-1959
photocopies of this scrapbook can be found in Box 1, folder 13

[Bound volume 2/2] World War I Diary with clippings. — 1916
This bound volume contains a handwritten account Fitzgerald's service as a nurse with the British Expeditionary Forces in Europe from February to November, 1916. The account begins with a description of her journey to the hospital, but later describes the layout and condition of the wards, the weather for the day, and descriptions of troops, patients, ward books, and personal experiences. It also contains numerous sketches illustrating ideas mentioned in the account including sketches of a nurse's uniform, hospital beds, cabinets, ships, tents, building and camp layouts, maps, and a scheme of hospitals and care. Newspaper clippings are glued into the volume and integrated with the handwritten account chronologically. Most of the clippings are of captioned pictures. A program from "Wash your Kneck" is glued onto the front pastedown-end paper. A typed paper indicating hymns to be sung at a memorial service for Lord Kitchner is folded and glued onto the recto first front free-end paper. An envelope containing three letters from the War Office in England to Fitzgerald and a pressed cloth flower are glued onto the verso first front free-end paper and the recto second front free-end paper. A postcard of a casino and jetty in Boulogne is clipped onto the verso second front free-end paper. The recto third front free-end paper contains the handwritten statement "In case of our death please send this book to" followed by three addresses and a newspaper clipping. The diary account, sketches, and integrated newspaper clippings begins on the verso third front free-end paper which is lined. 370 [pages] of hand-written account, sketches, hand-drawn maps, newspaper clippings, and inserted letters follow. The recto first rear free-end paper is also lined and contains part of the handwritten account. The verso second rear free-end paper, recto third rear free-end paper, and rear pastedown-end paper contain photographs clipped from newspapers.

226593[Postcard of Casino in Boulogne-sur-Mer]. — circa 1916;2015-02-16. — 1 postcard ; 3.5 x 5.5 in

[Bound volume 2/3] World War I Diary. — 1916-1917
Bound volume contains diary entries of Alice Fitzgerald's experiences as a nurse for the British Expeditionary Forces in Europe during World War I. Diary entry dates range from November, 1916 - December, 1917. Entries contain a description of weather for the day, personal experiences and feelings towards the war, conditions in the wards, descriptions of patients, cases (particularly trench feet), and day to day activities of nursing on the front. The final entry is dated 2 months after the previous entry and contains information about what happened after Fitzgerald's resignation. She notes that this entry was written in Paris. On the recto third front free-end paper are drawings of a soldier in a trench with a tank and a building behind him. The verso third front free-end paper has a swatch of cloth pinned to it. There is another piece of cloth pinned into the body of the diary.

[Bound volume 2/4] Scrapbook. — 1910s-1940
Scrapbook of articles and photos dating from 1919-1939. Scrapbook contains a biography of Alice Fitzgerald from the American Women's Club; newspaper and newsletter articles about her life, achievements, and functions at which she was a guest speaker; a letter from Mabel Boardman regarding Fitzgerald's appointment as chief nurse of the Red Cross Nurses; a letter from the Red Cross requesting that Fitzgerald take a position as representative of the nursing service in France; photos of Fitzgerald and photos of her with other nurses; a thank you card with an angel, nurse, and patient on the front given to Fitzgerald for service to the British troops during World War I; photos from Siam and the Philippine Islands; maps indicating countries adhering to Red Cross standards, countries visited due to nursing, cities visited on the Philippine Islands; photos and articles related to the Nightingale Medal; a photo of the Staff of Medical Bureau League of Red Cross Societies in Geneva, 1922; papers, letters, and orders related to her orders of service as a reserve member to the British Expeditionary Forces; articles and photos related to her service to China for which she was awarded a medal; and a photo of the 2nd Public Health Nursing Course in London.
most photos removed and added to the photo folder.
In oversize box with certificates and diploma.