YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series XXI] Mailing Lists
Lists kept by Young, Professional/Social.

File 163/1Lists - Baltic Society. — 1936-1940

File 163/2Lists - Baltimore Doctors

File 163/3Lists - Baltimore and Maryland Doctors. Active Members of Component Societies. — 1939

File 163/4Lists - Maryland Doctors

File 163/5Lists - U.S.A. Doctors

File 163/6Lists - U.S.A. Doctors

File 163/7Lists - U.S.A. Doctors

File 163/8Lists - U.S.A. Doctors

File 163/9Lists - General - Maryland Individuals and Businesses (mostly Baltimore) 63 pages

File 163/10Lists - Mailing - General - U.S.A. (mostly Maryland) 33 pages

File 163/11Lists - Receptions/Invitations

File 163/12Lists - Personal/Social. Guest list for dinner-dance in honor of Misses Grace Futcher, Margaret Knox and Mary Miller

File 163/13Lists - Receptions for Huidekoper/Jewett, Nov. 8, 1941 and Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Stewart, Oct. 11, 1941

File 163/14Lists - Social Invitations

File 163/15List - found with Gibson Island material