KelH, Howard A. Kelly Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 12] Diaries. — 1876-1883;1903-1943. — 130 books in Boxes 24, 24.1, 25, 25.1, 26, 27, 28 and 29
The Kelly diaries span most of Howard Atwood Kelly’s adult life starting in 1876. Kelly kept a diary from 1876 to 1883. There are no diaries for the period 1884 to 1902. Begining in 1903, Kelly restarted his practice of recording daily events in a diary or journal. On the inside front cover of most diaries, Howard Kelly recorded the names and addresses of his correspondents. In most of Howard Kelly’s diaries, his notes are infused with Bible scripture or events in his life or items in the news media that spark a moment’s divine inspiration.
Diaries are arranged chronologically. In many of Kelly’s diaries especially those after the year 1903, he often numbered the pages of his journal. In the summaries that follow the numbered journal pages are referenced where applicable. Also referenced is the book by Audrey W. Davis, Dr. Kelly’s assistant and advisor for the last 20 years of his life. The book is entitled "Dr. Kelly of Hopkins: Surgeon, Scientist, Christian," published in 1959 by The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, Maryland.

[Box 24] Diaries. — 1876-1905. — 7 folders

[Folder 24/1] Diaries. — 1872, 1876-1877. — 3 diaries

18721872. — 1872
The first book is a copybook recording facts of nature, the planets, language, zoology, etc.

18761876. — 1876
The diary represents details of the daily life of Howard Kelly as a University of Pennsylvania undergraduate. He documents lectures, readings, dissections and experiments on frogs and snakes. He records walks to Chester and the surrounding Philadelphia area as well as fishing, swimming, horseback riding, canoeing. Other pursuits include shooting, looking for bones, finding and playing with snakes. There is a typed summary describing a trip to Canada with friend Edward P. Anderson (EPA in the diaries) traveling as far as the Muskoka Lakes and Magnetawan. The highlight of the trip is the discovery of 53 Objibway Indian skulls. He selects the best, places them in a bolster case and returns with them to Philadelphia (See Dr. Kelly of Hopkins; Audrey W. Davis; The Johns Hopkins Press, Baltimore, Md.; 1959, p.18-19). He also records more than one visit to the Centennial Exposition, family birthdays and items needed for his trip.

18771877. — 1877
Begins January 1 at Williamsport where Howard Kelly makes 34 calls. He records the time of German lessons (8:15am) as well as regular course work (Latin, comp. Anatomy, dissections, lectures). Kelly finds time to write articles for the Telegraph on the FSS (Franklin Scientific Society). For recreation, he hunts for frogs, snakes, owls and minerals. He takes examinations in May and delivers a speech at the June 28 University of Pennsylvania commencement. (See Davis, p. 21). His summer activities include traveling, camping, fishing and reading Wordsworth, Coleridge and Virgil. Kelly records his interest in finding and identifying snakes, birds, frogs and plants for their medicinal value. On September 10 the medical preliminary course begins at University of Pennsylvania. On September 11 he “saves Anita from drowning. The remainder of the year he is “off early to Medical” for lectures, labs, and clinics.

[Folder 24/2] Diaries. — 1878-1879. — 2 diaries

18781878. — 1878
A leather-bound diary with name embossed. Howard Kelly spends his days attending classes, and dissecting. His professors include Hodge, Agnew and Wormley. On February 16, Kelly writes, “Haven’t yet missed French a single day”. By May activities include “dissected, quiz, lecture, teach Botany” (see Davis, p. 25). By June 3, Kelly takes his last quiz and prepares for Camp School. In Kelly’s June 30th entry, there is a list of the boys going to “Camp w. me in July”. In September Kelly returns to school and continues to read French, to study German and to attend clinics at Blockley & University, Strawbridge’s clinic. On Saturday, October 5th he writes, “dissected Larynx at Home prepatory to Stille’s Lecture”. Throughout the year, Kelly visits friends, travels and attends teas and parties. The last pages list an accounting of expenses. By September 23 Kelly notes “In Bank $65.”

18791879. — 1879
A cardboard-backed diary with interesting “doodle” on inner front cover. Howard Kelly notes his twenty-first birthday, February 20. He vows , “ will not go to theatre or Opera for a year” and resolves to “read no nat.hist. and no story on Sunday for a year. Do no drawing on Sun.”. (See Davis, p. 30). On Mar.10 he goes to Bellevue in New York City to see the surgical cases of Dr. Bacon. He reads Hodges’, Obstetrics, and works with Dr. Hodges at Presbyterian Hospital. Many journal entries reference his work with a microscope (see Davis, p.26). On May 5, Howard Kelly visits Baltimore; attends Moody’s last temperance lecture meeting at YMCA on May 19. (See Davis, p. 170) On May 28 he visits Peabody Institute, and Johns Hopkins. After a summer in the Catskills and Adirondacks, he returns to school and on September 25 he is appointed Prosector to Dr. Hodge. (Davis, p.31). He begins to record in his journal his sleeping patterns such as “bed early AM or “very tired (Oct. 1), Rested, to bed, and by December, “slept”. On inside back cover of diary his handwritten curriculum vitae “H.A.K. 1-4-79…Member of Acad. Nat.Sci of botanical Dept AMS,-Pres of Class ’80 Medical…”; ends with “Lecturer on Zoology in the North Mtn Summer School”

[Folder 24/3] Diary. — 1880. — 1 diary

18801880. — 1880
Howard Kelly finishes work with Dr. Hodge - January 7 “made crayon drawing of brain for Dr. Hodge”. On January 26 he writes, “May go out West for a year or two” and prepares for the trip. Kelly resolves on his birthday (February 20), “22 years old today. Resolutions for year- do not smoke, drink no liquor, Read nothing Sunday not strictly Christian, give 1/10 of all money I make to aid Christianity.” On February 23 he writes, “Baggage 290 lbs. couldn't check all through”. (Davis, p.31). He chronicles trip to the West and arrives Sat. February 28 in Colorado Springs to meet his friend EPA and Lahanne. He buys supplies ($15) and Lahanne’s horse (March 2) for $40. Kelly notes on March 15, “Class graduates today”. He spends time, reading, riding, cooking (many recipes listed) and attending church. He indicates the cost of meals, other expenses. On April 13 “engaged to carry mail for Ayer on 14,15, 16,17” (Davis, p.32). Kelly mentions “feeling blue… homesick “, but by April 28 he is busy on the Stark OZ ranch herding cattle, helping to brand, using the lasso, hunting antelope, trapping and skinning beaver and rabbits for their hides and stuffing antelope heads. He spends time with Uncle Mac and records his adventures on the Ute pass and Pikes Peak (Davis, p.33). By December Kelly is in Colorado Springs and visits with his friend EPA. The memoranda in the diary include Kelly’s chest measurements as of Jan.11, 1880, the books read, expenses made and a description of the horses he owns in Colorado.

18801880, small diary. — 1880
A small diary for 1880 with a few brief notes in the month of February. The verses to “What a friend we have in Jesus”, are written in the memoranda.

[Folder 24/4] Diaries. — 1881. — 2 diaries

18811881. — 1881. — 2 diaries
Two diaries for 1881. The one diary covers the early part of January. Howard Kelly returns to the OZ ranch January 15 and stays until February 22. By February, Howard Kelly is back in Philadelphia, visiting family and friends. He attends the University of Pennsylvania commencement and meets the graduating class and many of his old classmates. On March 19 he assists Dr. Hodge at Children’s Hospital in an operation. By April-May Kelly is reading surgery, attending clinic, dissecting and visiting Wills I. and University Hospital. In September, he is working with Drs. Bacon, Stille, Goodell and following some of his own patients. He teaches a weekly Sunday school class. Writing from New York at the end of the year, Kelly writes, “Saw year out alone”. The last pages of diary include a long list of books read and where (Colorado, Philadelphia).

[Folder 24/5] Diaries. — 1882-1883. — 2 diaries

18821882. — 1882
In January and early February, Howard Kelly studies diligently, writes his thesis and vaccinates himself, family members and some patients (Davis, p. 39). He celebrates his 24th birthday (February 20), writes a passage from Proverbs 19.17 and finishes exams by February 28. On March 6 he pays a $30 diploma fee. On March 15th he records his graduation in Medicine with prizes and an honorable mention (Davis, p. 37). On March 30, Kelly writes, “I received First Term by vote 18 out of 22. Episcopal Hosp. Residents Elected” and by April 1 he is at Episcopal Hospital “Yes!” treating 53 cases. On July 31 he is “up to Med. Disp for last time” and begins his surgical residency the next day going through the wards daily by himself or with Dr. Lewis. On November 1, he notes “Father gave me $10 towards ophthalmoscope” (Davis, p.39) and Kelly states using it November 24. Through the end of the year, continues to record his daily pattern -number of cases seen, specific patients, diagnoses, breaks for meals and relaxation. On December 31, he writes, “In closing this book I dedicate myself- my time, my capabilities, my ambition-everything to Him who has so graciously brought me through the year in health and strength…” (Davis, p.37).

18831883. — 1883
Howard Kelly continues his work on the wards with Dr. Lewis, but now has time to write articles such as one on double vagina on January 16. He performs many postmortems and records the diagnoses. On March 31, he tours the wards with Dr. Lewis “for last time” and turns the wards over to Dr. Henry and Jim Carpenter. On April 9, he takes “charge of Surgical Wards with Forbes.” On occasion he notes going to the hospital to give the children ice cream treats (March 26, April 20, June 29). On May 16 his sister, Dora, is married to Larry. He begins plans for an office and notes the price tag on June 7 at $800. (Davis, p. 41) Office plans and building progress through June. He records on July 13, “Engaged Office at 2516 N. Front St.”. (Davis, p. 42) On July 31 he notes, “My last day in the Hospital as Resident-after 16 mos.”. After a summer break with the family often “rolling ten pins.” On August 16, he is at his office making arrangements at Hospital. Kelly’s diary entries record office hours, patients seen, fees charged, dinner arrangements, and trips to the Philadelphia Dispensary and Presbyterian Orphanage. In the Memoranda section, Kelly records “Medicines to use at home”, Good books for Children, and a record of his cash account for October to December and charitable gifts. Tucked in the pocket is a census record of the surgical ward (1883 from April to July - 143 admissions; 8 deaths).

[Folder 24/6] Diaries. — 1903
Beginning with 1903, Kelly numbers the pages of his diaries. These page numbers are referenced in the following summaries.

19031903. — 1903
The front inside cover states “ A memento of a week in Paris from 6 June 1903 15 June & later”. Dr. Howard Kelly and his sister, Esther, are the guests of Dr. Jean Louis Faure. (See Davis, p. 88). The diary is more a scrapbook filled with menus, and autographs of acquaintances and colleagues. He records on July 1, the demonstration of methods of examination of urinary organs. On August 21, they leave for Cherbourg and home aboard the Str. Moltke on August 29 (p.39-40) He records on Aug. 31, “spent the day at hosp. Going over drawings for work on appendicitis with Mr. Broedel. Kelly leaves for Toronto and notes how his days are spent at the Indian Point camp with the Cullens, family and friends. The last entry is 19 September with Kelly’s return to Baltimore.

[Folder 24/7] Diaries. — 1904-1905

1904-19051904-1905. — 1904-1905
Random notes on a visit to Florida December 1905.

[Box 24.1] Diaries. — 1906-1912.10. — 8 folders

[Folder 24.1/1] Diaries. — 1906. — 3 diaries

19061906. — 1906
A small black two ring binder contains Howard Kelly’s contemplation of equipment (design of a new stethoscope), reminders, notes on cases, some addresses.

1906.081906, Mississafa. — 1906.08
The large leather-bound journal contains notes from an Aug, 1906 trip to Mississafa. Kelly writes about plants and animals observed. People and events are underlined in blue pencil. In the back of the journal, Kelly indicates food supplies needed for next year’s trip as well as material improvements to the wharf and camp.

1906.091906, London Trip. — 1906.09
A book missing both outside covers with a faint blue pencil label, “London Trip 1906” documents a trip to London, starting on 11 September 1906. Kelly visits Dr. Russell; other names of professors sign the diary and are circled with blue pencil. He also visits Aberdeen and Glasgow in Scotland. Kelly receives a L.L.D. from Aberdeen and comments “we have one and all been entertained in a fashion truly royal and the whole program has bn carried out without the slightest flaw” (see Davis, p. 120).

[Folder 24.1/2] Diaries. — 1907. — 2 diaries

19071907, Mexico trip. — 1907
Book begins in January and documents Kelly’s trip to Mexico to explore investment opportunities in the mining industry. There are many signatures such as one for William Headen, Consular Agent of USA in Oaxazca. Kelly meets W.F. Waters and writes a note to send him a copy of Walter Reed adding Waters “might be a good person to go on trip. Good cook a college grad + a gentleman”. He includes a list of “people to see about mines (Father, Dr. Welch, Brice G.)”. (See Davis, p.217-218).

1907.081907, Indian Point. — 1907
Book describes an August trip to Indian Point and a canoe trip starting in Bisco with Dr. Runyon, Fritz and Boulton and others. Kelly describes the area, a “beautiful paddle at Ramson Lake, taking photographs, picking berries, paddling through the rapids, camping. On the back pages, Kelly lists the photo equipment needed for the trip and what to bring “next time”.

[Folder 24.1/3] Diaries. — 1908. — 1 diary

19081908, Mexico trip. — 1907.12-1908.01
Kelly describes a trip to Mexico in late December, 1907 to January, 1908. He buys a “fine lot of curios” for $3.50 Mex." He visits mines and notes the steps taken in the investment of mine (contracts, cyanide tests, samples. Writes “people who might buy mill” including Phil Goldsborough, (Governor of Maryland). Kelly itemizes expenses for trip (on back pages).

[Folder 24.1/4] Diaries. — 1909-1910. — 2 diaries

1909/19101909-1910, Mexico trip. — 1909-1910
The book contains mostly notes on a journey to Mexico with Dr. Brice Goldsborough. Kelly visits churches and notes the needs of the people. They visit a Dr. Valdes and Kelly performs an operation with Dr. Bernaldez. He visits mill site in Oaxaca and finds pottery shards. He examines old Indian mounds and draws pictures. Kelly notes the purchase of beads and idols and a pot.

