Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 15] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1916). — 1916

[Serial Volume 15:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (February, 1916). — 1916, February. — 1 issue

[Article 15:1] A Plea for the Prevention of Blindness. — February 1916
Creator: Van Blarcom, Carolyn Conant
This article is a reprint of the program taught and advocated by the National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness. After citing that 50% of the blindness in this country is preventable, the program gives detailed instructions and recommendations about the preventable and treatable prevention of blindness in newborns, the huge role of midwives (who attend about half of the births in the country), the testing and treatment of eyesight of school children, industrial accidents, and the disastrous effects of the use of "wood alcohol."

[Article 15:1] A Question. — February 1916
Creator: Bonneville, Annie
This is a personal appeal for better understanding among not only nurses but among all people. This creates better understanding and appreciation of the habits, rights, and feelings of all.

[Article 15:1] Book Reviews. — February 1916
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Very brief comments/reviews of sixteen (16) books with mention of about ten (10) more books that might be of interest to nurses and/or any woman. Several novels are included in the reviews.

[Article 15:1] Editorials (1) State Registration for Nurses. (2) Miss Nutting Honored. (3) Training School Endowment Fund. — February 1916
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon ;  Nutting, M. Adelaide (Mary Adelaide), 1858-1948
(1) Although Maryland has a law about registration of nurses, the needed strengthening of this law is currently before the state legislature. The editorial urges support for this "strengthening of the law." (2) Miss Nutting recently was honored at a dinner given by the NY League of Nursing Education. (3)Introduction by Miss Nutting of the report of the Endowment Committee for the Training School printed in this issue.

[Article 15:1] Extracts From a Letter From a Red Cross Nurse. — February 1916
Creator: Adams, Mary Victoria
These extracts from a letter tell of the small hospital of the Red Cross on Malta with the work of the nurses there on British war casualties. Emphasis is placed on the immensity of the injuries, also on the lack of supplies.

[Article 15:1] James Buchanan Brady Urological Clinic (Photograph). — February 1916
Full page photograph of new Brady Urological Clinic just completed and opened at the JHH. This photo accompanies the article in this issue on the Brady GU Clinic.

[Article 15:1] Marriages. — February 1916

[Article 15:1] News Notes. — February 1916
Besides the usual short announcements of activities of alumnae, these News Notes contain a lengthy account of the activities of a supper in honor of Adelaide Nutting given by the New York League of Nursing Eduction, including the content of many of the speeches in the tribute.

[Article 15:1] Report of the Baltimore Public School Nurses. — February 1916
Creator: Gorter, Marie A.
This is the summary of the results of inspection and follow-up reports of the five (5) school nurses in the city public and parochial schools. Also included is the need for closer dispensaries for public use and for dental clinics for all students. It concludes with the comment that the education value of the school nurse has been proved by the general improvement in the schools of children's health.

[Article 15:1] Report of the Quarterly Meeting. — February 1916
Lengthy minutes and proceedings of the quarterly meeting of the Alumnae Association held on January 23, 1916. Reports of the treasurer and chairmen of all standing and special committees are included plus a discussion of an approved uniform for graduates from the school of nursing was recorded.

[Article 15:1] Report of the Training School Endowment Fund Committee of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association. — February 1916
These minutes of the first meeting of the Endowment Fund Committee begins with its membership and the comments by Miss Nutting, as the chairman, about the story of its formation and the purpose such an endowment could serve in the education of the students of our school. It also includes several letters from several alumnae in support of such an endowment.

[Article 15:1] Report of the Tuberculosis Nurses' Division of the Baltimore Health Department. — February 1916
Creator: Ford, Eleanor Jones
Detailed report of the statistics, the activities of the year with public health care of patients with tuberculosis in their homes or in "institutions," a school for tubercular children and the campaign to prevent the spread of the disease to well children (pioneered in Baltimore), the positive experience with a large private corporation of the inspection of the employees for tuberculosis, with suggestions for more healthy living conditions for the underprivileged and in schools, the case for a central hospital for tubercular cases. A stunning statistic is that the 16 nurses employed have cared for 11,795 patients in 379,178 visits over the past five (5) years. The article also gives the lack of thoroughness in the work because of the huge work overload. The writer also discusses some suggestions for increased efficiency and effectiveness with the many "pros" and "cons" for each.

[Article 15:1] The James Buchanan Brady Urological Clinic. — February 1916
This article is a very detailed account of the Brady Urological Clinic opened to patients mid-January of 1915. There is a description of the contents of each unit (two wards, two private floors, laboratories, out-patient services, sleeping quarters for the medical staff, etc., accompanied by two photographs of different views of a ward.

