YouHH, Hugh Hampton Young Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series XXII] Books and Journals Collected by Young

[Sub-series 164] Medical Books and Journals

Handerson, Henry E., "Gilbertus Anglicus: Medicine of the Thirteenth Century", Cleveland: Cleveland Medical Association. — 1918

Ombredanne, L. "Les Hermaphrodites et la Chirurgie", Paris: Librairies de l'Académie de Médecine. — 1939

[Sub-series 165] Medical Journals

[Sub-series 166] Non Medical Books and Journals

"American Catholic Quarterly Review", October, 1885
Clipping and part of cover.

"Classical Dictionary", [Anthon] ca. 1843
Boards and title page are missing, George Kemper's name is inscribed very faintly in pencil.

Fremantle, (Lieutenant-Colonel) "Three Months in The Southern States: April, June 1863", Mobile: S.H. Goetzel, 1864

Rossignol, M. "Histoire de Beaune", Beaune: Batault-Morrot, 1865
Illustrated, uncut.

[Sub-series 167] Miscellaneous Non-Medical Printed Materials

File 167/1Congressional Hearings - Venereal Disease. — 1938

File 167/2Congressional Record. — 1940

File 167/3Captain Robert E. Lee - by W.G. McCabe. — 1915

File 167/4Alaska, Yukon Indian Legends

File 167/5Cranbrook Institute of Science - guide to exhibits. — 1941

File 167/6Baltimore Museum of Art, publications. — 1932-1937

File 167/7Print Collectors Bulletin. — 1934

File 167/8National Portrait Gallery, publication

File 167/9Phillips Collection, bulletin. — 1928

File 167/10The American National Theater and Academy, an Act to Incorporate. — 1935

File 167/11Maps, Tour brochures

File 167/12Office Supply Catalog - Lucas Bros.. — ca. 1940

File 167/13Miscellaneous printed matter