RobIH, Isabel Hampton Robb Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 1] Correspondence. — 1886-2001
Creator: Robb, Isabel Hampton, 1859-1910
This series consists of personal correspondence from Robb to E.V. "Violet" Birdseye, later Mrs. Percival Merritt, correspondence with Elsie Lawler, and other nursing figures including Florence Nightingale. Some letters are the original handwritten copies, while others are transcriptions or photostatic copies. The photostatic copies were processed as part of the Alumni Association's efforts to publish a history book. The series also contains correspondence from other members of the Robb family.
Some letters were given to Alan Mason Chesney, and others came to the Archives as part of the Nightingale room accession.

[Folder 1/1/1] Grace Osler to Dr. Hunter Robb. — n.d.
Creator: Osler, Grace Revere Gross, Lady

[Folder 1/1/2] Isabel Hampton to Mrs. Lawrence regarding organizing nurses. — 1890 July 13
This copy was sent to Blanche Pfefferkorn by Alma Gault in 1953. Gault's copy was actually a photostat. The original was in the possession of Mrs. James Scryver of Chicago.
Date may not be correct. Most likely the date should be 1893 rather than 1890.

[Folder 1/1/3] H. Newell Martin to Miss Hampton. — Nov. 15, 1893
Creator: Martin, Newell
Martin gave the Nurses' Home a copy of Burne Jones's "Six Days of Creation."

[Folder 1/1/4] Isabel Hampton Robb and Florence Nightingale. — 1893-1896. — 6 letters
Creator: Robb, Isabel Hampton, 1859-1910

[Folder 1/1/5] Isabel Hampton Robb to Miss C.V. Birdseye (Mrs. Percival Merritt). — 1886, 1909. — 13
2 photostat sets of copies are available.
Letters are addressed from Rosamund to Violetta. Letter dated Oct. 3, 1886 has a dried violet attached.

[Folder 1/1/6] Isabel Hampton Robb to Miss C.V. Birdseye (Mrs. Percival Merritt). — 1884-1886, 1909. — 14
See originals and rolled positive photostat copies.

[Folder 1/1/7] Isabel Hampton Robb to Elsie Lawler. — 1910 Easter

[Folder 1/1/8] Hampton Robb to Aunt Betty (Mrs. Percival Merritt). — 1910 March 27

[Folder 1/1/9] Robb relatives and the JH Nurses Alumni Association. — 1939-2001