KelH, Howard A. Kelly Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 2] Radium

[Folder 7/1] Radium. — 1913
Correspondence w Abbe,Smith, Bragg,Telford

[Folder 7/2] Radium. — 1914-1915
Correspondence w Secretary of State Lane and government officials in the purchase of Kelly's radium mines. Other correspondence regarding the purchase of "ore" and Kelly's experiments w radium.

[Folder 7/3] Radium. — 1917-1921
Correspondence about National Radium Institute

[Folder 7/4] Radium. — 1923-1928
Sale of Uranium oxide;correspondence w attorney Archibald Douglas

[Folder 7/5] Radium. — 1929-1930
Sale of Uranium oxide;correspondence w attorney Archibald Douglas

[Folder 7/6] Radium. — 1932
History of early use of radium by Kelly and associate Burnam; correspondece w Bloodgood on treatments to date

[Folder 7/7] Radium. — 8/7/1933
Letter from O.F.Selle to Kelly

[Folder 7/8] Radium. — 1933
Correspondence w O.F.Selle regarding ore in Canada Northwest terriorty

[Folder 7/9] Radium. — 1935
Correrspondence and notes on the history of radium sources used by Robert Abbe and Howard Kelly

[Folder 7/10] Radium. — 1936
Correspondence w the family of Dr. Douglas and with Eldorado Gold Mines Ltd.

[Folder 7/11] Radium. — 1938
James Lounsbury to Kelly

[Folder 7/12] Radium. — 1939
Correspondence w James Lounsbury about writing a history of the early use of radium in the U.S.

[Folder 7/13] Radium. — undated
Includes "outline of my experiments with radium" and other notes

[Folder 7/14] Radium. — 1920-1930
Cancer cases, patients and treatment

[Folder 7/15] Radium. — 1913-1922
Published papers and reprints

[Folder 7/16] Radium. — 1915-1935
Published paper by associate C.Burnam; other non-Kelly reprints

[Folder 7/17] Radium. — 1921
Davina Waterson's "Life and Work of Pierre and Marie Currie" (rough copy)

[Folder 7/18] Radium. — undated
Davina Waterson's "The Pathwayto Radium, Chapter 1" (rough copy)

[Folder 7/19] Radium. — undated
Davina Waterson's Radium book;derivation of terms used (rough copy)

[Folder 7/20] Radium. — undated
Davina Waterson's Radium book;therapeutic cases(rough copy)

[Folder 7/21-24] Radium. — undated
Davina Waterson's Radium book(rough copy)