ParE, Edwards A. Park Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series] Pediatric Diagnostic Index. — 1920s-1950s

[Box Shoeboxes 1-6] PARK PAPERS: Patient Index Cards, Abdominal Adhesions - Chest Deformity

[Card division 433923334/1] Abdominal Adhesions

[Card division 433923334/1] Abdominal Pain

[Card division 433923334/1] Aberrant Adrenal Ovary

[Card division 433923334/1] ABO Incompatibility

[Card division 433923334/1] Abrasions

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Abdominal Wall

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Appendiceal

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Buttocks

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Cervical

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Groin

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Ischiorectal

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Mediastinal

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess of Back

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess of Brain

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess of Breast

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess of lachrymal sac

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess of Larynx

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess of Liver

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess of Lung

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess of Radius

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess of Sacrum

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess of Spleen

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Palmar

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Pelvic

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Perianal

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Peritoneal

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Retrobulbar

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Retroceacal

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Scrotum

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess Skin

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Alveolar

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, axillary acute

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Chest Wall

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Head-- scalp, cheek, face, forehead

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Kidney

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Lumbar Region

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Multiple

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Perinephritis

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Peritonsillar

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Post-Auricular

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, preauricular

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Psoas Muscle

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Retro- Peritoneal

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Retro-aural

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Retropharyngeal

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess, Skin-- Subcutaneous

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess- Ear

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess- Scapula

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess-- Extremities

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess-- Eye

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess-- Hip

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess-- Inguinal

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess-- Leg, Foot, Ankle, Toe

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess-- Neck

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess-- Shoulder

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess: Arm, armpit, hand, elbow, finger

[Card division 433923334/1] Abscess: Mouth, Jaw, Gum, Lip ETC.

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess of Submaxillary Glands

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess of Teeth

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess of Throat

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess of Umbilicus

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess Streptoccal

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess Subcutaneous

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess Subdiaphragmatic

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess Subdiaphragneotic

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess Sublingual

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess Tonsil

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess Tuberculous

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess Unclassified

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess, Subdeltoid

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess, Submental

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess, Subperiosteal

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess, Thigh

[Card division 433923334/2] Abscess, Thyroid Hemolytic Strep.

[Card division 433923334/2] Absence of Uvula

[Card division 433923334/2] Acetone- Body Acidosis

[Card division 433923334/2] Acetonuria

[Card division 433923334/2] Achalasia

[Card division 433923334/2] Achilles Tendon

[Card division 433923334/2] Achondroplasia

[Card division 433923334/2] Acid Burns

[Card division 433923334/2] Acidosis, Acetone Body

[Card division 433923334/2] Acidosis, Unspecified

[Card division 433923334/2] Acne Vulgaris

[Card division 433923334/2] Acrocephaly

[Card division 433923334/2] Acrocyanosis

[Card division 433923334/2] Acrodynia

[Card division 433923334/2] Acrophagia

[Card division 433923334/2] Acterol Clinic

[Card division 433923334/2] Actinomycosis

[Card division 433923334/2] Addison's Disease

[Card division 433923334/2] Adenoma of Thyroid

[Card division 433923334/2] Adherent Clitoris

[Card division 433923334/2] Adherent Labia Majora

[Card division 433923334/2] Adherent Pericardium

[Card division 433923334/2] Adherent Prepuce

[Card division 433923334/2] Adhesions

[Card division 433923334/2] Adrenal Cong. Malf.

[Card division 433923334/2] Adrenal Cortical Hormone Therapy

[Card division 433923334/2] Adrenal Extract Therapy

[Card division 433923334/2] Adrenal Hemorrhage

[Card division 433923334/2] Adrenal Infarcts

[Card division 433923334/2] Adrenal Insufficiency

[Card division 433923334/2] Adrenal Tumors

[Card division 433923334/2] Adrenogenital Hypoplasia

[Card division 433923334/2] Adrenogenital Syndrome

[Card division 433923334/2] Aerocephaly

[Card division 433923334/2] Aerophagia

[Card division 433923334/2] Aestivo-- Autumnal Malaria

[Card division 433923334/2] Agranulocytosis

[Card division 433923334/2] Air Injection

[Card division 433923334/2] Albinism

[Card division 433923334/2] Albuminuria, Unspecified

[Card division 433923334/2] Alcoholic Neuritis

[Card division 433923334/2] Alcoholic Poisoning

[Card division 433923334/2] Alcoholic Psychosis

[Card division 433923334/2] Aleukemic Lymphoid Leukemia Chronic

[Card division 433923334/2] Aleukemic Myeloid Leukemia Acute

[Card division 433923334/2] Alkalosis

[Card division 433923334/2] Allbright's Syndrome

[Card division 433923334/2] Allergy

[Card division 433923334/2] Alopecia Areata

[Card division 433923334/2] Alopecia Syphilitis

[Card division 433923334/2] Amaurosis Unspecified

[Card division 433923334/2] Amaurotic Idiocy

[Card division 433923334/2] Amblyopia (Post-Convulsive)

[Card division 433923334/2] Amebic Dysentery

[Card division 433923334/2] Ametropia

[Card division 433923334/2] Amigen Therapy

[Card division 433923334/2] Aminaaciduria

[Card division 433923334/2] Ammonia Poisoning

[Card division 433923334/2] Amputation

[Card division 433923334/2] Amyoplasia Congenita

[Card division 433923334/2] Amyotonia Congenita (Oppenheim's Disease)

[Card division 433923334/3] Anaemia

[Card division 433923334/3] Anaemia Aplastic

[Card division 433923334/3] Anal Stricture

[Card division 433923334/3] Anaphylaxis

[Card division 433923334/3] Anasarca

[Card division 433923334/3] Androgen Study

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia due to Sulfadiazine

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia from Infection

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia From Poisons

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia from Sulfapyridine

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia from Sulfathiazole

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia from Sulphanilamide

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia Hemolytic

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia Hypoplastic

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia Nutritional

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia of Prematures and Twins

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia Secondary

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia Severe, Cause Undetermined

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia, Acute

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia, Cooley

[Card division 433923334/3] Anemia, From Hemorrhage

[Card division 433923334/3] Anencephaly

[Card division 433923334/3] Aneurysm

[Card division 433923334/3] Aneurysm- Arterio- Venous

[Card division 433923334/3] Angiocardiogram

[Card division 433923334/3] Angiogram

[Card division 433923334/3] Angioma

[Card division 433923334/3] Animal Bites, Specify

[Card division 433923334/3] Anisocoria

[Card division 433923334/3] Ankylosis of Jaw

[Card division 433923334/3] Anophtalmos

[Card division 433923334/3] Anorexia, Nervosa

[Card division 433923334/3] Anoxia

[Card division 433923334/3] Antrum, Sarcoma

[Card division 433923334/3] Anus Fissure

[Card division 433923334/3] Anus; Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433923334/3] Anxiety Attacks

[Card division 433923334/3] Aorta Hypoplastic

[Card division 433923334/3] Aorta Stenosis of Isthmus

[Card division 433923334/3] Aortic Atresia

[Card division 433923334/3] Aortic Insufficiency

[Card division 433923334/3] Aortogram

[Card division 433923334/3] Apetite Perverted

[Card division 433923334/3] Aphasia

[Card division 433923334/3] Apoplexy

[Card division 433923334/3] Appendectomy

[Card division 433923334/3] Appendicitis Acute

[Card division 433923334/3] Appendicitis Acute with Peritonitis

[Card division 433923334/3] Appendicitis Chronic

[Card division 433923334/3] Appendicitis with Abscess

[Card division 433923334/3] Arachidactyly

[Card division 433923334/3] Arachnoiditis

[Card division 433923334/3] Arcus Juvenile

[Card division 433923334/3] Argyria

[Card division 433923334/3] Arm, Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433923334/3] Arnold- Chiari Syndrome

[Card division 433923334/3] Arrhythmia of Heart

[Card division 433923334/3] Arsenic Poisoning

[Card division 433923334/3] Arterial Thrombosis

[Card division 433923334/3] Arterio Sclerosis

[Card division 433923334/3] Arteriogram

[Card division 433923334/3] Arteritis

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthralgia

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Acute Unspecified

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Acute, Rheumatic

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Chronic (Still's Disease)

