Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 6] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1907). — 1907

[Serial Volume 6:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (March, 1907). — 1907, March. — 1 issue

[Article 6:1] Announcements. — March 1907
Series of one-sentence announcements about enrolling in the Red Cross, change of address notification, submissions for publication, membership privileges, completion of portrait of M. A. Nutting, the next meeting of the Associated Alumnae.

[Article 6:1] Annual Meeting of the Maryland State Association of Graduate Nurses. — March 1907
Summary of the two (2) days of meetings for the group with the first day devoted to various business items and the second day devoted to several papers and speeches presented.

[Article 6:1] Annual Meeting of the Instructive Visiting Nurse Association. — March 1907
Brief summary of the activities during the 10th annual meeting of the Instructive Visiting Nurse Association held on February 11, 1907.

[Article 6:1] At the Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington Its First Exhibition of Contemporary American Artists. — March 1907
Critique of this exhibition extolling the work of John Singer Sargent, especially his portrait of the "Big Four" of Hopkins, but also commenting that the Cecilia Beaux portrait of Miss Nutting "crowds" Mr. Sargent a bit. A second brief paragraph praising this painting also is included. (from the Boston Transcript).

[Article 6:1] Dr. Grenfell's Visit. — March 1907
Creator: MacDonald, V. May
Dr. Wilfred Grenfell visited Baltimore and stayed at Hopkins during this time to raise support and funds for his 15 year old work in helping the health of the residents of Labrador, especially fishermen and their families. There now are several U. S. organizations of support. This visit was to increase both the numbers of workers plus the amount of financial help.

[Article 6:1] Dubois Diet and Routine Hospital Nursing Treatment for Dr. Barker's Nerve Patients. — March 1907
Here is printed in great detail the routine for "nerve patients," including rest, isolation, and special advancing diet routines. In addition the article lists books for nurses and patients to read.

[Article 6:1] Editorials (1) Miss Ross' Appointment. (2) The Committee on Publication...(3) We call the earnest attention... (4) We are fortunate... (5) Opsonins. (6) We who heard Dr. Barker... (7) In the Nurses Guide. — March 1907
(1),(2) Short editorial comments on the credentials of Miss Ross on her appointment to succeed Miss Nutting as Superintendent of Nurses; (3) encouragement to members on the proposal against revoking the new three year course for student nurses; (4),(6) introduction to article in this issue by Dr. Barker; (5) reference to information on "Opsonins"; (7)the qualifications for a "nurse," as written in the Nurses Guide.

[Article 6:1] Henry James' Impressions of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. — March 1907
Henry James sees the pictorial as well as the social impressions of the hospital and views it as a kind of poetry. (from Henry James' "Baltimore," in the North American review)

[Article 6:1] Marriages. — March 1907

[Article 6:1] Meeting of the Teresians. — March 1907
The article gives the three speakers on the program of the meeting of the Teresians on March 18, 1907.

[Article 6:1] Notes and News. — March 1907

[Article 6:1] Report of the Quarterly Meeting. — March 1907
Creator: MacMahon, Amy E.
Minutes of the proceedings of the regular quarterly meeting of the Alumnae Association, giving a summary of the treasurer's report and of the business of the meeting.

[Article 6:1] Resolution in Regard to the Three Years' Course. — March 1907
This is the resolution sent to the governing boards of hospitals supporting the continuation of the three year program for nurse education rather than the regression to the original two year program. The specific reasons for this stand are given.

[Article 6:1] Some Notes on Books. — March 1907
Creator: MacDonald, V. May
Some recommendations of some books to consider "for patients in the various stages of returning mental activity after serious illness," including single sentence summaries of each book.

[Article 6:1] The Death of Miss Henderson. — March 1907
This article has three (3) sections: the circumstances of the death of Florence Henderson (Class of 1899) in the earthquake in Jamaica, a tribute to her to be inserted in the minutes of the alumnae meeting, and a resolution in her memory by eight (8) of her classmates.

[Article 6:1] The Treatment of Nervous Diseases. — March 1907
Creator: Barker, Lewellys F. (Lewellys Franklin), 1867-1943.
Nervous diseases are just as real and as serious as other recognized illnesses and are nothing to be ashamed of. With the development of new psychotherapeutic measures, they also now are treatable. The writer divides these nervous disorders into four (4) classes, then discusses the uniqueness and treatment of each. The classes are "Hysteria," "Neurasthenia," "Traumatic Neuroses," and "Psychasthenia." The basic treatments include "truth telling" to the patient, rest, isolation, a proper diet, and psychotherapy. Finally the writer devotes time to "the kind of nurse" needed to provide good care.

