YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series XI] Biographical Materials

[Sub-series A] Genealogical Records

File 99/1Genealogy - Young Coat of Arms, Clipping

File 99/2Clan Lamont Coat of Arms

File 99/3Genealogy - Clan Lamont Journal. — 1928, 1942

File 99/4Bill of Sale - Texas purchase of livestock - David Vanpelt M. Boone, 1859

File 99/5Young Receipts, disposition of John Young's estate, 1824-1825

File 99/6Young Receipts, 1826-1827. Estate disposition/sale notice

File 99/7William S. Young to William H. Young, 1826

File 99/8William H. Young to Molly E. Gibson (cousin), Apr. 28, 1861

File 99/9William H. Young to Cousin Agnes (Civil War), 1864

File 99/10Genealogy - Young Family - Data and Notes

File 99/11Genealogy - Young Family Correspondence - distant relations

File 99/12Genealogy - Young Family

File 99/13Young, Robert

File 99/14Genealogy - Notes by Hugh Hampton Young - Visit to Ireland. — 1928

File 99/14Genealogy Correspondence - Young, Martha. — ca. 1926

File 99/15Genealogy - Notes - Young/Lamont

File 99/16William H. Young to Hugh Hampton Young and wife. — 1901

File 99/17General William Hugh Young manuscript

File 99/18Genealogy Correspondence, A - L

File 99/19Genealogy Correspondence, Lamont Clan

File 99/20Genealogy Correspondence, M - O

File 99/21Genealogy Correspondence, Atkinson, R. A. - The Brown Line of Descent

File 99/22Genealogy Correspondence, Atkinson, R. A.. — 1927-1930

File 99/23Genealogy Correspondence, Saxon, Lyle. — 1939

File 99/24Genealogy Correspondence, Semple, Mary. — 1926-1928

File 99/25Genealogy Correspondence, Sh - W

File 99/26Genealogy - College recollections of General William H. Young by John H. McLean. — ca. 1914

File 99/27Genealogy - Notes about William H. Young (father)

File 99/28re: Mrs. William H. Young's death

File 99/29Genealogy Correspondence about portrait of William S. Young

File 99/30Young Family Bible Records

File 99/31Family Prayerbook (returned). — 1928

File 99/32Genealogy - Young Family notes on George Kemper Young

File 99/33Genealogy - Colston Family

File 99/34Genealogy - Hampton Family

File 99/35Genealogy - Sitlington Family , descendants of Barbara Ann Hull compiled by Sterrett. — undated

[Sub-series B] Awards, Biographical/Personal, Testimonial

File 100/1Aspen Hill High School Newspaper "The Crescent", 1889. Hugh Hampton Young, Editor

File 100/2Award: Military Training Camps Association

File 100/3Awards, honors, praise (noteworthy praise)

File 100/4Honorary D.S., University of Puerto Rico. — 1939

File 100/5Honorary D.S., Queen's University, Belfast. — 1931

File 100/6Certificate, R. Accademia Medica. — 1927

File 100/7Honorary Degrees: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Royal Society of Medicine, London, Soc. Brasileira de Urol.

File 100/8Honorary Dinner, menu and placards, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. — July 30, 1928

File 100/9Poetry by Hugh Hampton Young

File 100/10Poetry for Hugh Hampton Young written by others

File 100/11Poetry - miscellaneous

File 100/12Poetry dedicated to Hugh Hampton Young by Gogarty. — 1943

File 100/13Poetry - Charles Hall Davis and Jeanne Rathbun Haines

File 100/14Biographical - Poems re: World War I

File 100/15Letter to the Editor, "Times", London. — 1928

File 100/16Correspondence - Hugh Hampton Young's retirement

File 100/17Article with list of publications (to 1909) - Testimonial Award: Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin. — 1927-1928

File 100/18Testimonial Dinner guest lists, toastmasters, introductory remarks and speech (by Keyes). — ca. 1927

File 100/19Hugh Hampton Young Testimonial Address by Boyd (for H.H. Young)

File 100/20Hugh Hampton Young Testimonial by John Roberts Caulk. — May 1927

File 100/21Hugh Hampton Young Testimonial Address by Fowler

File 100/22Hugh Hampton Young Testimonial Address by E. L. Keyes

File 100/23Hugh Hampton Young Testimonial Address by David Macht, "Dr. Young as a 'Research Artist'"

File 100/24Hugh Hampton Young Testimonial Address by Quinby

File 100/25Memorabilia - The White House, Washington, D. C. Flower delivery. — undated

File 100/26Memorabilia - Menu - L.V. Palace, Baroda, India. — Feb. 28, 1927

[Sub-series C] University of Virginia

File 101/1Correspondence A -Z

File 101/2"After Fifteen Years" by Hugh Hampton Young. — 1909

File 101/3Hugh Hampton Young's address to University of Virginia Graduating Class 1944?