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Chronic Unspecified

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Deformans

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Gonococcus

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Influenza

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Meningococcus

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis of Sacro-Iliac Joint

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis of Spine

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Parathyphoid

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Pneumococcus

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Staphylococcus

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Streptococcus

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Suipestifer

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthritis Syphilitic

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita

[Card division 433923334/3] Arthropathy

[Card division 433923334/4] Ascites

[Card division 433923334/4] Asphyxia

[Card division 433923334/4] Aspiration

[Card division 433923334/4] Aspirin Poisoning

[Card division 433923334/4] Asthenia Cause Undetermined

[Card division 433923334/4] Asthma

[Card division 433923334/4] Asthmatic Bronchitis

[Card division 433923334/4] Astigmatism of Eye

[Card division 433923334/4] Astrocytoma

[Card division 433923334/4] Asymmetry Face

[Card division 433923334/4] Asymmetry, Growth

[Card division 433923334/4] Ataxia Friedrich's

[Card division 433923334/4] Ataxia, Acute Cerebellar

[Card division 433923334/4] Ataxia, Congenital Cerebellar

[Card division 433923334/4] Ataxia, Progressive Cerebellar

[Card division 433923334/4] Ataxia, Unspecified

[Card division 433923334/4] Atelectasis Respiratory

[Card division 433923334/4] Atelectasis Traumatic

[Card division 433923334/4] Atelectasis Unspecified

[Card division 433923334/4] Atelectasis, Acquired

[Card division 433923334/4] Atelectasis, Congenital

[Card division 433923334/4] Ateliosis

[Card division 433923334/4] Athetosis, Acquired

[Card division 433923334/4] Athetosis, Congenital

[Card division 433923334/4] Athetosis, Double

[Card division 433923334/4] Atresia of Rectum

[Card division 433923334/4] Atresia of Vagina

[Card division 433923334/4] Atresia of Vulva

[Card division 433923334/4] Atrophic Cirrhosis of Liver

[Card division 433923334/4] Atropin Poisoning

[Card division 433923334/4] Auricular Fibrillation

[Card division 433923334/4] Auricular Flutter

[Card division 433923334/4] Autistic Disturbance of Affective Contact

[Card division 433923334/4] Axillary Adenitis

[Card division 433923334/4] Axillary Adenitis Tuberculous

[Card division 433923334/4] Axillary Lymphadenitis Tuberculous

[Card division 433923334/4] Azotemia

[Card division 433923334/4] Azygos Lobe

[Card division 433923334/4] Bacillus Abortus Infection

[Card division 433923334/4] Bacteremia

[Card division 433923334/4] Bacterial Endocarditis

[Card division 433923334/4] Balanitis

[Card division 433923334/4] Balanoposthitis

[Card division 433923334/4] Banti's Disease

[Card division 433923334/4] Barlow's Disease

[Card division 433923334/4] Behavior Disturbances

[Card division 433923334/4] Bell's Palsy

[Card division 433923334/4] Benedict's Syndrome

[Card division 433923334/4] Benzol Poisoning

[Card division 433923334/4] Beri Beri

[Card division 433923334/4] Bifid Uvula

[Card division 433923334/4] Bile Ducts

[Card division 433923334/4] Bing--Taussig Syndrome

[Card division 433923334/4] Birth Hemorrhage, Intra-Cranial

[Card division 433923334/4] Birth Injury

[Card division 433923334/4] Birth Injury Brachial Plexus Paralysis

[Card division 433923334/4] Birth Injury Lumbosacral Plexus Paralysis

[Card division 433923334/4] Birth Injury Spinal Cord

[Card division 433923334/4] Birth Injury, Brain, Undetermined

[Card division 433923334/4] Birth Injury, Klumpke's Paralysis

[Card division 433923334/4] Bismuth Feeding

[Card division 433923334/4] Bite, Human

[Card division 433923334/5] Bladder Neurological

[Card division 433923334/5] Bladder Paralysis

[Card division 433923334/5] Bladder, Calculus

[Card division 433923334/5] Bladder, Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433923334/5] Bladder, Diverticulum

[Card division 433923334/5] Bladder, Extrophy

[Card division 433923334/5] Bladder, Hypertrophy

[Card division 433923334/5] Bladder, Tuberculosis

[Card division 433923334/5] Bladder, Ulceration

[Card division 433923334/5] Bleeding Specify

[Card division 433923334/5] Blenorrhea- Inclusion Body

[Card division 433923334/5] Blepharitis

[Card division 433923334/5] Blindness

[Card division 433923334/5] Blindness, Congenital Word

[Card division 433923334/5] Blood Vessels Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433923334/5] Blount's Disease

[Card division 433923334/5] Bone Disease

[Card division 433923334/5] Bone Marrow Excision

[Card division 433923334/5] Bone Marrow Extract Therapy

[Card division 433923334/5] Bone, Sarcoma of

[Card division 433923334/5] Bones, Enlargement Unspecified

[Card division 433923334/5] Bones, Transverseli

[Card division 433923334/5] Bonnadoxine Study

[Card division 433923334/5] Bonneire- Ulbrich Syndrome

[Card division 433923334/5] Brachial Plexus Paralysis

[Card division 433923334/5] Brachycephaly

[Card division 433923334/5] Bradycardia

[Card division 433923334/5] Brain Atrophy

[Card division 433923334/5] Brain Concussion

[Card division 433923334/5] Brain Cyst

[Card division 433923334/5] Brain Damage

[Card division 433923334/5] Brain Infarct Of

[Card division 433923334/5] Brain Malformation, Unspecified

[Card division 433923334/5] Brain Thrombosis

[Card division 433923334/5] Brain Tuberculosis of

[Card division 433923334/5] Brain Tumor

[Card division 433923334/5] Branchial Cleft Cyst

[Card division 433923334/5] Breast Cyst

[Card division 433923334/5] Breast Hypertrophy

[Card division 433923334/5] Breast Inflammation

[Card division 433923334/5] Breast Tumor

[Card division 433923334/5] Breast, Lactating In New- Born

[Card division 433923334/5] Breath Holding Spells

[Card division 433923334/5] Brennemann's Syndrome

[Card division 433923334/5] Bronchial Stenosis Acquired

[Card division 433923334/5] Bronchiectasis

[Card division 433923334/5] Bronchiolitis

[Card division 433923334/5-6] Bronchitis Acute

[Card division 433923334/6] Bronchitis Chronic

[Card division 433923334/6] Bronchitis Spasmodic

[Card division 433923334/6] Bronchitis, Capillary

[Card division 433923334/6] Bronchitis, Capillary, Acute

[Card division 433923334/6] Bronchograms

[Card division 433923334/6] Bronchoscopy

[Card division 433923334/6] Bronchus

[Card division 433923334/6] Bronchus, Foreign Body

[Card division 433923334/6] Brown's Atrophy of Heart

[Card division 433923334/6] Bruise

[Card division 433923334/6] Buphthalmos

[Card division 433923334/6] Burns, Acid

[Card division 433923334/6] Burns, Heat

[Card division 433923334/6] Burns, Lye

[Card division 433923334/6] Burns, Radium

[Card division 433923334/6] Burns, X-Ray

[Card division 433923334/6] Bursitis

[Card division 433923334/6] Cachexia

[Card division 433923334/6] Caffey's Syndrome

[Card division 433923334/6] Calcaveolcus

[Card division 433923334/6] Calcification, Abnormal

[Card division 433923334/6] Calcinosis Universatis

[Card division 433923334/6] Calculus in Pelvis of Kidney

[Card division 433923334/6] Calculus in Urethra

[Card division 433923334/6] Calculus of Bladder

[Card division 433923334/6] Calculus Renal

[Card division 433923334/6] Calculus Salivary Duct

[Card division 433923334/6] Capellania Hepatica

[Card division 433923334/6] Caput Succedaneum

[Card division 433923334/6] Carbolic Acid Poisoning

[Card division 433923334/6] Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

[Card division 433923334/6] Carbon Tetrachloride Poisoning

[Card division 433923334/6] Carcinoma

[Card division 433923334/6] Carcinoma of Thyroid

[Card division 433923334/6] Cardiospasm

[Card division 433923334/6] Carotinaemia

[Card division 433923334/6] Carrier State Organism

[Card division 433923334/6] Carsickness

[Card division 433923334/6] Cartilaginous Island

[Card division 433923334/6] Cat Scratch Fever

[Card division 433923334/6] Catalepsy

[Card division 433923334/6] Cataract Congenital

[Card division 433923334/6] Cataract, Acquired

[Card division 433923334/6] Catatonia

[Card division 433923334/6] Cecum Movable

[Card division 433923334/6] Cellulitis

[Card division 433923334/6] Central Nervous System Degenerative Disease

[Card division 433923334/6] Cephalhematoma

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerebellar Ataxia Cause Undetermined

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerebellar Ataxia From Birth Hemorrhage

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerebellar Ataxia From Defective Development

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerebral Defect

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerebral Degeneration, Progressive

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerebral Embolus

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerebral Hemorrhage

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerebral Paralysis, Infantile

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerebral Sclerosis, Progressive

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerebral Spastic Paraglegia

[Card division 433923334/6] Cerumen Impacted

[Card division 433923334/6] Cervical Rib

[Card division 433923334/6] Chalasia

[Card division 433923334/6] Chalazion

[Card division 433923334/6] Chemosis

[Card division 433923334/6] Chest Deformity of

[Box Shoeboxes 7-12] PARK PAPERS: Patient Index Cards, Chicken Pox - Endocrine Disturbance

[Card division 433923333/7] Chicken Pox

[Card division 433923333/7] Chillblains

[Card division 433923333/7] Chloasma

[Card division 433923333/7] Choanael Atresia

[Card division 433923333/7] Cholangitis In Newborn

[Card division 433923333/7] Cholecystitis Acute

[Card division 433923333/7] Cholecystitis Chronic

[Card division 433923333/7] Cholelithiasis

[Card division 433923333/7] Choleraesis

[Card division 433923333/7] Cholesteatoma

[Card division 433923333/7] Cholesterol Study

[Card division 433923333/7] Chondrodystrophy

[Card division 433923333/7] Chondroplasia

[Card division 433923333/7] Chordee

[Card division 433923333/7] Chorea (Sydenham's)

[Card division 433923333/7] Chorea of Infantile Cerebral Paralysis

[Card division 433923333/7] Chorea Symptomatic

[Card division 433923333/7] Chorea Tubercles

[Card division 433923333/7] Chorea Unilateral (Hemichorea)

