YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series XV] Visual Materials

[Sub-series A] Photographs

[Sub-sub-series 136] Family photos

File 136/1Young, Hugh Franklin. Paternal grandfather of Young

File 136/2Young, Frances Kemper. Mother of Young (Mrs. William Hugh Young)

File 136/3Kemper, George Whitfield, Sr. Maternal grandfather of Young

File 136/4Young family documents, Photos of family military commissions 1775-1862

File 136/5Young family portrait of unidentified, bearded man, made in San Antonio. — ca. 1865-1910

File 136/6Young with large unidentified (family?) group on porch. — ca. 1910

File 136/7Young, Bessy Mason Colston, and dog Patty. — April 1901

File 136/8Young, Bessy Mason, portrait in wedding gown. — June 1901

File 136/9Young and wife Bessy, on honeymoon. — 1901

File 136/10Young holding baby, Mrs. H.H. Young (?) holding baby. — ca. 1903-1905

File 136/11Young family trip to Cape May, New Jersey. — ca. 1904

File 136/12Young family, Mrs. Young on lawn with three children, reproduction of painting by Eric Haupt (color)

File 136/13Young family portrait in garden. — ca. 1915

File 136/14Young family, girl's birthday party. — ca. 1905-1910

File 136/15Young family, three girls in swims suits on dock. — ca. 1905-1910

File 136/16Young, with girls on beach, Pompano Beach, Florida. — 1938

File 136/17Young with six of his grandchildren. — 1932

File 136/18Young, wedding portraits of Young children

File 136/19Young (with wife and mother-in-law?) at racetrack (in Rome?). — ca. 1910

File 136/20Young, Frances Kemper (Mrs. William Francis Rienhoff, Jr. with four sons)

File 136/21Young, Elizabeth Campbell (Mrs. Warren Russell Starr) ? with husband and with baby

File 136/22Young, Elizabeth Campbell (Mrs. Warren Russell Starr) Hawaiian home. — ca. 1937-1940

File 136/23Young, Elizabeth Campbell (Mrs. Warren Russell Starr) visit to Hawaiian home

File 136/24Young, Helen Hampton (Mrs. Bennett Crain) on horseback

File 136/25Young, Frederick Colston with wife, Nellie Croxall Biays

File 136/26Young family (and friends?) unidentified

File 136/27Portraits of Young family (and friends?) unidentified

File 136/28Lamont Family - Coat of Arms

File 136/29Lord, George - a member of the Snively Expedition

File 136/30Von Dohlen, J. H. (Mrs.) nee Kitty Keeler, Young's childhood nurse

[Sub-sub-series 137] Family negatives, and family homes

File 137/1Young family negatives, labeled "films personal". — ca. 1930

File 137/2Young family negatives, unidentified

File 137/3Young family negatives, unidentified

File 137/4Young family negatives, unidentified

File 137/5Young family negatives, unidentified

File 137/6Young family homes - Ballygowan, Ireland, home of Andrew and John Lamont Young

File 137/7Family home - "Madison Hall" Port Republic, Virginia, home of Dr. George W. Kemper, Sr., great grandfather of Young

File 137/8Family home - Port Republic, home of Dr. George W. Kemper, Jr., maternal grandfather of Young

File 137/9Family homes - Port Republic, map showing location of ancestral homes

File 137/10Family homes - Port Republic map showing Civil War movements around family homes in Port Republic

File 137/11Family home - Port Republic views of Front (Main) Street and of nearby battlefield site

File 137/12Family home - "Walnut Level", Brown's Cove, Virginia, birthplace of Frances Michie Kemper, Young's mother

File 137/13Family Homes - Colston family home, near Easton, Maryland

File 137/14Family home - 1016 Main Avenue, San Antonio, boyhood home of Young

File 137/15Family home - Goliad Road, San Antonio, boyhood home of Young

File 137/16Family home - "Linkwood" Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, Interiors

File 137/17Unidentified homes and churches

[Sub-sub-series 138] Young portraits, formal and informal, with friends, colleagues, and other photos related to his professional life.