File 101/4"After Fifty Years" by Hugh Hampton Young

File 101/5"The University of Virginia Military School of 1861" by Hugh Hampton Young

File 101/6University of Virginia statistics (1)

File 101/7University of Virginia statistics (2)

File 101/8University of Virginia (Patton). Reprint used for Hugh Hampton Young article

File 101/9University of Virginia Memorabilia

File 101/10University of Virginia Catalogue for Session 1891-'92 (not in folder)

File 101/11Alumni Bulletin of the University of Virginia. — April 11, 1911

File 101/12University of Virginia Yearbook Corks and Curls, 1894 (not in folder)

[Sub-series D] History
History, mostly early Texas History.

File 102/1Snively Expedition. Family History. Correspondence. — May, 1939-August, 1939

File 102/2Snively Expedition. Family History. Correspondence, Mrs. W. B. (Norinne) Kroeger. — 1936-May 1939

File 102/3Snively Expedition. Rives excerpts. — 1939

File 102/4Snively Expedition. Wooten's A Complete History of Texas. Thrall's Pictorial History of Texas.

File 102/5Snively Expedition notes by Hugh Hampton Young

File 102/6Snively Expedition - Jones to Van Zandt

File 102/7Snively Expedition - Upshur to Van Zandt

File 102/8The Snively Expedition

File 102/9Cooke Account of Texas History, 1843

File 102/10"Santa Fe Trail" by R. H. Duffus. — 1930

File 102/11"The Old Santa Fe Trail" by Inman (excerpts)

File 102/12Webb, James, "Journal of a Santa Fe Trader"

File 102/13Texas - "A Tragic Day on the Santa Fe Trail"

File 102/14Mexico-Texas history notes. — 1843, 1856, 1939

File 102/15Texas - early history

File 102/16Ancestral Home of Presidents of the U. S. (Irish origin)

[Sub-series E] Financial/Legal/Property/Will/Memorabilia

File 103/1Correspondence - Financial matters. — 1927-

File 103/2Correspondence - Financial - Colston, Heald & Trail. — 1917-1927

File 103/3Financial - Colston, Heald & Trail. — 1928-1944

File 103/4Financial - Mortgage, Deed of Trust

File 103/5Legal Matters

File 103/6Will

File 103/7Property - Automobiles. — 1911-1946

File 103/8Property - Guns

File 103/9Property - Portraits, Hugh Hampton Young and Family

File 103/10Mitter Estate - Agate Ring

File 103/11Property - Father's sword

File 103/12Mrs. Hugh Hampton Young's tombstone

File 103/13Property - Yacht - sale of Lone Star dispute. — 1934-1936

File 103/14Yachts/boats

File 103/15Hunting and fishing

File 103/16Hunting and fishing. Rod and gun clubs. — 1927-1933

File 103/17Chicken and egg production sales records. — 1932

File 103/18S. S. Hugh Young - Victory Ship launching. — 1943

File 103/19First job

File 103/20Memorabilia - The Lord's Prayer written on a postage stamp for Betsy Colston Young from Hugh Hampton Young. — 3/17/1938

File 103/21Memorabilia - A.E.F. "606" Badge

File 103/22Memorabilia - dinner menu - dinner with Lord Beaverbrook, Lady Diana Manners. — 1/4/1919

File 103/23Memorabilia - President Wilson's London visit. Hugh Hampton Young at ceremony at Guildhall. — 12/28/1918

File 103/24Memorabilia - Russian Decree on marriage rights (typed copy) received by U. S. British Ambassador Francis

File 103/25Memorabilia - dinners, menus, guests

[Sub-series F] Real Estate, Residences

File 104/1Real Estate, A - D

File 104/2Real Estate correspondence, Bowie, C.M.. — 1939-1940

File 104/3Real Estate. E - K

File 104/4Real Estate, L - P

File 104/5Real Estate, R - U

File 104/6Tennis Court Construction

File 104/7Sea wall Construction

File 104/8Real Estate: 1124 N. Charles St. and 1120 N. Charles St.