[Card division 433923333/7] Chorea, Huntington's

[Card division 433923333/7] Choroiditis Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/7] Choroiditis, Syphilitic

[Card division 433923333/7] Chylothorax

[Card division 433923333/7] Circumcision

[Card division 433923333/7] Cirrhosis of Liver Billiary

[Card division 433923333/7] Cirrhosis of Liver Hanot

[Card division 433923333/7] Cirrhosis of Liver Nodular

[Card division 433923333/7] Cirrhosis of Liver Syphilitic

[Card division 433923333/7] Cirrhosis, Liver

[Card division 433923333/7] Cistern Drainage

[Card division 433923333/7] Clavicle, Absence of

[Card division 433923333/7] Clavicles, Congenital Malformation of

[Card division 433923333/7] Clavus

[Card division 433923333/7] Clitorectomy

[Card division 433923333/7] Clitoris Adherent

[Card division 433923333/7] Clitoris Hypertrophy

[Card division 433923333/7] Club- Foot

[Card division 433923333/7] Club- Hand

[Card division 433923333/7] Coarctation of Aorta

[Card division 433923333/7] Coat's Disease

[Card division 433923333/7] Coccydynia

[Card division 433923333/7] Coccyx, Congenital Malformation of

[Card division 433923333/7] Coeliac Disease

[Card division 433923333/7] Colic Due to Intestinal Adhesions

[Card division 433923333/7] Colic Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/7] Colitis B. Pyocyaneus

[Card division 433923333/7] Colitis Hemorrhagic Non Dysentery

[Card division 433923333/7] Colitis Mucous

[Card division 433923333/7] Colitis Spastic

[Card division 433923333/7] Colitis Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/7] Colitis, Ulcerative

[Card division 433923333/7] Collagen Vascular Disease

[Card division 433923333/7] Coloboma

[Card division 433923333/7] Colon Atonic

[Card division 433923333/7] Colon Spastic

[Card division 433923333/7] Coma Diabetic

[Card division 433923333/7] Coma Unexplained

[Card division 433923333/7] Comedones

[Card division 433923333/7] Condyloma Non Specific

[Card division 433923333/7] Congenital Band (Mechanical Obstruction)

[Card division 433923333/7] Congenital Malformation of Face

[Card division 433923333/7] Congenital Malformation Specify

[Card division 433923333/7] Conjunctival Hemorrhage

[Card division 433923333/7] Conjunctivitis Catarrhal

[Card division 433923333/7] Conjunctivitis Chronic Organism Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/7] Conjunctivitis Diptheritic

[Card division 433923333/7] Conjunctivitis Gonococcus

[Card division 433923333/7] Conjunctivitis Influenza Bacillus

[Card division 433923333/7] Conjunctivitis Koch-Weeks

[Card division 433923333/7] Conjunctivitis Neonatorum

[Card division 433923333/8] Conjunctivitis Phlyctenular

[Card division 433923333/8] Conjunctivitis Pneumococcus

[Card division 433923333/8] Conjunctivitis Vernal Limbal

[Card division 433923333/8] Constipation

[Card division 433923333/8] Contractures

[Card division 433923333/8] Contusion

[Card division 433923333/8] Convulsions Febrile

[Card division 433923333/8] Convulsions Pertussis

[Card division 433923333/8] Convulsions Unexplained

[Card division 433923333/8] Convulsions, Hypoglycemic

[Card division 433923333/8] Cornea Opacity

[Card division 433923333/8] Cornea Ulcer

[Card division 433923333/8] Cortical Hyperostosis Infantile

[Card division 433923333/8] Coryza

[Card division 433923333/8] Coxa Vara

[Card division 433923333/8] Cradle Cap

[Card division 433923333/8] Crainofacial Dysostosis

[Card division 433923333/8] Craniosynostosis Primary

[Card division 433923333/8] Craniotabes

[Card division 433923333/8] Craniotomy

[Card division 433923333/8] Cranium Bifidum

[Card division 433923333/8] Creeping Eruption

[Card division 433923333/8] Crouzon's Disease

[Card division 433923333/8] Cryptorchism

[Card division 433923333/8] Crystaluria

[Card division 433923333/8] Cushing's Syndrome

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyanosis

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyst Breast

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyst Dermoid

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyst Meivomian Gland

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyst Mesenteric

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyst of Urachus

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyst Ovarian

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyst Sebaceous

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyst Sublingual

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyst Thyroglossal Duct

[Card division 433923333/8] Cyst Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystic Disease of Bone

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystic Fibrosis Chronic Pancreatitis

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystic Hydroma

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystinosis

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystinuria

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystitis Acute B. Coli

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystitis Acute, Organism Undetermined

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystitis Acute? Hemorrhagic

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystitis Chronic? Organism Undetermined

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystitis Gonococcus

[Card division 433923333/8] Cystoscopy

[Card division 433923333/8] Cytomegalic Inclusion Body Disease

[Card division 433923333/8] Dacrocystitis

[Card division 433923333/8] Dacrocystitis Chronic

[Card division 433923333/8] Dactylitis Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/8] Dactylitis, Tuberculous

[Card division 433923333/8] Day Dreaming

[Card division 433923333/8-9] Deafness

[Card division 433923333/9] Deaf- Mutism, Acquired

[Card division 433923333/9] Deaf- Mutism, Congenital

[Card division 433923333/9] Deaf- Mutism, Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/9] Death, Sudden, Unexplained

[Card division 433923333/9] Decompression of Brain

[Card division 433923333/9] Deformity Arm, Elbow, and Hand

[Card division 433923333/9] Deformity Leg

[Card division 433923333/9] Deformity of Scapula

[Card division 433923333/9] Deformity Shoulder

[Card division 433923333/9] Deformity- Penis, Congenital

[Card division 433923333/9] Degeneration of Retina, Pigmentary

[Card division 433923333/9] Dehydration Fever

[Card division 433923333/9] Dehydration Moderate

[Card division 433923333/9] Dehydration Severe

[Card division 433923333/9] Delinquency

[Card division 433923333/9] Delirium

[Card division 433923333/9] Dementia Praecox

[Card division 433923333/9] Demyelinizing Disease

[Card division 433923333/9] Dentition Abnormal

[Card division 433923333/9] Dentition Delayed

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatitis Arsenical

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatitis Exfoliativa

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatitis Herpetiform

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatitis Infectious

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatitis Irritative

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatitis Seborheac

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatitis Sulphur

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatitis Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatitis Venenata

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatitis, Toxic

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatographia

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatomyositis

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatophytosis

[Card division 433923333/9] Dermatorrhexis

[Card division 433923333/9] Detachment of Retina

[Card division 433923333/9] Dextrocardia

[Card division 433923333/9] Diabetes Insipidus

[Card division 433923333/9] Diabetes Insipidus Nephrogenic

[Card division 433923333/9] Diabetes Mellitus

[Card division 433923333/9] Diabetes Renal

[Card division 433923333/9] Diabetic Coma

[Card division 433923333/9] Diaphragm Paralysis Of

[Card division 433923333/9] Diaphragm, Eventration of

[Card division 433923333/9] Diarrhea

[Card division 433923333/9] Diarrhea, of the Newborn

[Card division 433923333/9] Diastasis Recti

[Card division 433923333/9] Diastematomyelia

[Card division 433923333/9] Diathermy

[Card division 433923333/9] Diencephalosis

[Card division 433923333/9] Dilantin Poisoning

[Card division 433923333/9] Dilation Specify

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheria

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheria Carrier

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheria Laryngeal

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheria Nasal

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheria of Ear

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheria Pharyngeal

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheria Skin

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheria Throat

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheria Tonsillar

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheria Tracheobronchial

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheritic Conjunctivitis

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheritic Myocarditis

[Card division 433923333/10] Diptheritic Neuritis

[Card division 433923333/11] Diplegia From Birth Injury

[Card division 433923333/11] Diplegia From Development Defect, Brain

[Card division 433923333/11] Diplegia Unclassified

[Card division 433923333/11] Dislocation

[Card division 433923333/11] Dislocation of Hip Congenital

[Card division 433923333/11] Disseminated Sclerosis

[Card division 433923333/11] Diverticulum

[Card division 433923333/11] Dog Bite

[Card division 433923333/11] Dolichocephalus

[Card division 433923333/11] Drinker Respirator

[Card division 433923333/11] Drug- Rash

[Card division 433923333/11] Duane's Syndrome

[Card division 433923333/11] Duodenum? Congenital Obstruction

[Card division 433923333/11] Dwarfism Ateliosis

[Card division 433923333/11] Dwarfism Chondrodystrophy

[Card division 433923333/11] Dwarfism Moderate Osseous Delay Group III

[Card division 433923333/11] Dwarfism No Osseous Delay Goup IV

[Card division 433923333/11] Dwarfism Rachitic

[Card division 433923333/11] Dwarfism Renal

[Card division 433923333/11] Dwarfism Unclassified

[Card division 433923333/11] Dwarfism Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/11] Dwarfism, Partial

[Card division 433923333/11] Dwarfism- Hepatic

[Card division 433923333/11] Dyschondroplasia

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysentery

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysentery B. Pyocyaneus

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysentery Dispar

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysentery Shiga

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysentery Sonne

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysentery Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysentery, Amebic

