YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series IV] Young's Research and Patient Case Files. — 1887-1945
Patient data and information, primarily from the Brady Urological Institute (BUI) and its precursor, compiled and collected by Hugh Hampton Young and his associates for the purpose of research and treatment of patients. This material includes case histories (usually assembled for a research project or article), correspondence with or about patients, patient logs from the division of Urology and some charts of the Brady Urological Institute patients. These files document Young's research. Patient case files document a variety of patients types treated at the BUI, including those with congenital abnormalities and urological diseases.
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  • The Brady Urological Institute patient charts, c. 1900-1970, are also held by the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives.
  • [Sub-series A] Patient related correspondence

    [Sub-sub-series 1] Hugh Hampton Young's patients

    [Boxes 32-49]

    [Sub-sub-series 2] Hugh Hampton Young's Associates patients

    [Box 50] Colston - Young's Associates, patient related correspondence

    File 50/1Colston, J. A. C.. — 1927-1929, 1937

    File 50/2Colston, Campbell, [patient name redacted]. — 1927-1928

    File 50/3Davis, D. M.. — 1927-1931

    File 50/4Denny, Walter L.. — 1927-1930, 1932

    File 50/5Gaarde, F. W., [patient name redacted]. — 1930,1939-1942

    File 50/6Scott, W. W.. — 1927-1929

    File 50/7Scott, W. W./[patient names redacted]. — 1927

    File 50/8Slade, E. H., secretary to the BUI. — 1927-1929

    File 50/9Slade, E. H.. — 1927-1930

    [Sub-series B] Patient Records from Genito-Urinary Department

    [Box 51] Patient records from Genito-Urinary Department - Oversized

    File 51/1JHH Genito-Urinary Department Pathology Reports. Punch Operations. — 1909-1912

    File 51/2Case History - Nephritis, Acute (history by Longcope) JHH Unite #[xxxxx]

    File 51/2Patient Logbook, 1898-1899

    [Sub-series C] Case Histories from Brady Urological Institute

    [Boxes 52-55] Case Histories BUI, Case Histories by Patients Unit #

    [Box 55, File 23-51] Case Histories BUI, Case Histories Patients A-Z,

    File 55/52Case Histories from other institutions. Prostatectomy Studies (abstracted by H.H. Young)

    File 55/53Case History - Anxiety Producing Renal Calculi

    File 55/54Case History - Adrenal Tumor (Precosity) Dr. Quinby's patient (not BUI)

    File 55/55Case History - Castration for mentally defective boy

    [Sub-series D] Case Summaries, Autopsy Reports, Pathology Reports

    [Box 56] Case Summaries, Autopsy Reports, Pathology Reports

    File 56/1Case Summaries - Bladder Tumors

    File 56/2Case Summaries - Cowper's Gland

    File 56/3Case Summaries - Fatal Cases

    File 56/4Case Summaries - Hospital Deaths - Cases of Suprapubic Resection of Bladder

    File 56/5Case Summaries Hypernephromata

    File 56/6Case Summaries - Hypertrophied Trigone. — 1904-1920

    File 56/7Case Summaries - Kidney - Bilateral Stone Cases

    File 56/8Case Summaries Penis, Peyronie's Disease (YPU)

    File 56/9Case Summaries, Penis Peyronie's Disease (YPU). — c. 1932

    File 56/10Patient Data - Summaries, Cancer of Prostate. — 1913-1915

    File 56/11Case Summaries Plastic Operation to cure obstructions to ureter

    File 56/12BUI [xxxxx], [xxxxx], [xxxxx], Carcinoma of prostate

    File 56/13Case Summaries, Radical Perineal Prostatectomy

    File 56/14Patient Data Summaries, Radical Perineal Prostatectomy and Bladder Resection

