WolAD, Anna D. Wolf Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 5] Writings and Speeches

[Folder] Address and Program from St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing Commencement: "This Wealth is my Stewardship". — 1957

[Folder] Addresses: Hospital Accidents from the Viewpoint of the Nursing Division, Staff Education, Legal Aspects of Hospital Accidents, Pulling Together for Greater Safety, The Place of Nutrition in the Nursing Curriculum, So You Want to be a Registered Professional Nurse, A Few Highlights of a North Cape Cruise, A Few Impressions of a North Cape Cruise, What Our School is Doing to Meet the Present Situation. — Jan 1937- March 1941

[Folder] Addresses: Our Opportunities (graduation exercises), Our Obligations, School Activities,. — May 1941- Sept 1943

[Folder] Addresses: Report for Convocation 2/44, School Activities (graduation exercises), Report for Graduation Exercises, Report in School Activities, Expanding Nursing Program. — Feb 1944- June 1945

[Folder] Addresses: Report of the Director of the School of Nursing (graduation exercises 2/46), Report of the Director of the School of Nursing (graduation exercises 6/46), School Activities (graduation exercises 10/46). — Feb 1946- Oct 1946

[Folder] Addresses: School Activities (graduation exercises 2/47), School Activities (graduation exercises 6/47), School Activities (graduation exercises 9/47), Students Admitted to Professional Schools should be Qualified for Professional Work. — Feb 1947-Sept 1947

[Folder] Addresses: School Activities (graduation exercises 6/48), Nursing for the Future, A Review of Nursing for the Future, School Activities (graduation exercises 5/49), This Wealth is our Stewardship, Blanche Pfefferkorn, Report of the Director of the School of Nursing. — June 1948- May 1950

[Folder] Addresses: School Activities (graduation exercises 5/51), School Activities (graduation exercises 5/52). — May 1951-May 1952

[Folder] Addresses: School Activities (graduation exercises 5/53), Greetings (graduation exercises 9/53), School Activities (graduation 5/54). — May 1953- May 1954

[Folder] Addresses: This Wealth is my Stewardship, Qualifications of a School of Nursing Faculty. — Oct 1947- May 1948

[Folder] Addresses: University of Maryland Workshop on Nursing outline. — June 1950- April 1951

[Folder] Notes for Addresses: American Red Cross Nursing Service for Maryland State Nursing Association and Pennsylvania State Nursing Association. — 1941

[Folder] Notes for Addresses: Implications for the Future, Situation (1944), Convocation (10/44), The Goucher Club (1/44), Postwar Trends in Nursing Which Relate to Legislation and the Maintenance of Standards of Nursing Practice and Education, United States Cadet Nursing Corps Radio Broadcast (1944). — May 1944- Nov 1944

[Folder] Notes for Addresses: Professional Adjustments II, Comments (New York Hospital Alumnae Association 6/45), Address to Volunteer Nurses Aides for American Red Cross Baltimore Chapter, Maryland on Nursing Education. — Nov 1944- Dec 1946

[Folder] Notes for Addresses: Situation in Nursing, Board of Directors and Presidents to the Maryland Federation of Women's Clubs, Relationship of Hood College and Johns Hopkins Hospital, National Needs from Maryland State Meeting. — Jan 1943- Sept 1943

[Folder] Putting the New Curriculum Into Effect. — 1937