Howard A. Kelly Collection
in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

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Collection Information

[Series 1] Correspondence

[Series 2] Radium

[Series 3] American Medical Biographies

[Series 4] Notes

[Series 5] Notes, Snakebite

[Series 6] Notes, Religious and Social

[Series 7] Notes regarding the Florence Nightingale Collection

[Series 8] Programs and Awards

[Series 9] Robert P. Harris Papers

[Series 10] Joseph Colt Bloodgood Letters

[Series 11] Scrapbooks

[Series 12] Diaries

[Series 13] Stereoclinic

[Series 14] Illustrations

[Series 15] Clippings and Mementos

[Series 16] Reprints

[Series 17] Kelly Family Materials

[Series 1985-032] Scrapbook on Anti-Vivisection

[Series 1985-032] Personal Papers

[Series 1985-032] Family Photographs

[Series 1988-032] Records of the Howard Kelly Hospital

[Series] Photographs from the Howard Kelly Papers