VanCC, Carolyn Conant Van Blarcom Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series] Publications, Writings, and Speeches. — 1914-1934
This series consists of writings, publications, and speeches by Van Blarcom, containing articles of Van Blarcom's, or used by Van Blarcom between 1914 and 1934. It includes her JHH Circulars of Information, booklets from the Committee on Prevention of Blindness, numerous leaflets about the cause and prevention of blindness, leaflets about the problems with mid-wives, leaflets about obsetrical nursing, a copy of her book "The Midwife in England" and reviews of that book, booklets from the Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness, speeches about the preventin of blindness, articles, leaflets, drafts of articles, and correspondence with readers of the Deliniator, correspondence, book reviews, and lists of hospitals adopting her book "Obstetrical Nursing" as a text, book reviews written by Van Blarcom, book reviews of "Getting Ready to Be a Mother", a copy of Harpers Magazine containing her article "Rat Pie", her speech from a Cream of Wheat commercial, an article in french about prenatal care, an essay about Miss Nutting's resignation, 2 copies of Literary Digest containingher article "To Save the Eyes of Babies", and a copy of The Deliniator containing her article "Save the Seventh Baby."

[Sub-series] Committee on Prevention of Blindness Reports. — 1909-1916

[Folder 1/9] Committee on Prevention of Blindness Reports. — Nov. 1909;Nov. 1910

[Folder 1/10] Committee on the Prevention of Blindness Reports. — Nov. 1911;Nov. 1912

[Folder 1/11] Committee on the Prevention of Blindness Reports. — Nov. 1913;Jan. 1915

[Folder 1/12] Committee on Prevention of Blindness Reports. — Jan. 1915;Nov. 1916

[Sub-series] Deliniator. — 1917-1920
This sub-series contains a reprint of an article and the December 1917 Deliniator issue from which it came, infant welfare leaflets from the Deliniator, extracts from correspondence with readers of the Deliniator, drafts of articles for the Deliniator, 3 other articles ("Eat and Stay Young", "Our Child-Helping Service", and "Drugs' Deadly Stealth") from the Deliniator, and a scrapbook of articles and leaflets written by Van Blarcom for the Deliniator.

[Folder 2/1] Deliniator Article. — Dec. 1917

[Folder 2/2] Infant Welfare Leaflets from the Deliniator. — 1918-1920
2 copies

[Folder 2/3] Correspondence Extracts from "Deliniator" Readers. — c. 1919-1920

[Folder 2/4] Drafts of Articles for "Deliniator". — n.d.

[Folder 2/5] Deliniator Articles. — Nov. 1919;1920

[Folder 2/6] Drugs' Deadly Stealth. — Nov. 1919

[Bound volume 4/4] Deliniator Scrapbook. — 1919-1920
contains articles written by Van Blarcom for The Deliniator

[Publication 4/3] The Deliniator. — Dec. 1917

[Sub-series] Obstetrical Nursing. — 1919-1928
This sub-series contains correspondence in regards to the feeding of infants and other correspondence made in preparation for the Obsetrical Nursing book, reviews of the book, correspondence made with regards to the book after its publication and with regards to the second edition publication of the book, and lists of hospitals which had adopted the book as a text as of January and December 1924.

[Folder 2/7] Correspondence Regarding Infant Feeding. — April-May 1919

[Folder 2/8] Correspondence Obstetrical Nursing. — 1921- May 1922

[Folder 2/9] Correspondence Obstetrical Nursing. — June-Dec. 1922

[Folder 2/10] Book Reviews Obstetrical Nursing. — July 1922;June 1925

[Folder 2/11] Correspondence Obstetrical Nursing. — 1923-1928

[Folder 2/12] List of Hospitals Adopting "Obstetrical Nursing" as a Text. — Jan. 1924;Dec. 1925

[Folder 1/8] JHH School for Nurses Circular of Information. — 1902-1903;1904-1905;1928

[Folder 1/13] Ophthalmia Neonatorum as a Cause of Blindness. — July 1910
4 copies

[Folder 1/14] A Possible Solution to the Midwife Problem. — 1910
2 copies

[Folder 1/15] The Prevention of Blindness. — Oct. 1910

[Folder 1/16] A Brief Account of Organized Work for Prevention of Blindness. — May 1910

[Folder 1/17] Visiting Obstetrical Nursing. — Nov. 1911
2 copies

[Folder 1/18] The Midwife in England. — Dec. 1913

[Folder 1/19] The Midwife in England Book Reviews. — March 1914

[Folder 1/20] Health News. — Sept. 1915
2 copies

[Folder 1/21] The Harm Done in Ascribing All Babies Sore Eyes to Gonorrhea. — Sept. 1915

[Folder 1/22] Saving the Sight of Babies. — April 1915;Feb. 1916

[Folder 1/23] Articles on Prevention of Blindness in "The Modern Hospital". — 1915-1917

[Folder 1/24] Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness Report. — Oct. 1916;Oct. 1917

[Folder 1/25] Writings and Speeches: Prevention of Blindness. — c. 1916

[Folder 1/26] Does the Young American Wife Want Children. — Nov. 1923

[Folder 2/13] Pictoral Review "Making Ready for the Baby". — May 1923

[Folder 2/14] Nursing Notes and Midwives Chronicle. — Oct. 1924

[Folder 2/15] Provisions for Maternity Care in the US. — May 1925
2 copies

[Folder 2/16] The Obstetrical Department. — c. 1926

[Folder 2/17] A Nurses Part in a State Program of Prenatal Care. — 1926

[Folder 2/18] Book Reviews Written by Van Blarcom. — 1926-1932

[Folder 2/19] The International Council of Nurses. — April 1927

[Folder 2/20] Book Reviews "Getting Ready to Be a Mother. — March 1929

[Folder 2/21] "Rat Pie" in Harpers Magazine. — Feb. 1930

[Folder 2/22] "The Trained Nurse and the Depression". — Oct. 11, 1933

[Folder 2/23] Cream of Wheat Commercial. — 1934

[Folder 2/24] Midwifery and Infant Mortality

[Folder 2/25] Preventable Blindness
3 copies

[Folder 2/26] "Do You Want Your Baby to Brow Up Blind"

[Folder 2/27] "Good Eyes Are Your Protection"

226742Good eyes are your protection / prepared and distributed by the Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness. — 1917;2015-03-09. — 1 pamphlet : offset lithograph ;
Creator: White, Katherine Field ;  Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness

[Folder 2/28] Needlessly Blind for Life

[Folder 2/29] "Baby's Sore Eyes"
2 copies

[Folder 2/30] Midwives in America
2 copies

[Folder 2/31] "Mothers! To THeir Health"

[Folder 2/32] "Worth His Weight in Gold"

[Folder 2/33] La Part de l'Infirmiere dans une Campagne d'Assistance Prenatale

[Folder 2/34] Miss Nutting Resigns

[Folder 4/2] "To Save the Eyes of Babies". — May 1914
1 reprint of the article and 2 copies of the Literary Digest