WolAD, Anna D. Wolf Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 4] Other Institutional Records
Series includes records related to Anna Wolf's interactions with various institutions, primarily professional nursing orgaizations and nursing education programs. Much of the material documents Wolf leadership within the nursing profession to raise the status of nurses and nursing education, particularly during World War II and the period of postwar planning.

[Sub-series] American Council for Education

[Sub-sub-series] Bulletins and Pamphlets: American Council for Education

[Folder] "Educational Services: Student Deferment". — 1943-1944

[Folder] "Higher Education and National Defense". — 1942-1944

[Folder] "Members of American Council for Education," "A Brief Statement Regarding A.C.E. Pamphlets". — 1943

[Folder] Message from the President of the United States: regarding Selective Service. — 1943

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence: American Council for Education

[Folder] Correspondence: Adelaide Mayo. — 1942-1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Alma C. Haupt. — 1942

[Folder] Correspondence: Donald J. Shank. — 1942

[Folder] Correspondence: Estella Goostray. — 1942

[Folder] Correspondence: George F. Zook. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Marjorie Davis to George F. Zook. — 1945

[Folder] Correspondence: Sister Mary Olivia. — 1942

[Sub-sub-series] Reports and Minutes: American Council for Education

[Folder] "New Plan Suspends Liberal Education". — 1943
Removed to Oversized

[Folder] Judgement on Proposed Plan for Postwar Education for Ex-Service Personnel. — 1943

[Folder] Minutes: Executive Committee of American Council for Education. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Reports and Minutes: Conference of the Committee on Higher Education and War of the A.C.E. and Representatives from N.L.N.E. and Assoc. of Collegiate Schools of Nursing. — 1942-1945

[Sub-series] American Nurses Association

[Folder] American Nurses' Association Postwar Planning Minutes and Reports. — 1945

[Folder] Application for Director of American Nurses Association and "Who's Who". — 1946, 1950

[Folder] Correspondence: Katharine Faville, Elizabeth Hilbom, Emilie G. Sargent. — 1947

[Sub-series] American Red Cross

[Sub-sub-series] American Red Cross Committees

[Folder] Chapter Nursing Activities Committee. — 1943

[Folder] Joint Meeting of Subcommittees on Nursing, Health, and Medical Committees Minutes. — 1941

[Folder] Volunteer Nurses' Aides: syllabus, manual, pamphlets. — 1940-1941

[Sub-sub-sub-series] Nursing Service: American Red Cross

[Folder] Advisory to the Nursing Service Minutes. — 1938-1943

[Folder] Reports of the Nursing Service. — 1940-1943

[Sub-sub-sub-series] Recruitment Committee

[Folder] ARC Nurse Recruitment Committee Minutes. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Chapter Index. — 1943

[Folder] Colonel Agnew's Lecture from Nursing Recruitment Committee Conference. — June 30, 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Catharine Christy, Olli Cross, Julia Flikke, Sister M. Olivia, Eileen Mc Laughin, Edith Tetlock, Marguerite Wales. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Elsie Witchen. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Mary Beard to Stella Goostray, Thomas Parran, Anna Wolf. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Mr Charles Mc Farland. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Pamela Pomeroy. — 1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Samuel K. Dennis. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Correspondence: William Carl Hunt. — 1942-1943

[Folder] Enrollment Quotas. — 1941-1943

[Folder] Enrollment Quotas. — 1944

[Folder] Notes from ARC Recruitment Committee. — February 25, 1943; June 30, 1943

[Sub-sub-series] Publicity, Pamphlets, and Brochures

[Folder] "Instructions for Home Nursing". — 1944

[Folder] "Jane Delano, the Great War Nurse," "Department of Red Cross Nursing," "The Story of the Red Cross". — 1931-1937

[Folder] Brochures and Pamphlets: "The Red Cross Nursing Service," "Information for Nurses Desiring to Enroll with the American Red Cross," "Health Ahead," "National, State, and Local Nursing Committees," "Plan Book for Red Cross Nursing Activities Committees". — 1921-1934