File 138/1Young - Class photo, (University of Virginia?) ca. 1892-1894

File 138/2Young - oval portrait, one month before marriage. — May 1901

File 138/3Young - oval, formal portrait by DeYoung's studio, New York. — ca. 1910-1915

File 138/4Young - formal portrait by Meredith Janvier, Baltimore. — 1916

File 138/5Young - formal portrait by Holmes Studio, Baltimore. — ca. 1918-1922

File 138/6Young - formal portraits, unidentified photographers. — ca. 1915-1925

File 138/7Young - formal portrait, reproduction of painting by Sir William Orpen (color). — ca. 1935

File 138/8Young - formal portrait, Bachrach, Baltimore. — ca. 1935-1941

File 138/9Young - portraits, series from one sitting. — ca. 1943-1945

File 138/10Young on a ship deck with man and woman. — ca. 1903

File 138/11Young at writing desk, Genito-Urinary Department. — ca. 1904

File 138/12Young reading at desk, Brady Urological Institute. — ca. 1915-1920

File 138/13Young at office desk, writing, later years, The Hughes Co.. — ca. 1940-1945

File 138/14Young performing perineal prostatectomy in 1927

File 138/15Young examining display of medical/surgical equipment. — ca. 1940-1945

File 138/16Young in surgical gown with Dr. Villanuevo?. — ca. 1930

File 138/17Young with Robert Worth Bingham,

File 138/18Young and Ambassadress Garrett in costume, (Mrs. John Work Garrett). — ca. 1930

File 138/19Young at costume ball, as Mae West, Pan American Medical 20. Association cruise. — 1934

File 138/20Young and unidentified couple, (possibly Captain and Mrs. Anthony Eden?). — 1938

File 138/21Young with General Hugh Drum, attending Army show at the Baltimore Stadium. — June 12, 1942

File 138/22Young with Governor Albert Ritchie and others at gala event. — ca. 1940-1945

File 138/23Young with unidentified others, WBAL broadcast. — ca. 1940-1945

File 138/24Young silhouettes, caricatures. — ca. 1915-1922

File 138/25Young with actor (Edward Arnold) portraying "Diamond Jim" Brady. — 1935

113625[Hugh Hampton Young with actor Edward Arnold]. — 1935;2008-10-15. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 8 x 10 in
Edward Arnold portrayed James Buchanon Brady in the Universal Pictures film "Diamond Jim", released in 1935.
Photograph is in the public domain.
Photograph taken by Baltimore News-Post staff photographer.

File 138/26Young in costume as Mephistopheles, seated with girl (daughter?). — December 1935

File 138/27Young (and wife?) in California, with Hollywood actors. — ca. 1925

File 138/28Young at tree planting ceremony in Hawaii. — August 1935

File 138/29Young at Crawford Long Plaque dedication ceremony. — 1936

113628[Hugh Hampton Young at Crawford Long plaque dedication ceremony]. — 1936;2008-10-15. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 8 x 10 in
Photograph may be subject to copyright restrictions; contact the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives for all reproduction permissions.
Photographer unknown.

File 138/30Young with unidentified woman at outdoor ceremony, (negatives). — ca. 1935

File 138/31Young about to depart on Pan-American Airways, 1st flight to Bermuda from Baltimore. — Nov. 14, 1937

File 138/32Young receiving honor from Governor Herbert R. O'Connor for twenty-five years as President of the Lyric Opera Company

File 138/33Young receiving honorary degree from Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland, (with A. Fullerton?, or Marchioness of Londonderry?). — ca. 1935-1940

File 138/34Photo of certificate awarding Young the Distinguished Service Medal. — April 1926

File 138/35Photo of the Edward L. Keyes Medal. — awarded 1937

File 138/36Photo of letter announcing the election of Young to Royal Society of Medicine. — May 25, 1943

File 138/37Young's Practice of Urology, "Sending out first shipment of Young's Practice of Urology"

File 138/38Barton, Clara. — July 1904

113626[Clara Barton, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]. — 1904-07;2008-10-15. — 1 photographic print on cabinet card : gelatin silver ; image 4 x 5.5 in
Creator: J.E. Purdy & Co. (Boston, Mass.)
Photograph is presumably in the public domain.
A copy of this print is held by the Library of Congress.
Hand-written note from Clara Barton on verso of cabinet card: "With a respect I cannot name, and a gratitude I cannot measure, I beg Dr. Young to accept this unsatisfactory shadow (of a still less satisfactory face) of his friend, Clara Barton. March 26, 1905."
Title taken from record on Library of Congress Prints and Photographs online catalog.

