YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series X] Medical and Scientific Manuscripts by others

[Box 97] Medical and Scientific Manuscripts by others, A to L

File 97/1Baker, Theodore - The Effect of Prostatic Obstruction on Renal Activity, 9 pgs.

File 97/2Barringer, B. S. - A Procedure for the Cure of Prostatic Abscess

File 97/3Bidgood, Charles (St. Luke's) - Prostatic Hypertrophy Case Analysis

File 97/4Blalock, Alfred - Excerpts from paper "Recent Progress in Surgery"

File 97/5Blasucci - Some Phenomena Associated with Excretion of Uroselectan by the Kidneys

File 97/6Broster, L. R.

File 97/7Browning, C. H. - Chemotherapy -- The Progress of Thirty Years and the Prospect. — 1935

File 97/8Cecil, Arthur B.

File 97/9Crane, J. J., etal - Tumors of the Adrenal Medulla (article)

File 97/10Crowell, Propp & Hoopes - Gonorrhea in Male in Sicily

File 97/11Cunningham, John H. - Cysts of the Prostate

File 97/12Davalos - New Techniques of Simultaneous Bilateral Uretero- Intestinal Anastomosis

File 97/13Davalos, A. - Simultaneous Bilateral Ureter; Ms. 3563 (9 pgs.)

File 97/14Dean, ?? - Thorium as a Diagnostic Agent

File 97/15Dr. Dean - Excretion Urography. — 9/2/1933

File 97/16DeNicola, Carlos P. - Vias de Acceso a la Capsula Suprarenal. — 1943

File 97/17Ehrlich - Articles and Addresses

File 97/18Frontz - Blood Creatinine

File 97/19Frontz, W. A. - Granuloma Inguinae; Tennessee Venereal Disease Bulletin. — 1922

File 97/20Hess, E.

File 97/21Hoag, Lynn A. - Malignant Hypernephroma in Children (review of Hoag article)

File 97/22Hunter - Account of the Free-Martin (article)

File 97/23Jewett, Hugh J. - Carcinoma of the Bladder. — 1943

File 97/24Larsen, N. - Hawaiian Medicine

File 97/25Lewis - System of Surgery

File 97/26Lovenhart, A. S. - A Proposed Therapeutic Institute Devoted to

File 97/27Lower, William E. - Ohio State Medical Journal. — 1915

[Box 98] Medical and Scientific Manuscripts by others, M to Z

File 98/1Major, Ralph - Fatal Partners: War and Disease

File 98/2Mattison, J. A. - Some Contributions to Medicine and Surgery Which Have Helped to Make Possible the Present State of Medical Preparedness. — 1943

File 98/3Meyer, Robert - The Pathology of Some Special Ovarian Tumors

File 98/4Morgan, Hugh J. - The Internist at War; A Glance at the Record. — 1944

File 98/5Nation, Earl F. - Renal Aplasia: A Study of 16 Cases. — 1944

File 98/6Neill: Advances in Gynecology (Young's Condensation)

File 98/7Otenasek, F. J. - Advances in Neurosurgery. — 1944

File 98/8Rich, Arnold - Benign Adenoma. — 1943

File 98/9Roth, Russell B. - Trichomonas Urethritis and Prostatitis

File 98/10Satterthwaite - Study of Therapy in Resistant Cases of Gonorrhea

File 98/11Seamans, J. H. - Quiz prepared for Hugh Hampton Young/BUI. — 1943

File 98/12Seiler, F.. — 1932

File 98/13Stettiner, Hugo - Epispadie and Hypospadie. — 1913

File 98/14Thompson-Walker, J. W. - Prevention of Urinary Obstruction After Prostatectomy

File 98/15Timme, Walter - The Suprarenal Cortex

File 98/16Torroella, Juan Luis - Onchocercosis

File 98/17Vest - Abnormalities of the Genital Tract; Treatment with Plastic Surgery

File 98/18Vest - Remarks on Endocrinology

File 98/19Voelker & Wossidlo: Surgical Opeations. — 1945

File 98/20Wade, Henry - The Clinic of H. H. Young. Reprint from The British Journal of Surgery. — 1921

File 98/21Wesson, Miley B. - Industrial Urology, page 1 - 10.

File 98/22Wesson, Miley B. - Industrial Urology, page 11 - 29.

File 98/23Wesson, Miley B. - Industrial Urology, page 30 - 50.

File 98/24Wesson, Miley B. - Industrial Urology, page 50b - 69

File 98/25Yamauchi - Study of Chyluria (Ms. #3562). — 1945

File 98/26A Treatment for Boils - author unknown

File 98/27Carcinoma of the Prostate - author unknown

File 98/28A Treatment for Epididymis - author unknown