YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series XVIII] Newspaper Clippings

[Sub-series 151] Autobiography, Biographical, Civic Activities

File 151/1Autobiography of a Surgeon - reviews and clippings

File 151/2Autobiography

File 151/3Autobiography

File 151/4Biographical - career

File 151/5Biographical - retirement

File 151/6Biographical - obituaries

File 151/7Biographical - H.H. Young's visit to San Antonio

File 151/8Civic activities, aviation

File 151/9Aviation

File 151/10Civics - Baltimore Museum of Art

File 151/11Civics - Baltimore Harbor Bridges

File 151/12Civics - Patapsco River Bridge

File 151/13Civics - Potomac River Bridge

File 151/14American Legion and Military Training Camps

File 151/15Civics - Enoch Pratt Free Library

File 151/16Lords Baltimore. — 1929-1942

File 151/17Opera at the Lyric Theatre

File 151/18New York World's Fair. — 1939

File 151/19Family

[Sub-series 152] Civil War, Medicine, Military Activities

File 152/1Civil War

File 152/2Robert E. Lee

File 152/3Medicine

File 152/4Antiseptics: Mercurochrome/Gentian

File 152/5Medical Conferences

File 152/6Medical Lectures

File 152/7Medicine: Senator H. Allen, 1930, H. Vasquez, 1929

File 152/8C. W. Long

File 152/9Medicine: Puerto Rico

File 152/10"Diamond Jim" Brady

File 152/11Medicine: Johns Hopkins Hospital

File 152/12Johns Hopkins University

File 152/13Maryland Public Health

File 152/14AEF

File 152/15World War I: Pershing

File 152/16World War I: Peace Treaty. — 1928

File 152/17World War II

[Sub-series 153] Political Activities, Bingham, Miscellaneous

File 153/1Political

File 153/2Bingham, Robert

File 153/3Bingham obituaries

File 153/4Political: Anthony Eden's visit to Maryland

File 153/5Politics: Ritchie Campaign. — 1931-1932

File 153/6Family

File 153/7Food

File 153/8Stony Run Parkway

File 153/9Social Events

File 153/10Texas

File 153/11Miscellaneous