File 138/39Bingham, Robert Worth. — ca. 1932-1936

File 138/40Kilmer, Willis Sharpe, photo christmas card. — ca. 1915

File 138/41Ritchie, Albert (Governor). — ca. 1935-1940

File 138/42Quezon, Manuel, patient of Young, "Time Magazine portrait". — 1935

[Sub-sub-series 139] Travel, Fishing, Hunting, Boating

File 139/1Hawaii, family and friends, prints and negatives. — ca. 1935

File 139/2Hawaii, family and friends, seaplane travel, prints and negatives. — ca. 1935

File 139/3Hawaii, Scenes with natives. — ca. 1935

File 139/4Hawaii, scenery. — ca. 1935

File 139/5Hawaiian Isle, Kauai, scenery. — ca. 1935

File 139/6Postcards, various locations and subjects - blank. — ca. 1912-1930

File 139/7Postcards, Marietta, Georgia - blank. — ca. 1925

File 139/8Puerto Rico, (8x10) Views of Puerto Rico, sent from Senator Rafel Martinez Nadal. — 1938

File 139/9Puerto Rico, (8x10) Views of Puerto Rico, sent from Senator Rafel Martinez Nadal. — 1938

File 139/10Puerto Rico, (8x10) Views of Puerto Rico, sent from Senator Rafel Martinez Nadal. — 1938

File 139/11Great Britain, Hunting party (negatives). — ca. 1920-1942

File 139/12Great Britain
Needs conservation extremely brittle (negatives)

File 139/13Great Britain, Scotland (negatives)

File 139/14Great Britain, Scotland (negatives)

File 139/15Great Britain, Scotland (negatives)

File 139/16Great Britain, Scotland (negatives)

File 139/17Great Britain, Scotland (negatives)

File 139/18Seaside scenes, unidentified group, copy prints made 1989. — ca. 1900

File 139/19Tennis tournament, unidentified group, copy prints made 1989. — ca. 1900

File 139/20Egypt, India (Marrachech?) Mexico, four snapshots. — ca. 1915-1935* check date

File 139/21Alaska, by seaplane (Mona? Lake) ca.1920 check date*

File 139/22Europe, Prague, Paris?, six photos. — ca. 1900-1935

File 139/23Fishing and Boating with friends

File 139/24Fishing/Hunting, Young and others with catch

[Sub-sub-series 140] Art, Maryland History, Calverts

File 140/1Photos of Paintings, Renaissance - Venetian

File 140/2Architecture, Classical Greek Ruins, Athens

File 140/3Sculpture, Ancient Classical, - Hermaphrodites

File 140/4Sculpture and painting, Ancient Classical - Hermaphrodites and Herma

File 140/5Sculpture, Rodin, considered for Balto. Museum of Art purchase

File 140/6Bookplates - William E. Baille collection, 18th century (4 plates)

File 140/7Bookplates - William E. Baille collection. — 19th century

File 140/8Bookplates - William E.Baille collection, 20th century

File 140/9Bookplate collection, (two) Etchings - William E.Baille collection

File 140/10Venetian Engravings, (17th Century?)

File 140/11Etching - Leroy d'Etiolles, Lithotripsy

File 140/12Calvert Portraits, Calvert and Arundel, residences

File 140/13Calvert Portraits, Charles Calvert, photo of miniature

File 140/14Calvert Portraits, Lord and Lady Fairfax. — ca. 1933

File 140/15Calvert portraits, "Windleston Hall", Exteriors, Interiors with portraits

105221Windlestone Hall. — circa 1930;2006-10-24. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 4 x 5 in
Photo of Windlestone Hall driveway to Hall, tree on right
Photographer unknown

105222[Windlestone Hall, exterior front view]. — circa 1930;2006-10-24. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 4 x 5 in
Front view of Windlestone Hall, steps in center, tree on right
Photographer unknown