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysentery, Flexner

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysentery, Salmonella

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysgerminoma

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysmenorrhea

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysostosis Multiplex

[Card division 433923333/11] Dyspepsia

[Card division 433923333/11] Dystonia Musculorum Deformans

[Card division 433923333/11] Dystrophy Progressive

[Card division 433923333/11] Dystrophy, Nails Congenital

[Card division 433923333/11] Dysuria

[Card division 433923333/11] Ear Diptheria

[Card division 433923333/11] Ear, Foreign Body

[Card division 433923333/11] Ear, Malformation

[Card division 433923333/11] Ebstein Disease

[Card division 433923333/11] Ecthyma

[Card division 433923333/11] Ectoderm Defective Development

[Card division 433923333/11] Ectopia Cordis

[Card division 433923333/11] Eczema

[Card division 433923333/12] Eczema, Seborrheal

[Card division 433923333/12] Edema (unexplained)

[Card division 433923333/12] Edema Angioneurotic

[Card division 433923333/12] Edema Nutritional

[Card division 433923333/12] Edema of Larynx

[Card division 433923333/12] Edema of Scrotum Post Operative

[Card division 433923333/12] Edems, Generalized

[Card division 433923333/12] Effort Syndrome

[Card division 433923333/12] Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome

[Card division 433923333/12] Eisenmezer Complex

[Card division 433923333/12] Electrolyte Imbalance

[Card division 433923333/12] Elephantiasis

[Card division 433923333/12] Elliptoctosis

[Card division 433923333/12] Ellis- Van Creweld Syndrome

[Card division 433923333/12] Embolus

[Card division 433923333/12] Embolus Iliac

[Card division 433923333/12] Emphysema

[Card division 433923333/12] Emphysema Subcutaneous

[Card division 433923333/12] Empyema

[Card division 433923333/12] Empyema B. Influenza

[Card division 433923333/12] Empyema Necessitatis

[Card division 433923333/12] Empyema of the Gall- Bladder

[Card division 433923333/12] Empyema Staphlococcus Aureus

[Card division 433923333/12] Empyema Streptococcus

[Card division 433923333/12] Empyema Tuberculous

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalitis Epidemic

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalitis Following Chicken- Pox

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalitis Following Pertussis

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalitis Hemiplegia

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalitis Measles

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalitis Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalitis, Late Manifestations of

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalitis, Lead

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalitis, Marie- Strumpell

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalocele

[Card division 433923333/12] Encephalomyelitis disseminated

[Card division 433923333/12] Enchonchromata Multiple

[Card division 433923333/12] Encopresis

[Card division 433923333/12] Endocarditis Acute Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/12] Endocarditis Bacterial Unspecified

[Card division 433923333/12] Endocarditis Gonococcus

[Card division 433923333/12] Endocarditis Rheumatic

[Card division 433923333/12] Endocarditis Stapholococcus

[Card division 433923333/12] Endocarditis Streptococcus

[Card division 433923333/12] Endocarditis Streptococcus Viridans

[Card division 433923333/12] Endocrine Disturbance

[Card division 433923333/12] Endocrine Disturbance: Androgen Study

[Box Shoeboxes 13-18] PARK PAPERS: Patient Index Cards, Endometritis - Hydrocele

[Card division 433591675/13] Endometritis

[Card division 433591675/13] Endophthalmitis

[Card division 433591675/13] Enteric Fever

[Card division 433591675/13] Enteritis

[Card division 433591675/13] Enterocolitis

[Card division 433591675/13] Enterostomy

[Card division 433591675/13] Enuresis

[Card division 433591675/13] Eosinophilia

[Card division 433591675/13] Epicanthus

[Card division 433591675/13] Epidermolysis Bullosa

[Card division 433591675/13] Epididymitis Gonococcus

[Card division 433591675/13] Epididymitis Non- Specific

[Card division 433591675/13] Epiglossitis

[Card division 433591675/13] Epilepsy

[Card division 433591675/13] Epiphyseal Separation Femur

[Card division 433591675/13] Epiphysitis Acute Non- Suppurative

[Card division 433591675/13] Epispadias

[Card division 433591675/13] Epistaxis

[Card division 433591675/13] Epithelioma

[Card division 433591675/13] Epixtaxis

[Card division 433591675/13] Erb's Paralysis

[Card division 433591675/13] Ergot Poisoning

[Card division 433591675/13] Erysipelas

[Card division 433591675/13] Erysipelas Serum Treatment

[Card division 433591675/13] Erysipeloid

[Card division 433591675/13] Erythema Infectiosum

[Card division 433591675/13] Erythema Multiforme

[Card division 433591675/13] Erythema Nodosum

[Card division 433591675/13] Erythroblastosis

[Card division 433591675/13] Erythrodermia Desquamativa

[Card division 433591675/13] Erythromelalgia

[Card division 433591675/13] Esophageal Hemorrhage

[Card division 433591675/13] Esophageal Varices

[Card division 433591675/13] Esophago- Bronchial Fistula

[Card division 433591675/13] Esophagoscopy

[Card division 433591675/13] Esophagus Atresia of

[Card division 433591675/13] Esophagus Stenosis Cong.

[Card division 433591675/13] Esophagus Ulcer

[Card division 433591675/13] Esophagus, Dilation of

[Card division 433591675/13] Esophagus, Stenosis, Acquired

[Card division 433591675/13] Esophagus- Foreign Body in

[Card division 433591675/13] Exanthema Subitum

[Card division 433591675/13] Exanthema Viral

[Card division 433591675/13] Exophthalmic Goiter

[Card division 433591675/13] Exophthalmos

[Card division 433591675/13] Exostosis

[Card division 433591675/13] Extrasystole

[Card division 433591675/13] Extremities Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433591675/13] Extrophy of Bladder

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye Astigmatism

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye Cyst

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye Enucleation

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye Foreign Body

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye Hyperopia

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye Muscles

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye Paralysis of Convergence

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye Phtisis Bulbi

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye, Fibroplasia Tunica Basculosis Lentis

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye, Injury

[Card division 433591675/13] Eye, Myopia

[Card division 433591675/14] Eye Strain

[Card division 433591675/14] Eye Tuberculosis

[Card division 433591675/14] Eye, Refractive Error of

[Card division 433591675/14] Eye, Refractive Error, Unspecified

[Card division 433591675/14] Eye, Rupture of Lens

[Card division 433591675/14] Facial Neuritis, Peripheral

[Card division 433591675/14] Faconci Syndrome

[Card division 433591675/14] Failure to Thrive

[Card division 433591675/14] Fat Necrosis

[Card division 433591675/14] Fatigue Unexplained

[Card division 433591675/14] Fear Reaction

[Card division 433591675/14] Fecal Fistula

[Card division 433591675/14] Fecal Impaction

[Card division 433591675/14] Femur Congenital Absence

[Card division 433591675/14] Femur Epiphyseal Separation

[Card division 433591675/14] Fever Therapy

[Card division 433591675/14] Fever Unexplained

[Card division 433591675/14] Fibrinous Pericarditis

[Card division 433591675/14] Fibroma

[Card division 433591675/14] Fibromatosis Multiple (Von Reckling- Haussen's Disease)

[Card division 433591675/14] Fibromyositis

[Card division 433591675/14] Fibrous Dyslplasia

[Card division 433591675/14] Fissue Labia

[Card division 433591675/14] Fistula Bronchopleural

[Card division 433591675/14] Fistula Esophago- Bronchial

[Card division 433591675/14] Fistula Specify

[Card division 433591675/14] Fistula, Peri-anal

[Card division 433591675/14] Flat Foot

[Card division 433591675/14] Flexibilitas Cerea

[Card division 433591675/14] Fluorosis

[Card division 433591675/14] Focal Necrosis of Liver

[Card division 433591675/14] Folliculitis

[Card division 433591675/14] Fontannelle, Delayed Closure

[Card division 433591675/14] Fontannelle, Premature Closure

[Card division 433591675/14] Food Poisoning

[Card division 433591675/14] Foot Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433591675/14] Foot Infection Unspecified

[Card division 433591675/14] Foreign Body Aspiration

[Card division 433591675/14] Foreign Body in Bronchus

[Card division 433591675/14] Foreign Body in Ear

[Card division 433591675/14] Foreign Body in Eye

[Card division 433591675/14] Foreign Body in Larynx

[Card division 433591675/14] Foreign Body in Nasopharynx

[Card division 433591675/14] Foreign Body in Nose

[Card division 433591675/14] Foreign Body in Urethra

[Card division 433591675/14] Foreign Body, Ingestion

[Card division 433591675/14] Foreing Body in Rectum

[Card division 433591675/14] Fracture (Name of Bone)

[Card division 433591675/14] Fracture of Skull

[Card division 433591675/14] Franceschetti Syndrome

[Card division 433591675/14] Friedlander's Bacillus Meningitis

[Card division 433591675/14] Froelich's Syndrome

[Card division 433591675/14] Frost- Bite

[Card division 433591675/14] Fructosuria

[Card division 433591675/14] Furuncle, Specify

[Card division 433591675/14] Furunculosis

[Card division 433591675/15] Galactosemia

[Card division 433591675/15] Galactosuria

[Card division 433591675/15] Gallbladder Hydrops

[Card division 433591675/15] Gallbladder Hypertrophied

[Card division 433591675/15] Gallbladder Infection

[Card division 433591675/15] Gallbladder, Absence

[Card division 433591675/15] Ganglion

[Card division 433591675/15] Gangrene (State part of body affected if not classificable under lung or noma)