19091909. — 1909
The book labeled “General” starts on May with signatures of attendees at a University Club lunch and dinner at Dr. Ferguson’s that evening while visiting Chicago. He describes the stereo effect and indicates “make pair stereoscope spectacles” with a sketch. Kelly writes about the advantages and disadvantages of “stereos” and states, “I have solved all these dif in my stereo clinic where I have sucded in securing a perfect representation of all important steps of operation”. Kelly seems fascinated with this technology and writes, “get large parallax picture of Laetitia & Olga & Esther.” By August 24, Kelly is in Liverpool, visiting and consulting with Mr. Jones and patients at the Royal Southern Hospital. He visits York, Leeds, London and Paris where he visits with Professor Metchinkoff. Returning to London, Kelly visits the “what is probably the greatest tuberculosis San in the world” with Mr. Patterson. Kelly admires the work of Dr. Flo. Willey at the Royal Free Hospital on September 15 before returning to Liverpool and then Glasgow.

[Folder 24.1/5] Diaries. — 1910. — 1 diary

19101910. — 1910.09-1910.10
The front page states, "used during trip to England, Scottland, and Paris" in Summer, 1910 with Dr. A. Robin, R.M. Lewis, Cecil Vest. September 1910. The trip begins with a lost satchel which was found by Scotland Yard in a cab in London. They see Stiles operate on numerous occasions and take stereos of a breast operation and others. Kelly spends time with detectives to see the worst parts of Glasgow and notes “It does not seem a whit worse than Balto.” The party proceeds to Liverpool where they again observe many operations and take stereos. They return home on October 7 after a very rough voyage. On page 28, Kelly writes his opinion on the minutes of faculty meeting and notes Bloodgood’s desire to cut back on his time. He also notes a meeting to discuss the curriculum recommended by the Committee of AMA on the “Rel amt time to be given to instruction, administration, research work” (Present: Abel, Halsted, Welch, et al).

[Folder 24.1/6] Diaries. — 1910. — 1 diary

19101910, Europe. — 1910.09-1910.10
Title on front cover “Europe 1910” is the companion journal to one found in Folder 5. The "purpose of the trip-stereoscopic work - what I propose to do w stereoscopy as a means of teaching surgery”. Pages 3-10 indicate topics to cover as if writing a speech or a book. The remainder of the notations includes case studies, observations and some drawings made during his visit.

[Folder 24.1/7] Diaries. — 1911. — 2 diaries

19111911, Family Camping Trip. — 1911.07
This book documents a family camp trip starting July 3, arriving at Deer Lake, July 7. Kelly reminisces about his past trips to this area, the first time he acted as a guide, the people he has met. He often notes the rapids just traveled (Lovesick, Needle’s Eye, Jacobs Ladder) and the time taken to traverse them.

19111911, Mexico trip. — 1911.01
In this book, Howard Kelly travels to Mexico with Robert M. Lewis in January. They arrive in Oaxaca to visit the mines. Kelly notes the cost involved, how he will pay his share and the details of management. (p.24-41) He writes “see abt mill proposition” and includes names like Mayos, E.N. Brown, Uncle Ansan, Dr. T.S. Cullen (p. 56).

[Folder 24.1/8] Diaries. — 1911-1912. — 2 diaries

19121912. — 1912.10
The journal, dated October 1912, describes Dr. Bandler’s work at Bellvue (New York Medical School) starting with operating on a cadaver October 11. Kelly’s details his observations and includes some rough sketches. On the back pages there is the signature of Alfred I. Dupont Wilmington, Delaware with the note Radium mine.

1911-19121911-1912. — 1911-1912
The journal includes Kelly’s notes of a talk by Mrs. Parkhurst regarding women’s suffrage. Kelly writes, “…they want to vote. I believe they will do it so let them vote”. He indicates the Xray Society meet on Fri. evenings and documents 6 goals of the society (1. To study our own plates 2. To study xray and anat. Together…. 6. To devise new procedures).

[Box 25] Diaries. — 1912.05-1914.09. — 7 folders

[Folder 25/1] Diaries. — 1912. — 2 diaries

19121912. — 1912
Kelly begins in earnest to document efforts to eliminate vice in Baltimore. On June 11 he notes a dinner “to protect W. Balto from Vice” and the signatures of the attendees. Kelly describes preparation for his camp trip interspersed with notes to talk to ministers that “vice exists because people indiff…”. Kelly draws a picture of “ a good camp 1 ½ miles down”.

19121912, biographical notes. — 1912.05
Date on outside of journal May 28. Contains only a few biographical notes on physicians Parvin, Wallace, Seth Gordon.

[Folder 25/2] Diaries. — 1912. — 3 diaries

19121912, Camp. — 1912
Includes a loose note on front cover about saloons, white slaves, “How do churches cooperate?”. Kelly describes a near drowning of Dr. Macgruder above the Jacob’s ladder rapid. He writes down his plans to organize a dinner with Gov. Goldsborough, Drs. Cullen and Lewis to assess prison conditions. While in New York, Kelly investigates the living conditions in Buffalo, writing pages on what he sees and noting the people he meets. Kelly also describes various social problems and reforms to counter vice in Boston, Chicago (notes “M. (Marshall) Field himself one of the most immoral men in Chicago”), Philadelphia and Harrisburg although the notations are undated.

19121912, Fall. — 1912.11-1912.12
6 November 1912 inside cover notation “Bought at Norfolk, Va”. Dr. Kelly devotes much space in this journal to an investigation of prisons, penal servitude as well as meetings with Baltimore’s prominent citizens to discuss local social issues. The journal contains the signatures of those Kelly meets in his efforts social reform efforts such as Louis P. Hamburger, Howard E. Ashbury, George E. Bennet, Bertram Bernheim. On December 6, Kelly organizes a dinner to Police Commissioners who all sign their names. Kelly remarks, “ This was given in privacy of our home & vice situation & its treatment was freely discussed.”

19121912, Toledo, Ohio. — 1912.09
Inside cover notation, “bought in Toledo, Ohio, “I have a stewardship entrusted to me” 1 Cor. 9:17. The diary starts with signatures of attendees of a dinner in Detroit on September 12. Kelly continues to describe vice, vice reform, living wages and other social issues as he travels in the Midwest. Kelly also continues his personal inquiry of conditions in Maryland.

[Folder 25/3] Diaries. — 1912-1913. — 3 diaries

19121912-1913. — 1912.12-1913
Diary begins on 7 December 1912. Kelly continues to document the meetings he attends on social issues including church meetings where social issues are discussed. Many signatures of the people he meets during his visits. On Feb 28, 1913, Kelly muses, “It is unfortunate that it requires the sacrifice of human life to arouse public conscience. Ilust. Titanic 1,000 lives, Rosenthal murder, Mac Namaras 105 murders.”

19131913, Spring. — 1913.04-1913.05
Inside cover notation, “begun April 8, 1913 my notes are ever only ideas put down in the rough to be polished later.” The journal begins with a 7-point review of the “Econ Val of Prev. Med”. Dr. Kelly writes about Drs. Fletcher and Billings, Osler, Thayer, Welch, and Halsted. Kelly notes, “Dr. A.T. Allen of State St has cured many cataracts by absorption during the growing process.” Another entry mentions a cured case using Rad. On May 19, Kelly records “Cullen’s dinner with signatures of the guests (Welch, Thayer, Young, Howell, Bloodgood, Russell, Halsted, Boggs, Howland, Barker, Jones, Moss, Abel and others). Kelly visits Chicago and dines with Drs. Dudley, Case and Bacon. He makes some notes on radium and an article by Geiger on “ Practical measurements in Radio-Activity”. Kelly also lists “Ra facts..1 pt Ra to 1,300,000 ur in ore”.

19131913, Spring. — 1913.04-1913.05
Diary begun on 23 April, 1913. Dr. Kelly describes a visit to Baltimore County on Sunday 18 May where “many saloons all apparently closed policemen loafing in fire co. house”. He travels all over the county and records his observations.

[Folder 25/4] Diaries. — 1913. — 3 diaries

19131913, Camp. — 1913
Camp 1913. Kelly documents a month of adventures on the rapids continuing a habit of recording the time it takes to travel the rapids while other family members take more conventional transport.

19131913, Spring. — 1913.05-1913.06
Inside cover notation, “ Trip to Buffalo N.Y. Denver Colo. Minneapolis, Wis from 28 May 1913 to June." Kelly first journal entry notes what “we are willing to pay … or. 70 for Ra Br. pure without water” and some Ra facts. After noting the state of Denver’s bawdy houses (p5), Kelly continues his discourse on radium. Kelly and Prof. Parsons travel to Paradox to investigate “good claims (p. 9) in Paradox (see Davis, p. 128). Dr. Kelly draws a picture of the Frita claim site (p.21). Kelly notes (pages 25-26) the story of how uranium was discovered in Colorado by the father of E.H. Teats. (see Davis, p.128).

19131913, Summer. — 1913.07
Diary started 3 July 1913. This is a journal with a snap front. Inside notation, “Used on trip down the Susquehanna”. The inside pocket of the diary includes a detailed hand-drawn map by Shippen Lewis from Creswell of the Susquehanna River from Turkey Hill to Peach Bottom. The map includes a key indicating rocks, danger, rough water, a station. (Davis, p. 204).

[Folder 25/5] Diaries. — 1913-1914. — 3 diaries

19131913, Fall. — 1913.10-1913.11
Dairy started on October 6, 1913. Kelly records the first meeting of the National Rad. Institute held in the offices of Phelps, Dodge & Co. complete with signatures of James Douglas, Archibald Douglas and others (see Davis, p. 128). A November 7 entry, Kelly notes “Bldgd “ (Bloodgood) “shows that to improve results in cancer op means earlier intervention”. He also notes percent cure rate for skin cancer and muc membrane varies from “33 to 69 p.c with Ra”. Kelly writes, “Have photos made for Prof. Parsons on some striking cases”. Kelly also expresses, “I want to put rad into every clinic in 20-50 cities at reasonable cost”. (Davis, p.127). In the last pages of journal, Kelly documents his observations at York Hospital (deplorable) and expounds on the role of a hospital (“to furnish asylum for medical and surgical care”), and on doctors and nurses (“war of the sexes”).

19141914, Radium Notes. — 1914.02
The inside cover is dated 4 February 1914 and the journal pages are numbered. Kelly’s first diary entry notes his visit to Dr. Pinch of Land Rad Inst and a description of his work with radium. On February 5, he visits Domenico and admires how “he keeps all his cases with tt notes and photos & drawings in 1 leaf of a loose leaf book. This is a good ideas, copy it” The majority of the notations relate to his interviews with European experts in radium.

1913-19141913-1914. — 1913.11-1914.01
Inside cover gives a date November 15, 1913. A beginning diary entry is a reminder to “write address before the scientific association”, followed by a rough outline. There is a five page description of Graham Taylor’s work in Chicago. A November 29 entry “Delivered to H.A. Kelly 32 full sacs and 1 about 1/3 full of ore”. The next page describes a D & C with a sketch followed by a note to “ give the ideal hysterectomy in wh blad not touched”. Around mid-December , signatures of W.J. Mayo and others appear above a crude map showing the Worthington and Greenspring valleys identifying caves and limestone. Kelly notes an appointment in Washington … “address at Mr. Butler’s in pres Secy Lane on cancer work. After lunch with Sec’y Lane”, followed by signatures of those present. He also notes, “send bk on R to HFB dedicate; ask Will Mayo how Dr. Butler of 1910 is doing and if he’s ready to come home and get into research work”. On January 10, 1914, Kelly attends a dinner at the Maryland Club “to hear testimony abt York Hosp in rebuttal to previous test.” On January 12, he notes a dinner at Mr. Pinchot’s at Washington with autographs of Gifford Pinchot, Frank Hayes, Holmes, Green, Von Bittner, Foster, Mitchell and Kelly.. In January, Kelly notes ideas for a Rad Book such as a chapter on cancer of Larynx, methods, containers, filters, screens…individual characteristics, how frequent applications, etc.

[Folder 25/6] Diaries. — 1914. — 2 diaries

19141914. — 1914.01-1914.02
Blank front cover; inside cover reads “24 Jan 1914 Crossing the Atlantic w. Howard Jr.” The back inside cover reads, “Dearest Olga or Esther if you ever read these notes please revise them and smooth out any rough or uncouth expressions”. Howard Kelly writes of the people he wishes to see Mr. and Miss Waugh, Dr. Julia Pringle, Dr. A. Wallis Budge, Sir William Osler, Miss La Motte and “things to do-visit Rad Inst., get some instruments to show prop rad eg …Braggs globe, Strutt’s clock, scintillascope and “visit Rutherford get photo” and finally a list of books wanted. On February 6, Kelly visits Miss Ellen La Motte. They walk the streets of Paris with a visit to Mdame Curie who is “out”. On 7 February 7, he dines at “Pere Borvin splendid cuisine but sad poor girls at the various tables, gay & painted.” He ends the evening with a walk through Moulin Rouge and notes it depravity. Before leaving, Kelly has tea with Mr. Waugh and visits Osler at Oxford.

19141914. — 1914.02-1914.004
The inside cover reads “ begun 11 February 1914 at 49 Wimpole St. London, staying with my very dear friends Dr. and Mrs. H. Scharlieb." (note: the pages are numbered in this diary). Kelly records his visit with Sir William Osler and the pageantry of an Oxford graduation (See Davis, p. 129). At a Union Club on 17 February dinner, E. Rutherford lends his autograph and Kelly enters a small bio on the gentleman, Sir Ernest Rutherford. He visits Dr. Bragg at Leeds University and the next day visits the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh to visit Dr. Dawson Turner and Dr. Hart. By 25 February, Kelly is back in Rutherford’s lab to meet “ Mr. Lantsberry whom Sir E recommends to us in Balt”. On page 47 is the signature of C.G. Darwin, grandson of Charles Darwin). On page 57 Kelly writes how to make luminous watch on clockhands with low grad rad. On March 6, Kelly arrives in US where he “declared everything over $200 in all and only had $8-duty to pay. By 11 March, Kelly is at Johns Hopkins Hospital examining patients, and operating. On 18 March, Kelly speaks at the nurses commencement where Mr. H. Barton Jacobs spoke on the “Kings Nurse”- Bessie Frick presiding. Pages 89-92, Kelly devotes to family genealogy. Kelly writes about Findlay’s visit and thoughts on social reform (p.102-108). On 13 April, Kelly dines with the Governor and outlines in his diary the graft and corruption all over Maryland (p.126). On more than one occasion Kelly travels to the Hook to see the bawdy houses and on page 136 he writes the names of those who have accepted to join the Vice Com “Dr. Hussey, Cardinal Gibbons, Mr. K. Murray, E.C.Baker, Dr. Barr.”