105223[Library at Windlestone Hall]. — circa 1930;2006-10-24. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 5x 7 in
Windlestone Hall library
Photographer unknown

105224[Calvert portrait hanging above a chest]. — cirace 1930;2008-10-24. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 5 x 7 in
Portrait of one of the Calverts hanging on wall above chest
Photographer unknown

105225[Room at Windlestone Hall]. — circa 1930;2008-10-24. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 5 x 7 in
Room at Windlestone Hall with 1 desk, couch, chair, and 5 paintings hanging on wall
Photographer unknown

105226[Room at Windlestone Hall]. — circa 1930;2006-10-24. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 5 x 7 in
Room with desk, fireplace, couch, and 2 chairs with 4 paintings on the wall
Photographer unknown

105227[Pillars at Windlestone Hall]. — circa 1930;2006-10-24. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 5 x 7 in
View of room with paintings and furniture between two pillars
Photographer unknown

105228[Dining room at Windlestone Hall]. — circa 1930;2006-03-13. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 5 x 7 in
Table with three lamps, fireplace, and four paintings on the wall
Photographer unknown

File 140/16Calvert portraits, Cowes Ceremony, unveiling of tablet. — 1933

File 140/17Calvert portraits, photo of letter of Thos. Agnew & Sons. — Nov.11, 1933

File 140/18Maryland History - Calvert Family Homes, sites of early Maryland homes

File 140/19Maryland History - Maryland Exhibit, New York World's Fair. — 1939

File 140/20Maryland History - Maryland Exhibit, New York World's Fair, (from scrapbook). — 1939

[Sub-sub-series 141] Photos of Young in AEF, Signal Corps photos. — 1917-1919
Aviation photos

File 141/1Young Photo-Identification, American Expeditionary Force

File 141/2Young in American Expeditionary Force Uniform

File 141/3Young on the deck of the Baltic. — 1917

49432[Hugh Hampton Young, portrait in uniform on deck of the Baltic]. — 1917;2008-04-11. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 1 x 2 in
Photograph may be subject to copyright restrictions, contact the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives for all reproduction permissions.
Digital image files (TIFF and JPEG) maintained by Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives.
Photographer unknown.

File 141/4Young with J.M.T. Finney, Harvey Cushing, and others of AEF. — ca. 1917-1919

File 141/5Caricature of Young in uniform making rounds of battlefields in France, ca. 1917-1919, and cartoon of hermaphrodite in uniform

File 141/6American Expeditionary Force - Neufchateau, France. — ca. 1917

File 141/7American Expeditionary Force. — ca. 1917-1919

File 141/8American Expeditionary Force. — ca. 1917-1919

File 141/9American Expeditionary Force, Signal Corps Photos. — ca. 1917-1919

File 141/10Military (transport) Ship, World War I?. — ca. 1917-1919

File 141/11Colonel Young with General Foch and General Record, "when Marshal Foch visited Baltimore" check on date

File 141/12Baltic Society Dinner, with General Pershing present. — 1937

File 141/13Postcards - France, World War I, blank. — ca. 1917-1919

File 141/14Postcards - World War I, Blank. — ca. 1917-1919

File 141/15Young - Standing in front of planes, with companions. — ca. 1920-1940

File 141/16Aviation - photo of certificate for Young serving as Chairman of the State Aviation Commission of Maryland. — 1929

File 141/17Aviation - Group portrait, Young with group in front of American mail plane, "The Flagship"

File 141/18Aviation - Aircraft, Sikorsky. — ca. 1916

File 141/19Aviation - Aircraft, Zeppelin, landing Bourbonne les Bains?. — ca. 1903

File 141/20Aviation - Aircraft, Dornier, "Flugschiff Do. X"

File 141/21Aviation - Aircraft, Pan-American Airways, American Clipper, Caribbean Clipper

File 141/22Aviation - Aircraft, "Calcutta"

File 141/23Aviation - Aircraft, Amphibious, Inc., and General Aviation Co.. — 1932

