YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series XX] Reprints, articles and reviews

[Sub-series A] Reprints, articles, and reviews by Young

[Sub-sub-series 158] H.H. Young reprints, articles and reviews, A - R

File 158/1Adrenals

File 158/2Advantages of Perineal Route in Treatment of Various Diseases of Prostate

File 158/3Anatomy & Surgery of Trigon

File 158/4Calculi of Prostate Associated with Ochronosis and Alkaptonuria

File 158/5Congenital Valve Obstruction of Prostatic Urethra

File 158/6The Cure of Scarlet Fever Complicated with Erysipelas and Streptococcus Septicemia

File 158/7Diagnose u. Behandlung der...... Prostata

File 158/8Electrohaemostasis in Place of Ligatures

File 158/9Further Discussion of Germicides and Presentation of a New Germacide - Meroxyl

File 158/10Imperforate Anus: Bowel Opening into Urethra: Hypospadias

File 158/11Incontinence of Urine

File 158/12Infections in the Genito-Urinary Tract, and Complications

File 158/13Injuries to the Pancreas following Operations on the Right Kidney

File 158/14The Interdependence of Urology and Roentgenology

File 158/15Intravenous Therapy in Acute Infections and Infectious Diseases

File 158/16Functional Kidney Tests

File 158/17Malignant Disease of Genito-Urinary Tract

File 158/18Mercurochrome-220-Its Intravenous Use

File 158/19Note on Action of Flumerin in Treatment of Syphilis

File 158/20Obstructions to the Ureter Produced by Aberrant Blood Vessels

File 158/21Operations for Urethro-Rectal Fistula. — 1913

File 158/22Operative Treatment of Urethro-Rectal Fistula

File 158/23A Phthaleinometer for Rapid Estimation of the Phenolsulphonphthalein Test

File 158/24Preliminary Report of a Case of Mixed Sex, An Apparent Male, with a Testis in Scrotum on Right Side; Ovary Tube and Uterus in Inguinal Canal on Left Side

File 158/25Presentation of New Evacuating Cystoscopic Lithotrite

File 158/26Prostate Cancer

File 158/27Prostatectomy. Prostatic Surgery

File 158/28Prostatic Calculi

File 158/29Prostatic Obstruction

File 158/30Pyelography. Read before International Society of Urologists

File 158/31Radical Cure of Cancer of the Prostate

File 158/32Recent Progress in Treatment of Cancer of Prostate, Seminal Vesicles and Bladder

File 158/33Renaissance of Urology

File 158/34Results Obtained by Various Methods in Treatment of Tumors of the Bladder

File 158/35The Role of the Prostate and Seminal Vesicles in General Toxemias

[Sub-sub-series 159] H.H. Young Reprints, articles, and reviews, S - V

File 159/1Some New Methods in Treatment of Carcinoma of Lower Genito- Urinary Tract with Radium

File 159/2Some Problems in Surgical Treatment of Prostate

File 159/3Sterilization of Local and General Infections

File 159/4Sulfacetimide: Toxicity and Efficacy in Gonorrhea and Urinary Tract Infections

File 159/5Surgical Treament of Elephantiasis

File 159/6Surgical Treatment of Horseshoe Kidney with Special Reference to Division of the Isthmus

File 159/7Technique for Simultaneous Exposure and Operation on the Adrenals

File 159/8Treatment of Certain Vesical Neoplasms by Intravesical Resection of the Entire Bladder Wall with the Peritoneal Coat

File 159/9Tuberculosis of the Genital Tract

File 159/10Tuberculosis of the Seminal Tract

File 159/11Treatment of Hematogenous Nephritis with Sulfanilamide

File 159/12Treatment of Infections and Infectious Diseases with Mercurochrome-220 Soluble

File 159/13The Treatment of Infections---General, Local, and Urinary with the Intravenous Injection of Mercurochrome

File 159/14Treatment of Calculus of the Lower End of Ureter in the Male

File 159/15Treatment of Vesical and Diverticular Calculi

File 159/16Ultimate Results of Prostatectomy

File 159/17Urethral Diverticula

File 159/18Urgent Needs in State and National Legislation. — 1912

File 159/19Urological Problems of Interest to the General Practitioner

File 159/20The Use of Mercurochrome by Mouth as a Urinary and Intestinal Antiseptic

File 159/21The Use of Radium and the Punch Operation in Desperate Cases of Enlarged Prostate

File 159/22The Venereal Disease Problem in the A.E.F.

File 159/23Young Articles - Reviews

[Sub-series B] Reprints, articles and reviews by Colleagues

File 160/1Reprints, A - B

File 160/2Reprints, C

File 160/3Reprints - Crowell, A. J. and Davis, Theo. M. - Prostatic Resections to date. — 1933

File 160/4Reprints, Culp, Ormond S.

File 160/5Reprints, Culp, Ormond S.

File 160/6Reprints, D

File 160/7Reprints, Davis, Theo. M. - Davis Method of Prostatic Resection. — 1932

File 160/8Reprints, E - F

File 160/9Reprints, G

File 160/10Reprints, H

File 160/11Reprints, Hill, Justine

File 160/12Reprints, Hunner, Guy L.

File 160/13Reprints, J - K

File 160/14Reprints, L

File 161/1Reprints, M

File 161/2Reprint, McKay, Robert W.

File 161/3Reprints, N

File 161/4Reprints, P - Q

File 161/5Reprints, R

File 161/6Reprints, Rienhoff, William F.

File 161/7Reprints, S

File 161/8Reprints, Shumacker, H. B. Review. — 5/30/1933

File 161/9Reprints, Smith, G. G., Smith & Peirson, Smith & Mintz

File 161/10Reprints, T

File 161/11Reprints, U - V

File 161/12Reprints, Vest, Samuel A., Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics. — 1940

File 161/13Reprints, W

File 161/14Reprints, Walton, E. M.

File 161/15Reprints, X - Z

File 161/16Reprints, anonymous

File 161/17Reprints not H.H. Young re: Causyth Therapy

[Sub-series C] Reprints, Source Material for "Young's Practice of Urology"