[Folder] Federal Security Agency's Radio Publicity Manual. — 1941-1942

[Folder] Introduction to Disaster Nursing. — 1941-1942

[Folder] Publications and Correspondence: Civilian Defense. — 1941-1942

[Folder] Publicity Announcement. — 1941

[Folder] Publicity Kit, Program Suggestions, and Exhibits. — 1942

[Folder] Radio Broadcast Publicity. — 1942

[Sub-series] Bolton Act / May Bill

[Folder] Billls regarding the Registration of Nurses. — 1945

[Folder] Clippings and Press Releases. — 1945

[Folder] Correspondence: Katharine Densford, Stella Goostray, Catherine Jackson, Dr. Thomas Parran, Lucile Petry, Elmira Wickeden. — 1945

[Folder] Members of House Military Affairs Committee. — 1945

[Folder] Reports to House Military Affairs Committee. — 1945

[Folder] Response and Cadet listing at Johns Hopkins Hospital to May Bill. — 1945

[Folder] Testimonies regarding H.R. 1284 and H.R. 1666. — 1945

[Folder] Testimony of Undersecretary of War, Robert J. Patterson in favor of H.R. 1284. — 1945

[Folder] War Manpower Commissions/ American Nurses' Association Nurse Recruitment brochure. — 1945

[Sub-series] Bryn Mawr College- Summer Programs
Creator: Bryn Mawr College. Summer Nursing Program
Subseries consists of correspondence, minutes and reports of curriculum committees, expenditure reports, budgets, faculty information, publicity, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia from the program.

[Folder] Dinner Program and Address (August Belmont). — 1941

[Folder] Faculty Information and Student Roster/Hours Sheet. — 1941

[Folder] Invitation to Closing Exercises. — 1942

[Folder] Program and Memory Booklet. — 1941

[Folder] Publicity and Clippings. — 1941

[Sub-sub-series] Academic and Executive Committee

[Folder] Curriculum Reports and Minutes of Academic and Executive Committees. — 1942-1943

[Folder] Expenditures and Budgets for Program. — 1942-1943

[Folder] Information for Academic Committee. — 1941

[Folder] Minutes of Academic and Executive Committees. — 1941

[Folder] Report of Executive Committee. — 1941

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence: Red Cross Training Program

[Folder] Correspondence: Alta Dines, W. T. Draper, Kathleen Ellis, Marion Howell, Marion Edwards Park, Dorothy White. — 1942

[Folder] Correspondence: Caroline Chadwick Collins. — 1942

[Folder] Correspondence: Eugenia K. Spaulding. — 1942

[Folder] Correspondence: Margaret E. Conrad. — 1941-1942

[Sub-series] Committee on the Structure of National Nursing Organizations
Subseries consists of correspondence, minutes and reports of the organization and sub-committees, and bylaws of the Committee.
Anna Wolf and colleague Stella Goostray represented the National League of Nursing Education on the Executive Committee.

[Folder] By-laws of Committee on Structure of National Nursing Organization. — 1946

[Folder] Committee Members and Contact Information. — 1946-1948

[Folder] Diagram of Administrative Relationships of three National Nursing Organizations. — 1944

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence: National Nursing Organizations

[Folder] Correspondence: Hortense Hilbert. — 1947-1948

[Folder] Correspondence: Marjorie B. Major. — 1946

[Folder] Correspondence: Promoting Committee For Structure of NNO. — 1946

[Sub-sub-series] Minutes: Committee on Structure of National Nursing Organizations

[Folder] Minutes and Reports of Committee. — 1944-1945

[Folder] Minutes and Reports of Committee. — 1946

[Folder] Minutes from Biennial Nursing Convention: Atlantic City, NJ. — Sept 23-28, 1946

[Folder] Minutes of Committee. — 1947-1948

[Folder] Minutes of Executive Board. — 1948

[Sub-sub-series] Reports and Publications: National Nursing Organizations

[Folder] "Message from the President of ANA"; "They Knew What They Wanted". — 1947