File 141/24Aviation - Aircraft, A Future Air Freighter, by Harlan Fowler

File 141/25Aviation - Young invention, retractable floats - motion studies

File 141/26Aviation - Young invention, retractable floats - motion studies

File 141/27Aviation - Seaplane travel. — ca. 1930

File 141/28Aviation - Study of runway damage by landing B-29's, April. — 1942

[Sub-sub-series 142] BUI related photos, group portraits, staff photos, colleagues and associates

File 142/1Brown, James, Head of Genito-Urinary Department, ca. 1885-1889

File 142/2Brady, James Buchanan - Reproduction of portrait paintings. — ca. 1915

File 142/3Brady - menu of dinner given Young by Brady, mixed media. — ca. 1915

File 142/4Young in JHH/JHUSM group portrait, includes:Welch, Kelly, Cushing, Thayer. — ca. 1895-1905

File 142/5Young in JHH group portrait, in front of Harriet Lane Home. — ca. 1915-1920

File 142/6Young with Clinical Society Genito-Urinary Surgeons, BUI. — 1925

File 142/7Young with International Society of Urology?, Rome. — ca. 1924

File 142/8Brady Urological Institute, interiors, sepia tone. — ca. 1915-1921

File 142/9Brady Urological Institute, Residents, Leadbetter, Jewett, and Dees. — 1936

File 142/10Brady Urological Staff. — ca. 1935, 1936

File 142/11Brady Urological Staff. — ca. 1940

File 142/12Brady Urological Staff. — 1947-1948

File 142/13Brady Urological Staff. — 1948-1949

File 142/14Brady Urological Staff. — 1948-1949

File 142/15Brady Urological Staff. — 1949-1950

File 142/16Brady Urological Staff. — 1952-1953

File 142/17Bertner, William Ernest, M.D., Associate. — 1918

File 142/18Bowers, Charles, A., M.D. Associate. — 1914-1915

File 142/19Boyd, Montague, M.D., JHH, Resident Urologist. — 1910-1911

File 142/20Caulk, John R., M.D., BUI, Resident Urologist. — 1909,1910

File 142/21Cecil, Arthur B., M.D., JHH, Assistant Resident Surgeon. — 1912-1913

File 142/22Churchman, John W., M.D. Associate of H.H. Young. — 1903-1905

File 142/23Cochrane, Robert Miller, BUI. — 1931

File 142/24Colston, J.A. Campbell, M.D. BUI, Associate Professor of Urology,

File 142/25Cushing, Harvey, M.D., ? Surgical Society, Rome 1930 ? unidentified Denny, Walter, L., M.D., BUI, Urologist

File 142/26Fowler, Harry Atwood, M.D., Associate of Young. — ca. 1902-1903

File 142/27Futcher, Joseph

File 142/28Geraghty, John Timothy, M.D., BUI, Associate Professor of Urology. — 1914-1924

File 142/29Hinman, Frank, M.D., BUI, Resident Urologist. — 1914

File 142/30Hobelman, F.W., M.D., JHU, Assistant Visiting Urologist. — 1934

File 142/31Huger, William, E., Jr., M.D., Associate of Young. — 1898-1901

File 142/32Hume, Joseph, M.D., Associate of Young. — 1900-1901

File 142/33Jacobs, Joseph, M.D., (Studied under Crawford Long)

File 142/34Lewis, Dean

File 142/35Lowsley, Oswald, S., M.D. Associate of Young. — 1912-1913

File 142/36Plaggemeyer, Harry, W., M.D., Marburg Bldg, Resident Urologist. — 1912-1913

File 142/37Quimby, William, C., M.D.

File 142/38Randall, Alexander, M.D., Associate of Young. — 1907-1908

File 142/39Roth, Russell B.

