RobIH, Isabel Hampton Robb Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 4] Personal Records. — 1873-2002
This series includes accounts of Robb's personal life, including her career, marriage, death, and family history. Newspaper clippings, eulogies from her memorial service, and modern geneological materials all contribute to a broad understanding of Robb's influential life.

[Folder 1/4/18] Excerpts from Board of Trustees, JHH, regarding formation of the School of Nursing and Isabel Hampton. — 1873-1894

[Folder 1/4/19] Wedding to Dr. Hunter Robb. — 1894

[Folder 1/4/20] Memorial Services. — 1910

[Folder 1/4/21] Memorial service announcement in the Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. — 1910

[Folder 1/4/22] Clippings, includes a death notice. — 1910-1927

[Folder 1/4/23] Description of Isabel Hampton Robb by Grace Baxter. — 1944

[Folder 1/4/24] Hampton Family genealogy. — 1977-2002

[Folder 1/4/25] Hunter Robb scrapbook page. — 1894-1902

[Folder 1/4/26] Lists and labels
These are from previous exhibits and catalogs in the Nightingale Room, made by Jessie Black McVicar and Anna D. Wolf.

[Folder 1/4/27] Wedding bouquet subject file
Includes later articles written about the bouquet given to Robb by Florence Nightingale.

[Folder 1/4/28] Locks of Hair

[Folder 4] Hunter Robb scrapbook page (original)

[Folder 4] Hunter Robb, American College of Surgeons, memorial certificate