    File 56/15Case Summaries, Radical Perineal Prostatectomy, Case 20-31

    File 56/16Case Summaries, Nephrectomy. — c. 1930's

    File 56/17Case Summaries, Long Island Hospital

    File 56/18Case Summaries, Hypernephroma, J.A. Seamans. — 9/14/1943

    File 56/19Case Summaries, Papillary Tumors

    File 56/20Case Summaries, Miscellaneous

    File 56/21-27Autopsies

    File 56/28-38Pathology Reports

    [Sub-series E] Compilations of Patient Data

    [Box 57] Patient Data Compilations

    File 57/1Patient Data - Compilations Bladder:Improved cases

    File 57/2Patient Data - Compilations Bladder: Interstitial Cystitis

    File 57/3Patient Data - Compilations Cysts of Prostate. — 1945

    File 57/4Patient Data - Compilations Epispadias - X-rays

    File 57/5Patient Data - Compilations Obstructive Cysts

    File 57/6Patient Data - Compilations, Operations for papillary cysts

    File 57/7Patient Data - Compilations, Kidney - Pyelitis. — c. 1920's

    File 57/8Patient Data - Compilations, Kidney - Pyelitis. — c. 1920's

    File 57/9Patient Data - Compilations, Notes, Perineal. — c. 1919

    File 57/10Patient Data - Compilations, Perineal Prostatectomy, Notes. — 1922

    File 57/11Patient Data - Compilations, Phthalein Tests - Urine Exams

    File 57/12Patient Data - Compilations, Prostatic Calculi, 100 cases

    File 57/13Patient Data - Compilations, Analytical Study of Cancer and Prostate Cases. — ca. 1907

    File 57/14Patient Data - Compilations, Cancer of the Prostate, cases. — ca. 1915

    File 57/15Patient Data - Compilations, Prostate, carcinoma

    File 57/16Patient Data - Compilations, Prostate, sarcoma

    File 57/17Patient Data - Compilations, Notes on hypertrophy of the prostate. — 1924

    File 57/18Patient Data - Compilations, prostatitis

    File 57/19Patient Data - Compilations, Perineal Prostatectomy, Mortality Studies. — 1922

    File 57/20Patient Data - Compilations, Mortality Studies, Operations. — 1924-1938

    File 57/21Patient Data - Compilations, Punch Operation. — c.1912

    File 57/22Patient Data - Compilations, (Punch Operation) Urethroscopic Median Bar Operation. — ca. 1913

    File 57/23Patient Data - Compilations, Elephantiasis of Scrotum & Penis. — 1933

    File 57/24Patient Data - Compilations, Recto-Urethral Fistula. — 1945
    (Young's Stone operation)

    File 57/25Patient Data - Compilations, Radical Excision of seminal tract for Tuberculosis. — 1945

    File 57/26Patient Data - Compilations, Renal functional tests

    File 57/27Patient Data - Compilations, Resection of Kidney

    File 57/28Patient Data - Compilations, Vesico-vaginal fistula. — 1945

    File 57/29Patient Data - Compilations, preoperative X-ray therapy

    File 57/30Patient Data - Compilations, Mortality studies. — 1911

    File 57/31Patient Data - Compilations, unidentified study. — 1942-1944

    File 57/32Patient Data - Compilations, unidentified study, BUI # [xxxxx-xxxxx]

    File 57/33Patient Data - Compilations, resection cases followed by Perineal Prostatectomy. — 1936

    File 57/34Patient Data - Compilations, Unidentified study, names and BUI's

    File 57/35Patient Data - Compilations. — 1880's-1920's unidentified

    File 57/36Patient Data - Compilations, Lists of patients. — circa 1927-1935

    [Sub-series F] Case Histories Used for Manuscripts

    [Sub-sub-series 1] "Genital Abnormalities, Hermaphroditism and Related Adrenal Diseases"

    [Box 58] Case Histories assembled for use in "Genital Abnormalities...",

    File 58/1BUI #[xxxx], no name. Pseudohernmaphrodite

    File 58/2BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Recto-Urethral Fistula

    File 58/3BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/4BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Vesico-Rectal Fistula

    File 58/5BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/6BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Epispadias and Incontinence

    File 58/7BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Dermoid Cyst. Calculi on Hairs

    File 58/8BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/9BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Rupture of Urethra

    File 58/10BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Exstrophy of Bladder Epispadias

    File 58/11BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Dystrophia Adiposgenitalis

    File 58/12BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted] Urethral Strictures-Fistula

    File 58/13BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Rupture of Bladder

    File 58/14BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Vesico-Intestinal Fistula

    File 58/15BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Epispadias in Females

    File 58/16BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] A True Hermaphrodite

    File 58/17BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/18BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/19BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/20BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Vesico-Vaginal Fistula

    File 58/21BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/22BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Urinary Fistula

    File 58/23BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Hermaphroditism

    File 58/24BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Dystrophia Adiposogenitalis

    File 58/25BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Recto-Urethral Fistula

    File 58/26BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Dystrophia Adiposogenitalis

    File 58/27BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Dystrophia Adiposogenitalis

    File 58/28BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Exstrophy of Bladder