File 142/40Russell, Allen R., M.D., BUI. — 1931

File 142/41Stevens, Alexander, R., M.D., JHH, House Officer. — 1903-1905

File 142/42Swartz, Ernest O., M.D., Associate of Young. — 1917-1919

File 142/43Trout, Hugh H., M.D., Associate of Young. — undated

File 142/44Waters, Charles, A., M. D., BUI, Roentgenologist

File 142/45Wesson, Miley B., BUI, House Officer. — 1919-1921

File 142/46Portraits unidentified, and portrait lists

[Sub-sub-series 143] Portraits, BUI, Post-graduate students. — 1918-1936

File 143/1Aston, M.J., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1926

File 143/2Brown, Henry, S., BUI, Post-graduate Student. — 1925

File 143/3Chenery, Alan, M.D., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1923-1924

File 143/4Cooper, George William, BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1929

File 143/5Dumbauld, Carl, M. BUI, Post-graduate Student. — 1931

File 143/6Dusinberre, R.K.Y., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1930

File 143/7Frazier, E.S., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1931

File 143/8Gibson, Leo Eaton, M.D., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1925-1926

File 143/9Gordon, John Norman, Curry, BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1932

File 143/10Jewett, Hugh, J. Chief Resident. — 1936

File 143/11Keen, Morris Robert, BUI Post-graduate student. — 1927-1928

File 143/12Landes, Herbert, E., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1930-1932

File 143/13MacCombe, R.A., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1918

File 143/14Mahaffey, Hugh, M.D., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1931

File 143/15Mathis, M.S., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1925

File 143/16Morse, Charles E., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1928-1929

File 143/17Multhauf, A.D., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1926-1927

File 143/18Osborn, Arthur, L., M.D., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1929-1930

File 143/20Shields, George P., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1922-1923

File 143/21Tongprasroeth, Seng, M.D., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1931-1932

File 143/22Topper, J.A., BUI, Post-graduate student. — 1923

File 143/23Wolfe, Humphry, D., BUI, Post-graduate. — 1931-1933

File 143/24Portraits, BUI, Post-graduate students, unidentified

[Sub-sub-series 144] Pathology specimens [xxxx - xxxx]

File 144/1Pathology #[xxxx], # [xxxx], Replacement Lipoma

File 144/2Pathology [xxxx-xxxx], Cystic Disease of the Kidney

File 144/3Pathology [xxxx-xxxx], Cystic Disease of the Kidney, Cystadenoma

File 144/4Pathology [xxxx-xxxx], Kidney Tumors (Dr. Lewis)

File 144/5Pathology [xxxx], Kidney Tumor (Dr. Lewis)

File 144/6Pathology [xxxx], [xxxx], [name redacted]

File 144/7Pathology [xxxx-xxxx] "special photos - Dr. Lewis"

File 144/8Pathology [xxxx]

File 144/9Pathology [xxxx], Sarcoma of prostate (Dr. Gordon Dean)

File 144/10Pathology [xxxx], Prostatic gland

File 144/11Pathology [xxxx], (Dr. Walter's)

File 144/12Pathology [xxxx, xxxx]

[Sub-sub-series 145] Pathology Specimens [xxxxx-xxxxx], Patient photos, Dr. Frontz cases, Medical/Surgical Instruments and Equipment

File 145/1Pathology [xxxxx] Complete Cystectomy, (Dr. Vest) . — 1937

File 145/2Pathology [xxxxx] Kidney, L.. — 1937

File 145/3Pathology [xxxxx] (Dr. Leadbetter)

File 145/4Pathology [xxxxx-xxxxx]

File 145/5Pathology [xxxxx], [xxxxx], enhanced with illustration

File 145/6Pathology [xxxxx-xxxxx]

File 145/7Pathology [xxxxx-xxxxx], and unnumbered specimen

File 145/8Pathology male genitalia, cases examined by Dr. Frontz, miscellaneous items, patient photo fig. 5, pencil illustration of penis, pathology specimen

File 145/9Pathology male genitalia, cases examined by Dr. Frontz

File 145/10Patient photo, Genito-Urinary Department, pathology, male genitalia, Patients: Dr. Frontz. — ca. 1895-1915

File 145/11Patient photo, pathology, male genitalia, Patients examined by Dr. Frontz. — ca. 1900-1920

File 145/12Patient photo, pathology, male genitalia, Patients examined by Dr. Frontz

File 145/13Patient photo, Fig. 4, YPU, No. 126, labeled return to Max Broedel. — ca. 1895-1910

File 145/14Patient photo - Case of [name redacted], woman (#[xxx], [xxxxxxx]) in the trial of [name redacted], and photo of [name redacted]