[Card division 433591675/15] Gangrene of Lung

[Card division 433591675/15] Gangrenous Stomatitis

[Card division 433591675/15] Gargoylism

[Card division 433591675/15] Gastric Ulcer

[Card division 433591675/15] Gastro- Enterostomy

[Card division 433591675/15] Gastro- Intestinal Indigestion

[Card division 433591675/15] Gastro- Intestinal Upset

[Card division 433591675/15] Gastrojejunostomy Operation

[Card division 433591675/15] Gastrostomy

[Card division 433591675/15] Gaucher's Disease

[Card division 433591675/15] Generalized Tuberculous Adenitis

[Card division 433591675/15] Genitalia, Congenital Malformation of

[Card division 433591675/15] Genu Valgum

[Card division 433591675/15] Genu Varus

[Card division 433591675/15] Genu Varum

[Card division 433591675/15] Geographical Tongue

[Card division 433591675/15] Gigantism

[Card division 433591675/15] Gigantism Partial

[Card division 433591675/15] Gilles De La Towrette Syndrome

[Card division 433591675/15] Gingivitis

[Card division 433591675/15] Glaucoma Congenital

[Card division 433591675/15] Glioma

[Card division 433591675/15] Glioma of Retina

[Card division 433591675/15] Glomerular Nephritis

[Card division 433591675/15] Glossitis

[Card division 433591675/15] Glycemia

[Card division 433591675/15] Glycinuria

[Card division 433591675/15] Glycogen Disease

[Card division 433591675/15] Glycosuria Alimentary

[Card division 433591675/15] Glycosuria Renal

[Card division 433591675/15] Goiter

[Card division 433591675/15] Goitre Exophthalmic

[Card division 433591675/15] Gold Therapy

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonada Agensis

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonococcus Arthritis

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonococcus Conjunctivitis

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonococcus Endocarditis

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonococcus Epididymitis

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonococcus Peritonitis

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonococcus Salpingitis

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonococcus Septicaemia

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonococcus Urethritis

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonococcus Vaginitis

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonorrhea Contact

[Card division 433591675/15] Gonorrheal Ophthalmia

[Card division 433591675/16] Gradenigo's Syndrome

[Card division 433591675/16] Granulocytopenia

[Card division 433591675/16] Granulocytosis

[Card division 433591675/16] Granuloma

[Card division 433591675/16] Growing Pains

[Card division 433591675/16] Guillain- Barre Syndrome (see Polyneuritis)

[Card division 433591675/16] Gumma

[Card division 433591675/16] Gynaecomastia

[Card division 433591675/16] Habit Spasm

[Card division 433591675/16] Halleworden Spatz Disease

[Card division 433591675/16] Hallucination

[Card division 433591675/16] Hallux Valgus

[Card division 433591675/16] Hand Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433591675/16] Hand Infection

[Card division 433591675/16] Hanot's Cirrhosis of Liver

[Card division 433591675/16] Harelip

[Card division 433591675/16] Hay Fever

[Card division 433591675/16] Head Banging

[Card division 433591675/16] Head Nodding

[Card division 433591675/16] Head Rolling

[Card division 433591675/16] Head, Congenital Malformation of

[Card division 433591675/16] Headache

[Card division 433591675/16] Hearing, Impairment of

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Arrhythmia

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Block

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Cathaterization

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation, Aortic Stenosis

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation Coarctation of Aorta

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation- Dilated Pulmonary Artery

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation, Interauricular Septum Defect

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation, Patent Ductus Arteriosus

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation, Patent Foramen Ovale

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation, Patent Intraventricular Septum

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation Pericardial Defect

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation, Persistent Truncus Arteriosus

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation, Pulmonary Atresia

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation, Pulmonary Veins, Anomaly of

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation, Pulmonary Stenosis

[Card division 433591675/16] Heart Congenital Malformation, Right Aortic Arch Persistent

[Card division 433591675/17] Heart Congenital Malformation Single Ventricle

[Card division 433591675/17] Heart Congenital Malformation Transposition of Great Vessels

[Card division 433591675/17] Heart Congenital Malformation, Triatrial Biventricularis

[Card division 433591675/17] Heart Congenital Malformation, Trilocular Heart

[Card division 433591675/17] Heart Failure

[Card division 433591675/17] Heart Functional Murmurs

[Card division 433591675/17] Heart Irritable

[Card division 433591675/17] Heart, Hypertrophy

[Card division 433591675/17] Heart, Turner's Syndrome

[Card division 433591675/17] Heat Prostration

[Card division 433591675/17] Heller's Disease

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemangioma

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemarthropathy

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemarthroses

[Card division 433591675/17] Hematemesis

[Card division 433591675/17] Hematocolpos

[Card division 433591675/17] Hematoma (State Part of Body Affected)

[Card division 433591675/17] Hematomydia

[Card division 433591675/17] Hematoporphyrinuria

[Card division 433591675/17] Hematuria Unexplained (otherwise classify under cause)

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemianopsia

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemiatrophy

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemichorea

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemihypertrophy

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemimelia

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemiparesis

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemiplegia Acquired Traumatic

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemiplegia Defective Development Brain

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemiplegia from Birth Injury

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemiplegia Syphilitic

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemiplegia Unspecified

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemiplegia Vascular Lesion

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemiplegia, Post Encephalitis

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemoglobinuria

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemoglobinuria Paroxysmal

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemophilia

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemoptysis

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage Cerebral

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage Esophageal

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage From Rectum

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage from Sternomastoid

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage from Tooth Socket

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage from Vagina

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage Lung

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage Post Operative

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage Post Tons.

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage Purpura

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage Unspecified

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage, Retrobulbar

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhage, Subconjunctival

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhagic Disease of New Born

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemorrhoids

[Card division 433591675/17] Hemosiderosis

[Card division 433591675/17] Hepatic Capillaria

[Card division 433591675/17] Hepatitis

[Card division 433591675/17] Hepatitis Toxic

[Card division 433591675/17] Hepatomegaly Unexplained

[Card division 433591675/17] Hepatosplenomegaly

[Card division 433591675/17] Hermaphrodism

[Card division 433591675/17] Hernia Caterinicchio

[Card division 433591675/17] Hernia Diaphragmatic

[Card division 433591675/17] Hernia Femoral

[Card division 433591675/17] Hernia Incisional

[Card division 433591675/17] Hernia, Epigastric

[Card division 433591675/17] Hernia, Hiatus

[Card division 433591675/18] Hernia Inguinal Direct

[Card division 433591675/18] Hernia Inguinal Operation

[Card division 433591675/18] Hernia Strangulated

[Card division 433591675/18] Hernia Umbilical

[Card division 433591675/18] Hernia Ventral

[Card division 433591675/18] Hernia, Irreducible

[Card division 433591675/18] Hernia, Post Operative

[Card division 433591675/18] Herpes Facialis

[Card division 433591675/18] Herpes Labialis

[Card division 433591675/18] Herpes Zoster

[Card division 433591675/18] Herpangina

[Card division 433591675/18] Hip, Dislocation of, Congenital

[Card division 433591675/18] Hip, Tuberculosis

[Card division 433591675/18] Hirschsprung's Disease

[Card division 433591675/18] Histiocytosis

[Card division 433591675/18] Histoplasmosis

[Card division 433591675/18] Hodgkins Disease

[Card division 433591675/18] Hordeolum

[Card division 433591675/18] Horner's Syndrome

[Card division 433591675/18] Horse- Shoe Kidney

[Card division 433591675/18] Humidity

[Card division 433591675/18] Huntington's Chorea

[Card division 433591675/18] Hurlur's Syndrome

[Card division 433591675/18] Hutchinson's Teeth

[Card division 433591675/18] Hyaline Membrane Disease

[Card division 433591675/18] Hydroaestivale

[Card division 433591675/18] Hydroarthritis Intermittent

[Card division 433591675/18] Hydrocele

[Box Shoeboxes 19-24] PARK PAPERS: Patient Index Cards, Hydrocephalus - Meningitis Tuberculous

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydrocephalus

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydrocephalus Acquired

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydrocephalus Congenital

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydrochloric Acid Poisoning

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydroma, Subdural

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydronephrosis Acquired

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydronephrosis Congenital

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydrops

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydrops of Gallbladder

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydropneumothorax

[Card division 433591673/19] Hydroureter

[Card division 433591673/19] Hygroma

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyper- Gamma Globulinemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperadenocorticism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperbilirubinemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypercalcium

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperelectrolytemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperhidrosis

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperkentic

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypermatremia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypernephroma

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperopia of Eye

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperparathyroidism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperphosphatemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperpituitarism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperpyrexia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypersensitiveness to Food

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertelorism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension Essential

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension Following Sulpyridine

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension, Portal

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension, Pulmonary

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension, Pulmonary, Reversed Ductus

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension- Assoc. with Chorea

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension- Assoc. With Nephritis, Acute

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension- Assoc. with Nephritis, Chronic

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension- Assoc. with Rheumatic Fever

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertension- Unexplained

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperthyroidism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperthyroidism Borderline or Questionable Diagnosis

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertonia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertrichosis

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertrophic Osteo- Arthropathy

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertrophy of Clitoris

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertrophy of Extremity

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertrophy of Thymus

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertrophy of Turbinate Bones

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertrophy of Uvula

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypertrophy, Thyroid Simple

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyperventilation

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypo- Gamma- Globulinema

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoadrenalism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoaldosteronism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypocalcemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypochondriasis

