YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series XIX] OVERSIZED BOXES (4) Papers/Photos

[Sub-series A] Personal/Family/Texas/Civil War/Autobiography

File 154/1Mason Family Genealogy

File 154/2Michie Family Genealogy

File 154/3Property Sale of Estate of John Young. — April 28, 1825

File 154/4"Shopping List". — 1851-1852

File 154/5Commission of Hugh F. Young to Colonel of 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division of Militia of Texas, County of Red River. April 26, 1847

File 154/6Commission of Hugh F. Young to Brigadier General of 15th Brigade, Texas State Troops. January 1, 1862

File 154/7Appointment of Hugh F. young to Chief Justice for Red River County, Texas. December 13, 1848

File 154/8"Snively" Expedition, 1867. Reminiscences of Ben C. Robinson

File 154/9Chesapeake Bay Map

File 154/10Morocco Map

File 154/11Drawing of Awning over Aft Cockpit of "Lone Star"

File 154/12Colston, Heald & Trail - 2 account sheets. — 1928-1929

File 154/13The New World. — February 11, 1843

File 154/14The Sherman Patriot. — March 5, 1862

File 154/15...... Advertiser. — November 16, 1862

File 154/16New York Herald Tribune. — September 15, 1929

File 154/17New York Times Book Review. — April 18, 1937

File 154/18The Philadelphia Inquirer. — May 6, 1945

[Sub-series B] Relating to Maryland

File 155/1U. S. Geological Survey of Maryland

File 155/2Geological Survey of Anne Arundel County, Northeast Section

File 155/3City of Baltimore. Municipal Animal Shelter. Bureau of Sewers. Plan

File 155/4City of Baltimore. Municipal Airport. Department of Public Works, Bureau of Harbors. Plan.. — ca. 1930

File 155/5New York World's Fair, 1939. Maryland Day in the Court of States. Plan, July 28, 1939

File 155/6Map of Maryland showing the proposed Chesapeake Bay Bridge in relation to principal highways

File 155/7Possible segment of invasion of the Eastern Seaboard illustrating the strategical value of the proposed Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Plan

File 155/8"The Sun", Baltimore, Saturday, October ...... - portraits of the Lords Baltimore

[Sub-series C] Medical Career/ BUI/Crawford Long

File 156/1Compilation. Various disorders

File 156/2Pendulocup Patent. Xerox

File 156/3Letter. R. H. Goodman re: Dr. C. W. Long, 1842

File 156/4Photograph, H.H. Young and ? with Memorial Plaque on location of Dr. C. W. Long's office. — 1936

File 156/5Photograph; illegible signature

File 156/6The Glasgow Herald. — April 1, 1927

File 156/7Diploma. Corresponding member. Societa Italiana di Urologia. — Novermber 10, 1909

File 156/8Diploma. Corresponding member. Sociedad de Cirujia de Buenos Aires. — October 30, 1924

File 156/9Honorary Degree, Doctor of Science. The Queeen's University of Belfast. — July 4, 1933

File 156/10Diploma. Foreign Correspondent. Sociedad Venezolana de Urologia. — July 25, 1944

File 156/11Award. The Francis Amory Fund. American Academy of Arts & Sciences. — January 8, 1941

File 156/12Hyernephronia Chart

[Sub-series D] World War I/AEF

File 157/1The Saturday Evening Post. — 1938-1939

File 157/2Ladies' Home Journal. — 1938

File 157/3New York Times Magazine. — June 1, 1918
Map. "Opening States of the New German Offensive in Champagne". "What a Britisher Sees in our Draft Camps".

File 157/4Map - Mezieres-Verdun. Extract

File 157/5Two maps of Verdun; one annotated by H.H. Young "Showing Terrain of Freddie's [Frederick Colston] last days."

File 157/6Neufchateau. Town Plan

File 157/7Venereal Chart #1

File 157/8Rouen. Stationary V.D. Hospital #1. Irrigation Hut. Plan, Cross Section, Elevation. — 1917

File 157/9Rouen. Stationary V.D. Hosptial #1. Laboratory? Plan, Cross Section, Elevation. — 1917

File 157/10Baltic Society Dinner? seating list. — 1927?

File 157/11Aerial photograph. Montfaucon. Tank tracks and shell holes.

File 157/12Aerial photograph. Montfaucon. Remains of town

File 157/13Photograph of Rear Admiral (Ret.) W. S. Crosley. Dedicated to H.H. Young. — 1939

File 157/14Award - Distinguished Service Medal. — April 22, 1926

File 157/15Letter of Commendation. John J. Pershing. — March 5, 1919

File 157/16Salvarsan Treatment Hut, Section and Elevation