[Folder 25/7] Diaries. — 1914. — 3 diaries

19141914. — 1914.05-1914.06.20
The first pages include the signatures of those present at a dinner given by Howard Kelly and Dr. Parsons to honor Sir E. Rutherford. May 14 is documented as a busy day including operations, a visit to Judge Niles to visit the “Hook”, rides in the Park for the Curtis Bay children and a note to speak to the Coms of Police about a drunkenness issue. On May 29 Kelly documents the conditions of “pickers” in different areas of Baltimore. Kelly writes later in the diary “Pref to Rad Bk note curious attitude of profession some cordial symp & cooperation others severely critical - in a notable instance a colleague makes unhesitating diagnosis of canc from careful micro exam & then when case is cured by rad at once revises diag & finds reason to think is was not…. Curious attitude of large surg gathering wh roundly applauded an announcement by a foreign delegated that rad was of little if of any use… Many surgeons seem anxious to see it fail”. (see Davis p. 130-131) The last pages list Promises to give to various organizations and people including Esther Bradford’s (Kelly’s sister) work $4,000. (See Davis, p. 46)

19141914. — 1914.06.24-1914.08.27
On June 24, Kelly writes about delivering a paper on “rad” to a full hall and celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary although his wife is not with him. By late July, Kelly is in his Canandian camp, Indian Point and Deer Lake. Kelly writes often his “runs” through the rapids noting the names of the rapids and the time it takes to traverse them. There is a drawing of land parcels showing the lot numbers, size of each and price per acre.

19141914, Fall. — 1914.09
Howard Kelly is back in Baltimore describing his frustration with the police board rules to close down a “pest hole” at 1220 St. James.(page 4). Kelly gathers his thoughts for a speech in Cambridge honoring Dr. Brice (p.21-26). In the 15 September entry, Kelly writes of his anguish over a colleague’s problem and ends with the comment, “A great temptation and danger in a physician’s life is that he may be tempted to wear spectacles with dollar marks on them”.

[Box 25.1] Diaries. — 1914.10-1916.01. — 5 folders

[Folder 25.1/1] Diaries. — 1914-1915. — 3 diaries

19141914, Easton trip. — 1914.11.05-1914.12.13
The journal starts with a trip to Richmond, Virginia. On November 14, Kelly records an evening at the Club of Drs where he speaks on radium. He jots down his thoughts for a November 22 tour of Anne Arundel. He muses on Christians setting a good example, a need to speak up for “purity in politics” and how the “whiskey element controls us in Balto & counties.” Kelly laments the cost of it (whiskey) in crime, loss efficiency, maintaing courts, police, institutions. The participants in the November 22 tour sign Kelly’s journal including Edwin J. Heath, The News. (who is also present for a trip on November 29). The December 12th entry includes the signatures of Kelly’s traveling party in Easton and a map of the places visited.

19141914, Fall. — 1914.10.02-1914.11.01
In this journal, Kelly records his daily Christian devotions as well as his thoughts and actions related to social problems (like venereal diseases), crime and corruption in Baltimore such as open saloons on Sunday and houses of prostitution.

1914-19151914-1915. — 1914.12.14-1915.02.17
Kelly devotes his diary to Bible verses and his interpretation of them. He attends meetings and dinners noting the failure of the grand jury system and the need to reform (2 January trip to Caroline Co; 15 January tour in Baltimore. Co.) He meets Billy Sunday on a trip to Washington on January 18 and reports, Sunday is “worn & over-tired”. On Sunday 31 January, Kelly speaks to 900 people at Berwyn Pres. Agricultural College.

[Folder 25.1/2] Diaries. — 1915. — 2 diaries

19151915, February. — 1915.02.11
The notebook is devoted to Howard Kelly’s study and interpretation of the Bible and confession of his Christian faith.

19151915, March. — 1915.03.14
The notebook is devoted to Howard Kelly’s study and interpretation of the Bible and confession of his Christian faith.

[Folder 25.1/3] Diaries. — 1915. — 2 diaries

19151915. — 1915.02.14-1915.04.26
Kelly starts with his Christian devotions at 6:50 A.M., Sunday, 14 February and describes the Lord’s Day (LD) as “rest and worship” and to “oppose the effort…to make the LD merely a day of pleasure” (p. 2-10) (See Davis, p. 148). On February 22, Kelly talks to the Johnstown Penn doctors on Radiothereapy and the signatures of those attending are noted. Kelly complains about the selling of ice compels men to work on Sundays & encourages saloons…” (p.26-28) His journal entries describe numerous instances of liquor licenses granted to the dead and other corrupt practices and what specific judges decide if such abuses are brought to their attention (Judge Harlan , Judge Duncan and a Judge Burke and VanBibber).

19151915. — 1915.04.27-1915.07.12
A May 2 article from the Baltimore Sun outlines Kelly’s trip to “prohibition territory” with Rev. Dr. W.W. Davis to preach the gospel of Sunday observance” (see Davis, p. 148-150). On 31 May, Kelly decries Sun baseball in Hamilton, B.C “noisy rowdy crowd w women” as he continues his discourse and crusade.

[Folder 25.1/4] Diaries. — 1915. — 2 diaries

19151915. — 1915.07.13-1915.09.08
Kelly records preparations, daily thoughts, adventures and events at Deer Lake (Canada).

19151915. — 1915.09.08-1915.11.08
Mostly devoted to bible verses and interpretations. On pages 97, Kelly describes the filthy conditions on Courtland St and at Kaestner Dairy in Harford County (see Davis, p. 150).

[Folder 25.1/5] Diaries. — 1915-1916. — 1 diary

1915-19161915-1916. — 1915.11.08-1915.01
On November 18, Kelly records an article from the Baltimore Sun where W.W. Davis (founder of the Lord’s Day Alliance) blames liquor for a man’s death on the scaffold. Howard Kelly affirms his Christian devotions daily. The journal ends with a to do list that includes reminders to “Use rad in hemar , add Wasserman reaction toward work, get space in exper. Lab, Chem lab with Janeway study metabolism, bld temp…, Use Russell as consultant in lab… Hematerian lav for Gyn Dept.”

[Box 26] Diaries. — 1916.01-1921.02. — 8 folders

[Folder 26/1] Diaries. — 1916. — 3 diaries

19161916. — 1916.01.10-1916.02.09
The inside front cover has a notation, “I pay pers taxes $3010. +”. Kelly, an admirer of Billy Sunday’s work, includes a news article of his recent success in Trenton, New Jersey with the country’s manufacturers. Kelly and Dr. Burrage plan to publish a volume on “CMB” (p.23-28) (becomes Dictionary of American Medical Biography) and meet at the Harvard Club. Signatures of attendees include Walter L. Burrage, Robert Greenough, Channing Frothingham and Henry Hutchins (see Davis, p. 118-119). On the back inside cover of the journal is a booklet entitled Keep in Fighting Trim published by The American Social Hygiene Association, Inc. The publication outlines the causes of venereal disease, the symptoms, the cure (requires the care of a competent physician), and concludes with a patriotic appeal to all able-bodied men to “shun all prostitutes and cut out the “booze”” to avoid the disease.

19161916. — 1916.02.10-1916.03.16
Howard Kelly begins the journal with a question, “What is most needed in Maryland?". He cites a need to form “thousands of … independent centers of Xian civic activity”. (p.4-6) Kelly records the danger of syphilis and the public health issues (p. 7-9) and the relationship of Disease and Morals (p.15-17). Kelly records his Sunday School topics and his thoughts on efforts to change the Sunday law (p.50-53). Kelly also notes Billy Sunday’s expected arrival in Baltimore and ponders who to invite (Mencken, Dr. Finney, Dr. Lewis, Halsted, Welch, Barker) to the meetings and the best time for “B.S.” to meet the Cardinal (p. 64-74)(See Davis, p.170).

19161916. — 1916.03.16-1916.04.30
Howard Kelly starts a prayer list (p.5). The first name is H.L. Mencken ; the last name is Mayor J.H. Preston. Kelly notes Billy Sunday’s sermon on March 18, Sunday’s impact “D. Greenbaum says ‘B.S. is having a wndrfl effect on this city’” (p. 23) and the reason for his success (p. 33).

[Folder 26/2] Diaries. — 1916. — 3 diaries

19161916. — 1916.05.01-1916.07.01
Page 1 of the journal is a typed outline for American Medical Biography. Most of Kelly’s journal entries note his continuing efforts to promote and pass legislation to keep Sunday as the Lord’s Day (“…a citadel from which to fight the enemy”. p.20). On May 15, Kelly notes the “ Guests at Dr. Welch’s dinner at the Maryland Club given to Blanchard Randall who presents engravings of doctors to Historical Society. Signatures of the guests include Henry Barton Jacobs, Henry M. Hurd, Winford H. Smith, Thomas R. Boggs. (p. 61). Kelly writes a reminder to “Get Portraits of for Hosp signed”; the list starts with William & Charles Mayo and ends with Robert Bartholow (p.63-64). Kelly records his civic and religious activities (summed up as “Believe, witness, testify”, p.89 ) He travels to Prince George’s county and Southern Maryland to promote the Lord’s Day Alliance agenda.

19161916. — 1916.07.01-1916.09.02
The family leaves for camp (Canada). Howard Kelly’s records bible verses and his interpretation, as well as pleasant trips to visit friends and family. Signatures of those at camp include Laetitia B. Kelly, Edmund, Brice Goldsborough Jr., Olga, Esther, W. Boulton Kelly, Margaret K. Kelly. (p. 84). A hand-drawn map of Island A and a tract of land sold on September 8 to F.H. Lloyd of Pittsburg is noted (p.85).(see Davis, p. 205-206)

19161916. — 1916.09.03-1916.10.24
Howard Kelly returns from camp. On September 7, he rides with Dr. Davis (Lord’s Day Alliance) to Harford County. Kelly quotes Dr. L.L. Williams, Surgeon, U.S. Public Health Service regarding the cause of increasing syphilis and includes portions of an article by W.C. Woodward, MD and BS Warren on the disease. (p. 45-46). Throughout the journal, Kelly mentions the continued impact of Billy Sunday’s visit to Baltimore area in the previous spring (mostly in increased church accessions).

[Folder 26/3] Diaries. — 1916-1917. — 3 diaries

19161916. — 1916.10.25-1916.12.02
Howard Kelly continues his discussion of Billy Sunday’s impact on the communities he visits. (p. 1-15) His thoughts turn to the biographies of American physicians pondering who can help write them (p. 24-28). On November 4, Kelly writes about “The Prohibition Campaign” and later writes of the 2 great battles, 1) for the Lord’s Day and 2) “against saloon & all corruption assoc. w. it” (p.58). On November 8, Kelly comments on the issue of prohibition, “our work cut out for us for some years” and “a lesson that women ought to vote”.

19171917. — 1917.01.08-1917.03.07
Howard Kelly starts his journal with a series of “to do” lists mostly related to the summer camp (p.8-12). On January 14, Kelly is touring with Dr. W.W. Davis, but is soon on his way to Daytona and Miami Florida. By February 10, he writes, “I have been 2 weeks in bed with [xxxxx]” (p.82). A news article (February 16, 1917), reporting the success of the Prohibition amendment in Congress is found on page 88. The remainder of the journal contains notes on American physicians, Christian devotions and various reminders of what to do. On the inside back cover a news article is pasted (“Christianity’s Chances of Survival After the War As They Appear to Rationalists”).

1916-19171916-1917. — 1916.12.03-1917.01.07
A news article is found in the front inside cover which describes a “flop” house, the Bethal, supported by Kelly, is closing because it contributes to vagrancy. Kelly notes a “Flop house” tour. On December 8, he draws the Jupiter moons and where they appear on December 8 and 9. A tour of churches to Westminister with Dr. Davis on Sun, December 15 ends abruptly in a snow drift. Pasted to the December 23 entry are two articles listing the 23 states “which have banned saloons”. Also pasted near the January 2, 1917, entry is a photo of Kelly with the caption, “Photo by Edmund taken December 1916”. Howard Kelly writes a summary of a vice meeting on January 5 with Mr. E. Levering presiding. Speakers include Judge Rose, Bonaparte (Charles J.), Dr. Mr. Hall, Mr. Clyde, Dr. Mc Davell and Dr. Crafts of Wash.

[Folder 26/4] Diaries. — 1917-1918. — 3 diaries

19171917. — 1917.03.08-1917.06.20
On the inside front cover, Howard Kelly provides an index to the journal including these topics and page numbers “min wage 148 Things to fight 168, 67, 48, 62 Baltimore Co. filth 192, 159, 98”. News articles on the first page “Our National Bill for the Needless” and “Barbarism of Germans is denounced by Ribot”. Kelly continues his biography notations, but devotes much of the journal to ongoing social and health issues such as noting the water supply problem in Ellicott City (p 39-43) and the need for a minimum wage (p.62-67) as well as the ongoing debate on prohibition (news articles p. 67 “Distillers propose liquor restrictions and “Nation may stop making liquor”) and prostitution (p. 76). On May 8, Kelly mentions a visit to Mr. Douglas about matters related to “the suit” and “his stand in regard to amt Ra (radium) taken by the government”(p.92). Howard Kelly attends a class dinner (40th anniversary since graduation) on May 28, 1917, collecting the guests’ signatures and on June 8, he attends the Bryn Mawr School and states “met Miss Thomas”. Kelly summarizes what he believes are “Vital Matters-Food Conservation, Elim. Alcoholic Drinks, Living Wage, Maximum hours, Prostitution Quest, Housing Problems, Child Labor, Child Welfare, Recreation for Poor, Corrupt Politicians” (p. 183)

19171917. — 1917.08.03-1917.11.15
The journals first page is an index covering subjects “trip down Pedee p. 9… Drs and morals 85-90”. On August 4, Kelly writes from the Indian Point camp. In early October, Kelly is involved in Camp Meade activities with other prominent citizens and public leaders (p. 94), watching for prostitution, liquor sales to soldiers (p. 96-102). On October 22, he writes, “Get list of books on Florence Nightingale & write for others” (p. 130). Kelly devotes 2 pages to “war notes” (p. 170-172). He mentions the “tremendous persistent propaganda for the conservation of food”’ to “great parades to celebrate achievements e.g. Lib. Loan”.