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoelectrolytemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypofibrinogenia Congenital

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypogenitalism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoglycemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoglycemia with Convulsions

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoglycemic Reactions

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoglycosuria

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypogonadism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyponatremia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hyponephroma

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoparathyroidism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypophysis Tumor

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypopituitarism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypopituitarism, Simmonds' Disease (pituitary cachexia)

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoplasia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypopotassemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoproteinemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypoprothrombinemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypospadias

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypotension

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypothemia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypothyroidism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypothyroidism Marked Osseous Delay Group 1

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypothyroidism, Cretinism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypothyroidism, Goiterous Cretinism

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypothyroidism, Juvenile

[Card division 433591673/19] Hypotonia

[Card division 433591673/19] Hysteria

[Card division 433591673/19] Ichthyosis

[Card division 433591673/19] Icterus Gravis

[Card division 433591673/19] Icterus Neonatorum

[Card division 433591673/20] Idiocy Amaurotic

[Card division 433591673/20] Idiocy Microcephalic

[Card division 433591673/20] Idiocy Mongolian

[Card division 433591673/20] Idiocy Unspecified

[Card division 433591673/20] Idiopathic Epilepsy

[Card division 433591673/20] Idiosyncrasy Food

[Card division 433591673/20] Ileitis, regional

[Card division 433591673/20] Imperforate Hymen

[Card division 433591673/20] Incontinence of Feces

[Card division 433591673/20] Infantile Cerebral Paralysis

[Card division 433591673/20] Infantilism Renal

[Card division 433591673/20] Infarct of Lung

[Card division 433591673/20] Infarct of Spleen

[Card division 433591673/20] Infarct Specify

[Card division 433591673/20] Infection of Gallbladder

[Card division 433591673/20] Infection of Skin

[Card division 433591673/20] Infection Specify Part of Body

[Card division 433591673/20] Infectious Granuloma

[Card division 433591673/20] Infectious Mononucleosis

[Card division 433591673/20] Influenza

[Card division 433591673/20] Influenza Bacillus Arthritis

[Card division 433591673/20] Influenza Bacillus Conjunctivitis

[Card division 433591673/20] Influenza Bacillus Meningitis

[Card division 433591673/20] Ingestion of DDT

[Card division 433591673/20] Ingestion of Drug

[Card division 433591673/20] Injury (Part of Body Specify)

[Card division 433591673/20] Injury Intracranial

[Card division 433591673/20] Injury of Eye

[Card division 433591673/20] Injury of Head

[Card division 433591673/20] Injury to Back

[Card division 433591673/20] Injury to Back

[Card division 433591673/20] Insect Bite

[Card division 433591673/20] Insufficiency Myocardial

[Card division 433591673/20] Insulin Reaction Severe

[Card division 433591673/20] Insulin Regulation

[Card division 433591673/20] Intersexuality Genetic

[Card division 433591673/20] Interstinal Perforation

[Card division 433591673/20] Interstitial Keratitis Syphilitic

[Card division 433591673/20] Interstitial Nephritis

[Card division 433591673/20] Intertrigo

[Card division 433591673/20] Intestines Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433591673/20] Intestinal Indigestion Chronic

[Card division 433591673/20] Intestinal Obstruction

[Card division 433591673/20] Intestinal Polyp

[Card division 433591673/20] Intoxication, Alimentary

[Card division 433591673/20] Intracranial Hemorrhage

[Card division 433591673/20] Intracranial Injury Unspecified

[Card division 433591673/20] Intravenous Drip, continuous

[Card division 433591673/20] Intravenous Fat

[Card division 433591673/20] Intubation of Larynx

[Card division 433591673/20] Intussusception

[Card division 433591673/20] Intussusception Reduction by Enema

[Card division 433591673/20] Invalid Reaction

[Card division 433591673/20] Iodine Poisoning

[Card division 433591673/20] Iridocyclitis

[Card division 433591673/20] Iritis Unspecified

[Card division 433591673/20] Irritability

[Card division 433591673/20] Ischiorectal Abcess

[Card division 433591673/21] (Legg) Perthe's Disease

[Card division 433591673/21] Aleukemic Myeloid Leukemia Acute

[Card division 433591673/21] Jaundice

[Card division 433591673/21] Jaundice Catarrhal

[Card division 433591673/21] Jaundice Hemolytic Acquired

[Card division 433591673/21] Jaundice Hemolytic Congenital

[Card division 433591673/21] Jaundice Hemolytic Unspecified

[Card division 433591673/21] Jaundice Obstructive

[Card division 433591673/21] Jaundice of the New Born

[Card division 433591673/21] Jaundice Phosphorus Poisoning

[Card division 433591673/21] Jaundice Toxic

[Card division 433591673/21] Jaundice Unspecified

[Card division 433591673/21] Juvenile Pagets Disease

[Card division 433591673/21] Kafosse Syndrome

[Card division 433591673/21] Keloid

[Card division 433591673/21] Keratitis Interstitial Syphilitic

[Card division 433591673/21] Keratitis Phlyctenular

[Card division 433591673/21] Keratitis Pilaris

[Card division 433591673/21] Keratitis Unspecified

[Card division 433591673/21] Kerato- Conjunctivitis Phlyctenular

[Card division 433591673/21] Keratomalacia

[Card division 433591673/21] Kerion

[Card division 433591673/21] Kernicterus

[Card division 433591673/21] Kerosene Poisoning

[Card division 433591673/21] Ketogenic Diet

[Card division 433591673/21] Ketonic Body

[Card division 433591673/21] Ketosis

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Calculus

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Congenital Absence

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Congenital Hypoplasia

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Congenital Malformation Unspecified

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Dilation of Calyx

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Hemorrhage

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Horse- Shoe

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Infarct

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Moveable

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Polycystitic

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Ptosis

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Sarcoma

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Stones

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Tuberculosis of

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Tumor

[Card division 433591673/21] Kidney Tumors

[Card division 433591673/21] Kleptomania

[Card division 433591673/21] Klippel Feil Syndrome

[Card division 433591673/21] Klumpke's Paralysis

[Card division 433591673/21] Koch Week's Conjunctivitis

[Card division 433591673/21] Kohler's Disease

[Card division 433591673/21] Kyphrosis

[Card division 433591673/21] Labia Majora Fusion

[Card division 433591673/21] Labia Minora, Adherent

[Card division 433591673/21] Labyrinthitis

[Card division 433591673/21] Lacerations

[Card division 433591673/21] Lachrymal Duct Obstruction

[Card division 433591673/21] Lactation of New Born

[Card division 433591673/21] Laporatomy

[Card division 433591673/21] Laryngeal Diphtheria

[Card division 433591673/21] Laryngeal Stenosis

[Card division 433591673/21] Laryngeal Stridor Congenital

[Card division 433591673/21] Laryngitis Acute

[Card division 433591673/21] Laryngitis Acute Spasmodic

[Card division 433591673/21] Laryngitis Chronic

[Card division 433591673/21] Laryngitis Diphtheretic

[Card division 433591673/21] Laryngomalacia

[Card division 433591673/21] Laryngoscopy

[Card division 433591673/21] Laryngotracheitis

[Card division 433591673/21] Larynx Abcess

[Card division 433591673/21] Larynx Edema

[Card division 433591673/21] Larynx Foreign Body

[Card division 433591673/21] Larynx Intubation

[Card division 433591673/21] Larynx Malformation

[Card division 433591673/21] Larynx Papilloma

[Card division 433591673/21] Larynx Stenosis Acquired

[Card division 433591673/21] Larynx Ulceration

[Card division 433591673/21] Laurence- Moon- Biedl Syndrome

[Card division 433591673/21] Lead Encephalitis

[Card division 433591673/21] Lead Poisoning

[Card division 433591673/21] Leg Amputation Of

[Card division 433591673/21] Leg Hypertrophy of

[Card division 433591673/21] Leg, Congenital Malformation of

[Card division 433591673/21] Leiner's Disease

[Card division 433591673/21] Lenticular Degeneration

[Card division 433591673/21] Leontiasis Ossea

[Card division 433591673/21] Leptospira Canicola

[Card division 433591673/21] Lethiasis, Renal

[Card division 433591673/21] Letterer- Siwe Disease

[Card division 433591673/21] Leucoma

[Card division 433591673/21] Leukemia Acute Monocytic

[Card division 433591673/21] Leukemia Aleukemic Lymphoid Acute

[Card division 433591673/21] Leukemia Aleukemic Myeloid Acute

[Card division 433591673/21] Leukemia Lymphoid Acute

[Card division 433591673/21] Leukemia Lymphoid Chronic

[Card division 433591673/21] Leukemia Myeloid Acute

[Card division 433591673/21] Leukemia Myeloid Chronic

[Card division 433591673/22] Leukocytosis

[Card division 433591673/22] Leukoderma

[Card division 433591673/22] Leukopenia

[Card division 433591673/22] Leukorrhea

[Card division 433591673/22] Levocardia

[Card division 433591673/22] Lichen Pilaris

[Card division 433591673/22] Lichen Planus

[Card division 433591673/22] Lichen Scrofulosorum

[Card division 433591673/22] Lichen Urticatus

[Card division 433591673/22] Limping

[Card division 433591673/22] Lipemia

[Card division 433591673/22] Lipiodol Injection

[Card division 433591673/22] Lipodystrophy

[Card division 433591673/22] Lipoid Nephritis

[Card division 433591673/22] Lipoma

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver Abcess

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver Atrophy

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver Damage

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver Fatty

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver Necrosis Focal

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver Prolapse

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver Ptosis

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver Tuberculosis

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver, Enlarged

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver, Parasitic Infection

[Card division 433591673/22] Liver- Congenital Cystic

[Card division 433591673/22] Lobectomy

[Card division 433591673/22] Loeffler's Syndrome

[Card division 433591673/22] Lordosis

[Card division 433591673/22] Lordotic Albuminuria

[Card division 433591673/22] Ludwig's Angina

[Card division 433591673/22] Lumbar Drainage Cont.

