BacJ, Joan Backscheider Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 7] Papers and Publications
Creator: Backscheider, Joan
This record group consists of manuscripts of papers and published works authored by Backscheider. Her dissertations, journal articles, and work on Orem's Basic Nursing Series books and Concept Formalization in Nursing are all included.

[Folder 22/1] paper - "A History of the Relationship of Federal and State Governments in the Support of Education in the United States". — 1955
This is a paper written by Backscheider for a course on the History of Education.

[Folder 22/2] Field Experience Diary. — 1956-1957

[Folder 22/3] Field Experience Diary. — 1959

[Folder 22/4] MSN Dissertation - Emotional Needs of Adult Medical Patients as Identified by a Selected Group of Collegiate Nursing Students. — 1959
Creator: Backscheider, Joan
This is Backscheider's MSN disseration in nursing at Catholic University of America.

[Folder 22/5] Ph. D. Dissertation - Mental Illness as Deviant Behavior in a Tri-Racial Isolate: An Exploratory Study. — 1965
Creator: Backscheider, Joan
This is Backscheider's PhD disseration in sociology from Catholic University of America.

[Folder 22/6] PhD Dissertation - abstract. — 1965

[Folder 22/7] Book and article reviews. — 1960-1969

[Folder 22/8] paper - "The Social Role: An Exploration of Some Implications for the Nurse-Patient Relationship". — nd

[Folder 22/9] National Science Foundation Science Faculty Fellowship application. — 1966

[Folder 23/1] paper - "Some Reflections on Student Participation in Community Action". — 1968 Oct

[Folder 23/2] paper - "Nursing Research in Preparation for Nursing Practice in Mental Health Care in the Year 2000". — 1968-1969

[Folder 23/3] paper - "The Clinical Nursing Specialist: The Evolution of a System of Nursing Practice". — 1969?

[Folder 23/4] paper - "The Use of Self: The Crux of Clinical Supervision in Ambulatory Patient Care". — 1970?

[Folder 23/5] paper - "The Use of Self as the Essence of Clinical Supervision in Ambulatory Patient Care". — 1971

[Folder 23/6] copies of paper - "The Use of Self as the Essence of Clinical Supervision in Ambulatory Patient Care"

[Folder 23/7] paper - "Self-Care Requirements, Self-Care Capabilities, and Nursing Systems in the Diabetic Nurse Management Clinic". — 1974
This paper was published posthumously, and added to Backscheider's files by Orem.

[Folder 23/8] Book II - correspondence with McGraw Hill. — 1966-1967
These records document Backscheider's additions to Book II of the unpublished Basic Nursing Series to be written by Dorothea Orem and Neva Stevenson.
  • See Dorothea Orem Collection records on this Basic Nursing Series publication.
  • [Folder 23/9] Book II - unit IV, drafts of ch. 5 - "Mental Disorder". — 1966-1967

    [Folder 23/10] Book II - unit IV, ch. 5 - "Mental Disorder". — 1966-1967

    [Folder 23/11] Book II - unit V, ch. 5 - "Maintaining Good Mental Health". — 1966-1967