[Folder] Anna Wolf's Response to "Special Questions". — 1947

[Folder] Article from American Journal of Nursing: "Preface to Coordinated Action". — 1947-48

[Folder] Classification Report of Directors, Councils, Sections, and Bureaus. — 1944

[Folder] Proposal for Promoting Committee. — 1944

[Folder] Reports and Analyses of American Nurses Association. — 1947

[Folder] Reports from Committee. — 1947-1948

[Folder] Report of the Joint Committee on the Structure of National Nursing Organizations. — August 1947

[Folder] Report of the Treasurer. — 1946

[Folder] Special Committee Reports. — 1948

[Folder] Workshop Guides (6). — 1947

[Sub-series] Florence Nightingale International Foundation
Subseries consists of correspondence with individuals and the League of Red Cross Society, minutes of the Grand Council and committees, expense statements, and a descriptive pamphlet of the foundation's efforts to provide financial support for postgraduate nursing education.
Anna Wolf was appointed to the Grand Council of the Florence Nightingale International Foundation in 1946 where she served as a representative of the American Red Cross, League of Red Cross Societies.

[Folder] Correspondence and Memos: regarding visit of Muriel Uprichard. — 1947-1948

[Folder] Correspondence: League of the Red Cross Society. — 1946-1948

[Folder] Expenses: Advisory Committee. — 1946-1948

[Folder] Expenses: Meetings in London, England. — 1947-1948

[Folder] Minutes and Reports: Committee on Management. — 1939-1946

[Folder] Pamphlet and Description of Committees. — 1938, 1944

[Sub-sub-series] Committee on the Study of the Florence Nightingale International Foundation

[Folder] Minutes and Agenda of Joint Committees: Study of Florence Nightingale International Foundation and International Congress of Nurses. — 1947

[Folder] Minutes of Committee on the study of the Florence Nightingale International Foundation. — 1946-1948

[Folder Oversized] Report on Study and Revisions. — 1948

[Folder] Study Advisory Committee: Toronto. — November 9-10, 1946

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence with Individuals: Florence Nightingale International Foundation. — 1947-1948

[Folder] Correspondence: A.Belmont. — 1947-1948

[Folder] Correspondence: D.C. Bridges. — 1946-1948

[Folder] Correspondence: Dagmar Johnson. — 1946-1948

[Folder] Correspondence: Ethel Johns. — 1946-1947

[Folder] Correspondence: Gertrude M. Hall. — 1948

[Folder] Correspondence: Katharine Densford. — 1946

[Folder] Correspondence: Kathleen Russell. — 1948

[Folder] Correspondence: O. Baggallay. — 1946-1948

[Folder] Correspondence: Presnell Betts, Ruth Freeman, Leopoldine Hofe, M. Lambie, Foard McGinnes, Basil O'Connor, Isabel Stewart, Muriel Uprichard. — 1947-1948

[Folder] Correspondence: Thomas T. Nicholson. — 1947

[Folder] Correspondence: Venny Snellman. — 1946

[Folder] Correspondence: W. Cherin. — 1946-1947

[Folder] Correspondence: Yvonne Hentsche. — 1946-1947

[Sub-sub-series] Grand Council

[Folder] Minutes: Grand Council. — 1939

[Folder] Minutes: Grand Council. — 1946-1947

[Sub-series] Goucher College
Subseries include materials related to the Summer Preclinical Program at Goucher College during World War II and materials related to Goucher College's efforts to honor Wolf upon the occassion of her retirement in 1955. Summer Preclinical Program materials consist of correspondence, minutes, and budgets. Advertisement and recruitment for the preclinical program indicate the Federal Government's appeal to increase nurse enrollment.