[Card division 433591673/22] Lumbar Puncture

[Card division 433591673/22] Lumbosacral Pleuxus Paralysis

[Card division 433591673/22] Luminal Poisoning

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Abcess

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Cavity

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Collapse (Partial)

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Cystic Disease Congenital

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Edema

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Embolus

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Foreign Body In

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Gangrene

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Hemorrhage

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Infarct

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Massive Collapse

[Card division 433591673/22] Lung Tumor

[Card division 433591673/22] Lungs, Miliary Calcification

[Card division 433591673/22] Lupus Erythematosus

[Card division 433591673/22] Lupus Vulgaris

[Card division 433591673/22] Lutembacher Syndrome

[Card division 433591673/22] Lye Burns

[Card division 433591673/22] Lye Poisoning

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymph Nodes Tuberculous

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphactytic Response to Infection

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Axillary

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Cervical

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Iliac

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Inguinal

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Mesenteric

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Occipital

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Post- Auricular

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Preauricular

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Retroperitoneal

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Submaxillary

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Submental

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Tuberculous

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphadenitis Unspecified

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphangioma

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphangitis

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphedema Congenital

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphocytosis

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphoid Hyperplasia Pharynx

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphoid Leukemia Acute

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphoid Leukemia Aleukemic Acute

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphoid Leukemia Chronic

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphopathia Venereum

[Card division 433591673/22] Lymphosarcoma

[Card division 433591673/22] Lysol Poisoning

[Card division 433591673/22] Macrogenitomia

[Card division 433591673/22] Macroglossia

[Card division 433591673/22] Macrosomia

[Card division 433591673/22] Macular Degeneration

[Card division 433591673/22] Madelung's Deformity Rt.

[Card division 433591673/22] Malaria Aestivo Autumnal

[Card division 433591673/22] Malaria Quartan

[Card division 433591673/22] Malaria Tertian

[Card division 433591673/22] Malaria Therapy

[Card division 433591673/22] Malaria Unclassified

[Card division 433591673/22] Malingering

[Card division 433591673/22] Marocephalus

[Card division 433591673/23] Malnutrition For Children Over Two Years of Age

[Card division 433591673/23] Malta Fever

[Card division 433591673/23] Mammary Gland Swelling of in New Born

[Card division 433591673/23] Mandible Congenital Malformation of

[Card division 433591673/23] Manostomia

[Card division 433591673/23] Marasmus

[Card division 433591673/23] Marble Bones

[Card division 433591673/23] Marcus- Guan Syndrome

[Card division 433591673/23] Marfan's Syndrome

[Card division 433591673/23] Marie Strumpell Encephalitis

[Card division 433591673/23] Mass

[Card division 433591673/23] Massive Collapse of Lung

[Card division 433591673/23] Mastitis

[Card division 433591673/23] Mastoidectomy

[Card division 433591673/23] Mastoiditis Acute

[Card division 433591673/23] Mastoiditis Chronic

[Card division 433591673/23] Masturbation

[Card division 433591673/23-24] Measles

[Card division 433591673/24] Measles Encephalitis

[Card division 433591673/24] Measles Inoculation

[Card division 433591673/24] Measles Pneumonia

[Card division 433591673/24] Meckels Diverticulum Ulcer

[Card division 433591673/24] Meconium Ileus

[Card division 433591673/24] Mediastinal Tuberculosis

[Card division 433591673/24] Mediastinitis

[Card division 433591673/24] Medulloblastoma

[Card division 433591673/24] Megacephaly

[Card division 433591673/24] Megacolon Acquired

[Card division 433591673/24] Megacolon Congenital

[Card division 433591673/24] Meibomian Gland Cyst

[Card division 433591673/24] Melena Neonatorum

[Card division 433591673/24] Melitensis Agglutination

[Card division 433591673/24] Melitensis Brucellosis

[Card division 433591673/24] Meniere's Syndrome

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningismus

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Colon Bacillus

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Following Parotitis

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Friedlander's Bacillus

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Influenza Bacillus

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Lymphocytic Bengin

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Meningococcus

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Pneumococcus

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Salmonella

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Serous

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Staphylococcus

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Streptococcus Hemolyticus

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Syphilitic

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis Tuberculous

[Card division 433591673/24] Meningitis, Chronic Basilar

[Box Shoeboxes 25-30] PARK PAPERS: Patient Index Cards, Meningitis Tuberculous - Penicillin Therapy

[Card division 433591670/25] Meningitis Tuberculous

[Card division 433591670/25] Meningitis Unspecified

[Card division 433591670/25] Meningocele

[Card division 433591670/25] Meningococcus Arthritis

[Card division 433591670/25] Meningococcus Panophthalmitis

[Card division 433591670/25] Meningomyelitis

[Card division 433591670/25] Meningomyelocele

[Card division 433591670/25] Menorrhagia

[Card division 433591670/25] Menstruation Vicarious

[Card division 433591670/25] Mercury Poisoning

[Card division 433591670/25] Mesenteric Adenitis, Tuberculous

[Card division 433591670/25] Mesenteric Cyst

[Card division 433591670/25] Mesenteric Thrombosis

[Card division 433591670/25] Metabolism

[Card division 433591670/25] Metastasis to Liver

[Card division 433591670/25] Metatarsus Varus

[Card division 433591670/25] Methemogloinemia

[Card division 433591670/25] Metrorrhgia

[Card division 433591670/25] Microcephalus

[Card division 433591670/25] Micrognathia

[Card division 433591670/25] Microphthalmia

[Card division 433591670/25] Microstomia

[Card division 433591670/25] Migraine

[Card division 433591670/25] Mikulicz Syndrome

[Card division 433591670/25] Miliaria

[Card division 433591670/25] Milk, Reinforced (McCollum's)

[Card division 433591670/25] Milroy's Disease

[Card division 433591670/25] Mirror Writing

[Card division 433591670/25] Mitral Insufficiency

[Card division 433591670/25] Mitral Stenosis

[Card division 433591670/25] Molluscum Contagiosum

[Card division 433591670/25] Moniliasis Cutaneous

[Card division 433591670/25] Monoplegia

[Card division 433591670/25] Morphea

[Card division 433591670/25] Morquio's Disease

[Card division 433591670/25] Mouth, Congenital Malformation of

[Card division 433591670/25] Mucocele

[Card division 433591670/25] Mucoviscidosis

[Card division 433591670/25] Multiple Neuritis

[Card division 433591670/25] Multiple Neuritis Alcoholic

[Card division 433591670/25] Multiple Neuritis Post Diphtheritic

[Card division 433591670/25] Multiple Sclerosis

[Card division 433591670/25] Mumps

[Card division 433591670/25] Muscle Congenital Absence

[Card division 433591670/25] Muscles, Incoordination of

[Card division 433591670/25] Muscular Atrophy Spinal Progressive (Werding & Hoffman)

[Card division 433591670/25] Muscular Atrophy- Specify

[Card division 433591670/25] Muscular Dystrophy Progressive

[Card division 433591670/25] Myalgia

[Card division 433591670/25] Myasthenia Gravis

[Card division 433591670/25] Myelitis

[Card division 433591670/25] Myelitis Tranverse

[Card division 433591670/25] Myelo-Ophthista

[Card division 433591670/25] Myelodysplasta

[Card division 433591670/25] Myeloid Leukemia Acute

[Card division 433591670/25] Myeloid Leukemia Aleukemic Acute

[Card division 433591670/25] Myeloid Leukemia Chr.