File 104/9Linkwood Road Property correspondence A - F

File 104/10Linkwood Road Property correspondence M - P

File 104/11Linkwood Road Property (Coldspring) correspondence R - S

File 104/12Linkwood Road Property correspondence T - W

File 104/13Home Heating Systems (solar) Linkwood Road correspondence

File 104/14Real Estate: 4414 Underwood Road

File 104/15Real Estate (legal). Correspondence - Baetjer. — 1935-1944

File 104/16Gibson Island fish stocking

File 104/17Gibson Island

File 104/18Gibson Island Club

File 104/19Gibson Island Club correspondence. — 1926-1927

File 104/20Gibson Island Company Property - maintenance and improvements. Thompsen. — 1926-1927

File 104/21Gibson Island Cabanas (Ward, James A.). — 1932

File 104/22"Gibson Island: An Appreciative Description" by W. W. Brown

[Sub-series G] Travel

File 105/1Havana, February. — 1929

File 105/2Hawaii (Doug). — 1928

File 105/3Hawaii, Molokai. — 1935

File 105/4India Trip Correspondence. — 1926

File 105/5India Trip Itineraries. — 1927

File 105/6Mediterranean Trip (with John W. Garrett), 1930 by Mrs. Arthur Woods

File 105/7South Seas. — 1923

File 105/8Bar Ranch Trip, Wyoming. — 1929-1930

[Sub-series H] Diaries/Pocket Calendars

[Sub-sub-series 107] Diaries, Pocket Calendars, Account Books, Scrapbooks

File 107/1Diaries. — 1940, 1941

File 107/2Diaries. — 1942, 1943

File 107/3Diaries. — 1944, 1945

File 107/4Diary. — Jan. 4-5, 1919

File 107/5Diary - carbon copy fragments

File 107/6Autobio/Diary, 11/9/37. University of Virginia, Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Fraternity (abortion)

File 107/7Scrapbook. — 1938

File 107/9Autobiography/Diary. Shorthand from dictation - visit to Guildhall for President Wilson's address - Mrs. C. Coolidge,

File 107/10Day book - Account book, 1899

File 107/11Billfold - A. Brown & Sons

File 107/12Notebook cover with prescription for Castor Oil and cinnamon water. — undated

[Sub-sub-series] Folder - Diaries/Pocket Calendars

File 106/1Diary 1916. Diary, ca. 1917-1918

File 106/2Diary/Datebook. — 1919

File 106/3Diary, ca. 1920s. Pocket calendar, 1922

File 106/4Diary, 1924. Pocket calendar, ca. 1925

File 106/5Diary, ca. 1926. Diary, ca. 1927

File 106/6Diary. — 1928

File 106/7Diary, 1929. Pocket calendar, ca. 1930

File 106/8Diary, 1930. Diary, 1931

File 106/9Diary, 1932. Diary, 1933

File 106/10Diary, 1934. Diary, 1935

File 106/11Diary, 1936. Pocket calendar, ca. 1938-1939

File 106/12Diary, 1938. Diary, 1939

File 106/13Diary, 1938-1939. Diary, ca. 1940

[Sub-series I] Manuscripts and correspondence relating to autobiography

[Box 108] Autobiography, Chapters 1-22.
Typed manuscript found in two three ring binders

File 108/1Preliminaries for chapter 5 found (in a 3 ring binder)

File 108/2Figure captions

File 108/3Table of contents

File 108/4Chapter 1, Early Days

File 108/5Chapter 1, Early Days

File 108/6Chapter 1, Early Days

File 108/7Chapter 1, Early Days

File 108/8Chapter 2, At The University of Virginia

File 108/9Chapter 3, Starting to Practice Medicine

File 108/10Chapter 4, At The Johns Hopkins Hospital

File 108/11Chapter 4, At The Johns Hopkins Hospital

File 108/12Chapter 4, At The Johns Hopkins Hospital

File 108/13Chapter 5, Starting to Practice in Baltimore

File 108/14Chapter 10-22, Going to War (in a 3 ring binder notebook)