[Sub-sub-series] Retirement

[Folder] Address: Professor Vola P. Barton in reference to Goucher Honorary Degree. — 1955

[Folder] Clippings: Honorary Degree from Goucher. — June 1955

[Folder] Correspondence, Agenda, and Program: Goucher Honorary Citation. — April 3, 1954

[Folder] Correspondence: Regarding Goucher Honorary Degree. — 1955

[Folder] Invitation for Honorary Degree at Goucher Commencement. — June 1955

[Sub-sub-series] Summer Pre-Clinical Program

[Folder] Ad and application for program. — 1943

[Folder] Budgets and Finances. — 1943

[Folder] Minutes from Johns Hopkins Hospital and Goucher Planning Meeting. — December 16, 1942

[Sub-sub-sub-series] Correspondence: Goucher

[Folder] Correspondence Regarding Finances: Claude Close, Raynor Downey, Raymond Ehrman, F. Friese, Elsa Hayden, Thomas Parran, Lucile Petry, Marion Watkins. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: David A. Robertson. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Esther D. Gordy. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Eugenia Spaulding. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Jessie Black. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Mary Apel, Isaiah Bowman, Mary J. Dunn, Elsa G. Hayden, Mary O. Jenney, Howard H. Lloyd, Jane Nash, Glenn O. Stauffer, Thomas Raeburn White, Helen E. Wright. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Pearl Mc Iver. — 1943

[Sub-series] Government and Civilian Nursing Services Committee on Inventory

[Folder] "The National Survey". — 1942

[Folder] Correspondence: Alma Haupt, Marian Randall. — 1942

[Folder] Minutes and Reports on Special Subcommittees on Nursing Inventory. — 1941-1942

[Folder] Nursing War Services brochure. — 1942

[Folder] Procurement and Assignment Service for Physicians, Dentists, and Veterinarians. — 1942

[Sub-series] National League of Nursing Education Postwar Planning

[Folder] Suggested Budgets for Special Projects. — 1945

[Folder] Testimony of National League of Nursing Education before Committee on Military Affairs. — February 9, 1945

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence: National League of Nursing Education Postwar Planning. — 1944

[Folder] Adelaide Mayo. — 1944-1945

[Folder] Adelaide Mayo, "Special Committee on Platform". — 1947

[Folder] Edith Spray. — 1944

[Folder] Eugenia K. Spaulding. — 1944

[Folder] Helen Schwarz. — 1944

[Folder] K. Virginia Betzhold, Agnes Gelinas, Adelaide Mayo. — 1945

[Folder] K. Virginia Betzhold, Marjorie Davis, Grace Parker Follett, Effie Taylor, Elmira Wickenden. — 1944

[Folder] Lucille Petry, Katharine Cronkite, "Annual Report of Committee on Postwar Planning". — 1946

[Folder] Margaret Tracy. — 1944

[Folder] Nellie Hawkinson. — 1944

[Folder] NLNE Bulletins and Reprints. — 1940-1945

[Folder] Ruth Perkins Kuehn. — 1944

[Folder] Ruth Sleeper. — 1944

[Folder] Thelma Scratch, Mabel Staupers, Isabel Stewart. — 1944

[Folder] Thomas Parran. — 1944

[Sub-sub-series] Minutes and Reports

[Folder] Agendas, Minutes, and Reports of Special Committees. — 1945

[Folder] Board Of Directors Reports and Minutes for the Committee on Postwar Planning. — 1944-1946

[Folder] Memo regarding Special Committees. — 1945

[Folder] Minutes and Recommendations from the Postwar Planning Committee. — 1944-1945

[Folder] Minutes and Reports from the Postwar Planning Steering Committee, 1944-1945. — 1944-1945

[Folder] Progress Report of Special Committees. — 1945

[Sub-sub-series] National League of Nursing Education Postwar Planning Conferences

[Folder] New York City Conference. — January 26-27, 1942

[Folder] Report of Conferenceof State Boards of Nurse Examiners: Chicago, IL. — June 12-13, 1943

[Folder] White House Conference: "How Women Share in Postwar Policy Making". — 1944