[Serial Volume 6:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (June, 1907). — 1907, June. — 1 issue

[Article 6:2] Confraternita Di Santa Maria Della Misericordia. — June 1907
Creator: Fitzgerald, Alice Louise Florence, 1874-1962
Established in 1240 after the collection of a large sum of money, the Misericordia was established in Florence, Italy to be a group of men whose functions are to carry the sick to hospitals, the dead to cemeteries, as well as to visiting and helping out the sick in the homes.

[Article 6:2] Editorials (1) Miss Nutting... (2) Those who have been interested... (3) At the conclusion. — June 1907
(1) Review of the career of Miss Nutting and introduction to the full reporting in this issue of the presentation ceremony and speeches. (2) Review of the recent meeting featuring Dr. Prince Morrow on "The Prophylaxis of Social Diseases." It includes editorial comments on the subject now being discussed as opposed to its previous hiding from the public. (3) Summary of some of the facts/ideas presented at the conclusion of Dr. Morrow's talk.

[Article 6:2] M. Adelaide Nutting. — June 1907
Full page black-and-white photograph of portrait of M. A. Nutting presented to the hospital in March, 1907.

[Article 6:2] Marriages. — June 1907

[Article 6:2] Meeting of the Teresians. — June 1907
This is a summary of the April meeting on Leprosy, giving the titles of the papers read during the meeting.

[Article 6:2] Miss M. Adelaide Nutting. — June 1907
An account of the professional work of M. Adelaide Nutting "to preserve in the records of our Alumnae Association for the coming pupils..." It includes many changes in methods during her tenure as superintendent, several of which Miss Nutting acknowledges as ideas of Mrs. Robb.

[Article 6:2] News and Notes. — June 1907

[Article 6:2] Notices. — June 1907
Single paragraph notices about the beginning of a fund for a portrait of Mrs. Robb, how to obtain a photograph of the new portrait of Miss Nutting, how to obtain a photograph of the Statuette of Forence Nightingale, and the availability of nursing positions in the large hospitals at Panama and Colon on the Isthmus.

[Article 6:2] The Laws of Maryland Concerning the Sale of Narcotic Drugs. — June 1907
New Anti-Narcotic Law in Maryland now requires an original prescription from a physician. In addition, refills may not be given without a new prescription.

[Article 6:2] The Opsonic Theory and the Treatment of Infections by Vaccines. — June 1907
Creator: Cole, Rufus, 1872-1966
Dr. Cole explains in detail the development of vaccines to fight certain infections, noting the Opsonic Index, or the influence of certain fluids in the blood that assist the leucocytes in the blood stream to fight infections in the body. This method of fighting infectious illnesses is being used at JHH vs. gonorrhea. (Abstract of remarks delivered before the nurses of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.)

[Article 6:2] The Presentation of Miss Nutting's Portrait to the Trustees of the Hospital, March 20, 1907. — June 1907
Speeches and comments made during the presentation ceremony of portrait of M. A. Nutting to JHH Trustees. Among the speeches were those by Mrs. Thayer (read by Miss Nevins), Dr. Welch, Judge Harlan.

[Article 6:2] Tuberculosis Nurses. — June 1907
This is the announcement that there now will be four nurses devoted to the care of tuberculosis patients using funds raised by the MD. Association for the Prevention and Relief of Tuberculosis. Therefore, the MD State Society of Nurses no longer will fund one of these nurses.

[Serial Volume 6:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (August, 1907). — 1907, August. — 1 issue

[Article 6:3] An Appreciation. — August 1907
After a visit to "Eastern cities," including Baltimore and the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Edgar Kiser from Indianapolis pays great tribute to especially Phipps Institute (as "the finest institution of its kind in the world) and to the Visiting Nurses' Association (from which he "obtained the greatest help"). (from the Indianapolis Daily News)

[Article 6:3] Announcements. — August 1907
A series of various announcements: members of the Portrait Fund Committee (for Mrs. Robb) and the future contacts to be made by them; regrets on the necessity of inability to print several articles contributed by members; notice of upcoming State Board examinations with information on getting in touch with them; how to enroll for the Red Cross; change of address information.

