KelH, Howard A. Kelly Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 16] Reprints
Reprints by Kelly have been arranged chronologically. Reprints by other authors have been arranged alphabetically, usually by author but occassionally by subject, as in William Osler or Yosemite National Park.

[Box 43] Reprints by Others A-D. — 1858-1939
Reprints authored by others. Many are signed and dedicated to Howard Kelly by the author(s)

[Box 44] Reprints by Others E-N. — 1871-1940
Reprints authored by others. Many are signed and dedicated to Howard Kelly by the author(s). Includes 2 Bulletins of the Johns Hopkins Hospital (382,388).

[Box 45] Reprints by Others O-T. — 1880-1935
Reprints authored by others. Many are signed and dedicated to Howard Kelly by the author(s). Includes The Yale Review, 1935, "Letters of Florence Nightengale" edited by Laura Richards.

[Box 46] Reprints by Others V-Z. — 1884-1931
Reprints authored by others. Many are signed and dedicated to Howard Kelly by the author(s). Includes an extensive collection of reprints by J.Whitridge Williams,M.D.,Obstetrician-in-Chief, Johns Hopkins Hospital.

[Folder 37/1] Appleton's. The Aesculapian. — 1908-1909
"My Faith" and "Frere Jacques"

[Folder 37/2] Reprints by Kelly. — 1887-1905
"John Hunter", "The Exploration of the Abdomen as an adjunct to every celiotomy","An improved vesical speculum". "Foreign bodies in the abdomen after operations? "The Evolution of my Techniqiue in the treatment of fibroid uterine tumors". " A contribution to Hepato-phlebotomy". "Resections of the Bladder in rebillious cytitis". "The treatment of pyelitis". "The treatment of vesico-vaginal and recto-vaginal fistulae high up in the vagina"

[Folder 38/1] Reprints by Kelly. — 1904-1906
"My experience with the renal catheter as a means of detecting renal and ureteral calculi". "Some Surgical notes on tuberculosis fo the kidney". " The treatment of simple rectal fistula by excision and suture without cutting the external sphincter muscle". "Ideal method of removing the vermiform appendix". "Rubber cushions for general surgery, gynecology and obstetric use". "The uterine curetti". "The treatment of nonmalignant strictures fo the rectum". "The treatment of cystitis". "Starvation and locking the bowels for from ten days to two weeks." "Two cases of stricture of the ureter; two cases of hydronephrotic renal pelvis successfully treated by plication." " The aseptic removal of an infected fibroid uterus". "A satisfactory vesical evacuator"

[Folder 38/2] Reprints by Kelly. — 1907-1909
"Bimanual vibratory palpation". "On a method of preserving outlines of visceral lesions on nainsook or suisse material". "A lesson of little things"."The ebb and flow of hypnotism". "James Carroll 1854-1907". "Amputation of the uterus in the corpus to preserve menstrual function".

[Folder 38/3] Reprints by Kelly. — 1910-1922
"Incisions in the abdominal wall to expose the kidney: incisions in the kidney to explore the pelvis". "An operation for umbilical hernia". "Treatment of an anteuterine pelvic abscess by sequestration and drainage". "Excision of the fat of the abdominal wall-lipectomy." "Graduated dilation of the uretero-vesical orifice and the ureter above it." "Abdominal pain". "The abdominal incision-the removal of the wedge of skin and fat to facilitate intra-abdominal operations." "A new and simple method of removing a renal calculus". "The best method of exposing the interior of the bladder in suprapubic operations." "Radium therapy, with special reference to diseases of the female pelvis- a rejoiner".

[Folder 38/4] Reprints by Others. — 1904-1925

[Folder 39/1] Reprints by Kelly. — 1882-1893
"Was the thoracic duct injured in the case of President Garfield?" On the Method of post-mortem examination of the thoracic and abdominal viscera. Uterus septus bi-collis. Some recent important advances in the Diagnosis and treatment of urinary diseases in woman. Cephalaematoma verum externum. Third Annual Commencement of the Training School for Nurses of the Wilkes-Barre City Hospital. The Ethical side of the operation oophorectomy. Recent results in hystero-myomectomy.