[Sub-sub-series] Reprints, Pamphlets, and Publicity

[Folder] National Planning Association pamphlets and handouts. — 1944

[Sub-sub-series] Steering Committee on Postwar Planning

[Folder] Minutes and Reports from Postwar Steering Committee. — 1944-1945

[Sub-series] National Nursing Council for War Services / National Nursing Council

[Folder] Correspondence: Marjorie Davis. — 1946-1947

[Folder] Overview of National Nursing Council for War Services and Summary of Activities. — 1943-1945

[Sub-sub-series] Annual Meeting Minutes

[Folder 2 folders] Minutes: National Nursing Council for War Services. — 1945

[Folder] Minutes: National Nursing Council for War Services. — 1943

[Folder] Minutes: National Nursing Council for War Services. — 1944

[Folder] Minutes: National Nursing Council for War Services. — 1946

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence: National Nursing Council for War Services

[Sub-sub-series] National Nursing Council/National Nursing Council for War Services Committees

[Folder] Army and Navy Committees. — 1943

[Folder] Committee for Student Nurse Reserve Corps. — 1942-1943

[Folder] Committee of National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses and Reports of Negro Program. — 1942-1946

[Folder] Committee on Auxiliary Workers. — 1943

[Folder] Committee on Federal Aid for Nursing Education. — 1945-1946

[Folder] Committee on the History of Nursing/Medical History. — 1944

[Folder] Committee to Plan a Single Professional Accrediting Body in Nursing. — 1946

[Folder] Committee to Study the Public Information Functions of the National Nursing Council for War Services. — 1944

[Folder] Finance Committee. — 1944

[Folder] Headquarters War Cabinet. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Joint Committee of the American Hospital Association and National Nursing Council for War Services. — 1943-1945

[Folder] State Advisors Committee: Educational Problems in Wartime. — 1942-1943

[Folder] State Conference on Acceleration of Nursing School. — 1943

[Sub-sub-sub-series] Committee on Field Service to Schools of Nursing

[Folder] Candidates for Director/Advisors. — 1942-1943

[Folder] Itineraries and Expense Accounts. — 1943

[Folder] Selected References from American Journal of Nursing and Consultants' Report. — 1943

[Folder] Steering Committee (Telegrams, Expenses, Correspondence). — 1943

[Sub-sub-sub-series] Committee on Field Service: Correspondence and Reports

[Folder] Correspondence: Anna D. Wolf to Sister M. Ancina, Gertrude Bansfield, Mary Brackett, Olga Breihan, Clare Dennison, Sister M. Domitillo, Virginia Fowler, Louise Grant, Mildred Lorentz, Kathleen Leeahy, T.J. Montgomery, Pearl McIver, Elizabeth Soule, Raymond Walters. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Anna D. Wolf to Consultants. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Anne Austin. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Elmira Wickenden. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Elsye Rodriguez. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Estella Goostray. — 1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Helen Schwarz. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Lulu K. Wolf. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Martha Adam, Vivian Bigger, Mary Brackett, Elizabeth Fink, Estella Goostray, Sally Johnson, Adelaide Mayo, Ruth Sleeper, Elmira Wickenden, Dorothy Williams, Florence Wilson. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Sofia Nelson. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Winifred Phelan. — 1943

[Folder] Reports and Correspondence: Field Consultants. — 1943

[Folder] Reports and Correspondence: Directors of C.F.S.. — 1942-1943

[Sub-sub-sub-series] Portfolio: Committee on Field Service

[Folder] American Journal of Nursing Reprints and Guide, "Suggested Minimum Qualifications," "A School of Nursing Faculty". — 1943

[Folder] Copy of "Bolton Act". — 1943

[Folder] Local Reports and Sample Vouchers. — 1942

[Folder] Manual of Pre-Nursing and Guidance Test Service. — April 1943

[Folder] National League for Nursing Education Pamphlet: "Essentials of a Good School of Nursing". — 1942

[Folder] National League of Nursing Education Pamphlet: "Social and Health Aspects of Nursing". — 1943

