BacJ, Joan Backscheider Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 4] Nursing Development Conference Group
Creator: Nursing Development Conference Group
This record group contains Backscheider's correspondence and working materials from the Nursing Development Conference Group, as well as its predecessor groups.

[Folder 6/1] Correspondence. — 1971
This folder includes correspondence between Backscheider and other group members, including Dorothea Orem, Melba Anger, Helen St. Denis, and Cora Balmat regarding group activities or business.

[Folder 6/2] Committee for Development of a Nursing Model records. — 1965

[Folder 6/3] Meetings with Dorothea Orem - notes. — 1969

[Folder 6/4] IN Group - Outlines and Models from Small Group I. — 1970 Aug

[Folder 6/5] IN Group - Outlines and Models from Small Group II. — 1970-1972

[Folder 6/6] Miscellaneous meeting minutes and notes. — 1967-1981
This folder contains various meeting minutes and notes from NDCG meetings and meetings of its predecessor groups. Orem added to this folder after Backscheider's death.

[Folder 6/7] Case Studies presented at meetings. — n.d.
This folder consists of Backscheider's case studies that she presented at NDCG meetings for group discussion.

[Folder 6/8] Loretta Nowakowski materials. — n.d.
This folder contains notes and jottings from Loretta Nowakowski, a colleague from Georgetown University.

[Folder 6/9] MNA Conference in Jackson, Mississippi. — 1972 Apr 10
This folder consists of Backscheider's notes and correspondence for this conference at which she was to speak.

[Folder 6/10] Book records - Concept Formalization in Nursing. — n.d.

[Folder 6/11] Concept Formalization in Nursing - manuscript of chapter 2. — n.d.
This folder contains several drafts of a hand-written manuscript for chapter 2 of the NDCG book, Concept Formalization in Nursing.