[Serial Volume 15:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (May, 1916). — 1916, May. — 1 issue

[Article 15:2] A Letter From the Training School Endowment Fund Committee and the Treasurer's Report. — May 1916
This letter from the Endowment Fund Committee very clearly explains the reasons for an endowment fund for schools of nursing in order to provide for the education of the student nurses as the primary goal of the school as opposed to the hospital's primary goal of care of the patients. To achieve the financial goal, this letter states the need for everyone to help and to obtain help from outside sources. In addition to the letter, the current financial report is included in the article.

[Article 15:2] Book Reviews. — May 1916
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of three (3) books, even briefer comments on eleven (11) more books, plus listing of several more books considered desirable for nurses' reading.

[Article 15:2] Deaths. — May 1916

[Article 15:2] Echoes from the War Zone. — May 1916
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer ;  Baker, Bessie ;  Bean, Mary Cloud, 1868-1953
(1) A letter from "M.C.B." writing as the only female and only nurse to be present at a ceremony in London, England honoring Edith Cavell by the creation of "The Nurse Edith Cavell Home." (2) The announcement of the appointment of Alice Fitzgerald, Class of 1906, as the Edith Cavell Memorial Nurse, along with excerpts from several letters asking for action to prevent Cavell's execution by the German Military, a second letter explaining why a memorial to her is planned, and a third one from Alice Fitzgerald expressing thanks for her appointment. (3) A long section by H. S. W. Athey opposing a recent government movement to increase spending for greater "preparedness" against invasion and proposing the additional spending for other national needs. (4) From the American Red Cross comes this brief article about a recent proposal by the Army Medical Corps for establishing hospitals in several American cities for the care of soldiers wounded in the war. (4) From the Johns Hopkins Hospital comes a brief announcement of the formation of a JHH Base Hospital Unit in case of our entry into the War.

[Article 15:2] Edith Cavell (Photograph) "We Must Have," She Said, "No Hatred or Bitterness". — May 1916
Full page photograph of Edith Cavell sitting in a garden with two dogs at her feet.

[Article 15:2] Extracts from the Reports of the American Committee of War Relief in Florence Reports of the Management of the American Hospital. — May 1916
This is a brief account of the provision of a Recreation Room at the hospital to enable military patients to receive the important emotional and social care to accompany the medical care received. Also included is a paragraph of thanks to Grace Baxter, the head nurse of the hospital.

[Article 15:2] From the War Zone. — May 1916
Creator: La Motte, Ellen N. ;  Robertson, Bessie Beck ;  Fortune, Martha Alice
There are three articles in this section. First, a long article by Ellen La Motte, reprinted from the Atlantic Monthly, from France describes vividly and in detail the frequent bombings in the town as she and others awaited their move to the being-constructed hospital in Belgium, as her reaction turned from amazement to genuine fear as she realized that the bombings came in series, not simply a single one. Next is a letter from Bessie Robertson from Great Britain describing her work with a War Surgical Supply Depot in Glasgow. Finally comes a letter from Martha Fortune describing the wait in England of her and several other Hopkins nurses in the unit until a decision is made where they will be sent to care for incoming wounded.

[Article 15:2] Honors for Carolyn Van Blarcom, 1901. — May 1916
Trbutes to Miss Van Blarcom upon the occasion of her resignation from the New York Committee for the Prevention of Blindness to take a similar executive position in Illinois.

[Article 15:2] Marriages. — May 1916

[Article 15:2] Maryland Nurses' Registration Bill. — May 1916
This article is a verbatim printing of the recently passed bill to provide State Registration for Nurses. The article also contains the names of the Hopkins nurses and physicians who worked for the passage of the bill.

[Article 15:2] News Notes. — May 1916

[Article 15:2] Notices An Opportunity. — May 1916
(1) Appeal by the French Wounded Emergency Fund for nurses to work in French war hospitals. (2) Notice of country club in New York offering excellent conditions and low rates for professional women for "rest, recreation, or convalescence." (3) Announcement that payment of dues to the Alumnae Association automatically brings with it subscription to the Alumnae Magazine.

[Article 15:2] The Educational Function of a Hospital. — May 1916
Creator: Smith, Winford H., 1877-1961
The hospital which at first was the care of patients now has a larger role in education: of medical students, nurses, lab workers, the public. He enlarges on the role of the hospital in nurse education, which originally was established for the purpose of cheap labor in caring for patients, but now should have a much broader goal. He cites Bellevue School of NY in having the proper view, as opposed to most of the other hospitals in the country. The need for real education of nurses is essential for the increased and varied needs of the public in care and instruction. He also feels that this type of broader education for nurses belongs in the hospitals, just as does the education of physicians in their medical schools.

