BacJ, Joan Backscheider Collection in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Series 4] Nursing Development Conference Group
Creator: Nursing Development Conference Group

The Nursing Development Conference Group membership varied over time. Prominent members included Sarah E. Allison, Joan E. Backscheider, Cora S. Balmat, Mary B. Collins, Judy Crews, M. Lucille Kinlein, Janina Lapniewski, Melba Anger Malatesta, Sheila M. McCarthy, Joan Nettleton, Dorothea Orem, Louise Hartnett Rauckhorst, and Helen St. Denis. Input from Orem’s students and colleagues contributed to the development of the Self-care Deficit Theory of Nursing over time. The Nursing Model Committee of the Nursing Faculty of The Catholic University of America and the Nursing Development Conference Group, an offshoot of the first group, both contributed much to the development of ideas. In 1973 the NDCG published Concept Formalization in Nursing: Process and Product. In 1980, Orem published a revised edition of Nursing: Concepts of Practice reflecting the influences of the NDCG.

This record group contains Backscheider's correspondence and working materials from the Nursing Development Conference Group, as well as its predecessor groups.

[Folder 6/1] Correspondence. — 1971
This folder includes correspondence between Backscheider and other group members, including Dorothea Orem, Melba Anger, Helen St. Denis, and Cora Balmat regarding group activities or business.

[Folder 6/2] Committee for Development of a Nursing Model records. — 1965

[Folder 6/3] Meetings with Dorothea Orem - notes. — 1969

[Folder 6/4] IN Group - Outlines and Models from Small Group I. — 1970 Aug

[Folder 6/5] IN Group - Outlines and Models from Small Group II. — 1970-1972

[Folder 6/6] Miscellaneous meeting minutes and notes. — 1967-1981
This folder contains various meeting minutes and notes from NDCG meetings and meetings of its predecessor groups. Orem added to this folder after Backscheider's death.

[Folder 6/7] Case Studies presented at meetings. — n.d.
This folder consists of Backscheider's case studies that she presented at NDCG meetings for group discussion.

[Folder 6/8] Loretta Nowakowski materials. — n.d.
This folder contains notes and jottings from Loretta Nowakowski, a colleague from Georgetown University.

[Folder 6/9] MNA Conference in Jackson, Mississippi. — 1972 Apr 10
This folder consists of Backscheider's notes and correspondence for this conference at which she was to speak.

[Folder 6/10] Book records - Concept Formalization in Nursing. — n.d.

[Folder 6/11] Concept Formalization in Nursing - manuscript of chapter 2. — n.d.
This folder contains several drafts of a hand-written manuscript for chapter 2 of the NDCG book, Concept Formalization in Nursing.