[Folder] National League of Nursing Education Pamphlet: "Facts about Nursing". — 1942

[Folder] National Nursing Council for War Services Pamphlet: "Priorities for Nurses". — 1943

[Folder] National Nursing Council for War Services Pamphlet: "A Guide for the Organization of Collegiate Schools of Nursing". — 1942

[Folder] Pamphlet: "Professional Nursing and Auxiliary Services". — 1942

[Folder] Record of Provenance

[Folder] Syllabus #2: "Consultants on the Committee on Field Service"

[Sub-sub-sub-sub-series] Minutes and Reports

[Folder] Final Report of the Committee on Field Service for 1943. — 1943

[Folder] Financial Reports. — 1942

[Folder] Minutes. — 1943

[Folder] Report of Committee on Field Service to NNCWS. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Syallabus #1 for Field Consultants. — 1943

[Folder] Syllabus #2 for Consultants. — 1943

[Sub-sub-sub-series] Executive Committee

[Folder] Executive Secretary's Diary. — 1945-1946

[Folder] Minutes: Board of Directors. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Minutes: Board of Directors. — 1945-1946

[Folder] Minutes: Board of Directors. — 1947-1948

[Sub-sub-sub-series] National Nursing Planning Committee

[Folder] Correspondence and Records: Robert M. Scott. — 1946

[Folder] Correspondence: Elmira Wickenden, Robert Lester. — 1946

[Folder] Correspondence: Marjorie Davis. — 1945

[Folder] Hospital Schedules of Information and Graphs. — 1944

[Folder] List and Resumes for Committee Members. — 1944-1945

[Folder] Memoranda: "Objectives of Member Organizations," "Making Nurse Education Dynamic"

[Folder] Minutes and Reports: National Nursing Planning Committee. — 1945-1946

[Folder] Minutes: National Nursing Planning Committee. — 1944-1945

[Folder] Report and Revisions: "National Program for Nursing Service and Nursing Education". — 1945

[Folder] Report from National Nursing Planning Committee. — 1944-1945

[Folder] Suggested Qualifications and Applicant Resumes for Director of Study. — 1945

[Sub-sub-series] National Postwar Planning Committee

[Folder] Minutes: Postwar Planning Committee and Headquarters Cabinet. — 1943-1944

[Sub-sub-series] Pamphlets and Recruitment

[Folder] Bulletins from General Federation of Women's Clubs. — 1943

[Folder] Contents of 'Recruitment for Student Nurses" publicity folder 2 of 3. — n.d.

[Folder] Contents of 'Recruitment of Student Nurses" publicity folder 3 of 3. — n.d.

[Folder] Pamphlet: "The Organization of Nursing for War"

[Folder] Recruitment of Student Nurses Publicity Folder 1 of 3. — n.d.

[Sub-sub-series] School Study

[Folder] Applicant Resumes for Director for School Study. — 1945-1946

[Folder] Correspondence Regarding Appointment of the Director for School Study: M. Davis, E. Wickenden, A. Wolf. — 1945-1946

[Sub-series] New York Hospital (Cornell University)

[Folder] 75th Anniversary Program. — 1952

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence: New York Hospital
Subseries consists of a program from the 75th anniversary of the Cornell University School of Nursing and correspondence from Wolf's appointment and resignation as Director of Nursing Service of the New York Hospital-Cornell Unit. Correspondence includes a series of letters to G. Canby Robinson, director of the Joint Administrative Board, regarding Wolf's interest in establishing academic rank in addition to hospital nursing rank for faculty of the school of nursing.