[Article 15:2] The Values of the Niceties of Nursing. — May 1916
Creator: Saxton, Mary Howard
All patients appreciate the little things that are done in their care, the small details not only for "patients of refined sensibilities" but also by "those of coarser temperaments." Mentioned are a single flower on a food tray, drinks that are supposed to be cold being served cold, tidiness in bed linen, toiletries, etc. Although written to apply to private patients, the writer intends that it apply to all patients to enhance recovery.

[Serial Volume 15:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (August, 1916). — 1916, August. — 1 issue

[Article 15:3] Address to the Graduating Class, Johns Hopkins Hospital Training School for Nurses, Wednesday, May 24, 1916. — August 1916
Creator: Welch, William Henry, 1850-1934.
In this address, Dr. Welch addresses several aspects of nursing and nurses' training. First, he emphasizes that nursing is a separate profession as opposed to being subservient to the medical profession. Then, he speaks of the enlarged areas of health with all the specialties to be served by nurses. He emphasizes the need for nursing education to be all-inclusive before specialty work is pursued, of the need for an excellent base of knowledge. Finally, he endorses the need for a private endowment for schools of nursing.

[Article 15:3] After the War. — August 1916
Creator: Dumbell, Kate
An original poem written by K. E. M. Dumbell, Class of 1896.

[Article 15:3] Deaths. — August 1916

[Article 15:3] Editorials (1) The Endowment Fund and Class Collectors. (2) The European War and Nursing Literature. (3) The Johns Hopkins Base Hospital Unit. (4) Our Nurses in the Middle West. (5) Mary Lent, Class 1895. (6) Progress of Equal Suffrage. (7) An Appeal from Mrs. Hartridge, 1900. (8) The Rockefeller School of Health. — August 1916
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster ;  Baker, Bessie
(1) Update on the work of the Endowment Fund. (2) Letter from German nursing leader on reception of the Alumnae Magazine and request to continue, plus brief comments by Miss Sherman, 1902. (3) Announcement of needs in formation of the JHH Base Hospital Unit, requirements of the respondents, and appeal for more members to sign up. (4)Introduction to a series of articles in this issue from three JHH nurse alumnae. (5) Announcement of resignation of Mary Lent, 1895, as head of local IVNS plus review of her career locally. (6) Progress in U. S. Congress on women suffrage amendment. (7) Appeal from Augusta, Georgia for a nursing instructor for their University Hospital Training School. (8) Funds to be provided by the Rockefeller Foundation for the building and expenses of a new school of Public Health at Johns Hopkins.

[Article 15:3] Graduation Day, Class of 1916. — August 1916
Creator: Taylor, Effie J.
Brief account of the graduation day for the Class of 1916, including comments on the speech by Dr. Welch and a listing of the student awards given out at the graduation ceremony.

[Article 15:3] Items of Interest from our Graduates in the Great Middle West (1) Report of the Michigan State Visiting Nurse, 1915. (2) Illinois State Society for the Prvention of Blindness. (3) Wisconsin Post-Graduate Course in Public Health Work for Registered Nurses, University of Wisconsin. — August 1916
Creator: Nelson, Mary Carter ;  Van Blarcom, Carolyn Conant ;  Olmsted, Katherine
(1) This is a detailed description of all the different activities and travel and visits that go into the statistics of the work of this single visiting nurse over the state of Michigan. (2) This consists of several newspaper articles about a champion of saving the eyesight of babies and children, an actual experience of saving one little girl's eyesight and the prosecution of physicians who ignore the symptoms of sore eyes in children. (3) The director of the new Public Health graduate course for nurses writes of the development of the course and gives the detailed proposed curriculum.

[Article 15:3] Marriages. — August 1916

[Article 15:3] News Notes. — August 1916

[Article 15:3] Nursing Staff of the Johns Hopkins Hospital -- Eighty-Nine Nurses, Not Present, On Duty. — August 1916
Full page photograph of five rows of nurses working in the hospital

[Article 15:3] Officers of the Association 1916. — August 1916
Listing of all newly elected officers of the Association, its Board of Directors, and chairmen of all committees. (Where a chairman of a committee is listed, this index will not contain the name of each member.)

[Article 15:3] Origin of the Cavell Memorial Nurse in Massachusetts. — August 1916
Brief story of the developing of the project to appoint an American nurse to serve the English government as a memorial to Edith Cavell. The applicant chosen was Alice Fitzgerald, a JHH nursing alumna. Mention also is made of a silver medal with a Red Cross shield to be worn by Miss Fitzgerald.