19171917. — 1917.11.18-1918.01.31
The first page lists a very limited index of topics. Kelly writes the story of events in Washington DC related to Miss Paul (noted suffragette) and her stay in the Occoquan jail. Howard Kelly writes that “Dora (his sister) wants for the pickets fresh air, own clothes, clean surroundings in jail, food nutritious and be able to supplement it , exercise, books & papers letters”. (p.8-15) Kelly travels to Guelph , Onterio to meet with Dr. Hobbs and colleagues; a dinner is given and guests’ signatures noted (p. 43-54). On inside back cover of journal are the following notations "What new activities has war created?; Collect indictments vs drunk fine gr fr daily papers; Flo. Nightingale address; Am Biographies; Collect all the insects responsible for disease”

[Folder 26/5] Diaries. — 1918. — 3 diaries

19181918. — 1917.02.01-1918.05.04
In the front inside cover are found three news articles “Fifteen County Newspapers Have advocated the passage of the National Prohibition Amendment”, “Will be Dry on Wednesday”, “Trials Won’t End with War”. On February 1, Kelly lunches at the Cosmos Club and obtains autographs of the guests, George Smith, U.S. Geological Society, Halston Thompson, Assistant Attorney General, Gilbert Grosvenor and others followed by a conference with President Wilson (p.7-8). Lunch at the Maryland Club on February 2 include autographs of A. T. Hobbs, Henry Hurd, Thomas Cullen. On February 20, 1918, Kelly records, “On train to Charleston, S.C., to address 3 State Soc. Hot car bad night. 60 years old today!” (p33). Howard Kelly notes aspects of F. N.’s (his abbreviation for Florence Nightingale,) “..she lived in midst scenes of incompetence, neglect of duty & yet we bear no complaints no bitterness” (p.54-55). Kelly writes notes on Janeway for “biog” and quotes Welch and Russell Sage of the Rockefeller Institute (p75-76). Kelly visits McConnellsburg to research the lives of Dr. Samuel Young, Dr. John Young (p. 91-101). Pasted to the back inside cover is a news article, “Program of Clinics” (undated) with a lecture by W.S. Halsted, president of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, delivering the opening address, “The Development of Surgery”.

19181918. — 1918.05.16-1918.07.04
On the inside front cover Howard Kelly writes, “to replace book picked out of my hip pocket on the 16th”. Kelly reviews the public health problems of venereal disease (3-7). He notes problems with paying Joe and Ben Mc Cleary his lab workers (p.44). Kelly records some of his family genealogy (p77-78) followed by biographical notes on medical men (p77-85) On July 3, Kelly arrives in Toronto and writes, “no trip has ever begun so happily; we left all happy at home as well as at Belair Md.” (p.111)

19181918. — 1918.07.04-1918.011.09
Kelly returns from Lake Ahmic where he records his summer adventures paddling the rapids, identifying fungi and visiting friends and family (p1-45) On September 16, Kelly notes the death of Mrs. Cullen. Kelly attends the Roosevelt Dinner on September 28 and collects autographs of Leonard L. Greif, A. Stanlely Brager, and others. He states, “Gov. Goldsborough raised 36 million before Olga & Marg. & I left at midnight.” (p.84) Kelly develops a plan with a Mr. Krieger to write an article, and a book about various fungi (p.122, 126). The diary contains Kelly’s ideas and notes on Christian themes for talks on Sundays in churches and meetings.

[Folder 26/6] Diaries. — 1918-1919. — 3 diaries

19191919. — 1919.02.01-1919.07.31
Howard Kelly documents the proceedings of February 3 JHH Com dinner at which there is disagreement with Dr. Williams. Kelly notes his numerous and varied activities. By July 7, he leaves for Toronto and camp and writes, “I want my every act and thought in this trip to be controlled by the Holy Spirit & I want Christ at all times to be my honored unseen guest.”

19191919. — 1919.08.01-1919.12.29
Howard Kelly records his camp activities sparingly. By October 3, he returns and documents fungi collected. There is a signature and address for Grant E. Ward, Johns Hopkins Medical School, 1322 N.Caroline St. as well as Thomas Herbert Thomason, Johns Hopkins Medical School, 513 N. Broadway, Home=Texas. There is a trip to Cincinnati on October 21 and collaboration with C.A. Lloyd on the nomenclature of fungi. On November 9, Kelly records an experiment, “I ate a well dev cap, taste that of common A. camp. Abt 1 hr after a hearty dinner. 5:45 some salivation 6 warmth in skin of body”

1918-19191919. — 1918.11.09-1919.01.31
On the inside front cover is a news article, “Prohibition to be an Election Issue”. Pasted on the page 1 is an article, “The Jewish Bill of Rights”, from Survey, 28 XII 18. Howard Kelly writes on November 10, 1918, “This year 1918. Describe various ways of dating events-all disappeared now -one event alone big enough fr wh to date all events of the world’s history” (p.4). He notes the status of women in this war and credits, “This began with Flo Nightingale in the early fifties, grew into the Red Cross & then into all the activities of the present war” (p.7) Elizabeth M. Dick at 318 N. Broadway signs Dr. Kelly’s journal and he notes “send Flo Nit to her nurses”(p. 55). Kelly attends lunch at the Maryland Club, December 24, Phytopath. Association accompanied by autographs of those present. Kelly documents his efforts to publish a book on mycology and an article on botanists. A news article pasted to page 148 reads, “Christian Citzenship meeting 3PM, Sunday January 19 in the Court House, Ellicott City” notes Dr. Kelly and Dr. W.W. Davis presenting.

[Folder 26/7] Diaries. — 1919-1921. — 3 diaries

19201920. — 1920.03.20-1920.07.31
As Howard Kelly journeys through Florida, he records his laws for argument (p.4-6) and a “menu for a will” (p.21-25) which includes Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins University. Kelly notes “what constitutes FN’s (Florence Nightingale) power 1) a goal... in life never abandoned….5) a constant reliance upon the living God” (p.31). On April 25, he records the marriage of Margaret and Douglas. Kelly references the Florence Nightingale papers in preparation for a lecture. He writes on May 2, “ask Miss Lawler to put the statuette of F.N. at the lecture.” (p. 34-,36, 38-39) Kelly visits Princeton on May 11 to talk on Radium and records thoughts on the role of nursing and Florence Nightingale and the FN collection (p.40-41, 42,44,47,48-49,53-54, 64). Kelly holds a dinner for Dr. Cullen at the Maryland Club on June 1 and guests who sign the journal include E.H. Richardson, Curtis Burnam, Henry Shaw, Griffin Davis and Walter Dandy. On June 13, Dr. Kelly suggests an outline for an article on pain in abd (p.56) and is soon traveling north to Canada and camp. The remaining pages of the journal contain descriptions and pencil drawings of fungi.

1919-19201919-1920. — 1919.12.30-1920.03.19
On January 5, Howard Kelly is in Chicago and Des Moines to attend meetings related to the Christian mission field (p.25). He writes about the difficulty of the “scientific” man to grasp a spiritual truth” (p30). On January 14, Kelly compares an analogy of Osler’s knighthood bestowed by King’s authority to the Christian belief in “all power and authority”. (p. 31) Kelly continues his work on fungi and notes “why not get out a little encyclod of living and dead fungologists alphabet arranged” (p.32-47). Kelly outlines a talk on “the Lord’s Day a Wedding Anniversary” and quotes Dr. W.W. Davis extensively “The liberty of rest for each one depends upon the law of rest for all”. (p. 57-62) Howard Kelly travels with his sister, Esther Bradford to Florida (p.68-90). The remainder of the journal documents his travels and some pencil drawings of fungi. (See Davis, p. 211). The last page lists Kelly’s “Obligations to meet” with many entries noting contributions to mission work.

1920-19211920-1921. — 1920.08.01-1921.02.20
Howard Kelly’s camp activities, fungi drawings and classifications are the primary focus of his journal. On September 17, he writes, “in route home” (p.55). He rails against the “status of movies must be purged” and proceeds to quote from a law dictionary the definition of obscenity and intent to publish same. (p.71, 74-77, 79-81). He mentions William Rathbone and “who has Florence Nightingale’s letters to Mr. Rathbone?” (p.83-85). On Oct 20, Kelly writes he is “in the Penn Hotel seeing Laetitia off to Danzig tomorrow” (p.92,96).

[Folder 26/8] Diaries. — 1921. — 1 diary

19211921. — 1921.02.20-1921.04.30
Howard Kelly begins the journal with a “Motto For this Book” from Jer 10/23. He records his daily intake of food and resolves to “keep record of weight and send to Dr. B occasionally” (p.4). Kelly continues his discourse on the difference between science and Christianity (p.15-17). By the end of March, Kelly is in Florida recording what he sees on the roadway, “snakes, big rattler, king snake, gophers, tortoises, watersnake, wild cats (p. 43). The remainder of the journal covers his visit to Florida, stories of snake bites, remedies. On the last pages of the journal he writes of his preparation for a journey to Mexico and Guatemala.

[Box 27] Diaries. — 1921.05-1928.05. — 8 folders

[Folder 27/1] Diaries. — 1921-1922. — 3 diaries

19211921. — 1921.05.01-1921.07.31
Howard Kelly begins the journal with a list "Things to do in June … write the Battey address" which he continues to reference as the work proceeds. He is also recording his interest in snakes and snake venom (p. 32-34, 85-93) and linchens (p.39-42) and mycology /pencil drawings (p.59-61). Eve Curie, young daughter of Madame Curie, signs her name and address (36 Quoi d Bethune, Paris (p.63). Kelly visits his parents at Fern Hill on June 5 (see Davis, p.220). By June 16, Kelly outlines a "plan for a snake book" (p.98). He notes on June 25 "Dr. Hall Pleasants, Mr. Perkins and Mr. Miller have served the city splendidly for 14, 10, & 10 years respectively at Bayview and now under a degraded administration all their fine constructive work is being thrown to the winds to make room for politicians" (p.108-109). He leaves for Toronto and his camp on July 7. On the back cover of the diary, Howard Kelly questions, "1. Where are FN things? Bks pictures 2. Where are FN bks for M?"

19211921. — 1921.08.01-1921.10.31
Howard Kelly enjoys classifying fungi and photography while at Ahmic (Canada). There are many pencil drawings of fungi and some pressed specimens (p. 1-117). By mid September Kelly is back in Maryland, listing his things to do like “cat of F N (Florence Nightingale) items for Nursing mag” (p. 129).

1921-19221921-1922. — 1921.11.01-1922.03.01
The first dated entry is October 15. Howard Kelly writes on October 27 the outcome of 5 cases where radium was used (p. 4). On December 1, Kelly writes "en route nearing Boston on a mycolgical foray" (p. 30-44). He lists all Maryland snakes and plans a trip to Washington to "see all the Md snakes then all the Fla snakes" (p. 76-78). Between church meetings and political meetings, Kelly catalogues snake publications (p. 113-115). On January 23, Kelly attends dinner at the Union League (guest autographs) and on January 25, "Dinner at 1406 to the legislatures below, Fine Men!" (signatures include WW Davis, Robert Harrison, Horace Davis, J. Kieffer Funk, R. J. Funkhouser). There is a list "Ministers of 12 wards to be called" and a notation, "Our God is not the God of some 26 of our Baltimore delegation to Annapolis who let's his worshipers uphold gambling & refuse to spport the Constitution of the US" (p. 125-131). Kelly notes his birthday on February 20 and possible litigation involving a Mrs. Cottle (p.162-166).

[Folder 27/2] Diaries. — 1922-1923. — 3 diaries

19221922. — 1922.03.01-1922.06.30
On the first page, Dr. Kelly provides an index of sorts - topics are snakes (p. 44, 48, 127), Florida Diseases (p. 75, 85), Rock Spring (p. 91). On March 22, Howard Kelly writes, "off for Fla trip collecting lichens & snakes" (p. 18). He visits Rock Spring with Mr. Kinser and measures the stream flow (p.29) (also see Davis, p. 211). There is an announcement card stating Dr. Veader Leonard has moved to 817 Park Ave with a handwritten note "Dr. Kellys (sic) resident 1915. By May 9, Dr. Kelly is back in Baltimore, attending political meetings to review their agenda and plan to abolish gambling (p. 110-114, 124-126). An entry at the end of May reads, "Drs.Welsh & Sherwood told me yest that they are Unitarians & believe in 'salvation by character', improve the good that is in you! What response wd I get to this from the …gamblers, thieves. What mockery" (p. 136). On June 11, Kelly attends his 45th class reunion in Philadelphia; has a "picture taken in same place as 45 years ago, I sat in the same corner" (p. 153) On June 23, Kelly defines what a hospital is and says Hopkins "chief failure ... has been its failure adequately to care for the very class wh is the backbone of our country-the middle class" (p. 163-164).

19221922. — 1922.07.01-1922.11.03
Dr. Kelly with Dr. Guy Cromwell leaves by train for camp on July 22 and mentions, "A young man ... tells me he has been coming up here 14 years to Huntsville! I came up first in 1876, & have been coming pretty steadily for 32 years." (p. 7-8). Dr. Kelly spends his time at camp, collecting and identifying and in some cases tasting fungi (p. 30). Kelly writes extensively his thoughts on evolution (p. 66-68, 80-90, 120,125-127). On October 19, Kelly addresses the definition of health and the duty of a physician who "sees the intimate relationship between morals and physical well being ... This is his very highest obligation to make this clear and insist upon its recognition by all men."

1922-19231922-1923. — 1922.11.04-1923.01.31
An article is found inside the front cover taken from the "Literary Digest for December 23, 1922" concluding that alcohol does not stimulate the heart. The journal contains Dr. Kelly's daily Christian devotions, ideas for bible meetings, many bible quotations, and thoughts on evolution (p. 87-88, 96, 99-102). Kelly travels to West Chester to visit his ailing father (p. 41-42). In early December, Dr. Kelly documents the corrupt behavior in the Northeast and Southwest districts involving gambling (p. 51-55) and also begins "work on FN address" (p.60, 68-69). On December 19, Kelly rails against "Gov. Ritchie who declares that Prohibition cannot be enforced in Maryland" (p. 78-79). In preparation for a talk, Kelly poses the question, "should operable tumors be tt by rad or surg? Near future will see combination of rad tt fol by xray" (p.107). On January 15, 1923, Kelly notes to "Send J.R. Young things to U. of P."

