Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 20] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1921). — 1921

[Serial Volume 20:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (February, 1921). — 1921, February. — 1 issue

[Article 20:1] Book Reviews. — February 1921
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of four (4) books and longer reviews of two (2) books of interest to nurses -- but really, of interest to women in general.

[Article 20:1] Deaths. — February 1921

[Article 20:1] Editorials (1) Progress of Work for the Endowment Fund. (2) The Public and the Trained Nurse. (3) The Sheppard-Towner Bill. (4) Contributions of Value. . — February 1921
(1) Introduction to article in this issue on progress made by the Endowment Fund Committee. (2) Need for nurses to take part -- as a group and as individuals -- in the social movements of the time. (3) Description of the government bill to increase public protection of maternity and infancy along with the importance of continual suppport of the bill. (4) Cited as contributions to the alumnae association are the new drawing of the alumnae pin and the donation of a small book by an alumna of the Class of 1892.

[Article 20:1] Letters of Special Interest. — February 1921
Creator: Heilman, Charlotte Miller ;  Olmsted, Katherine ;  Wolf, Anna Dryden ;  Ketchin, Mary McMaster
Several letters from nurse alumnae both overseas and the United States on progress in their individual nursing endeavors.

[Article 20:1] Marriages. — February 1921

[Article 20:1] News Notes. — February 1921
The elected president of the Toronto Canada alumnae group is listed as Mrs. R. Jourlay, a name that cannot be identified among the nurse alumnae.

[Article 20:1] Notices. — February 1921
Brief notices: Appeal from alumnae treasurer to pay dues; Bazaar to be held in Phipps for the Endowment Fund with appeal to donate money, articles for sale, or personal help; Sale for benefit of Endowment Fund of book by Hester Frederick on Practical Nursing Procedures.

[Article 20:1] Opinions of Special Value on the Necessity of an Endowed School of Nursing. — February 1921
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M. ;  Carr, Ada M. ;  Jamme, Anna C. ;  Lent, Mary E. ;  MacDonald, V. May ;  Stevens, Anne
Opinions from six (6) especially qualified nurse alumnae on the importance of an endowment for the JHH School of Nursing: Elsie Lawler, Ada Carr, Anna Jamme, Mary Lent, V. May Macdonald, and Anne Stevens.

[Article 20:1] Progress for Work for the Endowment Fund. — February 1921
The article begins with the report on the Endowment Fund Reception and continues with the reports of the secretary, treasurer, and chairmen of the different committees within the Endowment Fund group, along with the listing of the members of each sub-committee. Also included are detailed itemized receipts and expenditures.

[Article 20:1] Report of the Quarterly Meeting, February 11, 1921. — February 1921
Creator: Pels, Margaret Black
Very brief minutes of the regular quarterly meeting of the alumnae association with most of the meeting being devoted to the Endowment Fund Campaign. No details are given of any discussions.

[Article 20:1] The Public and the Trained Nurse. — February 1921
Creator: Miller, Amy P.
Several parts of correspondence concerning the public's seeing nursing as nothing more than almost subservient work of individuals without any core group of solidarity.

[Serial Volume 20:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (May, 1921). — 1921, May. — 1 issue

[Article 20:2] Commencement. — May 1921
Brief summary of activities and participants during commencement on May 12, 1921 of the Class of 1921 as the largest class ever graduated up to then. Also includes listing of scholarships awarded.

[Article 20:2] Deaths. — May 1921
Includes short message from sister of Lillian Sills (1892).

[Article 20:2] Editorials (1) Honors for Katherine M. Olmsted. (2) The School of Nursing, the Alumnae Association and the Class of 1921. (3)Reports of the Endowment Fund Committee. — May 1921
(1) Professional biography of Katherine Olmsted accompanies the congratulations for her recent apointment to new position in Public Health for the League of Red Cross Societies. (2)This section gives a brief account of the founding of the JHH nursing alumnae association and the role of the magazine in keeping all alumnae involved and interested. (3) This section is a summary of the work and success of building the Endowment Fund for the school of nursing.

[Article 20:2] Endowed Training Schools to Meet the World's Need for Nurses. — May 1921
Creator: Noyes, Clara D.
Post-war adventures of the President of the ANA and Director of Red Cross Nursing Service during her visits to Czechoslavakia, Bulgaria, and Greece to inspect and make suggestions for the newly started schools of nursing in these countries. The article stresses the changes in nursing from the traditional old-world beliefs to the needed "American" style nursing education. The article also identifies the need for endowment of schools of nursing in the United States in order to achieve their vast goals.

[Article 20:2] Endowment Fund Reports. — May 1921
Creator: Reed, Reiba Thelin ;  Rose, Marie L. ;  Waters, Yssabella ;  Sargent, Cora McCabe ;  Fox, Elizabeth Gordon ;  Lent, Mary E. ;  Crawford, Helen Hamilton
Series of reports given at the meeting of the Alumnae Association on April 15, 1921 by each of the committees working on the Endowment Fund on the progress of the Fund: New York Committee, Secretary, Secretary of the Publicity Committee, Assistant Treasurer, Endowment Booth Committee, Regional Committee, Potential Donors Committee, Chairman on Class Organization, Class of 1922, Class Activities.