[Folder] Dr. G. Canby Robinson. — 1931

[Folder] John R. Howard, Jr.. — 1934,1948

[Folder] Letters of Welcome to New York Hospital. — 1931

[Folder] Resignation from New York Hospital: Society of the Hospital, Nursing Alumni, Cornell University. — 1940

[Folder] Restricted Correspondence: Lydia Anderson, Nellie X. Hawkinson, Minnie H. Jordan, Betty A. R. Panken, Mary M. Roberts, Florence R. Salni. — 1930-1932
Correspondence regarding the deaths of three babies at New York Hospital

[Sub-series] Nursing Council on National Defense

[Folder] Memorandum and chart. — 1940-1941

[Folder] Recruitment of Student Nurses publicity folder (1 of 3)

[Folder] Recruitment of Student Nurses publicity folder (2 of 3)

[Folder] Recruitment of Student Nurses publicity folder (3 of 3)

[Sub-series] Peking Union Medical College
Subseries consists of correspondence, two yearbooks, and an alumni news bulletin. Of particular note is former student Evelyn Lin's correspondence to Anna Wolf describing political and socio-economic conditions of China in the late 1930s.
Anna Wolf served as Superintendent of Nurses and Dean of the School of Nursing at Peking Union Medical College.

[Folder] "Alumnae News" bulletin. — 1939

[Folder] The Unison yearbook. — 1924

[Folder] The Unison yearbook. — 1931

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence: Peking Union Medical College

[Folder] Correspondence: Evelyn Lin. — 1937-1938

[Folder] Correspondence: Ina Davis Fulton, Grace B. Snell. — 1937-1938

[Folder] Correspondence: Roger S. Greene, Henry S. Houghton, R. B. Seem, T. Sloane, George E. Vincent, L. B. Wolf. — 1924-1925

[Sub-series] United States Cadet Nursing Corps
Subseries consists of U.S. Public Health Service advisory committee reports, cost studies, recruitment bulletins, and publicity materials. An especially rich resource in the subseries is a publicity kit on student nurse recruitment.

[Folder] Publicity: United States Cadet Nursing Corps

[Folder] Information Program for the United States Cadet Nursing Corps. — September 1943

[Folder] National Nursing Council for War Services: publicity poster. — October 1942

[Folder] Pamphlets on Recruitment. — 1941-1943

[Folder] Recruitment Program and Publicity. — 1942-1943

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence: United States Cadet Nursing Corps

[Folder] Correspondence: Steering Committee. — 1943

[Sub-sub-series] Reports and Agendas

[Folder] National Nursing Council for War Services Recruitment Bulletins and Reports. — 1943

[Folder] Nursing Education and Defense: United States Office of Education. — 1940-1941

[Folder] Outline for State Boards. — 1943

[Folder] Report and Responses to Questionnaire on Student Reserve Plan. — 1941-1945

[Folder] Resume for United States Cadet Nursing Corps. — November 1943

[Folder] State Advisors Committee: Educational Problems in Wartime. — 1942-1943

[Folder] State Conference on Acceleration of Nursing School: Agendas and Reports of Accredited Schools. — May 3, 1943

[Sub-sub-series] United States Public Health Service Advisory Committee to United States Cadet Nursing Corps

[Folder] Cost Studies in Nursing Education. — 1945

[Folder] Minutes and Reports. — 1943

[Folder] Minutes and Reports. — 1944

[Folder] Minutes and Reports. — January 1945

[Folder] Minutes and Reports. — February 1945- September 1945

[Sub-series] United States Office of Defense, Health, and Welfare Services

[Folder] Brochure: "Health Welfare". — 1942

[Folder] Executive Order by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. — 1941

[Folder] Reports and Minutes: Subcommittee on Nursing Education. — 1942-1943

[Folder] Report on Subcommittee for Nursing. — 1940-1942

[Folder] Volunteers in Health, Medical Care, and Nursing. — 1942

[Sub-series] United States Office of Education

[Folder] Defense Program: 1941 Conference on Nursing Education. — 1941

[Sub-series] United States Public Health Service, Advisory Committee on Nursing Education