File 145/15X-Ray Prints, Patients examined by Dr. Frontz

File 145/16[name redacted], Patient photo no BUI #. — 1945

File 145/17[name redacted], patient photo, BUI # [xxxxx]. — 1944

File 145/18Medical movie fragment (10 frames color) male genitalia (post-operative), 4x5 negative still image

File 145/19Photos and text, Manuscript on Papillary Carcinoma

File 145/20Photos and text, Manuscript on Papillary Carcinoma

File 145/21Table constructed by Young for postural drainage of lungs, Colorado Springs. — 1922

File 145/22Medical Instruments, Patients with drainage apparatus attached. — ca. 1915-1925

File 145/23Medical Equipment, apparatus in operating room. — ca. 1900-1910

File 145/24Medical Equipment, "Pendulocup" soap dispenser, invented by Young

File 145/25Medical Instruments, Mueller & Co. exhibit at A.U.A. meeting. — 1938

114536[Display case at Century of Progress exposition, American Urological Association]. — circa 1938;2008-10-15. — 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 8 x 10 in
Creator: Apex Photographic Company (Chicago, IL.)
Photograph may be subject to copyright restrictions; contact the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives for all reproduction permissions.
  • For a detailed listing of exhibit content, see the Mueller correspondence file in the Hugh Hampton Young Papers.
  • Photographer unknown.

    File 145/26Medical Instruments, photos of drawings of instruments

    [Sub-series B] Photomicrographs, X-Ray Prints, Medical Illustration

    File 146/1Photomicrographs - #[xxxx - xxxxx] (Dr. Rich)

    File 146/2Photomicrographs - #[xxxx - xxxx], Replacement Lypoma

    File 146/3Photomicrographs - #[xxxx - xxxx], Replacement Lypoma

    File 146/4Photomicrographs - #[xxxx - xxxx], Replacement Lypoma

    File 146/5Photomicrographs - #[xxxx, xxxxx], miscellaneous

    File 146/6Photomicrographs - Printers proofs, unidentified

    File 146/7X-Ray prints - Cystogram, Patient - [name redacted]. — 1932

    File 146/8X-Ray Prints, Patient - [name redacted]

    File 146/9X-Ray Prints, mounted with patho. photo, BUI #[xxxxx], path #[xxxx] Calculi from prostate; streptococcus infection (Dr. McL-)

    File 146/10X-Ray Prints, (Dr. Semans) Tumor of Adrenal

    File 146/11X-Ray Prints, Pyelogram. — 1933

    File 146/12X-Ray Prints, Ureterograms. — 1933

    File 146/13X-Ray Prints, Calcified Kidney (Dr. Sussman and Dr. Quimby case)

    File 146/14X-Ray Prints (Dr. Thompkins Case)

    File 146/15X-Ray Prints, Cystography (Dr. Pfahler case, see letter of Feb. 4, 1932)

    File 146/16X-Ray Prints, Patient- [name redacted]. — 1945

    File 146/17X-Ray Print, Patient - Young, Hugh Hampton. — 1917

    File 146/18X-Ray Prints, miscellaneous, unidentified

    File 146/19Medical Illustration, sketch by Ralph L. Witherow, safety pin and wound. — 1918

    File 146/20Medical Illustration, Max Broedel, (mounted on board). — ca.1902-1911

    [Sub-series C] Film - 16mm, Professional and Personal, videotape

    [Sub-sub-series 1] Large reels

    a.Perineal Prostatectomy

    b.American Urological Association Trip to Norfolk

    c.Johns Hopkins Hospital Turtle Derby. — 1937

    [Sub-sub-series 2] Small reels - boxed

    a.Surgical operation - box is labeled as Bob Bingham shooting, Florida Keys. — January 1935

    b.Labeled - "Ft. St. James (?) Aeroplane, fishing, Rodeo - Radio"

    c.Shooting with Bob Bingham at Pineland Lodge. — February, 1936

    d.H.H. Young trip to Alaska (glaciers). — 1934

    e.Fishing trip (Florida? Hawaii?)

    [Sub-sub-series 3] Videotape VHS print of Turtle Derby. — 1937