[Article 20:2] Katherine M. Olmsted, 1912. — May 1921
Full page head portrait of Katherine Olmsted, Associate-Chief of Department of Nursing and Director of Public Health Nursing, League of Red Cross Societies, Geneva, Switzerland. (This photograph accompanies an article in the Editorial section on Miss Olmsted.)

[Article 20:2] Marriages. — May 1921

[Article 20:2] News Notes. — May 1921

[Article 20:2] Notice. — May 1921
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
This announcement is an appeal from the Editor for more news from alumnae about current work, newer trends in nursing.

[Article 20:2] Schedule of Class Contributions to the Endowment Fund. — May 1921
Creator: Waters, Yssabella
Listing in table format and by class of the numbers of contributors and the amount contributed to the Endowment Fund.

[Article 20:2] The Early Days of the Training School for Nurses at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. — May 1921
Creator: Hurd, Henry M. (Henry Mills), 1843-1927
This article is a lengthy and detailed account of the time before Hopkins Hospital became a working reality and the gradual opening of different parts of the hospital. When he comes to nursing, the writer speaks of the first nurses to work in the hospital, with a few humorous anecdotes, and then at length of the work and contributions of Isabel Hampton Robb with the school of nursing. (An address before the Theresians Nurses' Club, February 10, 1921)

[Article 20:2] The Training School for Native Nurses at Haiti. — May 1921
Creator: Bartlett, Vashti Rebecca
In Haiti, an old Almshouse from 1847 is being transformed into a modern hospital. To serve in this hospital native nurses are being trained in a new school of nursing with a class of about 30 students. The article tells of the need, also a brief account of some of the problems -- especially a large smallpox epidemic.

[Serial Volume 20:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (August, 1921). — 1921, August. — 1 issue

[Article 20:3] Book Reviews. — August 1921
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster ;  Bean, Mary Cloud, 1868-1953
Brief reviews of six (6) books of interest to nurses plus one (1) reviews by another alumna of a book about the West written by an alumna.

[Article 20:3] Communications. — August 1921
Creator: O'Connell, Anne H. ;  Ramsey, June A.
Three (3) letters received by the alumnae association: (1) Donation to Endowment Fund by students of a school of nursing in Chicago. (2) Letter from Surgeon-General endorsing the efforts for the Endowment Fund. (3) Letter accompanying a donationfrom an alumna.

[Article 20:3] Deaths. — August 1921

[Article 20:3] Editorials. — August 1921
Announcement of and tribute to Mary B. D. Cullen on her resignation as Editor of the Alumnae Magazine.

[Article 20:3] Helen Packard. — August 1921
Description of the funeral of alumna Helen Packard, 1914, as copied from a Virginia newspaper.

[Article 20:3] Marriages. — August 1921

[Article 20:3] Mental Nursing. — August 1921
Creator: Richards, Esther Loring, 1885-1956
The writer explains the differences between patients with physical problems and those with mental, or psychiatric, problems. She stresses the importance of the "ability to go to the heart of a human being, to size up individual needs in practical terms of situations, temperaments, habits, and cravings." The speaker also employs several examples of both adequate and inadequate assessment of patients. (Speech given at May 1921 meeting of Maryland State Association of Graduate Nurses.)

[Article 20:3] News Notes. — August 1921

[Article 20:3] Officers of the Alumnae Association. — August 1921
Listing of new officers of the Alumnae Association, Board of Directors, and Standing Committees for 1921 - 1922.(When a chairman of a committee is named, all of the members of that committee are not included in this index.)

[Article 20:3] Report of the Superintendent of Nurses. — August 1921
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Annual report given at graduation presenting a brief history of the progress of the school since its inception; changes and innovations during those years, including Public Health; eight (8) of the most "radical" changes during the past year. (Read at Graduating Exercises, May 12, 1921)

[Article 20:3] Sadie Heath Cabaniss. — August 1921
Creator: Harris, Emma Power
Report of the death and funeral of early graduate (Class of 1893) by an alumna friend.

[Article 20:3] The American Nurse: Her Past, Present and Future. — August 1921
Using Mass. General School of Nursing as his model, the speaker gives a lengthy and documented report of the first years of nursing education in 1874 and compares it to the present time (1921). He then draws four broad conclusions: "Trained nursing as a an essential element of our civilization"; the scope of nursing has broadened immensely; the recognition by hospitals of their important function of training nurses; conditions of work for nurses in hospitals "is much easier than in 1872." The speaker develops this progress in detail, highlighting the contributions of the Hopkins program. (Graduation speech May 12, 1921 by Frederick Washburn, M.D. of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA)

[Article 20:3] The Twenty-Ninth annual Meeting of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association. — August 1921
Creator: Miller, Gertrude A. (1900) ;  Pels, Margaret Black ;  Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon ;  Downey, May Lee Willis ;  Norris, Martha Perkins ;  Athey, Helen S. Wilmer ;  Warfield, Elizabeth Polk ;  Sherman, Ruth Brewster ;  Waters, Yssabella ;  Lent, Mary E. ;  Fox, Elizabeth Gordon ;  Taylor, Effie J. ;  Sargent, Cora McCabe ;  Goldthwaite, Mary Agnes
Minutes of the proceedings of the 29th annual meeting of the JHHNAA including full auditor's report, reports of all stnaing and special committees, adress by the president, plus listing by class of all alumnae contributions to the Endowment Fund.