[Folder 27/3] Diaries. — 1923-1924. — 3 diaries

19231923. — 1923.02.01-1923.06.04
On February 18, Howard Kelly quotes from a book on evolution (p. 12) and notes the birth of a grandson Howard Kelly Seibels, March 13. Kelly comments on the difference between doctor's fees and lawyer's fees on March 25 (p. 41-42). On April 2, Kelly is en route to Florida and documents anecdotes of spider bites, snake sightings and stories and a spider pencil drawing (p.58). On April 28, he lists the "snakes being packed for home" (p. 92) and notes a LK. Tucker "can help me in finding out about the 40 acres I want near Rock Spring (p. 94). On May 4, Kelly writes, "at Dr. Hurd's 80th birthday dinner. Dr. Welch presiding of many speeches: Dr. Cullens's the best and the most spontaneous & from the heart" (p. 99).

19231923. — 1923.06.04-1923.09.14
In early June, Howard Kelly is traveling to Martinsburg, West Virginia to address doctors in State Medical Society (signatures of guests, p. 8-9). On June 30, Kelly travels to New York to a meeting of the trustees Biblical Seminary (p. 23) . Many of the journal entries start with "What does the Bible say." Kelly writes extensively about the Bible, sin, salvation, and grace. On July 28, Kelly writes from Belair, after a visit to West Chester with his father and mother, "Father seems much weaker ... indisposed to exertion. I doubt if it will be wise to leave Balto this summer" (p. 67). He writes a few days later, "Some Things to be adjusted, 1) I take mgmnt, 2) Stop incessant changes, 3) do book, 4) stop Sun. work & readjust JHH cases, 5) help men put out work & give them credit, 6) staff meetings, 7) put attention to office above all else, 8) keep all appointments, 9) Be more careful in making changes & fix at once." (p. 70) Kelly writes on August 3, "President Harding had died. A dear noble good man is gone out and our loss is very great indeed" (p. 78). By August 11, Kelly is at camp and prepares for a trip to Deer Lake (p. 89) By September 12, Kelly writes, "have arrived home after fine holiday" (p. 129).

1923-19241923-1924. — 1923.09.15-1924.01.31
Howard Kelly on the first page of this diary continues his discourse on evolution (p. 2, 8-9, 90). He writes on September 19, that "Olga, Ed & Titia leave camp today. Alas, if I were only there for the fungi" (p. 7). Kelly travels frequently to West Chester to visit his mother and father. He drives back to Bryn Mawr with Olga "to see how she is fixed there; met Miss Coolidge & later Miss Donnely (p. 41). On October 15, part of a news article is pasted (p. 49) which concludes the Eighteenth amendment has failed because there is no national will to enforce it. On November 1, Kelly dines at the Philadelphia University Club with Dr. Parke and also "spoke at the P. Obst. Soc on 22nd St. to a big audience ... Dr. C.P. Noble there too! The latter spoke well & clearly" (p. 66). On Thanksgiving Day, the Kelly clan gathers for dinner and sign the diary (p. 97). Kelly documents some clinical cues "when in doubt" from Payne on drains of abdomen (p. 117-120). On December 30, Kelly marvels at hearing "the wireless radio singing" at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Summers (p. 145).

[Folder 27/4] Diaries. — 1924. — 3 diaries

19241924. — 1924.02.01-1924.05.10
Howard Kelly attends a dinner at the Waldorf, February 1, the Committee of 1000 in New York and travels frequently to Chester, Pennsylvania to visit his ailing parents. On February 8, he pens a thought about patients of moderate circumstances and the conscientious physician (p. 15). On February 21, Kelly is back in New York in Bible Seminary for a trustees meeting and promises Dr. White to clear BS (Bible Seminary) obligations and try to raise a teacher's salary ($5,000) (p. 30) (see Davis, p. 162). Kelly quotes Ms. Lawson, "As long as nurses don’t commit murder, we keep them until we think they are just going to" and notes "Dr. Ward train rad nurses." Kelly resolves to "keep a list of all nurses & where they grad and when w mark showing qualities" (p. 41) He continues his work with the Lord’s Day Alliance (p. 58) and records his thoughts on evolution (p. 49, 70) and the value of reading the Bible. By March 26, Kelly and his sons, Howard and Fritz, are traveling to Florida (p. 85-86).

19241924. — 1924.05.11-1924.08.17
On June 2, Kelly recounts a conversation with Dr. Finney about fundamental Christian beliefs (p. 33-36). He also references C. Morgan and his writings about sin (p. 37-40, 72, 78). Dr. Kelly obtains many signatures of his contemporaries (p. 48-54). By July 20, Howard Kelly is traveling to Toronto and camp. His journal entries continue his dissertation on the Bible, Christian devotions and more fungi listings.

19241924. — 1924.08.17-1924.12.31
At camp, Howard Kelly identifies and records fungi found on Indian Point and confirms their edibility (p. 4-9) and a note to "write article for book on fungi, campers ought to know" (p. 28). On September 7, Kelly visits the Aquia quarries with Mr. Middleton and "found lots of fossils" (p. 34) and is interested to have the Idustrial Corporation of Baltimore City to investigate Aquia (p. 52). Kelly is also working on a new edition of Men in Medicine with Dr. Burrage engaged to criticize the new list (p. 45-47). On October 8, Kelly presides at the Conference of St. Aud. Brotherhood and a prayer meeting at the Bible Seminary (p. 78). On December 26, Kelly records, "A happy Xmas yesterday. I do not recall a happier" (p. 135).

[Folder 27/5] Diaries. — 1925-1926. — 3 diaries

19251925. — 1925.01.01-1925.05.01
Howard Kelly relates his father's war career as a prisoner (p. 11-12). On January 14, Dr. Kelly attends a dinner of 200 University of Pennsylvania students "whom he addressed afterwards." He compares the New Testament to the Old, "When radium is brought near a barium sulphide screen, the screen, before dull and unattractive glows with light and is used to reveal things wh cannot be seen without it" (p.16). He also continues to grasp the relationship between science and the Bible, "A curious question is being raised. ... How shall we harmonize the Bible with science?" (p. 26-28). Kelly notes his 68th birthday (p.48). On February 26, he attends a dinner at the City Athletic Club (Philadelphia) and speaks at a large meeting at the Academy of Medicine "where I spoke on 40 years of gynecology" (p.55). On March 16, he gives a dinner at the Maryland Club which includes Burnam, Longcope, Hamburger, Krause, F.E. and H.S. Williams, Boggs, Cohn, Welch, Brown, Thayer, Sloan, McCallum and others. On March 18, Kelly attends and speaks at the Academy of Medicine to celebrate Dr. Ill's 50th anniversary in Medicine (p. 70-71). Dr. Kelly and his son, Fritz, travel to Florida to visit and explore. The remainder of the journal covers their visit and includes patient exams, fees charged and at least one operation performed on April 15 (p. 116). On April 25, he writes, "Esther B sends me a clipping of a Bible class ad of young J. Rockefellers who also believes in practical Xianity" (p. 138). The last page of the journal includes a map of the Sanford, Tampa, Florida area.

19251925. — 1925.05.01-1925.09.01
The diary includes signatures of E. Block, Floyd McRae and others (p. 5-8). Dr. Kelly notes his thoughts on Dr. Einstein’s theory and evolution (p. 13-14, 16-18) and records from his mother’s bible, "Continue to learn as though you w'd live forever. Adjust your life as though you would die tomorrow" (p. 15). On June 17, he is reviewing Vol 2 of Osler's letters and on the 19 writes, "Cushing writes of Osler 'his chief possessions are in his head & his heart'". On June 28, Kelly visits Belair and his ailing parents in Pennsylvania. On July 17, Kelly is in his "cabin" at Lake Ahmic enjoying many of his passions including the classification of local fungi.

1925-19261925-1926. — 1925.09.01-1926.03.01
The early entries in the diary are inspired by Forbes Robinson (p. 5-14). By September 20, all the Kellys have returned from camp and he writes, "each one of us had a happy summer." Kelly's diary entries are mostly biblical quotes, his interpretations and observations on being a Christian. On December 26 and January 26, he visits his ailing parents and records more of their ancestry.

[Folder 27/6] Diaries. — 1926-1927. — 3 diaries

19261926. — 1926.03.01-1926.07.03
Howard Kelly records on March 9, "Father died yesterday afternoon quietly - I feel great sadness.” On Saturday, March 20, he writes, "On Thurs as I came up to the home at Fern Hill Mother breathed her last and I lost life's best friend after 68 years" and soon after he states, "I leave for Fla Monday" (p. 5-9). While in Florida, Kelly visits friend and speaks at a dinner in Apopka on the value of simplicity, the beauty of the "spring" and the Bible (p.33). On May 3, Kelly leaves for New York "to see Dr. George Ward operate and to give address at Memorial Hospital dedication of new X-ray wing for Dr. Jason Ewing" (p. 60). He notes, "Intro to Chas. H. Frazier, Joel Goldthwaite, Jas. Ewing, Will & Chas Mayo" (p.61). June 12 finds Dr. Kelly noting the apprehension of a business partner involved with the George Washington Quarry at Aquia and Alexandria (p. 100). Kelly also starts to watch his calories and notes his intake at dinner on June 16th and other meals in the next few days. On more than one occasion, Kelly records what he will review with the nurses at prayer (p. 93, 124). He travels with Dr. Davis to the Eastern Shore for a series of speeches such as the children of the Bible (p. 110), and on June 26-27, Kelly speaks at Keswick. By late June, Howard Kelly, Laetitia, and Elizabeth Broedel prepare to leave for camp. He writes, "I want to grow greatly in grace this summer & to know the full meaning of "befilled with the Spirit" (p. 122). On July 13, Kelly records, "On Fri 9th I dove from a high platform 20 ft up & struck bottom violently bumping my head" (p. 130)(See Davis, p. 208-209).

19261926. — 1926.07.04-1926.12.13
"This came off when I went over in Campbell's rapids 11 VIII 26" Howard Kelly spends July at camp writing and categorizing fungi. On August 7, he notes, "I was able to sneeze last night for the first time since my diving accident. This was a great relief" (p.15). On September 8, Kelly returns to Baltimore and resumes his Christian projects and speaking engagements (p. 36-48). On September 25, Kelly reports on a problem with Dr. Wharton’s work on a book they are writing in collaboration with Dr. Cullen (p. 49, 51). The signature of Harry E. Clark "at trustees meet of BS (Biblical Seminary at New York) and the names of Frost, McColl, Avery, Mumford" are found on p. 68. Kelly lists "Fossils from Rock Spring found by Mr. Kinser & identified by the Smithsonian" which includes 5 Mastodan American Teeth (p. 126). On December 9, Kelly is awake at 4 a.m. and writes some thoughts on the Old Testament (p. 141). Found in the back cover of the diary: a postcard of Keswick Grove, a typed itinerary for October 14 trip to New York to see George Gray Ward and attend a Board of Trustees meeting, Biblical Seminary and news articles on faith.

1926-19271926-1927. — 1926.12.14-1927.03.20
In preparation for the holidays, Howard Kelly pens a list of presents to give to his friends, family and colleagues and celebrates with family parties (p. 8-9, 12). On December 29, Kelly meets a Charles Pennayer at a Law Enforcement meeting in Philadelphia and they have a lively discussion about social attitudes and faith (p. 18-22). He writes on December 31, 1927 "Has just come in! May I learn this year to pray the prayer of faith" (p. 26). On January 4, Kelly records, "Poor Henry Mencken who has such a rich natural ability and drags it continually in the mire, illustrating the proverb, 'The wicked is snared by the transgressions of his lips'" (p. 32) (See Davis, p. 149). On January 26, he is in Washington, D.C. attending a dinner for the Committee of 1000 (p. 38). Other dinners and lunches are noted Lehigh Ave, Dr Rowland's, at Emersons, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Society (p. 91, 99, 102) and signatures of participants entered. Kelly notes his 69th birthday on February 20. On the back inside cover of the diary are many calling cards and a cutting from the Letters to the Editor, Howard Kelly’s response to H. L. Mencken dated January 13, 1927. It starts, "If Mr. Mencken would put a photospectroheliograph on his ramshackle, tergiversating cerebrum" and ends it with "This is my most gentle response to his last innocuous blusterings" Howard A. Kelly.

[Folder 27/7] Diaries. — 1927-1928. — 3 diaries

19271927. — 1927.03.21-1927.06.22
On the inside cover an article is pasted, "More Fossils found near Largo." On March 1, Kelly argues, "The word evolution is often used foolishly in the effort to bring every natural process under this category" (p. 9-11). On March 14, he decides to put off a trip to California for the sixth year, but by the end of March is on his way to Florida. The fossils found by Mr. Kinser are noted (p. 42). On April 30, Kelly records the details of his trip to Rock Spring on good roads in Mr. Sadler's Studebaker (p. 43-44). He notes the coordinates of "Rock Springs as center re: Rock Spr, perm guardian to revert to owner of descendents for Fla. And campers (p. 50-64) (see Davis, p. 211). Kelly attends dinners in St. Petersburg and notes the signatures of those presents (p. 67-70) and in Orlando, a dinner at the Orange Co. Chamber of Commerce on May 13 (p.81-82). On June 8, Kelly laments, "I wish I c'd recall all the tragedies of letters destroyed wh soon seemed to a succeeding generation priceless!. All Osler's letters to Welch”(p. 118).

19271927. — 1927.06.23-1927.10.21
Pasted on the first page of the journal is a paragraph from a news article that starts, "Some people do not like the amendment, some do not like other parts of the Constitution." On June 30, on train en route to Chicago, Kelly takes copious notes on the new and old testaments. By July 8, Kelly is visiting Dr. Middleton in Salt Lake City and tucked in between pages 37 and 38 is a card, The Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Kelly writes on July 11 about the wonderful week with Dr. Middleton and Prof. Pack traveling through Utah to visit the old lakes of Bonneville and Provo, view the sculptured rocks in Zion, Bright Angel (Colorado River) and Brice Canyons and then a "tour up Cottonwood with President Grant & President Ivians of the Mormon Church" (p. 39-40) (See Davis, p. 214-215). Soon after Kelly arrives in camp (Canada). He spends the summer cataloging fungi, visiting friends and participating in the local Sunday services (p. 44-89). By September 15, Howard Kelly is back in Baltimore attending a dinner at the Baltimore Country Club and soon after a "lunch given by Bloodgood at Maryland Club to English doctors visiting" with signatures from the particpants (p. 93-94). In mid September, Kelly visits Washington, D.C. with Arthur M. taking him around the mill at Alexandria & cut stone plant. On October 18, Kelly is in Buffalo at the invitation of the Buffalo Academy of Medicine on the topic, "The Most Important Thing in my Life" to about 300 doctors.

