Church Home and Hospital Nursing Photographs and Audio-Visual Media in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series] Individuals and Groups
The individual and group photographs series consists of formal and informal individual and group portraits, composite group photographs, and of at-work and leisure photographs of students. Housestaff photos and snapshots of various classmates at work are all included.
  • Class photos for graduating classes from 1909 to 1976 are in their own seperate series.
  • [Sub-series] Group Portraits
    This series includes both formal and informal group portraits. It consists of snapshots of the "Big Three," Jane Nash, Margaret Elliott, and Freda Creutzburg, and groups of students in uniform.

    [Folder] Miscellaneous groups
    Class of 1923 includes Leona Rippel and others. Class of 1937 includes 3 nursing graduates standing.

    [Folder] Nash, Elliott, and Creutzburg

    [Sub-series] Individual Portraits
    Includes both formal and informal individual portraits. The series includes a collection of informal snapshots of Church Home and Hospital doctors, as well as miscellaneous portraits of other institutional figures. It includes prints of the painted portraits of Jane Nash and Margaret Elliott.

    [Folder] CHH Doctors

    [Folder] Individual potraits A-Z
    Includes Freda Creutzburg, Margaret Elliott, Dr. _ Gilliz?, Lydia Bitzel Moore, Ruth Roney, Jane Nash, Mrs. Lucas

    [Sub-series] Student photographs. — 1925-1972
    This series consists of photographs, primarily of students, at school, both on- and off-duty. These include informal group portraits of the probationary class of 1925, snapshots of the class of 1949, individual portraits of the class of 1950, and at-school and leisure snapshots of the class of 1972.

    [Folder] Class of 1925
    The students in the probationers class.

    [Folder] CHI: a Pictorial Record. — 1937
    Disassembled leather album assembled by Ward, Wells, and Dreshman in 1937, other photos added at later date. Includes photographs of Home residents, students, interiors of buildings, and class activities. Including 1948 graduation and capping exercise.

    [Folder] Class of 1949

    [Folder] Class of 1950 to Freda Creutzburg Scrapbook
    Assembled by class and given to Miss Creutzburg. Includes indiviual portraits of class members.

    [Folder SchC] Carolyn Schmidt and class of 1968 photographs. — 1965-1967. — 2 folders
    Creator: Schmidt, Carolyn

    CHHSON class of 1968

    Photographs include students at leisure and in uniform. Identifications are written on reverse side.

    [Folder] Class of 1972

    [Folder] At Work Photographs
    The at-work photographs show nurses in the dietary kitchen, in wards, and demonstating equipment.

    [Folder] Housestaff Photographs. — 1970-1974
    Formal posed group portaits and composite sheets of individual portraits of the housestaff.