[Folder 39/2] Reprints by Kelly. — 1896-1899
Conservatism in ovariotomy. The conservative treatment of myomatous uteri. The sources and diagnosis of pyuria. The Bulletin of The Johns Hopkins Hospital- 5 articles by Kelly in Feb-March 1896. Delivery by tractionon the scalp of the Child. Method of examing the bladder and the catherizing the ureters in women. Some recent important advances in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary diseases in women. The treatment of backward displacements of the uterus. Five cases of ovariotomy in women over 70 years of age. The treatment of extra-uterine pregnancy, ruptured in the early months, by vaginal puncture and drainage. The exploration of the abdomen as an adjunct to every celiotomy.

[Folder 40/1] Reprints by Kelly. — 1898-1912
The Preservation of the Hymen. The Barred Road to Anatomy. Pneumaturia. Gynecology, Its Present, Past and Future. Notes on a improved method of removing the cancerous uterus by the vagina. Methods of teaching gynecology. What precautions shall we take to avoid leaving foreign bodies in the abdomen after operations? Present Status of operations for cancerous uteri. An improved vesical speculum. A Note on a series of new vesical specula. Uncontaminated urine. Uteral Calculus. Scatch-Marks on the Wax-tipped catheter as a means of determining the presence of stone in the kidney and in the ureter. Under what circumstances is it advisable to remove the vermiform appendix when the abdomen is open for another reason? The selection of methods in abdominal hysterectomy. The Piezometer, an instrument for measuring resistances. The Great Opportunity of The Physician and the Nurse. The use of the steel comb for dissection in the axilla. A Gynecological Clinic. The Protection of the Innocent. Mensuration in Urinary Disease. Major James Carroll, M.D., U.S.A. Addresses by Drs. H.A. Kelly; W.H. Welch; W.S. Thayer,et al. Some American Medical Botanists. The Mimicry of Pregnancy by Fibroid and Ovarian Tumors.

[Folder 40/2] Reprints by Kelly. — 1898-1908
The Reflux of Air into the Ureters through the air-distended bladder in the knee-breast posture. A Curette for Cervical Cancer. Some New Instruments to Facilitate the Operation of Myomectomy. A new Handle and Grip for Scissors for Plastic and other Delicate Work. The Hand Basins in use in Surgical Operating Rooms. The Expansion of a Specialty. The Employment of an Artificial Retroposition of the Uterus in Covering Extensive Denuded Areas above the Pelvic Floor. Prophylaxis. The Influence of Segregation upon Prostitution and upon the Public. Status Praesens of the Prostitution Question. Social Diseases and Their Prevention. Pyuria. A Preliminary Report upon Examination of the Bladder and Catherization of Ureters in Men. A Preliminary Report on the Surgical Treatment of Complicated Fibroid Tumors of the Womb, with a Description of Two Methods of Operating. A Note on the use of Nitrous Oxid and Ether as an Anesthetic. Normal Prophylactic Appendectomy. A Rapid and Simple Operation for Gallstones found by exploring the abdomen in the course of lower abdominal surgery. Resection and Anastomosis of the Divided Ureter. A New Method of Making Applications to the Vaginal Vault, and a New Instrument to Facilitate Cleansing the vagina in Leurorrhcea. Exhibition of Methods of Medical Instruction in the Johns Hopkins Medical School and Hospital. Some Further Notes on the Extension of the Principle of Bisection in Abdominal Surgery. A Historical Note upon Diptera as carriers of diseases. How to Deal with vermiform appendix. Some forms of Complicated Appendictis. A New and Better Method of Opening and Of Draining the Bladder in Women. The Removal of Pelvic Inflammatory Masses by the Abdomen after Bisection of the Uterus. Removal of Vesical Papilloma through an Incision in the Septum with the Patient in the Knee-chest Posture. Instruments for Use Through Cylindrical Rectal Specula, with the Patient in the Knee Chest posture. Advantages of the Knee Chest Posture in Some operations upon the vesical end of ureters. The Early History of Appendictis in Great Britain. Osler As I Knew Him in Philadelphian and in the Hopkins. George Miller Steinberg, 1838-1915. Jules LeMaire.