1927-19281927-1928. — 1927.10.22-1928.01.15
On October 29, Howard Kelly notes Titia arrives at Pier 60 North River and he starts to write about John Hunter (J H) "'a disinterested liver of the truth (Thayer);' JH Laid foundations & all that has followed rests on them - they are not superseded only elaborated." On November 9, Kelly attends lunch at the Art Club, Philadelphia and obtains the signatures of guests of Milton Campbell. On December 1, a poem, "Then, Would I Trust?" from the SS Times November 27, is found with an entry, How Can I Know God? On Sunday, December 10, 4 a.m., Kelly writes a very long essay on the two conceptions of God. Inserted in the middle of the journal is a two page mini bibliography on John Hunter. (see Davis, p. 37). By December 24, Kelly is boarding a boat for Glasgow and states "picture taken here by Sun reporter, Mr. Curtain Publicity Agent. On the voyage, Kelly obtains the signature of Thomas Garriague Masaryk, President of Czechoslovak Republic, Prague Hvadcany. Kelly is at Cherbourg on December 31, 1927, and over the next week writes a few more notes about John Hunter. By January 5, Kelly is in London with Olga. They visit Hampstead on January 8, have a delightful long visit with Mrs. Barnett and listen to a fine sermon by Canon C. Williams at Westminster Abbey. On January 10, Kelly notes Dr. Julia Pringle from Dundee is visiting for a week. January 12 finds Howard Kelly operating with Mr. Woolf. On January 13 is the signature of M. F. Murphy, reporter for the Baltimore Sun.

[Folder 27/8] Diaries. — 1928. — 1 diary

19281928. — 1928.01.15-1928.05.31
Inserted in the front of the journal are a few articles, "Willard Believes Church is Lagging" (President of the B & O) and two letters to the Editor regarding the article. After a day at Wendover with Olga and Miss B, Howard Kelly writes on January 16, "This is the day I address Hunterian Society at 8:45 p.m." and the signatures of guests at a dinner hosted by Mr. Woolf on the eve of Hunterian oration. (see Davis, p.137). There are also signatures from guests at a dinner hosted by Dr. Martindale and at a lunch at High Holburn Rest by Thomas MacDonald. On Sunday, January 22, Olga and Kelly lunch with the Shirleys then travel on to the English Speaking Union with Julia Ward. January 23 finds Kelly and Olga dining with Mr. & Mrs. Woolf to say good bye "after our most delightful 3 weeks in London." On January 25, Kelly records the words found on John Hunter's tablet placed by the Royal College of Surgeons England at the foot of his tomb. Also on January 25, he writes, "In the morn I took bus to St. Thomas Hosp. to meet Miss Stile, matron. ... She showed me all their Flo Nightingale things; medals, pictures, letters and we had a good talk on the need of more discipline in our nurses home life in U.S.A." On January 31, Howard Kelly is at sea returning home and records receiving a "wireless from Louisa saying Dora died this morning" (his sister). By February 1, Kelly arrives in Philadelphia and the next day services are held for Dora. Kelly records a "delightful" evening with the Tall Cedars at the Southern Hotel on February 8, "Mr. R. Jones speaking on fine colored slides of the canyons of Utah." Kelly is in Washington on February 19 after a birthday dinner with many Kelly's in attendance. On February 28, Kelly attends a Prohibition Enforcement dinner at the Mayflower in Washington D.C. and includes the signatures of some guests. By March 12, Kelly is enroute to Gastonia North Carolina and writes, "Most of us need to put up a stiff daily battle with ourselves & for our children & near friends before we are fit to fight the social evils about us. Our own lives need to be above reproach as we know them in our own hearts." He visits a Dr. Crowell in Charlotte and records, "we had a dinner in Charl to over 200 & then adjourned to church where there were about 600 where I spoke on the word & the H.S." April 17 finds Howard Kelly "off w Mart. Kinser on trip to Gainesville, Palatka, St. Augustine, Coco." On April 28, Kelly drives down to Miami to visit Rich F. Deckert and lunch with Mr. & Mrs. E. B.Douglas. He notes seeing a wild turkey and notes other flora and fauna to be found at Rock Springs on May 4. By May 6, Kelly is "home after trip of wks & travelling over 2000 miles in Florida mostly with Mr. Kinser & for 1300 & over with Madge & Titia."

[Box 28] Diaries. — 1928.06-1935.08. — 7 folders

[Folder 28/1] Diaries. — 1928-1929. — 3 diaries

19281928. — 1928.06.01-1928.09.14
Two news articles are inserted in the first page of the journal, "Sen. Fess hits Anti-dry forces in N.E.A. speech" and a clip about a "cry from Phil for help from the Mayor." Signatures from a R. Belford (going to Princeton Hospital 160 beds), Palmer F.C. Williams, Dr. Thomas O. Otto all from Union Memorial Hosptial sign Howard Kelly's diary on June 7. On June 10, Kelly takes a train to deliver a commencement address at Stony Brook, "a splendid Xian school." June 14 finds Kelly at luncheon guest of HH Bartleet at the Michigan Union (signatures of other guests included) (p. 15). On June 21, he and Mart Kinser are en route to Salt Lake City via Chicago where he spends some time in the Field Museum. By June 24, he is dining at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Middleton (guests' signatures noted) and "This morn June 25 is the day I have been anticipating so long. Mart & I got up early ... & are now awaiting Prof. & Mrs. Pack & Dr. Middleton in the big Pulman touring car" (p. 38). The signatures on the auto trip to southern Utah under Prof. Pack, geologist of University are noted (p. 39-40). On July 4, Kelly writes, "Last night The Ensigns Club gave Mr. Kinser & me a dinner out in the suburbs. About 60 present. After dinner we spoke on snakes." On July 7, Kelly is in a train from Salt Lake City to Colorado Springs. The next few pages are filled with signatures of acquaintances and colleagues. On July 13, he is "at home again. Had prayers w nurses 7 a.m. and saw patients & busy w letters all day." On July 25, Kelly arrives at camp (Canada) and with Mart. Kinser "spent much time getting the telescope up & oriented." Kelly spends his time writing on the Bible, cataloging fungi, taking services in the town and visiting family and friends.

19291929. — 1929.01.29-1929.04.24
Howard Kelly records another birthday on February 20 as "delightful", snow in the morning, prayers with the nurses at 7am, "work in op room at 7:30, busy all morn" (p. 22). On February 22, he is off to prayers with the nurses at 6:48 am and writes on "the most important criterion touching gifts" and concludes "the least gift becomes great if love is in it" (p. 23-24). On March 8, Kelly is enroute to Aiken, South Carolina, and for the next few weeks he devotes his diary entries to interpretations of the Bible. In mid-March, Howard Kelly, Olga and Boulton return home after the burial of his sister Louisa. That evening Kelly calls Senator Goldsborough to hear that Brice Goldsborough has died of [xxxxx] (p. 75-76). Kelly finds a poem celebrating the life of Dr. Brice written by the Benztown Bard (Folger McKinsey) in The Sun, March 25, 1929 (p.88). On March 31, the Kellys attend a surprise party for Boulton (p. 92-93). On April 5 at 5:40 am, Howard Kelly is "studying 'holy' for nurses and family prayer this morn. Off 1:25 pm for Miami" (p. 95). The remainder of the diary chronicles Kelly's visit to all parts of Florida, Bradenton, Tampa, Lakeland, Rock Spring and Miami.

1928-19291928-1929. — 1928.09.16-1929.01.28
Howard Kelly opens the journal on September 18 with a morning lesson with nurses, Jer. 2:13 & Hos 11:4. Many of Kelly's entries pertain to his Christian reading and understanding. On October 26, there is a written testimonial from a Dr. De. Pass of Gainesville who writes [name redacted] was healed with Radium by Dr. Howard A. Kelly in 1916. Before Kelly's entry on October 31 is a five page essay on Pioneering. Kelly reminisces about his early years in Colorado, his first visit to Canada in 1876 and other "pioneering" adventures. On November 6, he writes, "We are giving thanks tonight for Hoover's elections & hope it carries Phil Goldsborough's with it." Thanksgiving Day, November 29 finds Kelly at morning prayer with the nurses. On Christmas day, there are 16 at dinner "with a small pretty tree with candles & presents." On December 27, Kelly meets members of the Geological Society with Professor Pack (autographs).

[Folder 28/2] Diaries. — 1929-1930. — 3 diaries

19291929. — 1929.05.01-1929.09
May 1 finds Howard Kelly visiting Dr. & Mrs. De Pass and presenting 1000 acres around Seminole Springs to A.A. Corcoran as a memorial park to his father and Mr. McPhereson. He states, "I offered if neces to go to Michigan to present the matter to the other members of the Board." He then drives to St. Augustine to visit the grave of Randolph Caldecott (p.4-5). Kelly returns home and spends the months of May and June attending church meetings, speaking and writing about the Bible especially women in the Bible (June 2, 1929). On July 4, Howard Kelly travels to Saybrook, Connecticut to visit Esther and Robert Bradford. He arrives at camp by July 12. Kelly states, "Our goal this summer in camp is to be radiant & zealous, fervent Xians, cherishing the Word of God and responsive to every opportunity to serve others." Subsequent journal entries reflect Kelly's goal interspersed with mycological entries.

19291929 Utah. — 1929.08.29-1929.12.15
Kelly writes his first diary entry, "Last day in camp" and the diary includes the signatures of those present. He also notes going to Lloyd's for a hot cake eating contest which "Fritz won & returned with the prize, a fungus suitability inscribed." Kelly heads for Utah and he begins to plan for a trip down the Colorado River with Dr. Middleton, Prof. F. Pack, President L. Morris, Mr. Rust, Eugene Pack (See Davis, p. 215). Kelly jots an outline for a future "Talk to drs." highlighting his life and career path. He begins, "How I came into med, ... early work Kens ... contrib to literature, ... JHU & Osler, gyn at time I entered arose with asept. surg & hence abd surgery, yrs at Hopk, rad, electrosurg, avocations, nature." After a number of speaking engagements from September 20-24, Kelly leaves for Baltimore. On October 30, 1929, Kelly writes, "After a life of hard work with but meagre returns ... what is more distressing than to wake up as many are doing today and find that one is utterly bankrupt." Later he states, "On B & O train to Baltimore after attending the Madame Currie gift of a gram of Radium from President Hoover. Dr. Welch making address." On November 9, Kelly notes the individual role of woman, "woman's interest in the patient as a whole, as a friend ... Do more personally ... womn are better institutionalists. Eg in charge hospitals, schools, womn in laboratories ... work well for work's sake. Difficulties wmn have - prejudice, claims of family ties, lack of broad horizon than lack of contacts.” On November 15, Kelly writes about the Radium’s "2 uses 1) brilliantly palliative relieving 2) often curative over perd 'yrs & longer ... Rad successful often in cases where surg can not even be attempted or where tried and failed."

1929-19301929-1930. — 1929.12.15-1930.05.26
Howard Kelly records, "Xmas eve drawing rooms downstairs beautifully decorated w tree & greens & candles in windows by Olga." On January 28, 1930, Kelly outlines some facts on Dr. Welch and speculates, "Did Dr. W. ever hv a romance? ... Yes, & she is living still - Mrs. Bridegeman. Nee Isabella Eldridge ... very fond her & she him." February 4 finds Kelly on his way to Richmond Virginia to speak with large audiences on the Bible; March 25, he is on a train "E. Coast to Miami." Kelly begins a hectic round of visits and speeches. He speaks to the Rotary, meets the Jackson Hospital board doctors and staff, lunches with Dr. Graves and is soon off to visit Mart. Kinser. On April 18, Kelly writes at length about a dream in which Prof. Jennings, "our Biologist at Hopkins," changes his view of the Christian faith based on a statement Kelly has made and Jennings from the strength of statement of faith "many arose & exprest conviction until the end result was that a whole class was converted. And the Univ became definitely Xian from the Pes down." On April 21, Kelly prepares snakes to show at a school in Florida and lists 12 including the rattler, king, chicken and corn snakes. The journal entries are filled with the signatures of people Kelly meets during his Florida trip. By May 2, he is in Greensboro North Carolina dining with Dr. C.A. Julian, and on May 8, he is again on the train to Orange New Jersey to speak at the International Bible Congress. May 18, Kelly writes he is returning from Ocean City "where I addressed the Gideons at Hotel Delaware."

[Folder 28/3] Diaries. — 1930-1931. — 3 diaries

19301930. — 1930.05.09-1930.10.15
On May 9, Howard Kelly travels with Governor Goldsborough and Brice Jr. to the commencement at Washington University (College), Chestertown where Goldsborough received a L.L.D. under President Titsworth. On May 16, Kelly notes the value of electro surgery "even in hopeless cases bkg it leaves such nice wounds." On May 19, he notes, "A talk to nurses - I can do all things thru X wk strenghthening me." Around June 29, the "nurses in prayer" sign their names in Kelly's journal (Nellie Hutchins, Naomi Porterfield, Martha Gardner, Dorothy Whiting, ? Ashburn, Catherine Minter, Helen Stokes). By mid-July, Kelly is back at camp, studying the Bible, recording fungi species and enjoying the company of family and friends. August 27 finds Kelly on the train to Toronto from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania after noting the "Medical Board of Pennsylvania today passes Dr. Pringle provisional on her producing certificates. She will then only need a bedside exam." On September 8, Kelly packs and leaves camp to return to Baltimore and a busy schedule. Robert Garrett signs Kelly's journal of October 2; Kelly notes "Dinner to Mr. Garrett just back f Mexico."

19311931. — 1931.01.15-1931.04.17
The opening pages note the signatures of those attending a meeting to promote the neighborhood restrictions in the Mt. Royal district. Kelly speaks at synagogues and churches including Otterbein Church on January 25. Guests are Rev. Dr. Floyd Tomkins, Dr. & Mrs. W.W. Davis, and Rev. Dr. Henry Gifford. On February 8, Kelly speaks to "600 men white 1/3 & colored 2/3 in the Pententiary on the Bible & Salvation. I never had a more intelligent interested audience" (p. 22-23). On March 20, Kelly is enroute to Florida to visit friends and to continue his exploration of the state.