File 108/15Chapter 11, Study of Venereal Disease with British Army in England and France

File 108/16Chapter 13, Venereal Disease Program

File 108/17Chapter 15, Prostitution in France

File 108/18Chapter 16, Venereal Disease Problem at a French Seaport

File 108/19Chapter 17, Writing Manual of Military Urology

File 108/20Chapter 18, Inaugurating a Venereal Program in Divisions

File 108/21Chapter 19, Conferences with Allies on Venereal Problem

File 108/22Chapter 22, Section 1-4, A Visit to the 26th Division

File 108/23Chapter 22, Section 5-7, A Night Trip to Outpost Sentries

File 108/24Chapter 22, Section 8-10, Visit to a Negro Division

File 108/25Chapter 22, Section 11-12, Meuse-Argonne

File 108/26Chapter 22, Section 14, German Atrocities

[Box 109] "Hugh Hampton Young: The Autobiography of a Surgeon's Life" - scrapbook, correspondence about reviews, etc.

File 109/1Autobiography book promotion review

File 109/2Correspondence about book, A - D. — 1940-1941

File 109/3Correspondence about book, E - J. — 1940-1942, undated

File 109/4Correspondence about book, K - M. — 1940-1941

File 109/5Correspondence about book, N - R. — 1940-1942

File 109/6Correspondence - H. L. Mencken. — 1937-1940

File 109/7Correspondence - Sandburg, Carl. — 1940

File 109/8Correspondence about book, S - V. — 1940

File 109/9Correspondence about book, W - Z. — 1940-1942

File 109/10Book related file. Miscellaneous items, photos, Sandburg letter

File 109/11Book Reviews, magazine clippings

File 109/12Correspondence re: Autobiography - Harcourt, Brace Co.. — 1940-1944

File 109/13Mencken Letters re: Autobiography

File 109/14Book related publisher's notices, reviews

File 109/15Book related miscellaneous items

File 109/15Scrapbook with newspaper clippings

[Box 110] Autobiography, chapters 1 - 6

File 110/1Preliminary pages, list of illustrations, books by H.H. Young

File 110/2Chapter 1, Early Days (original ms.)

File 110/3Chapter 1, Early Days

File 110/4Chapter 1, Early Days

File 110/5Chapter 1, Early Days

File 110/6Chapter 1, Early Days

File 110/7Chapter 1, Early Days (on the ranch)

File 110/8Chapters 2, 3 and 4, pages 58-64

File 110/9Chapter 2 - At the University of VA

File 110/10Chapter 2 - At the University of VA (carbon copy)

File 110/11Chapter 3 - Starting to Practice Medicine

File 110/12at the Johns Hopkins Hospital

File 110/13Chapter 4 - Johns Hopkins Hospital of 1897, pgs. 1-15, Harcourt, Brace & Co., Inc.

File 110/14Chapter 4 - At the Johns Hopkins Hospital

File 110/15Chapter 4 - Hospital Days

File 110/16Chapter 4 - At the Johns Hopkins Hospital

File 110/17Chapter 4 - At the Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1894

File 110/18Chapter 5 - Starting to Practice in Baltimore

File 110/19Chapter 5 - Starting to Practice in Baltimore

File 110/20Chapter 6 - Improvements to Perineal Prostatectomies

File 110/21Chapter 6 - Developing a Specialty - Kidney Stones (Urinary Calculus) (not used)

File 110/22Chapter 6 - Developing A Specialty - Epispadias

File 110/23Chapter 6 - Developing A Specialty - Urinary Calculus or Stone, 5 pages. — Jan 20, 1940

File 110/24Chapter 6, Developing A Specialty - Diverticula or Pouches Connecting with the Bladder, 3 pages. — Jan 18, 1940

File 110/25Chapter 6 - Developing A Specialty - Development of the Cystoscope

File 110/26Chapter 6 - Developing a Specialty, The Phthalein Test

File 110/27Developing a Specialty - Enlargement of the Prostate Gland

File 110/28Chapter 6 - Improvements in Perineal Prostatectomy

File 110/29Chapter 6 - Developing a Specialty - Cancer of the Prostate

File 110/30Chapter 6 - Cancer of the Prostate; patient, William H. Welch, pages 1-3. Autobiography?????