    File 58/29BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Rupture of Urethra

    File 58/30BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Hypergenitalism

    File 58/31BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/32BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Hypospadias-Imperforate Anus

    File 58/33BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Hermaphroditism

    File 58/34BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/35BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Dystrophia Adiposogenitalis

    File 58/36BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Imperimeable Stricture

    File 58/37BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Hermaphrodite

    File 58/38BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Hermaphrodite

    File 58/39BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/40BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Hermaphroditism

    File 58/41BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/42H.L.H. Patient #[xxxxx], [name redacted] Pseudohermaphrodite

    File 58/43Case Study - Hermaphroditism. Dr. Cullen's Case. — (ca. 1902-1930)
    no patient number, no name

    [Sub-sub-series 2] "Young's Practice of Urology"

    [Box 59] Case Studies - "Young's Practice of Urology"

    File 59/1Case Comments - BUI #[xxxx] [name redacted]; BUI #[xxxxx] [name redacted]

    File 59/2Ms. Double Sphincter Plastic Operation. BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/3Contracture of Prostatic Orifice. BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/4Prostatic Hypertrophy, BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/5Spinal Cord Injury. BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/6Incontinence of Urine. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/7Ms. - Case Summary, Spinal Cord Injury. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/8Spinal cord injury due to broken puncture needle. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/9Bladder, carcinoma of. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/10Kidney calculi in horseshoe kidney. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/11Prostate. Utricle, cyst of. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/12Bad Kidneys - Prostatic hypertrophy. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/13Testicle, torsion of. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/14Prostatic hypertrophy. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/15Bladder Tumor. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/16Suprapubic Prostatectomy. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/17Prostate, congenital valve or bar. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/18Prostate hypertrophy. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/19Spinal - Multiple Sclerosis. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/20BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted] by Colston

    File 59/21Congenital valves with stricture... BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/22Prostate, Contracture. BUI #??, [name redacted]

    File 59/23Ureter. BUI #??, [name redacted]

    File 59/24Scrotum, infection of. BUI #??, [name redacted]

    File 59/25Ms. - Urethra, rupture of. BUI Case Summaries

    File 59/26Prostate: Carcinoma. BUI Cases

    File 59/27Prostate: Carcinoma. BUI Cases

    File 59/28Prostate tumor. BUI #[xxxxx], [name redacted]

    File 59/29Deaths following Punch Operations. BUI Cases

    File 59/30Cordotomy - three cases. Notes by Drs. Geib, Friend and Hallie. BUI #[xxxxx] [name redacted]; BUI #[xxxxx] [name redacted]

    File 59/31Case Compilations (notes) Cordotomy

    File 59/32Case History, no BUI number. [name redacted]. — 1934

    [Sub-series G] Kidney Charts. Tuberculosis Studies, Colorado Sanitoria

    [Box 60] Kidney Charts. Tuberculosis Studies of Colorado Sanitoria

    File 60/1BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/2BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/3BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/4BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/5BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/6BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/7BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/8BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/9BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/10BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/11BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/12BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/13BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/14BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/15BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/16BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/17BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/18BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/19BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/20BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/21BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/22BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/23BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/24BUI #[xxxx], [name redacted], Kidney Chart

    File 60/25[name redacted], Kidney Chart, (no number). — 1930

    File 60/26[name redacted], Kidney Chart (no number)

    File 60/27[name redacted], Kidney Chart, (no number). — 1930

    File 60/28[name redacted], Kidney Chart, (no number). — 1930

    File 60/29[name redacted] ?, . Kidney Chart, (no number). — 1930

    File 60/30[name redacted], Kidney Chart, (no number). — 1930

    File 60/31Unidentified Patients' Kidney Charts

    File 60/32BUI Complilation Charts - Kidney T.B.. — 1916-1919

    File 60/33Tuberculosis Studies of Colorado Sanitoria - Agnes Memorial Hospital

    File 60/34Tuberculosis Studies of Colorado Sanitoria - Cragmor Sanitorium

    File 60/35Tuberculosis Studies of Colorado Sanitoria - Glockner Sanitorium

    File 60/36Tuberculosis Studies of Colorado Sanitoria - National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives

    File 60/37Tuberculosis Studies of Colorado Sanitoria - The Sanitorium of the United Woodmen of Colorado. — 1922

    [Sub-series H] Patient Records of Hugh Hampton Young and wife and children

    [Box 61] Patient Records of Hugh Hampton Young and wife and children