YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series XVI] Bound Family Documents, Diaries, Albums/Scrapbooks

[Sub-series 148] Diaries, Albums/Scrapbooks

File 148/1"Diary of General William Hugh Young, 1865: On Being Liberated From [Yankee] Prison."
Typewritten (carbon?)manuscript (42 pages), bound with this is "A Reminiscence" by J.J. Jarvis, January 22, 1910 (4 pages) Account of military service under General Young.

File 148/2Composition/Scrapbook of William Hugh Young. — 1880's

File 148/3"Composition book of my father, Wm. Hugh Young, while he was at McKenzie Institute in North Texas when about eighteen years old. H.H. Young, June 15, 1928"
The composition book, contains compositions in longhand, much of it has been pasted over a with newspaper clippings, from the 1880's. One hand-painted illustration, presumably by Wm. Young, entitled "Sitting Bull at Home" appears near the back of the volume.

[Sub-series 149] Scrapbook of Francis Kemper Young, ca. 1860's, Scrapbook of the Young Family - 1897-1910

File 149/1Scrapbook of Francis Kemper Young, the mother of Hugh Hampton Young.
An album filled mostly with newspaper clippings of poetry prose, and illustrations. Much of the subject matter refers to Texas, the Confederacy (Confederate Treasury Bills are included), and Kemper family history. There are several very faded, personal photographs mounted amongst the clippings, they include:

aA scene of Spanish Missionary ruins, where a 12 year old, Hugh H. Young is taking the place of a saint's statue, this is noted in pencil beside photo.

bEarly street scenes, probably of San Antonio, Texas

cChurch window to Hugh Young

dPhoto of Francis Kemper Young, possibly a wedding photo of 1869

File 149/2Young Family Scrapbook. — with entries dating from 1897-1910