[Card division 433591670/25] Myelomeningocele

[Card division 433591670/25] Myiasis

[Card division 433591670/26] Myocardial Insufficiency

[Card division 433591670/26] Myocarditis

[Card division 433591670/26] Myocarditis Fielder's

[Card division 433591670/26] Myocarditic Rhematic

[Card division 433591670/26] Myopia of Eye

[Card division 433591670/26] Myosistis

[Card division 433591670/26] Myotonia Congenita

[Card division 433591670/26] Myxedema

[Card division 433591670/26] Naevoxanthoendotheliosis

[Card division 433591670/26] Naevus

[Card division 433591670/26] Nail Biting

[Card division 433591670/26] Narcolepsy

[Card division 433591670/26] Narotic Addiction

[Card division 433591670/26] Nasal Polyps

[Card division 433591670/26] Nasal Septum Deviation

[Card division 433591670/26] Nasal Septum Perforation

[Card division 433591670/26] Nasal Septum Ulceration

[Card division 433591670/26] Nasal Septum Varices

[Card division 433591670/26] Nasopharynx Sarcoma

[Card division 433591670/26] Nausea

[Card division 433591670/26] Neck, Venous Engorgement

[Card division 433591670/26] Necrosis

[Card division 433591670/26] Necrosis Aseptic, OS Calcis

[Card division 433591670/26] Necrosis of Liver Focal

[Card division 433591670/26] Neiman-Pricks Disease

[Card division 433591670/26] Nephoptosis

[Card division 433591670/26] Nephrectomy

[Card division 433591670/26] Nephritis

[Card division 433591670/26] Nephritis Chronic

[Card division 433591670/26] Nephritis Hemorrhagic

[Card division 433591670/26] Nephritis Mixed

[Card division 433591670/26] Nephrocalcinosis

[Card division 433591670/26] Nephrogenic Diabetes Inspidus

[Card division 433591670/26] Nervousness

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuralgia Intercostai

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis Facial (Bell's Palsy)

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis Multiple Arsenical

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis Multiple Diphtheritic

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis Multiple Toxic

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis Mutliple Alcoholic

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis Mutliple Unspecified

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis Optic

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis Peripheral Facial Traumatic

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis Post Diphtheritic

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis(pseudo optic)

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuritis(retro-bulbas)

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuroblasyoma

[Card division 433591670/26] Neurofibromatosis

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuromyelitis

[Card division 433591670/26] Neuropathic Constitution

[Card division 433591670/27] Neuropathic Constitution

[Card division 433591670/27] Neurosis Traumatic

[Card division 433591670/27] Neurosthenia

[Card division 433591670/27] Neurotic Vomiting

[Card division 433591670/27] Neutropenia Congenital

[Card division 433591670/27] New Born Lactation

[Card division 433591670/27] New-born Clinic

[Card division 433591670/27] Night Terrors

[Card division 433591670/27] Night Walking

[Card division 433591670/27] Nipple Supernumerary

[Card division 433591670/27] Nitrobenzene Poisoning

[Card division 433591670/27] Nodular Cirrhosis of Liver

[Card division 433591670/27] Noma

[Card division 433591670/27] Nose Congenital Malf. Of

[Card division 433591670/27] Nose Foreign Body

[Card division 433591670/27] Nuclear Asplasia

[Card division 433591670/27] Nutrional Disturbances Acute Mild

[Card division 433591670/27] Nutritional Disburbance Acute Severe

[Card division 433591670/27] Nutritional Disorders

[Card division 433591670/27] Nutritional Disturbance Chronic Mild

[Card division 433591670/27] Nutritional Disturbance Chronic Severe

[Card division 433591670/27] Nutritional Edema

[Card division 433591670/28] Nystagmus

[Card division 433591670/28] Obesity

[Card division 433591670/28] Obstruction Intestinal

[Card division 433591670/28] Obstruction of Lacrimal Duct

[Card division 433591670/28] Obstruction of Urethr

[Card division 433591670/28] Obstruction, Specify

[Card division 433591670/28] Obstructive Jaundice

[Card division 433591670/28] Oedema

[Card division 433591670/28] Oesaphagitis, acute

[Card division 433591670/28] Oesophagus

[Card division 433591670/28] Oil of Wintergreen Poisoning

[Card division 433591670/28] Omphalocele

[Card division 433591670/28] Onychia Syphilitic

[Card division 433591670/28] Onychophagy

[Card division 433591670/28] Oophalmo-Mesenteric Duct Persistent

[Card division 433591670/28] Opacity of Vitreous Body

[Card division 433591670/28] Operation Ronstettt

[Card division 433591670/28] Operation* Closure of Fecal Fistula

[Card division 433591670/28] Operation- Sympathectomy

[Card division 433591670/28] Operation- Taussig- Blalock

[Card division 433591670/28] Ophthalmia Neonatorum

[Card division 433591670/28] Oppenheim's Disease

[Card division 433591670/28] Opthalmoplegia

[Card division 433591670/28] Opthhalmta Sympathetic

[Card division 433591670/28] Optic Atrophy

[Card division 433591670/28] Optic Nerve Aplasia of

[Card division 433591670/28] Optic Neuritis

[Card division 433591670/28] Optic Neuritis Pseduo

[Card division 433591670/28] Orbit Tuberculosis Of

[Card division 433591670/28] Orchitis

[Card division 433591670/28] Orthostatic Albuminuria

[Card division 433591670/28] Osgood Schlatten Disease

[Card division 433591670/28] Osseous Development

[Card division 433591670/28] Ostectomy

[Card division 433591670/28] Osteitis Fibrosa Disseminata

[Card division 433591670/28] Osteoarthropathy Hypertrophic

[Card division 433591670/28] Osteochondritis Deformans

[Card division 433591670/28] Osteogenesis Imperfecta

[Card division 433591670/28] Osteoma

[Card division 433591670/28] Osteomyelitis Chronic

[Card division 433591670/28] Osteoporosis

[Card division 433591670/28] Otitis Media Acute

[Card division 433591670/28] Otitis Media Catarrhal

[Card division 433591670/29] Otitis Media Chronic

[Card division 433591670/29] Otitis Media Colon Bacillus

[Card division 433591670/29] Otitis Media Externa

[Card division 433591670/29] Otitis Media Staphylococcus

[Card division 433591670/29] Otitis Media Streptococcus

[Card division 433591670/29] Otitis Media Tuberculous

[Card division 433591670/29] Otitis Media, Pneumococcus

[Card division 433591670/29] Otitis Media, Pyocyan

[Card division 433591670/29] Ovalocytosis

[Card division 433591670/29] Ovarian Agenesis

[Card division 433591670/29] Oxycephalus

[Card division 433591670/29] Oxygen Tent

[Card division 433591670/29] Ozaena

[Card division 433591670/29] Pachymeningitis

[Card division 433591670/29] Pagets Disease Juvenile

[Card division 433591670/29] Pain Unexplained( In Charting Diagnosis State Location)

[Card division 433591670/29] Palate Cleft

[Card division 433591670/29] Palate Congenital Malformation

[Card division 433591670/29] Palate Paralysis

[Card division 433591670/29] Palate Tumor

[Card division 433591670/29] Palate Ulceration

[Card division 433591670/29] Pancreas Cong. Malformation

[Card division 433591670/29] Pancrease Absense of

[Card division 433591670/29] Pancreatis Acute

[Card division 433591670/29] Pancreatic Enzymes

[Card division 433591670/29] Pancytopenia

[Card division 433591670/29] Panophthalmitis

[Card division 433591670/29] Papillidema

[Card division 433591670/29] Papilloma

[Card division 433591670/29] Papilloma of Genitalia

[Card division 433591670/29] Papilloma of Larynx

[Card division 433591670/29] Papulonecrotic Tuberculides

[Card division 433591670/29] Paralysis Bulbar

[Card division 433591670/29] Paralysis Diphtheritic

[Card division 433591670/29] Paralysis Functional State Degree of Paralysis and Limbs Involved

[Card division 433591670/29] Paralysis Infantile Cerebral

[Card division 433591670/29] Paralysis of Palate

[Card division 433591670/29] Paralysis, Familial Periodic

[Card division 433591670/29] Paralysis, Spinal

[Card division 433591670/29] Paramyoclonus, Multiplex

[Card division 433591670/29] Paraplegia

[Card division 433591670/29] Parasites Interstinal Hookworm

[Card division 433591670/29] Parasites Intestinal Oxyuris

[Card division 433591670/29] Parasites Intestinal, Ascaris

[Card division 433591670/29] Parasites Intestingal Unclassified

[Card division 433591670/29] Parasite Instentinal Lamblia

[Card division 433591670/29] Parasite Intestinal Hymenoplepis Nana

[Card division 433591670/29] Parasite Intestinal Strongyloides

[Card division 433591670/29] Parasite Intestinal Trichuris

[Card division 433591670/29] Parasite Intestingal Tenia Saginata

[Card division 433591670/29] Parathyphoid Arthritis

[Card division 433591670/29] Paratyphoid

[Card division 433591670/29] Paratyphoid B Suipestifer

[Card division 433591670/29] Paresis Juvenile

[Card division 433591670/30] Parkinson's Disease

[Card division 433591670/30] Paronychia

[Card division 433591670/30] Parotitis Acute

[Card division 433591670/30] Parotitis Acute Hemolytic Streptococcus

[Card division 433591670/30] Parotitis Chronic

[Card division 433591670/30] Parotitis Epidemic

[Card division 433591670/30] Parotitis Suppuration

[Card division 433591670/30] Paroxysmal Hemoglobinuria

[Card division 433591670/30] Paroxysmal Tachycardia

[Card division 433591670/30] Passive Immunization

[Card division 433591670/30] Patent Ductus Arteriosus

[Card division 433591670/30] Patent Foramen Ovale

[Card division 433591670/30] Patent Intraventricular Septum

[Card division 433591670/30] Pediculosis Corporis

[Card division 433591670/30] Pediculosis Pubis

[Card division 433591670/30] Peerie Robin Syndrome

[Card division 433591670/30] Pellagra

[Card division 433591670/30] Pelvic Inflam. Disease

[Card division 433591670/30] Pemphigus Neonatorum

[Card division 433591670/30] Pemphigus Syphilitic

[Card division 433591670/30] Pemphigus Unspecified

[Card division 433591670/30] Penicillin Therapy

[Box Shoeboxes 31-36] PARK PAPERS: Patient Index Cards, Penicillin Therapy - Prematurity

[Card division 433591666/31] Pes Cavus

[Card division 433591666/31] Pes Planus

[Card division 433591666/31] Pes Vequino Varus

[Card division 433591666/31] Penis Ulcer

[Card division 433591666/31] Penicillin Reaction

[Card division 433591666/31] Penicillin Therapy