File 110/31Chapter 6 - First Radical Operations for Cancer of the Prostate

File 110/32Chapter 6 - Operations for Cancer of Prostate Too Advanced

File 110/33Chapter 6 - Developing A Specialty - Spread of Cancer Through the Body

File 110/34Chapter 6 - Traumatic Rupture of the Prostalic Urethra

File 110/35Chapter 6 - Obstructive Bar Within Bladder

File 110/36Chapter 6 - Developing A Specialty - Tumors of the Bladder

File 110/37Chapter 6 - Developing A Specialty - Urinary Calculus

File 110/38Chapter 6 - Developing A Specialty - Urinary Calculus - Vasquez kidney surgery -

File 110/39Chapter 6 - Genito-Urinary Tuberculosis

File 110/40Chapter 6 - Developing A Specialty - Genito-Urinary Tuberculosis

File 110/41Chapter 6 - Resection or Removal of One Half of a Double Kidney

File 110/42Chapter 6 - Imperforate Anus

File 110/43Chapter 6 - Hermaphroditism

File 110/44Chapter 6 - Hermaphroditism

File 110/45Chapter 6 - Operating on a Tiger

File 110/46Chapter 6 - Developing A Specialty - Operative Fees - Some Amusing Cases

File 110/47Chapter 6 - Developing a Specialty - Operative Fees - Patient, Robert Wolfe

File 110/48For Chapter 6 - Exstrophy of Bladder (not in book)

File 110/49Chapter 6 - Sexual Neuroses (not in book)

File 110/50Chapter 6 - Operative Fees

File 110/51Chapter 6 - Operative Fees (for Harcourt)

[Box 111] Chapters 7 - 21

File 111/1Chapter 7 - Diamond Jim Brady

File 111/2Chapter 7 - Diamond Jim Brady

File 111/3Chapter 7 - Diamond Jim Brady, pgs. 40-55

File 111/4Chapter 7 - Diamond Jim Brady

File 111/5Chapter 8 - James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute

File 111/6Chapter 9 - Studies in Antiseptics, last draft. — Feb. 20, 1940

File 111/7Chapter 9 - Studies in Antiseptics, 3rd copy. — May 5, 1940

File 111/8Chapter 9 - Studies in Antiseptics

File 111/9Chapter 9 - Studies in Antiseptics (The Story of Mercurochrome

File 111/10Chapter 9 - Studies in Antiseptics - Discovery of Mercurochrome

File 111/11Chapter 9 - Studies in Antiseptics

File 111/12Chapter 10 - Going to War

File 111/13Chapter 10 - Going to War

File 111/14Chapter 10 - Going to War

File 111/15Chapter 11 - Studying Venereal Diseases with the British Army in England & France

File 111/16Chapter 12 - Studying Venereal Disease in French Army, Verdon D'Artique

File 111/17Chapter 13 - Venereal Disease Program for AEF

File 111/18Chapter 14 - Medical Service for the Civil Population of Eastern France

File 111/19Chapter 15 - Prostitution in France

File 111/20Chapter 15 - Prostitution in France

File 111/21Chapter 16 - The Venereal disease Problem at a French Seaport

File 111/22Chapter 17 - Writing the Manual of Military Urology

File 111/23Chapter 18 - Inaugurating a Venereal Program in the AEF

File 111/24Chapter 18 - Inaugurating a Venereal Disease Program

File 111/25Chapter 18 - Inaugurating a Venereal Program

File 111/26Chapter 19 - Conferences with our Allies on Venereal Problems

File 111/27Chapter 19 - Conferences with our Allies on Venereal Problems

File 111/28Chapter 20 - Skin Diseases and Their Prevention

File 111/29Chapter 20 - Skin Diseases and Their Prevention in AEF (for Harcourt's)

[Box 112] Autobiography, chapters 22 - 30

File 112/1Chapter 22 - Inspection Trips

File 112/2Chapter 22 - Inspection Trips

File 112/3Chapter 22 - A Visit to 82nd, 5th & 35th Divisions

File 112/4Chapter 22 - A Visit to the 2nd Division

File 112/5Chapter 22 - A Visit to the 26th Division

File 112/6Chapter 22 - Trip to the Front to First Army

File 112/7Chapter 22 - The Meuse-Argonne Offensive. Fred Coston's death (not all in book)

File 112/8Chapter 22 - A Night Trip to Outpost Sentries. Hand drawn map of military positions.

