BacJ, Joan Backscheider Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 2] Correspondence
This record group consists of any correspondence not directly related to Backscheider's work with institutions or in consulting.
Arrangement is alphabetical.

[Folder 2/1] Letters of Recommendation. — 1965-1971
This folder contains letters of recommendation written by Backscheider, primarily for former students.
Contact Medical Archives staff regarding access to letters of recommendation of deceased students. Access to letters of recommendations related to living students and alumni is restricted.

[Folder 2/2] Trip to Ireland correspondence. — 1970

[Folder 2/3] University of North Carolina. — 1968-1969

[Folder 2/4] A-B
Includes correspondence with Sarah E. Allison, American Airlines, American Express, American Heart Association, Edith H. Anderson, Sister Mary Annette, Sister Beatrix, Peggy Ben----, Mitchell Berkun, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Joan Broadhurst, Cathryn Brower, Carolyn Brown, Brown Thomas and Co., Ruth Budd, and Herbert J. Butler.

[Folder 2/5] C
Includes correspondence with Alice R. Clarke, Mary B. Collins, the Committee on International Exchange of Persons, Connie Carino, David Cornfield, County of Hamilton, Ohio Welfare Department, and CROSS-TELL Publications.

[Folder 2/6] D-G
Includes correspondence with Daniel Ford Jr. and Co., Howard Davis, George F. Donovan, J. Raymond Favret, Rodney C. French, Lavonne Frey, George P. Fulton, Paul Hanly Furfey, Hans G. Furth, Esther Garrison, Sister Mary Geraldine, Globe Indemnity Co., E. Louise Grant, Carol Gray, Winifred Griffen, and Group Hospitalization, Inc.

[Folder 2/7] H-L
Includes correspondence with Harcourt, Brace and World, Sister Elizabeth Harkins, Amy B. Hecht, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Doris A. Howell, John Iannuzzi, Johns Hopkins University, Denise Kenney, Hazel Kim, Kodak Film Laboratory, Mary Ellen Kupka, and Jerome P. Lysaught.

[Folder 2/8] M-N
Includes correspondence with MacMillan Company, Maryland League for Nursing, McCall's Magazine, Rev. William J. McDonald, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Sister M. Michaelita, Rev. Robert Paul Mohan, Rita M. Moss, R.W. Mulligan, James Peter Murphy, Marion I. Murphy, National Catholic Reporter, National Institute of Mental Health, Russell Nelson, New York Times, The New Yorker, Richard H. Newcomb, Catherine M. Norris, C. Joseph Nuesse, and Nursing Research.

[Folder 2/9] O-P
Includes correspondence with Rev. Eamonn O'Doherty, Olivetti, Our Lady of Grace Church, Our Lady of Victory Church, Kitty S. Parker, Sister Rose Ivan Pelletier, Marion Pearsall, Pegasus, Thomas P. Phillips, Plantron, Inc., Mary S. Price, Professional Business Management, and the Psychiatric Institute Foundation.

[Folder 2/10] R-T
Includes correspondence with R.N. Magazine, Mary Redmond, Lillian B. Reilly, Sister Rita Marie, Charles H. Russell, Paul S. Sarbanes, Josephine M. Schaeffer, Rozella Schlotfeldt, Paul K. Schneider, Tellalla, Inc., Sister M. Thomas, and Samuel V. Thompson.

[Folder 2/11] U-Z
Includes correspondence with U.S. Plywood-Champion Papers, Inc., University Microfilms, University of Massachusetts Press, W.B. Saunders Company, Florence S. Wald, Helen R. Williamson, the World Health Organization, and Rev. Vincent A. Yzemans.