1930-19311930-1931. — 1930.10.15-1931.01.15
Howard Kelly meets with the nurses at 7am, October 27 and on October 29 dines with "Woman Voters" at the Southern (signatures: Mrs. Abraham Eisenberg, Mrs. Sol Rothschild, Florence Gutman, Mrs. Moses Rothschild). Kelly comments on the YMCA, "The magnificent buildings & equipment of our YMCA's are Satan's gift and a curse rather than a blessing for they necessitate ... the difficult task of raising large sums ... and much catering to the rich until in a few years there is no spirituality left in the organization and the message is only social nothing more" (p. 31). On November 13, Kelly was "enroute to NY to meet Pres. Bishop & talk about Church Army" (p. 32-34). By November 15, Kelly attends a dinner at the Maryland Club given by Dr. Welch to honor Dr. D’Arey Pavers; the signatures of those attending include the President of JHU, Drs. Barker, Bloodgood, Howell, Ford, Chesney, Rowland, Garrison and Kelly (p. 37-38). Kelly writes, "note request to furnish list of bks given on nursing to Hopk this w be pub in Nrss Mag. Write careful introductory & list all other things to go w it" (p. 45). On Thanksgiving Day all the Kellys assemble and write their names in the journal. On December 4, 12:15 am, Kelly writes, "Just in from an emergency operation on Sun." Later he scribbles notes on the "old days of antisepsis" noting names, cases, evol of teaching, the influence of Broedel" (p. 71-72). On December 6, he is preparing for a radio talk from Keith’s theatre (p. 74). On December 15, Kelly attends a hearing in Washington, D.C on the Everglades National Park. Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owens gives a luncheon after the House hearing; signatures of those present (p.85-86). On December 16, Kelly attends a neighborhood meeting at 1406 Eutaw (p. 88). On December 26, Kelly speaks for the first time at the Pocket Test (ament) League at Miller Brothers and those present sign his journal (p. 102).

[Folder 28/4] Diaries. — 1931-1932. — 3 diaries

19311931. — 1931.04.18-1931.07.31
Howard Kelly is enjoying his visit to Florida and by April 24, he is "on train to St. Louis w Mart & Mrs. Kinser." At the Hotel Utah on April 27-28, Kelly obtains signatures of those he meets including Betty Knight, granddaughter & author of life of Brigham Young. On Wednesday, April 29, he writes, "Just packed thing in case I had made from auto coverings for trip S. tomorrow towards bridges natural & Hope & Navajo Ind country." From May 2-12, Kelly records the marvelous sights of the canyons including Edwin's bridge, Monument Valley, Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyons (includes a sketch). On his trip back to Baltimore, he stops in Chicago and visits the Field Museum with Dr. Farrington and Kelly inquires as to the cost of meteors ($1 a pound or $.75). By May 24, he is back in Baltimore, studying and speaking on Bible topics. By July 9, Kelly is en route to Canada and a few days later he is in his cabin studying and writing about the Bible. On July 22, Kelly mentions a pleasant visit by his sister, Madge, and notes "our Finn servants are excellent especially Ailee the cook whose Eng is good."

19311931. — 1931.10.13-1931.12.31
On October 17, Kelly references Bryan memorial and calling the Vice President of University of Tennessee (Malcolm Lockhart) "of which I am an officer, chairman of Health Committee." Later he notes having lunch with a Mr. Brune and noting, "Donahue's failure and the probable loss of $53,000." On October 24, Kelly records a busy day attending Memorial church, visiting the hospital, driving to Bel Air for a family gathering joined by Mr. & Mrs. Broedel. Kelly notes many speaking engagements at churches and bible classes in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Around November 13, Kelly records his "plan to write JW. Williams life with geneal. Complete and then list writings, citing all conclusions making a small handsome volume. Get former chief res t write appreciation ... & get their pictures note testimonial to Dr. W in call for his well trained residents as Professors & Directors." On November 15, Kelly and Titia are in Belair on Sunday. He notes a "fallen oak on Belair place 115 years old badly decayed base but solid good wood diam 28 in 37 ft from base." On December 16, Kelly meets Drs. Gudger and Lawrence in New York City. He notes, "write paper on my practice as it was in the nineties & as it is today 1920-30." December 26, Kelly records, "Yest 21 Xmas dinner at Belair all immediate descendents ... 8 grandchildren there."

19321932. — 1932.01.01-1932.04.01
Howard Kelly starts the new year with a psalm and bible verses from the New Testament and later notes "Welch letters from F.K.D. note the parallellism in all branches of sci in develop in last century leaving moral tide undeveloped." Kelly includes a New York Times article dated January 11, 1932, about a survey prepared by Dr. Allon Peebles noting 10,000,000 person are treated each year in U.S. hospitals. On January 22, Kelly writes, "We greatly need to get away fro laudatory eloquence in our pulpits. We need expository preaching desperately" and later attends a dinner at the Baltimore Hotel on behalf of unemployed, guest William F. Cochran, Gov. Pinchot, Father Ryan. February 20, his birthday, Kelly writes, "As sure as we get away from God ...” Kelly continues his Bible study and preaching at such places as Memorial Church, February 28 on "Sacrifice". In early March, Kelly records, "Reunion of Med. Class of 1882 at Arts Bldg 50 Broad St., Phila, Pa.; 122 graduates; 39 still living, 16 present at this reunion." and "Received at Art Club. ... precious telegrams from T.S. Cullen & Gyn staff, Miss Davis, Miss Reindel, Grant Ward, & Mary Campbell & Anna Lanier!!!"

[Folder 28/5] Diaries. — 1932-1933. — 3 diaries

19321932. — 1932.04.01-1932.07.14
After attending Boulton's birthday party, Kelly is in Florida, visiting, speaking on the Bible and exploring the state including Rock Spring. On May 15, Kelly records, "Leaving Empire Point (Dr. & Mrs. Durkee at Jax) time AM for 9:20 air plane to Balto." May 22 finds Howard Kelly delivering an address at Baptist Church in Hampden and driving to Belair to dine. "21 of family there (incl. Grandchildren 8) Belair place very beautiful in sweet fresh spring green." They are in Belair again on July 12 for Fritz's Birthday, "delightful cool evening. Woods beautiful in fresh green foilage." The inside back cover, Kelly includes an article "The Sober Drinker" by Dr. Ernest H. Cherrington, General Secretary, World League Against Alcholism.

19321932. — 1932.07.15-1932.11.20
Howard Kelly opens the journal on July 16, "In log cabin on Ahmic Olga & I have just dined w Dr. Cullen, Mr. & Mrs. Beatty, Jimmie (now a big boy) & Mrs. Ernest Cullen." At a camp party on August 7, 1932, the attendees sign their names. He notes on August 12, "Spk to nurses at Toronto on the "?" mark & have a button for each." On September 6 after he sees Fritz, Titia & Vida off to Huntington, Kelly goes to Magnetawan to visit Hetherington "just out of prison & to press upon him Christ's claims & power to keep him from sin." On the train from Toronto to Buffalo Kelly writes, "A decision as to the Prohibition questions wd seem to me as... it is ever unfortunate to have to compel a large minority to submit to a distasteful new law." By September 18, he is home and "going out to Belair to dinner with Laet. & Tisha." On October 4, Kelly recounts a visit to Louisville Kentucky where he spoke to 2000 "(and many turned away)". On October 16, the Kelly's attend church with Ed and Mary Campbell before heading to Belair for a family dinner, "Laet content & [xxxx] doing well." Kelly is on the B & O train to New York on October 20 to attend a meeting at the Bible Seminary, and he admits he must "Resign bkz called to decide bus matters wh I have relegated to others all my life." Back in Baltimore, Kelly attends a dinner at the Catoctin Club, Frederick, Maryland, noting "addresses by Dr. Ward & self" (dinner participants sign his journal). Kelly writes around November 15, "I heard Sherwood Eddy w Edmund tonight at JHU supper. Without realizing it, he is anti-Christian." A few days later, Kelly is in Philadelphia addressing a large audience at the Kensington Hospital; the address was on Reminiscences.

1932-19331932-1933. — 1932.11.22-1933.04.12
In Howard Kelly's travels, acquaintances sign his journal (Henry Walters p. 7); some with notes like "with remembrances of the shrunken heads" (p. 8). Christmas finds the Kelly family at Bel Air. Many of Bel Air's distinguished citizens sign Kelly's journal (p. 24-25). Kelly's January 1, 1933 entry is "what under law was condition, under grace is freely given." He spends his time traveling to speaking engagements, visiting family in Philadelphia and continuing to write and meditate on the Bible. On February 10, Dr. Kelly records, "Morn lesson for nurses at 7 o’c at home at 8:30 c sercvants at 8:45 on X’s Commands in John." Again on February 16, he records "at prayer this morn c nurses and family." February 20, Howard Kelly celebrates his 75th birthday and writes "pr c nurses 7, c family at 8, c servants at 8:45" and lists the cards, presents and tributes sent him (See "Testimoninal Dinner to Howard Atwood Kelly on His Seventy-fifth Birthday" reprinted from Bulletin of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Vol. LIII, No. 2, pp. 65-109, August, 1933). On March 12, Dr. Kelly travels to College Park to speak with students and teachers, and on March 22, he attends a luncheon at the Chespapeake Club. Guests include Dr. Alexander Wetmore, Smithsonian, Dr. Ralph Cleland, Goucher, Mayor Jackson and others. Soon after on March 28, Howard Kelly writes, "10:30 PM in aeroplane (left Balto. 10:30) met by Mr. & Mrs. E.B. Douglas in dark" and lists all those to visit in Miami, Florida.

[Folder 28/6] Diaries. — 1933-1934. — 3 diaries

19331933. — 1933.04.12-1933.08
Diary begun in Tampa. After a month of visiting friends and exploring the fossils, flora, and fauna of Florida, Howard Kelly returns to Baltimore with "3 green snakes ophod, 2 hetersodon cont, 3 black snakes, ... 1 King snake, 2 elaphe quadvittata, 2 corn snakes" (p. 42). Dr. Kelly returns to a round of dinners: University Club with Hopkins colleagues and the Piedmont with W.W. Davis and associates (p.49-51). Dr. Kelly spends the next month preparing for a student conference at Keswick (p.54-90). By July 17, Howard Kelly is writing about the bad characters at Magnetawan (Canada). The next day he writes "walk over new trail thru woods" and noting the fungi present.

19341934. — 1934.01.21-1934.05.18
Howard Kelly notes on February 4, a "delightful gathering of about 150 (?) of the Balto Bible School here to supper splendidly arranged by Mary Campbell Goldsborough... The whole gathering was a blessing." Later that day, Kelly is "Out to Bel Air to see Laetitia who is better able to walk. Sat by her at dinner!" A talk at Gunston Hall Washington on February 18 comes with a cake and birthday candles & "Happy b'day to you" even though Kelly writes, "Talkt on Wmn in Gospel of Luke. It seemed a poor uninspired talk to me, but I had prepared faithfully & must leave it w One who can make something even of a dry talk." A meeting of the principals of schools and BERC "for adjustments & understanding" occurs on March 2 with the signatures of those attending in his journal. On March 9, Kelly attends a "in Dept of Education at Fam. Welfare yrly meeting. Couple hundred at Hotel Balto. Mrs. Jolin Glen spoke well ... emphasized the need of non trained specialists assoc w trained workers." March 17 finds Dr. Kelly in Washington with Dr. McDonald "to take part in a symposium on Contraception, Dinner 1st w Dr.Kotz & group (signatures). By March 29, Dr. Kelly is on a train to Florida and soon after dining with friends at High Springs including Dr. Puis, Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Douglas and others. Dr. Kelly travels throughout Florida, visiting friends, recording the flora and fauna of the area including turtles, poinsettia and ferns (some dried samples in journal), speaking at various assemblies and churches until early May. He arrives in San Antonio and records, "Dr. Dudley Jackson came to dine w us at 7 o’c & Mart K. had most interesting talk w him about tt of snake bites. We shall visit him at 'Nix hosp tomorrow morn'." On May 7, Kelly notes, "out this eve to see bats emerge from cavern (Carlsbad, New Mexico)" and describes what he saw. On May 18, he writes, "ar Hotel Utah register 19171 (miles) thus on leaving Eustis was 15437. We have driven 3734 m." He is there to meet with Dr. Middleton and to speak at the University (signatures) (See Davis, p. 212-214).

1933-19341933-1934. — 1933.08.09-1934.01.20
The journal begins with a the signatures of all those attending supper at Indian Point on August 9, including many of the Kelly clan. Daily entries are full of signatures of guests and acquaintances, prayers, daily devotions, camp events, town gossip (p. 4-45). Kelly writes on September 15, "arrived home ... to a warm welcome from Edan & Mary Campbell G. & Miss Davis & servants." He resumes his routine, early morning prayers with nurses, dictating letters, attending Sunday services and joining the family clan for a Sunday meal at Bel Air. Dr. Kelly's mycological interests are noted in drawings (p. 51-52, 58-59). On November 1, Dr. Kelly attends "Dr. Finney's dinner at Southern hotel fraterninzing Jew, Prot. & Catholic" before leaving for Toronto by train (November 2-4). Upon his return, he speaks to a "Bible class of Middies; then to church c about 5 midshipmen," and on November 14, he goes to McDonogh School "to talk on snakes" (p. 92). On December 25, Howard Kelly writes, "In attempting to meet some of the urgent needs of the poor in cooperation with the principals of the schools, I do not ask for praise... I only ask ... the need shall be ascertained to be genuine ... The giver's reward is the approval of the Father" (p. 114). The meeting of the principals is noted on January 5, 1934, as part of the Community Fund group (p. 121) (See Davis, p.165-166).

[Folder 28/7] Diaries. — 1934-1935. — 3 diaries

19341934. — 1934.05.02-1934.10.27
Howard Kelly's first journal entry describes his trip by auto with Mart Kinser starting on May 2, leaving from Live Oak, traveling through the French country, Texas and before reaching Utah stopping at the Petrified Forest and a peak at the Meteor Crater. By May 22, he is addressing the University on the History of Surgery and visiting colleagues and meeting old and new friends (signatures). The pair leave Salt Lake via Colorado Springs, and by May 28, record 478 miles traveled to Wichita, Kansas. Upon his return to Baltimore, Kelly writes on the Bible and on occasion those he meets. In the July 9 entry is the name Carroll E. Wagner of the Kelly-Welch Institute of Biological Research who "sent $10 to help." By July 14, Dr. Kelly writes from, "we took a course well east thru the lakes and coming into the old road ... we had an excellent lunch at the Ransons at 50 cents." (See Davis, p. 133). Kelly includes some interesting news articles of the time; one on heavy star matter, Dr. Hubble's view of the "This Perplexing Universe" and sadly the death of Mary Campbell Goldsborough. Kelly takes the time to write a small history of Frederic Roy and what the area was like in 1876-1880's. on August 22, he writes, "I am going shortly on a long journey, heavenward ... So I spend much time studying God's word that I may be better prepared by the HS for the new surroundings." On the last page of the journal is an accounting of how the Gleason Estate will be divided amongst his children. "In camp August 1934 Olga at once $5000, Laetitia 5000 ..." (See Davis, p. 168-169).

