YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series VIII] Journal of Urology

[Box 78] Volume 1, Number 1, Galley Proofs

File 78/1Journal of Urology - Prospectus of First Number, Feb.. — 1917

File 78/2Journal of Urology, Volume 1, Number 1, Feb.. — 1917

File 78/3Journal of Urology Publishing Agreement - A.U.A. and Williams and Wilkins Co.. — 1941

File 78/4Journal of Urology - A Note from the Editor on the Completion of Twenty-five Years..... — July 1, 1943

File 78/5Correspondence to Journal of Urology from the Joint Administrative Board of the Medical Center, N. Y.. — 3/11/1928

File 78/6Journal of Urology - 10084 Observations on Suprapubic Prostatectomy by Paul W. Aschner. — 1924

File 78/7Journal of Urology Galley Proof of Presentation of Keyes Award to Henry Bugbee. — 1945

File 78/8Journal of Urology - Ureteral Occlusion Following Radium Implantation into the Cervix by Henry Bugbee. — ca. 1934

File 78/9Journal of Urology - Some of the Causes of Unsatisfactory Results from Prostatectomy by Frank Denslow. — 1922

File 78/10Journal of Urology - The Effect of Renal Pelvic Lavage by William J. Ezickson

File 78/11Journal of Urology - Application of New Plastic Cast Material in Urology by C. D. Goodhope. A New Magazine Type of Radon Seed Implanter by Henry Sangree

File 78/12Journal of Urology - A Plan for the Management of Anuria by John Kingsley Lattimer

File 78/13Journal of Urology - Treatment of Bladder Dysfunction After NeurologicTrauma by Lloyd G. Lewis

File 78/14Journal of Urology - The Prognosis of Renal Tuberculosis, Treated by Nephrectomy, and the Outlook of the Patient who is Considered Unsuitable for Operative Treatment by Reed M. Nesbitt, Walter A. Keitzer and Jack M. Lynn

File 78/15Journal of Urology - Non-Purulent Urethritis in Women by John K. Ormond

File 78/16Journal of Urology - Urinary Schistomiasis: Report of Two Cases in Maine by Clinton N. Peters, Roderick L. Huntress and Joseph E. Porter

File 78/17Journal of Urology - Lumbar Ureterolithomy: The Foley Operation by Charles L. Prince

File 78/18Journal of Urology - Secondary Uretero-Sigmoidostomy by Seymour F. Wilhelm and Selwyn Freed

File 78/19Journal of Urology correspondence

File 78/20Journal of Urology correspondence - Williams & Wilkins

File 78/21Journal of Urology Publication Information

File 78/22Journal of Urology - Preparation of Manuscripts

File 78/23Journal of Urology - Number 3, Dr. Keyes - 3 pages (24)