Records of the Church Home and Hospital Nurses' Alumnae Association in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Sub-record group/Sous-fonds] Governance and Administration
The Governance and Administration record group consists of Alumnae Association constitution and bylaws, board of directors records, committee records, and financial records. The series of constitution and bylaws runs from 1925 to 1995, with a new copy for each revision. The records of the scholarship committee are particularly detailed, and provide a history of alumnae philanthropy and education. The financial records also detail the association's focus on fundraising. Cash receipt and disbursement books from 1954 to 1973 offer a detailed account of the association's business transactions. Records of the board of directors are minimal, as tasks were generally dispersed among committees. See also the correspondence records of the board.

[Series] Board of Directors
The records of the alumnae association board of directors include address lists, meeting agendas, and job descriptions for committee chair positions. The records are strong for some periods, largely depending upon the president at the time. Nancye Ross-Bogardy's tenure from 1987 to 1992 has many records and correspondence. Many of the activities of the alumnae association were handled by committees, and more records can be found in committee records and correspondence files.
A list of Board of Directors through 1954 may be found in Judith Robinson's history.

[Folder] Board and Committee Officer Lists. — 1965-1966;1973;1989-1992

[Folder] Executive Secretary

[Folder] Job Descriptions
Includes job descriptions for chairs of the following committees: social, public relations, bylaws, finance, scholarship, membership, addressograph, and education. It also includes the job description for the treasurer of the Alumnae Association.

[Folder] Regular Meeting Agendas and Minutes. — 1967-1969;1974;1988;2001

[Folder] Reports to Board of Trustees. — 1956;1964;1965;1988-1992

[Series] Committees
Many of the organizational tasks of the Alumnae Association were taken up by various committees. The scholarship committee was particularly active in not only choosing recipients but in fundraising. The publications, social activities, and historic committees were also active. The level of activity often depended upon the involvment of the president and other members of the board.

[Sub-series] Membership Committee

[Folder] Correspondence. — 1956-1989

[Folder] Dues

[Folder] Honorary and Life Members. — 1954-1976

[Folder] Member Lists

[Sub-series] Nominating Committee

[Sub-series] Publications Committee

[Folder] Ensign on the Hill
See also the images used in the book in the CHH photograph collection.

[Folder] Jeffrey Press Printing

[Folder] Newsletter correspondence

[Sub-series] Scholarship Committee

[Folder] Church Home and Hospital School of Nursing Scholarship Fund

[Folder] Recipient Lists

[Folder] Rules and Guidelines

[Folder] S. Griffith Davis Scholarship Fund. — 1942-1943
Fund established as part of endowment as a scholarship for an operating room nurse.

[Folder] Scholarship at Johns Hopkins University. — 1984-1993

[Folder] Scholarship Committee Correspondence. — 1964-1993

[Folder] Scholarship Forms and Agreements

[Folder] Scholarship Recipient Questionnaires. — 1992-1993
Questionnaires sent to past recipients from 1965 to 1993

[Bound volume] Annual Bazaar for the Scholarship Fund Guest Book. — 1949-1952
This guest book includes signatures and addresses of those alumnae members who attended the annual bazaar held to raise monies for the scholarship fund.

[Bound volume] Scholarship Fund Checkbook. — 1946-1947

[Sub-sub-series] Applications

[Folder] Awarded Scholarships. — 1965-1978
Includes applications of Betty Markoe, Sandra Orem, Sharon Bell, Linda Kramer, Jacqueline Kedzior Janssen, Patricia Goff Mulkey, Nancy Vetter, Martha Wessel Brown, Gail Houser Bramble, Lynne Teuteberg Connelly, Carolyn Cain Gakenheimer, Cynthia Norman, and Teri Fink Miller.

[Folder] Awarded Scholarships. — 1979-1983
Includes applications of Karen Milwee Zielinski, Nancy Gould Deady, Thorrenna Kees Lewis, Julia Dryden Ruzin, Angela Lilli, Jane Seiss Marks, Joyce Gunther Humphreys, Cynthia Lewis Nevin, Mary Ellen Short, Margaret Beggs Turner, Joan Fruhling Abel, Kathryn Porter, Penelope Cooper Haviland, Renee Francisco, Shirley Hahn Keller, Katherine Pearce, and Susan Palank.