File 112/9Chapter 22 - After the Armistice, 3rd Division

File 112/10Chapter 22 - Trip into Alsace

File 112/11Chapter 22 - The Soissons Offensive

File 112/12Chapter 22 - The Soissons Offensive, etc.

File 112/13Chapter 22 - Reduction of Saint Mihiel Salient

File 112/14Chapter 22 - A Visit to 89th in Alsace

File 112/15Chapter 22 - After the Armistice

File 112/16Chapter 22 - German Atrocities in Belgium

File 112/17Chapter 22 - A Trip to the Army of Occupation and Back to Neufchateau

File 112/18Chapter 23 - In London

File 112/19Chapter 23 - In London; Ambassador Francis

File 112/20Chapter 23 - President Wilson's Visit to London, Admiral Sims

File 112/21Chapter 23 - Dinner with Admiral Sims (political discussion) (William Sowden Sims, 1858-1936)

File 112/22Chapter 24 - President Wilson's Illness

File 112/23Chapter 24 - President Wilson's Illness

File 112/24Chapter 24 - President Wilson's Illness

File 112/25Chapter 25 - The War Memorial

File 112/26Chapter 25 - National Legislation for Public Health (not in book)

File 112/27Chapter 25 - Medical Legislative Work done for the Medical Society in 1903 (p. 59-71)

File 112/28Chapter 25 - Baltimore Club; Building the Baltimore Club

File 112/29Chapter 25 - Baltimore Museum of Art

File 112/30Chapter 25 - State & Civic Interests - Baltimore Museum of Art

File 112/31Chapter 25 - State & Civic Interests - The Lyric Theatre

File 112/32Chapter 25 - State & Civic Interests in Musical Affairs

File 112/33Chapter 25 - Documents Relating to Maryland

File 112/34Chapter 25 - War Memorial

File 112/35Chapter 26 - Cruises - Trip to Mexico

File 112/36Chapter 26 - Cruises

File 112/37Chapter 26 - Cruises

File 112/38Chapter 26 - Cruises - The Case of R. M. Nadal (not in book)

File 112/39Chapter 26 - An Airplane Trip to Mexico City

File 112/40Chapter 26 - Mexico

File 112/41Chapter 27 - Travel by Air

File 112/42Chapter 27 - Travel by Air (Aviation Interests)

File 112/43Prohibitonism in the AEF

File 112/44Chapter 28 - A Smattering of Languages

File 112/45Chapter 29 - Bob Bingham

File 112/46Chapter 29 - Bob Bingham

File 112/47Chapter 30 - Fishing

File 112/48Miscellaneous loose pages

File 112/49Miscellaneous notes

[Box 113] Autobiography Source Material

File 113/1Chapter 30 - Trip to Jasper National Park and Alaska, August. — 1934

File 113/2Chapter 30 - A Fishing Trip in Northern British Columbia

File 113/3Chapter section - Poetic Justice, Sir Peter Freyer. (not in book). Origins of Suprapubic Prostatectomy

File 113/4Chapter section - Young's Luck, 1936. Elizabeth Young's cruise to Hawaii. (not in book)

File 113/5Chapter section - My Saturday Matinees (not in book)

File 113/6Early Experiences with Automobiles (not in book)

File 113/7Illness of Mrs. Coolidge - President Calvin Coolidge and examination of Mrs. Coolidge (not in book)

File 113/8Medical Case - Fatality illustrating need for pedicle clamps (not in book)

File 113/9William Welch Patient - cancer of prostate (not in book)

File 113/10Chapter - Me and Mine (not in book)

File 113/11Chapter - Me and Mine (not in book)

File 113/12Autobiography - "Notes on my Illnesses" not used in biography. Some basis for final chapter. — 9/21/1938

File 113/13Manuscript - biographical account of military aspects of Hugh Hampton Young's life (source material)

File 113/14Notes - Miscellaneous notes regarding writing of autobiography

File 113/15Autobiography - Alfred Harcourt's proposed outline for Vol. II

File 113/16Abridged Autobiography - Omnibook Magazine (fragment). — 1940