WilGH, George Huntington Williams Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 1993-056] George Huntington Williams Papers
Huntington Williams Papers. 2 Boxes of papers including correspondence, a manuscript, memorabilia, clippings, reprints and a few photographs collected by Huntington Williams. His father G. Huntington Williams founded the Department of Geology at Johns Hopkins University in the late 1880's; his great uncle was Superintendent of the Hospital, Henry Hurd, and his cousin married Emma Walcott, the sister of William H. Welch. Included is a 1906 travel diary of Henry Hurds trip to Mexico; correspondence (letters from Henry Hurd and Basil Gildersleeve) and a 3 page manuscript regarding Osler's controversial address "The Fixed Period." Henry Sigerist items.

[Box 1993-056-01] George Huntington Williams Papers

[Folder] History of Baltimore City Health. — 1940s

[Folder] Huntington Williams Articles . — 1940-1960

[Folder] Miscellaneous pamphlets, reprints, reports. — 1920s

[Box 1993-056-02] George Huntington Williams Papers

[Folder] From Blanton, Medicine in Virginia. — 1949

[Folder] From Garrison, Introduction to the History of Medicine . — 1929

[Folder] From Life of D.C. Gilman. — 1935

[Folder] From Osler, The Growth of Truth. — 1894-1930

[Folder] From Robinson, Tom Cullen of Baltimore . — 1949

[Folder] From Sigerist - The Great Doctors . — 1934

[Folder] From Thayer, Osler and others Papers. — 1932

[Folder] From William Henry Welch at Eighty. — 1929

[Folder] From Wm Osler. An Alabama Student. — 1905

[Folder] From Wm Welch and the Heroic Age of Medicines . — 1941

[Folder] Miscellaneous Letters - Osler letter is at front. — 1900