[Folder] Awarded Scholarships. — 1984-1988
Includes applications of Jane Seiss Marks, Brenda Pope Stein, Linda Helbing, Kathleen Mohr Chaffinch, Michele Burdette-Taylor, Audrey Fink Schulmeyer, Joanne Satterfield Price, Mary Ann Small Hohenberger, Gail Unger Tweed, Kathryn Porter, and Phyllis Clingan.

[Folder] Awarded Scholarships. — 1991
Includes applications of Kathryn Porter, Debra Hofmann Maslow, Michele Burdette-Taylor, Deborah Fretz Witten, Deborah Mann, and Brenda Pope Stein.

[Folder] Rejected Applications. — 1980-1988
Includes applications of Phyllis Clingan, Dedra Peterson Milholland, Anne Mace Hebner, Linda Young, Donna Royster Swope, and Victoria Regula Broyles.

[Sub-sub-series] Scholarship Correspondence

[Folder] Alumnae Scholarship Correspondence

[Folder] CHH Scholarship at JHUSON correspondence. — 1971-2003
Includes with recipients of the scholarship and between administrators of JHU and the CHHNAA board members.

[Sub-series] Social/Activities Committee

[Folder] Centennial of the Hospital. — 1958

[Folder] Event Planning
Includes receipts and budgets for Alumnae Association social events

[Folder] Final Commencement and Reunion. — 1976
Information about the last School of Nursing class and the reunion of all previous classes.

[Folder] Homecoming

[Folder] Addressograph Committee

[Folder] Historic Committee - Storage Shed

[Folder] Nurses' Registry
Includes correspondence and dues book of 1919 to 1930

[Series] Financial Records. — 1935-2004
The financial records of the Alumnae Association include assorted treasurer's budgets, receipts, and audit records. The files also document fundraising activites and donations made by the association. The records are varied and there was never a formalized record system for either the treasurer or finance committee. Cash receipt and disbursement books offer a look at its history of expenditures.

[Sub-series] Cash Receipts

[Bound volume] Cash Disbursements. — 1966-1968

[Bound volume] Cash Receipts. — 1970-1973

[Bound volume] Cash Receipts. — 1967-1970

[Bound volume] Cash Receipts. — 1964-1966

[Bound volume] Cash Receipts. — 1960-1964

[Bound volume] Cash Receipts. — 1957-1960

[Bound volume] Cash Receipts. — 1955-1957

[Bound volume] Cash Receipts. — 1954-1955

[Bound volume] Cash Receipts. — 1957-1958

[Bound volume] Cash Receipts. — 1954-1955

[Sub-series] Finance/Advisory Committee

[Folder] Audits

[Folder] Banking - Loyola Federal Savings and Loan. — 1961-1962

[Folder] Bonds. — 1952-1971

[Folder] Creutzburg Portrait Fund. — 1964-1967

[Folder] Donation to American Nurses' Foundation. — 1946-1961
Donations to Johns Hopkins University, the Isabel Hampton Robb Fund, and American Nurses' Foundation.

[Folder] Donations to Church Home and Hospital. — 1941-1991

[Folder] Donations to Isabel Hampton Robb Memorial Fund

[Folder] Receipts
Includes receipts from purchases for social activities, framings, printing fees, etc.

[Folder] Tax Exemption. — 1961-1969

[Folder] Treasurer's Reports. — 1935;1965-2002

[Bound volume] Alumnae Dues and Disbursements. — 1919-1921

[Bound volume] Sick Relief Fund. — 1924-1930
Includes dues paid and donations to the Sick Relief Fund and disbursements to sick alumnae.

[Series] Founding Documents

[Sub-series] Constitution and Bylaws

[Folder] Bylaws Committee

[Folder] Constitution and Bylaws. — 1969;1975;1976;1995

[Folder] Constitution and Bylaws. — 1925;1941;1946;1952;1957;1963;1966;1974