[Serial Volume 20:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (November, 1921). — 1921, November. — 1 issue

[Article 20:4] "Rounds". — November 1921
Creator: Artman, Bessie Spiers
"Tongue in Cheek" poem written by Bessie I. Spiers, 1921, on the many preparations and "worries" in preparation for "The Doctor and the Students" and their rounds.

[Article 20:4] $1200.00 To The Good. — November 1921
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Report of the recent Christmas Sale by the Gate House Shop giving individual credit for every aspect of the project.

[Article 20:4] A New Calendar. — November 1921
Creator: Carr, Ada M.
A brief announcement from the Publications Committee of the National League for Nursing Education of the publication of its first of a series of nursing calendars now offered for sale.

[Article 20:4] An Experiment in Coordination of Public Health Work. — November 1921
Creator: Carr, Ada M.
The formation of a single agency for public health composed of nine (9) smaller health organizations leads to better coordination of services, less repetition, the economy of a single headquarters. The article also mentions a talk from a physician about the end of certain diseases and dismissing the idea that diseases are inevitable.

[Article 20:4] Deaths. — November 1921
Includes two In Memoriams from classmates of Margaret Stanley, 1896, and Leah Kirkland Duer, 1907. It also includes a late NOTICE of the death of another alumna, Anna N. French, 1896.

[Article 20:4] Editorials (1)The Washington Conference on Limitation of Armaments. (2)Armistice Day and the Red Cross Nurse. (3) Some Comments Upon Dr. Mayo's Recent Article. (4) The Seattle Convention. — November 1921
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon ;  Noyes, Clara D.
(1) Comments by Mrs. Cullen on need for conference called by President Harding to limit international armaments. (2) For the ceremony accompanying the return of the Unknown Soldier to the U.S. an unexpectedly large number of Red Cross nurses from the war followed Clara Noyes to the cemetery for the ceremony. (3) Clara Noyes (1896) prints her rebuttal to derogatory statements by Dr. Mayo on the formation of the new national nursing organizations. (4) Appeal to all alumnae to attend the upcoming Seattle Convention of the three national nursing organizations.

[Article 20:4] Letters From Our Graduates. — November 1921
Creator: Allen, Bertha Weisbrod ;  Higinbotham, Helen Phyllis (-Apr 1978) ;  Hoyt, Margaret Bliss
Two (2) long letters from alumnae describing their work in different parts of the United States and a third letter gives details of a trip throughout the Mediterranean area. The "Vermont Plan" describes two programs for post poliomyelitis care; the next writes ofcare given in a settlement school with its "hospital" in Gattenburg, Tennessee; the third, a long description of the journey through areas of Spain, then around northern Africa to Turkey and Greece.

[Article 20:4] Margaret E. Stanley, 1896. — November 1921
Full page photograph of Margaret E. Stanley, Class of 1896, to accompany an In Memoriam tribute to her later in this issue of the magazine.

[Article 20:4] Marriages. — November 1921

[Article 20:4] News Notes. — November 1921

[Article 20:4] Nursing Appointments in the Training School for 1922. — November 1921
Listing of appointments to the school of nursing and to each area in the Johns Hopkins Hospital. The list contains seven (7) assistants to Miss Lawler, supervisors in nine (9) hospital areas, and 39 Head Nurses.

[Article 20:4] Organization of the Medical Clinic of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. — November 1921
Creator: Robinson, George Canby, 1878-1960
The Physician in Chief of Medicine at Hopkins writes of some of the changes in the organization of the medical services and in the changes of some of the personnel of the medical staff.

[Article 20:4] Report of the Quarterly Meeting, November 18, 1921. — November 1921
Creator: Crighton, Annie ;  Nutting, M. Adelaide (Mary Adelaide), 1858-1948 ;  Reed, Reiba Thelin ;  Waters, Yssabella ;  Frederick, Hester K.
Minutes of the proceedings of the regular quarterly meeting of the alumnae association, including a letter from Miss Nutting and reports of the progress of the Endowment Fund with listing by class of individual contributions to this fund.

[Article 20:4] The Seatttle Convention. — November 1921
Creator: Fox, Elizabeth Gordon
Preview of some of the activities and topics to be enjoyed at the upcoming biennial convention of the three national nursing organizations in Seattle includes an appeal for the attendance by Hopkins nurses.

[Article 20:4] To the Fifty and Five. — November 1921
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Poem written by Helen Athey, 1905, in memory of the 55 graduates of the JHH Training School for Nurses who had died up until then.