[Folder 41/1] Reprints by Howard Kelly,Medical. — 1913-1932
The Allotment of Renal and Ureteral Stones in Shadow Diagram of The Body; The Treatment of Vesical Feistulae at theVaginal Valutl Following Srugical Operations; History of Retrodisplacement of the Uterus; Cauterization and Fulguration of Baldder Tumors; Injuries to the Rectum Casued by Gynecologic Examinations; Drainage in Pelvic Abdominal Surgery; Uterine Polyps; A Large Ureteral Calculus Removed Through the Open-air Cystoscope; The Treatment of Uterine Hemorrages from the Modern View-point; Dilation and Curettment; Cervical Leucorrhea; Operation for Renal Calculi; The Use of Pessaries; A message from Howard Kelly; "Grubbing With Reasoning"; What Constitutes Medical Authorship;

[Folder 41/2] Reprints by Howard Kelly, Cancer, Radium, Electrosurgery. — 1913-1931
Two Hundred and Ten Fribroid Tumors Treated by Radium;Methods and Results of Radium Treatment of Uterine Hemorrhage due to Other Causes Than Malignancy;Radium in Surgery; Skiagraphic Demonstration of Vesical Tumors; Radium in the Treament of Uterine Hemorrhage and Fibroid Tumors (with Curtis Burnam); Treatment of Cancer by Radium; Radium Therapy, with Special Reference to Diseases of the Female Pelvis-A Rejoiner; Carcinoma of the Cervix of the Uterus (with J. Craig Neel); Two Advanced Cases of Cancer of the Face-A Warning Against Delay in Treatment; Cancer of the Uterus; The Treatment of Carcinoma of the Penis with Endothermy with a Method of Treatment of Metastatic Malignant Lymph Glands (with Grant Ward); Endothermy in Gynegology; Electrosurgery; The New Surgery; Radium Surgery;The Treatment of Papillary Tumors of the Bladder in Women; The Early Recognitiion and Treatment of Cancer- The Duty and The Opportunity of the General Practitioner; The Treatment with Radium of Cancer of the Bladder; The Radical Breast Operation with the Endotherm Knife (Acusector) and Without Ligatures (with Grant E. Ward); Electrothermic Methods in the Treatment of Diseases of the Rectum and Anus (with Grant E. Ward); Silver Iodine Emulsion-A New Medium for Skiagraphy of the Urinary Tract (with Robert Lewis);Electrosurgery in Gynecology.

[Folder 41/3] Reprints by Howard Kelly, Biographies. — 1918-1932
John R. Young, Pioneer American Physiologist; Pierre Curie (book review); John Whitridge Williams(1866-1931); A Diary of Robert Battery,M.D.; William Wood Russell; Benjamin Robinson Schenck, M.D.; Lafayette Houghton Bunnell,M.D., Discoverer of the Yosemite; A Tribute to Lewis S. McMurty; Our Paradoxical Age; The Life of Edward Ill

[Folder 42/1] Reprints by Kelly and Others on Women's Issues. — 1905-1931
Reprints by Kelly include: Contra-Contraception by the Laity; The Double Shame of Baltimore- Her Unpublished Vice Report and Her Utter Indifference; The Best Way to Treat the Social Evil; The Protection of the Innocent; To Convert Sentiment Into Action in Fighting Vice; In Favor of Votes for Women; The Social Evil, What is the Church Doing? Status Paresens of the Prostitution Question;

[Folder 42/2] Reprints by Others on Social Issues, Eugenics, Immigration. — 1881-1900

[Folder 42/3] Reprints by Others on Sanitation, Hygiene, Venereal Diseases, Medical Ethics. — 1876-1911

[Folder 42/4] Reprints by Kelly and Others on Sunday School and Other Relegious Tracts. — 1908-1946
Reprints by Kelly include: Luke: The Physician and his Writings; The Virgin Birth; The Most Important Thing in my Life; How I Study my Bible.

[Folder 42/5] "Our Visitor", copies of Articles penned by Howard Kelly. — 1941-1942
A monthly publication to which Howard Kelly contributed his opinions starting in 1941 with "Womanhood's Greatest Blessing" to "A Bible Analysis" in June 1942.

[Folder 48/1] Reprints, Relegious and Social. — 1913-1931
Reprints by Kelly and others related to relegious and social issues.

[Folder 48/2] Reprints, Relegious and Social. — 1905-1942
Reprints by Kelly and others related to relegious and social issues.

[Folder 48/3] Reprints, Relegious and Social. — 1908-1928
Reprints by Kelly and others related to relegious and social issues.