[Sub-sub-series] Budget and Financial Forms

[Folder] Application, Budget, and Expenditures. — 1941-1942

[Folder] Application, Budget, and Expenditures. — 1942-1943

[Folder] Budget and Financial Statements. — 1940-1942

[Folder] Federal Security Agency Budget Forms. — 1944

[Folder] Federal Security Agency Form II-B/C Application. — 1941

[Folder] Proposed Budget to Surgeon General Thomas Parran. — 1941

[Folder] Public Law, Title I (H.R.4926) and Title 42. — 1942

[Folder] Schools allotted Federal Funding. — 1941-1942

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence: United States Public Health Service

[Folder] Correspondence: Edith H. Smith. — 1941-1942

[Folder] Correspondence: Eugenia K. Spaulding. — 1941-1942

[Folder] Correspondence: Frederick Friese. — 1941-1942

[Folder] Correspondence: Lucile Petry. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Margaret G. Arnstein. — 1941

[Folder] Correspondence: Pearl Mc Iver. — 1943

[Folder] Correspondence: Thomas Parran, Surgeon General. — 1941

[Sub-sub-series] Publications and Publicity Brochures for United States Public Health Service

[Sub-sub-series] Reports: United States Public Health Service

[Sub-series] University of Chicago (Billings Hospital)
Subseries consists of correspondence relating to Anna Wolf's appointment and eventual resignation from the Albert Merritt Billings Hospital at the University of Chicago, where she held the Isabel Hampton Robb Fellowship and served as Assistant Professor and Superintendent of Nurses from 1925-1931. Of special interest is a letter from R.B. Seem to Anna Wolf indicating that Mary Adelaide Nutting participated in the selection of Superintendent.

[Folder] Correspondence: regarding departure from the University of Chicago: Robert M. Hutchins, Dr. Franklin C. Mc Lean, John Mouldos. — 1931

[Folder] Correspondence: Trevor Arnett, J. Spencer Dickerson, John Mouldo, James Tufts. — 1925

[Sub-series] Veterans Administration

[Folder] Bills from Congress. — 1945

[Folder] Circular for United States Veterans Bureau. — 1923

[Folder] National Social Work Council pamphlet: "Community Services for Veterans". — 1944

[Folder] Publicity and Pamphlets. — 1945

[Folder] Reports of Visits to Veterans Hospitals. — 1945

[Folder] Reports on Progress of Field Stations/Hospitals. — 1944

[Folder] Report to the Veterans Administration from NNCWS. — 1945

[Sub-sub-series] Correspondence: Veterans Administration

[Folder] Correspondence: Anna D. Wolf to Susan C. Francis, Alma H. Scott, Elmira Wickenden re: appointment and policy of administration. — 1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Anna Wolf to Susan Francis. — 1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Anna Wolf to Alma Scott. — 1945

[Folder] Correspondence: Elmira Wickenden to Anna Wolf. — 1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Elmira Wickenden to Frank T. Hines. — 1944-1945

[Folder] Correspondence: Elmira Wickenden to Gwen Andrew. — 1944

[Folder] Correspondence: Elmira Wickenden to Sophie Nelson. — 1945

[Folder] Correspondence: Elmira Wickenden to Alma Scott. — 1945

[Folder] Correspondence: Omar N. Bradley to Elmira Wickenden. — 1945

[Sub-series] War Manpower Commission, Committee on Nursing
Subseries consists of correspondence, procurement and assignment reports, advisory committee minutes and reports, and a directory of field service for 1944. The procurement and assignment reports identify state and local chairpersons and illuminate the changing role of the military nurse during wartime.

[Folder] Correspondence Regarding Transportation to/from Advisory Committee Meetings. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Directory of Field Service. — 1944

[Folder] Fall Meeting of Maryland State Nurses Association with speaker from War Manpower Commission. — October 1934

[Folder] Minutes of Advisory Committee. — December 1943- January 1944

[Folder] Office of Emergency Management Correspondence and Reports. — 1943

[Folder] Procurement and Assignment Reports/Correspondence. — 1943-1945

[Folder] Procurement and Assignment Service News. — 1943-1944

[Folder] Regulations for Nurse Uniforms. — 1943

[Folder] War Manpower Commission Nurse Recruitment Brochure. — 1945