[Article 15:3] Report of Elsie M. Lawler, R.N.. — August 1916
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Annual report of Miss Lawler giving the growth of both needs and work to fulfill those needs in all services.

[Article 15:3] Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting Alumnae Association, Nurses' Training School, The Johns Hopkins Hospital. — August 1916
Minutes and proceedings of the Nurses Alumnae Association held in a morning and an afternoon session on Friday, May 26, 1916. This consists of reports of the treasurer, all standing and special committees, a detailed Auditor's report, and extensive discussion from and about the Endowment Committee.

[Serial Volume 15:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (November, 1916). — 1916, November. — 1 issue

[Article 15:4] Book Reviews. — November 1916
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Very brief reviews of thirteen (13) books and mention of two (2) others that could be of interest to nurses.

[Article 15:4] Editorials (1) Miss Noyes' Appointment to the Red Cross. (2) The Exchange Magazines. (3) New Books in the Library. (4) Changes of Address. — November 1916
(1) Announcement of appointment of Clara Noyes, class of 1896, as Superintendent of the Nursing Bureau of the National Red Cross. (2)Discussion of which magazines have been added or deleted from our exchange list of periodicals. (3) Announcement of the books that have been added to the nursing library, either by purchase or as gifts. (4) Brief one-sentence requests for Endowment Fund donations to be sent to Miss Dixon, for changes of addresses to be send to the Secretary, and for those who send Exchange Magazines to send them to the Nurses' Club.

[Article 15:4] Executive Staff of the Training School 1917. — November 1916
This is a listing of all the officers of the Training School, the nursing heads of each hospital department, the head nurses and instructors throughout the hospital.

[Article 15:4] From the War Zone (1) "Shell Shock." (2) Heroes. (3) The American Hospital in Florence. — November 1916
Creator: MacInnes, Mary Stuart ;  La Motte, Ellen N.
This section contains three (3) personal accounts of service and experiences in overseas during World War I. The first, from a hospital in London and using a graphic case study, tells of the symptoms and treatment of the physical and mental condition called "shell shock." The second is the story of a nurse at a military hospital as she tries to find the difference between the soldier who tried to commit suicide and four others who were wounded in "action," finally concluding the only difference was "physical endurance," as demanded by superiors. The third account is a short continuation of an article begun in the previous issue of the Alumnae Magazine and deals primarily with the nursing staff under the direction of Grace Baxter, class of 1894 at the American Hospital in Florence, Italy.

[Article 15:4] How Much Time Should Be Allowed for Specialization During the Training School Course?. — November 1916
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Nurses in many of the specialties have complained that preparation for these specialties should be included in training school education. Miss Lawler discusses the problem and the many reasons not to include such training in the existing curriculum. In the summary by another participant at the convention meeting, it was concluded that such specialized education could not be included due to time constraints, that the training school should be considered the "elementary school from which the nurses must go on to the higher school to become the specialist." The training school, however, must be as broad as possible to provide the excellent foundation for later specializing. (Read before the Convention of National American Nurses' Association, New Orleans, 1916.)

[Article 15:4] Letters. — November 1916
Creator: Henderson, Alice E. ;  Whitney, Mary L.
Letters from two (2) alumnae: (1) short letter with donation for Endowment Fund; (2) long letter in response to request for an article for the Alumnae Magazine telling of the poliomyelitis epidemic in a county near New York City and the work done to combat its spread and to care for the patients.

[Article 15:4] Marriages. — November 1916

[Article 15:4] News Notes. — November 1916

[Article 15:4] Preventive Work for Individuals. — November 1916
Creator: MacDonald, V. May
Using several brief case studies, the writer describes some of the work of the Connecticut Society for Mental Hygiene, with the definite emphasis on preventive care of individuals.

[Article 15:4] Report of the Quarterly Meeting October. — November 1916
Minutes and proceedings of the quarterly meeting of the Nurses' Alumnae Association held October 20, 1916, including the treasurer's report, the reports of several standing and special committees and a bill for the Incorporation of the American Nurses' Association.

[Article 15:4] Why Does the Nurse in the General Hospital Need Training for Mental Work?. — November 1916
Creator: Taylor, Effie J.
Because the brain and the body are two parts to the complete whole, therefore "mental" study is as essential to nurses' education as is the condition and problems of a physical nature. And, since prevention of mental or emotional aberration is such an integral part of general nursing, it follows that student nurses must get mental training in order to recognize these mental aberrations. The "how" this can be achieved in a curriculum is not solved in this address; rather, the conclusion is that it must be included somehow. (Read before the Convention of National American Nurses' Association, New Orleans, 1916.)