19351935. — 1935.03.20-1935.08.10
Howard Kelly's journal begins with a visit to Chattanooga and Dayton, Tennessee to attend the Bible Institute, and lecture at the University Biololgy and Chemistry group (many tributes and signatures). By April 4, Kelly is on the train to Miami studying and writing about the Bible. He reminisces, "Went abroad w Olga May 23, 1905 also Mrs. E.B. Douglas on a Ger. Lloyd ship we were all in Exeter June 3rd 1905. On this trip Sargent painted the picture in the Welch Library "4 drs." In Florida, Kelly tours, visits, speaks and collects. He writes on April 23, "Drove over this aft to Silver Spring & saw Ross Allen & family bought 4 turtles & 2 lizards." A month later Kelly is home, driving to Bel Air "to see Laetitia, Fritz & the house painted & papered & the pond w the geese and wood." He summarizes, "In the recent trip to Fla when I left Balto on Apr 3 & reached home again May 22 I had opportunities to speak of Christ and the Word of God in public 18" times. On June 18, Kelly attends a luncheon announcing the engagement of his daughter, Laetitia. On June 21, Howard Kelly is on the train to Keswick (signatures and Bible references). On July 1, Howard Kelly writes, "up at 5 am for Bible Study in Hotel Wicomico, Salisbury. Had a splendind audience in M. E. Church last night ca 420 persons talkt in Love, God's & X's." Kelly records around July 18, "Returned from beautiful marriage of Laetitia in the house in wh she was born at Belair, to Winthrop K. Coolidge." Kelly includes in this journal many articles about science and faith. There is also a poem "Smile" by Dr. George Middleton.

1934-19351934-1935. — 1934.11.06-1935.02.18
Howard Kelly attends the farewell dinner to Dr. Wilmer on November 19. Those at his table (No.1) include Lewellys Barker, Dr. Abel, and Dr. Longcope (signatures). Kelly studies the Bible, speaks at churchs and meeting halls and attends numerous dinners. He visits Esther Bradford in Philadelphia, and on November 30, attends a performance of the Count of Monte Cristo. On December 11, Kelly is in Chicago and speaks at a Wheaton College luncheon (signatures). Kelly writes on December 15 of his visit to Maryland University Hospital opening and declares it is "the most wonderfully equipt hospital I have ever seen!" (signatures). The next day Kelly laments, "The trouble with many of my scientific friends is that they have never even taken the trouble to investigate claims of the Christian faith upon them." Christmas dinner finds 20 Kellys around the dining table (signatures). On January 2, he is in Philadelphia. Dr. Kelly dines at the home of Mrs. Eleanor Gibson with Miss Bartlett Johnston, Mrs. Roosevelt (President's mother) and Mrs. Babcock. Also on Jan 2, he attends a medical school reunion luncheon where 11 of the 15 survivors of the Class of 1877 (80 in number) sign his journal. When Kelly returns, William Short of the Motion Picture Reseach Council tries to "indice me to attach the crime and lust breeding motion picture industry ... I refused." That Sunday, he attends "Early Service used the Prayer Book given me by Uncle Anson 71 yrs ago (Xmas 1864)." On January 20, he attends the wedding of Dora Lewis at Chestnut Hill; "Madge introduced me to some 15 persons mostly connected with earlier days." On February 7, Kelly writes a long discourse on the true meaning of "SCIENCE" and "the true law and the false in life." Kelly briefly mentions his birthday and lists all his gifts from family and friends.

[Box 29] Diaries. — 1935.08-1943.01. — 3 folders

[Folder 29/1] Diaries. — 1935-1936. — 3 diaries

19361936. — 1936.01.27-1936.07.01
Howard Kelly is in Wheaton, Illinois on February 2 to deliver a number of speeches at Wheaton College and the Moody Bible Institute. On March 15, he writes, "When Wm Osler became Sir Wm all the power of the British Empire stood behind him to maintain him in the dignity of his new position ... so when one becomes a Xian and one of God's saints all heaven's power is with him to maintain him." By March 27, he is "en route via Fla East Coast to Miami" and spends the month of April traveling throughout Florida. Back in Baltimore, Kelly notes on May 26, "The great determining factors in Moody's life" among them "Giving up trying to become rich for God's service." On June 27, Howard Kelly visits Keswick, New Jersey to deliver 3 talks, "1) on 'Word' 2) Science & Relegion. Where is Love? 3) Saints?" The last pages of the journal list topics for talks, Bible Studies for Talks, and a long Prayer list.

19361936. — 1936.07.01-1936.12.31
On July 12, Howard Kelly is in New York to attend the funeral of Howard Boulton. By July 17, he is in Manchester Vermont visiting the Church at Arlington where his grandfather was a rector (1838-1844). With Esther and Robert Bradford, they travel towards Canada and camp. Pasted in the journal is a New York Times article dated July 24, "Lindbergh's Warning" ... "he dramatically warned ... of the potential destructiveness of military aviation." On September 10, Kelly writes, "Up to Hiram's Cottage w Olga to destroy saw fly worms in pitch pines." By October, Kelly is back in Baltimore, but traveling frequently to deliver talks such as one in Harrisburg at Messiah Bible College on October 1. Inserted in the diary is a small card that reads, "Dear Doctor Kelly: This wee note is just to say That rosebuds in the same old way will come to greet you day by day. with very deep affection. Audrey W. Davis. Christmas, 1936."

1935-19361935-1936. — 1935.08.15-1936.01.26
The first ten pages of Howard Kelly's journal note Bible discussions, signatures of acquaintances and on page 10 a genealogical summary of his grandfather, Anson Hard, born 1803, died 1879. Kelly attends a dinner in Martinsburg, September 27 (signatures include W. W. Davis). On October 9, Kelly writes a long passage on his devotion to the Bible and how one must "APPROPRIATE IT and INCORPORATE IT IN OUR LIVES." On October 20, he writes on the topic "Objective & Subjective. The whole field of nature is objective. We call its study SCIENCE, and all who make science paramount establish it in the place of God." Dr. Kelly visits "Esther's & Roberts, Chestnut Hill," on October 26, and records some genealogical facts related to his mother, father and sisters. In the weeks leading to Thanksgiving, Dr. Kelly travels throughout Maryland with W. W. Davis speaking at various church gatherings. He spends Thanksgiving dinner "at Belair, 17 there, all of them family, 3 generations, 6 grandchildren & 12 adults." On December 8, Howard Kelly makes "a delightful visit to Philadelphia speaking at Beracah church to nurses in aft & to nurses & drs in eve when floor & galleries ar crowded!" On New Year's Day, Kelly writes, "My soul wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from Him" (Psalms 62:5). Kelly mentions a visit by Madame Tchernavin who spoke at Goucher to about 600 and at a luncheon at Hutzlers where she spoke to about 50 persons and answered questions (See Davis, p. 194).

[Folder 29/2] Diaries. — 1937-1938. — 3 diaries

19371937. — 1937.01.01-1937.06.13
January 3 finds Howard Kelly on his way to Randolph Macon College to deliver a speech. He notes on January 30 that he will read the lesson (Is 11:1-19; Acts 19:1-7) and "Bishop Helfenstein will confirm." (See Davis, p. 170). On February 20, Howard Kelly celebrates his birthday and receives numerous flowers, fruits, cards and gifts including a turkey from President Good. In early March, he travels to Wheaton College. The signatures of many Wheaton College students are found in the journal (See Davis, p. 162). In late March, he attends a meeting at Columbia Bible College, Columbia South Carolina, and on March 31, Kelly writes, "In Florida now." He visits friends throughout the state and the signatures of friends and acquaintances are in his journal. On April 16, he is in Eustis speaking at the Rotarian Club's golf grounds. He has a note to visit Mrs. Alfred I. DuPont on the 20th at 11 am. On May 1, Kelly returns to Baltimore, and on May 17, attends his 60th medical school class reunion. The signatures of Kelly and 10 of his classmates are recorded in the journal. On May 23, he attends a meeting with a "class of So. Meth. Church about 24 present all women ... were most gracious!" A few lines later he pens, "Social service is no substitute for Xian faith." On June 4, he attends a meeting at the Pocket Testament League; Sir Hilado is his guest and Mr. Harvey Farmer, North Africa mission, is the speaker. Afterwards Kelly dines with Harry and Mrs. Reid, Dr. Alice Hamilton & Miss Marg H. On June 8, Drs. Rowland and Eastman visit "to talk about indications for abortus and whether any for contraception."

19371937. — 1937.06.13-1937.12.31
Howard Kelly arrives in Philadelphia on July 14 where he meets "Louise Lewis who will take me to see the pool at wh Kens. Women are enjoying so much"(See Davis, p. 45-46). The signatures of many of those associated with the "Lighthouse" are recorded in Kelly's journal. By July 21, Kelly is on a northbound train headed for Toronto and camp. On July 25, Kelly speaks at the Presbyterian Church in North Bay and later dines with Dr. Dafoe of Calendar and the Rev. Mr. Gordon Troyer. He writes, "Dr. D asks me to return of a Mon. morn. To see him & to see Marie the quint with the [xxxxx]" (See Davis, p. 134). On his return to Baltimore, Howard Kelly is traveling to places like Aberdeen where he gave the gospel (Oct. 15) and to Wilmington on October 23. Here he was met by Rev. Hill who took him to a mission dinner at the Chester Club where he addressed over 200 on the Bible. On the way they stopped at Marcus Hook PE church where his Grandfather Hard once officiated. December 6 finds Howard Kelly en route to Birmingham, Alabama traveling with Esther, Hugh Trout and wife. Kelly writes, "HT knows Mayos intimately & says Will Mayo's condition is pitiful, he has no interest in life & is at present in Tucson Arizona. Charles walks w difficulty ... Poor fellows who reached to acme of human endeavor & honors & appreciation & now have no hope beyond. The clinic also is dwindling thru lessening patronage" (See Davis, p. 172). In late December, Kelly writes, "753 Woman's Clubs of Phila & 5 east counties voted Esther B the leading woman in social service affairs to be awarded the Gimble Gift of $1,000 ... on Tues. Jan. 28th" (See Davis, p. 46).

19381938. — 1938.01.01-1938.09.12
In the month of January, Howard Kelly devotes most of his writing to Bible verse. There are many signatures of acquaintances and colleagues throughout the journal. On February 2, Kelly attends the funeral of Dean Greta von Bayer, "long a true devoted friend." On February 12, he attends a dinner at the Southern Hotel. At his table is Howard Zahniser, U.S. Biological Survey, and others. On February 20, there is a brief list of gifts received; one is a tie from Finney. By March 31, Dr. Kelly is on the train to Florida. His journal entries for April consist of signatures of friends, acquaintances and fellow travelers as well as many Bible verses. May 8 finds Howard Kelly in Princeton, New Jersey, visiting Professor William Scott, a geologist and "my school friend of 70 years ago." By May 18, he is "on train for Ozarks" to visit The School of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, Missouri. His next stop is Birmingham, Alabama. On June 3, Howard Kelly travels to Chattanooga, Tennessee, with the final destination Dayton, Tennessee, and Bryan University. He records on June 20, "At Burlington, New Jersey w Hunter & Mrs. Robb ... to Keswick for my aft & eve talk." On July 20, Howard Kelly is in Ontario on his way to camp and returns in early October.

[Folder 29/3] Diaries. — 1938-1943. — 2 diaries

1938-19391938-1939. — 1938.09.13-1939.05.21
The journal begins and ends with a Bible verse. Howard Kelly obtains the signatures of acquaintances and colleagues he meets. Sometimes after the name, Kelly writes "book" or "send pamphlet". Esther B arrives at the Kelly home on October 7 while Howard Kelly is "meeting with some 15 principals of schools in the library. We had a Bible lesson, refreshments & talked over their school problems." (See Davis, p. 166). On November 29, visiting Esther B in Philadelphia, Kelly visits the Academy of Natural Science "wh is wonderfully changed from when I first joined it in 1875 (when it was on Broad St.?)" (See Davis, p. 16). January 24, 1939 finds Howard Kelly "on train to Daytona B." Mart Kinser and Kelly attend a luncheon of the Florida Historical Society at the New Smyrna Yacht Club on January 27. Back in Baltimore, Kelly writes, "81st b'day yest large mail, visitors, many flowers." He duly records many of the gifts and letters received. On March 28, Kelly attends a Christian Varsity meeting at Levering Hall with Stacy Woods (signatures of some participants). A news article from the Evening Sun, April 4 notes "Dr. Douglas March, zoologist, died from a snake bite (he survived 17 separate and previous snakebites)." Kelly writes, "March a friend for many years. We got together in snakes. He handled them carefully & his hand crippled by the bites of rattlesnakes. I greatly lament his loss." Next to the April 8 signature of George A. Wyeth, Hanover, New Hampshire, Kelly notes, "old & dear friend; taught us & Dr. Ward electro-surgery." On April 15, Howard Kelly arrives in Eustis, Florida and visits friends throughout the state. Back in Baltimore, William B. Kouwenhaven signs Kelly's book on May 2. The back pages of the diary include an extensive prayer list and a long list of gifts received Christmas, 1938.

1940-19431940-1943. — 1940.12.01-1943.01
This is the last diary of Howard Atwood Kelly. There is a page of signatures inserted in the diary with the notation, "83rd birthday anniversary". The diary entries are devoted mostly to Bible verse and Kelly's intrepretation of the Bible and many signatures of acquaintances and friends. (Ex. Theordore McKeldin of Homeland). On June 21, 1941, Howard Kelly speaks in Keswick, New Jersey and visits Keswick's grave. Between April 11 and May 23, 1942, Howard Kelly records the following, "Nurses' Library: Librarian - Lillian Cellmen, Miss Lula Kennedy got up F.N. [Florence Nightingale] Exhibition. Head of Nursing School, Miss Anne Wolfe, Ass't Miss Jessie Black." The last dated entry is Christmas 1942, and the address of Capt. Edmund B. Kelly, San Francisco. The following entries are found on the last five pages the diary: "Mem of Flo Nightingale day at J.H.H." with the names of the participants; B'day presents; Christmas presents 1940 & 1941; Prayer list.