[Article 6:3] Book Notes. — August 1907
Brief comments on six (6) or more books on various topics, varying also between fiction and non-fiction: comments as opposed to reviews.

[Article 6:3] Dr. Grenfell Afloat Interesting Incidents in his Wonderful Work. — August 1907
Tribute to the two Hopkins nurses who worked during the summer with Dr. Grenfell. The brief account gives the thankful comments by parents of some of the patients. (from the Boston Evening Transcript, August 7)

[Article 6:3] Editorials (1) The Paris Conference. (2) In the report of the Annual Meeting...(3) "The Ownership of the Journal"... (4) "Reform of Medical Education."(5) We extend a cordial welcome. — August 1907
Creator: Dock, Lavinia
(1) Report by Lavinia Dock of the proceedings of the recent conference held in Paris. (2) Progress on the proposed Endowment Fund for a Chair of Nursing at Columbia University. (3) At the recent Annual Meeting of the Associated Alumnae, all agreed the "American Journal of Nursing" should be owned by the Associated Alumnae accompanied by the request for donations for this purpose. (4) Quote from a recent issue of the Baltimore Sunpapers states the need for uniformity in medical eduation and the steps towards achieving this goal. (5) Welcome to recently graduated Class of 1907 of nurses with hope they will join the Alumnae Association.

[Article 6:3] Fifteenth Annual Report of the Alumnae Association of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Training School for Nurses 1906 - 1907. — August 1907
First is the listing of the new officers of the association and the chairmen and members of all committees. Following this listing are the minutes of the proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association, including the complete Treasurer's report and reports of standing and special committees. Also included were the reports of the delegates to The MD. State Federation of Women's Clubs and the Annual Convention of the Nurses' Associated Alumnae of the United States.

[Article 6:3] Graduation Day at the Hospital. — August 1907
Summary of the graduation exercises for the Class of 1907 held on May 23 with a listing of the graduates and student nurses receiving the different Scholarship awards.

[Article 6:3] Isabel Hampton Robb. — August 1907
Creator: Carr, Ada M.
This paper gives a complete account of the professional career of Isabel Hampton Robb from her student days at Bellevue through her work developing the JHH school for nurses and her contributions nationwide. (Read at the Annual Meeting of the Johns Hopkins Alumnae Association)

[Article 6:3] Marriages. — August 1907

[Article 6:3] News Notes. — August 1907

[Article 6:3] Summer Along the Strait of Belle Isle. — August 1907
Creator: MacDonald, V. May
This nurse tells of the residents' lives in this area of Canada near Newfoundland and the conditions under which they live. These are fishing families and in the summer one copes with fish -- alive and dead, dogs, mosquitos, foul water, and children. All of these bring problems relating to health, but the largest problems are "indigestion and beri-beri." The article reads quickly and smoothly and the writer realizes how much can be achieved in such a short time although so much must be left undone.

[Article 6:3] The Saltpetriere. — August 1907
Detailed account of the Reception at the Saltpetriere during the recent Paris Conference for nursing. The location was the newly-finished Nursing College for France. The article includes a history of the development of nursing in France. (From The British Journal of Nursing, June 29, 1907.)

[Article 6:3] Women as Physicians: Doctor Osler's Views. — August 1907
Dr. Osler says that the profession of medicine is fine for women under certain conditions. He also enumerates those areas he feels are best suited for women. (from the Journal of the American Medication Association, July 27, 1907.)

[Serial Volume 6:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (December, 1907). — 1907, December. — 1 issue

[Article 6:4] Editorials (1) A year ago... (2) It is beyond nature...(3) Florence Nightingale...(4)Social Service Work in Hospitals... (5) The Eudowood Sanitorium for Tuberculosis... (6) The Public Schools of Baltimore... (7) Paratyphoid Fever... (8) We make no comment. — December 1907
(1) Welcome back to Dr. Hurd after his leave of absence from hospital work. (2)Progress of Miss Nutting in her new position at Columbia University. (3) Another recent honor to Florence Nightingale with the awarding to her of the Order of Merit by King Edward. (4) Hopkins has begun a Department of Social Services as of October 1, 1907. (5) After receiving a large amount of money for a new building at Eudowood Sanatorium, the call is out for the necessary funds for its maintenance for five (5) years. (6)Public schools in Baltimore now will be equipped with water sterilizers to insure that students drink healthy water.(7) Introduction to an article in this issue on Paratyphoid Fever.(8) Harvard School of Nursing has closed its doors from lack of applicants for its new two-year nursing program.

[Article 6:4] Emotion: Its Place and Training. — December 1907
This talk explores the sources of cheerful and depressing emotions coming from within the individual and the importance of how they are handled and of "cultivating cheerful, hopeful, and healthy feelings along with suppressing certain other feelings that are menacing to a whole life. He speaks of the important role of nurses in caring for the patient and the healthy feelings nurses carry with them. (An address given at the Quarterly Meeting, November 19.)

[Article 6:4] Florence Nightingale. — December 1907
Full page photograph (4" x 6") of the statue of Florence Nightingale.

[Article 6:4] Foregrounds and Backgrounds in Work for the Sick. — December 1907
Creator: Cabot, Richard C.
The writer briefly discusses several aspects of giving care: first, one must get happiness in our jobs, in what we do; next, be aware of the humor or pathos and tragedy of the moment and treat them accordingly; the final comments relate to seeing more than the physical needs of the patient, and to consider home conditions and fears that can bring "physical suffering." (From Newsletter of the Guild of St. Barnabas for August)

[Article 6:4] Marriages. — December 1907

[Article 6:4] Moral Support in the Cure of Nervous Diseases. — December 1907
The article begins with a description of a church program in Boston to treat "nervous diseases" with non-physical therapy. This church-sponsored program includes physician specialists for consultation and other assistance. The program is built on two "pillars" -- the highest obtainable scientific skill and religious faith. The patient is taught to "look outside himself" and encouraged by "suggestion" appeal to the sub-conscious. The remainder of the article discusses the logic and principles behind this new medical concept of treatment and the importance of including this aspect of treatment in American medical schools.

[Article 6:4] News Notes. — December 1907
Besides regular news, this section contains a paragraph about two floors at Hopkins being used for "all-pay" services. Also included is the report of the recent Quarterly Meeting of the Maryland State Association of Graduate Nurses.

[Article 6:4] Notes on New Books. — December 1907
Creator: Hurd, Henry M. (Henry Mills), 1843-1927
The first book reviewed, by Dr. Hurd, is the newly-published nursing classic History of Nursing by Nutting and Dock. It is discussed in glowing terms with the development of nursing traced from its beginnings, giving all the difficulties encountered. Two other books are briefly reviewed: one on Practical Nursing, the other on Primary Nursing Technique.

[Article 6:4] Paratyphoid Fever. — December 1907
Creator: Sladen, Frank J.
Paratyphoid Fever, because of similar symptoms, often is confused as Typhoid Fever. However, the temperatures are not as high and the prognosis is decidedly better. Diagnosis really rests in the laboratory, not via a microscope, but by other laboratory tests. The source of the infection comes from contaminated food, water, and milk, also from contact factors (blood, flies, fingers).

[Article 6:4] Report of the Quarterly Meeting. — December 1907
Creator: La Motte, Ellen N.
Minutes of the proceedings and actions of the Alumnae Association at its regular quarterly meeting, November 9, 1907. The major discussion was on the status and progress of the Committee on Hourly Nursing.

[Article 6:4] Social Service at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. — December 1907
A Social Service Department has been established at Hopkins Hospital with a chief and volunteer workers. The need of so many patients for more or other treatment than medications and medical help has led to the establishment of this new department, with "student boards" holding meetings to assist. The writer also points out the need for including "real training in social work" in medical school instruction just as it is now done in the nurses' training school.

[Article 6:4] The Hospital and Training School Appointments for the Year 1907 - 1908. — December 1907
1. A listing of all the superintendants, instructors, and head nurses for the school and for the hospital service. 2. Brief statements of other nurse resignations, appointments, changes in the hospital.

[Article 6:4] The Teresians. — December 1907
Review of the first meeting of the year of The Teresians, including the program, the election of officers and extracts from a talk given that evening by Dr. Henry Hurd on Nursing Conditions in some Foreign Hospitals (Mexico City, Rome, Florence).