Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 21] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1922). — 1922

[Serial Volume 21:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (February, 1922). — 1922, February. — 1 issue

[Article 21:1] A Hopkins Graduate in Athens. — February 1922
Creator: Noyes, Clara D.
Begun by the Red Cross in 1919, a child welfare clinic in Athens was put under a new group called The Patriotic League. Run by Charlotte Heilman, 1908, the group consists of volunteers each of whom give at least a half day/week to home visiting plus attending weekly conferences. A letter from Mrs. Heilman explains in detail the work of this group and its continuing success.

[Article 21:1] Book Reviews. — February 1922
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief review of a new edition of one (1) book by Lavinia Dock; also a mention of a second book of interest to nurses.

[Article 21:1] Deaths. — February 1922

[Article 21:1] Editorials (1) The Members of the Publication Committee... (2) Fair Play for Trained Nurses. (3) The History of the Red Cross Nursing Service. (4) 1899 Nurses for War; 500 for Peace. (5) Anna Montague French, 1896. — February 1922
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon ;  Sherman, Ruth Brewster ;  Oliver, Evelyn
(1)The new members of the Publications Committee and their responsibilities are covered in this article. (2) Praise for Dr. Richard Beard who has defended the nursing profession against the "venomous" attack by Dr. Mayo. (3) Publication of the new book "History of the Red Cross Nursing Service" is expected during the summer. (4) Report by Evelyn Oliver on the 521 nurses who remained with the Army Nurse Corps after the cessation of the war. (5) In Memoriam tribute to Anna Montague French, 1896.

[Article 21:1] Letters from Czecho-Slovakia and Java (1) Letter from Alice Carr, 1914. (2) Letter from Alice Bielski, 1918. — February 1922
Creator: Carr, Alice G. ;  Bowers, Alice Bielski
(1) The letter gives a detailed daily account of the trip around Greece, the Dardanelles, and Czechoslovakia after the six months of duty in Serbia. It describes the beauty of so many of the ancient buildings and the countryside of the area. (2) This letter gives the work experiences of an alumna from working in the hospital in Java and teaching classes, also giving some plans for the future there in health care.

[Article 21:1] Marriages. — February 1922

[Article 21:1] News Notes. — February 1922

[Article 21:1] Notice The Jane Delano Memorial Fund. — February 1922
Invitation -- and appeal -- for all to send contributions to some sort of monument to Jane Delano to be built in Washington, D.C.

[Article 21:1] Public School Nursing in Baltimore. — February 1922
Creator: Holljes, Nelly
Description of the responsibilities of and the work done by the School Nurses of Baltimore, which includes home visits as needed.

[Article 21:1] Report of a Special Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — February 1922
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
At this special meeting, the only subject discussed was the securing of the position of the school of nursing by assuring it can meet the demands of modern nursing and modern nursing schools. For this, the Endowment Fund will be a necessity.

[Serial Volume 21:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (May, 1922). — 1922, May. — 1 issue

[Article 21:2] Book Reviews. — May 1922
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of two (2) books of interest to nurses.

[Article 21:2] County Health Nursing. — May 1922
Creator: Erskine, Helen Mar
The development and growth in a Pennsylvania county of three child health clinics is told here in detail. Several patient examples are included.

[Article 21:2] Deaths. — May 1922
Announcement of deaths of three (3) alumnae accompanied by brief In Memoriam tributes by their classmates. Also included is the death of a member of the senior class of 1922 who died a few months before graduation.

[Article 21:2] Echoes of the World War from the Veteran's Bureau and the "Peace Conference". — May 1922
Creator: Allen, Katherine Devine ;  Dumbell, Kate
The first section deals with the services of the Veterans' Bureau to disabled ex-service men, as well as with the organization of nursing in the Bureau and its need for more nurses for dispensary work. The second section From the "Peace Conference" gives a detailed account of a recent conference on the limitation of armaments of the nations.

[Article 21:2] Editorials (1) Our New Contributors. (2) The Social Service Department. (3) Ruth Adamson, 1902, LeMoyne Phares, 1903. (4)"The Evolution of Modern Medicine." (5)Communications to Endowment Fund Committee. — May 1922
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon ;  Bean, Mary Cloud, 1868-1953
(1) New articles by students are included in this issue. (2) As an introduction to an article in this issue, this editorial writes of the development and activities of the Social Service Department at JHH. (3) In Memoriam tributes to two recently deceased alumnae. (4)Comments on recently published series of lectures by Sir William Osler on the development of modern medicine. (5) Brief announcemnt of where to send communications to the Endowment Fund Committee.

[Article 21:2] Graduates' Letters from Japan, Turkey and China. — May 1922
Creator: Parrott, Emma Osborn Cleaver ;  Lowe, Emma Wood ;  Sanders, Alice M. Hillman
From Japan comes the story of service as the very active wife of a missionary. From Turkey comes the article about some of the work in Constantinople with the Near East Relief Commission and American Red Cross, including its new nurses' training school. Finally, from China comes the story of an alumna who visited China to help her pregnant and then newly-delivered sister. However, the bulk of the letter concerns her good times learning Chinese in the Language School.

[Article 21:2] Marriages. — May 1922

[Article 21:2] News Notes. — May 1922
The name of Helen Clark, Class of 1919, is entered in this issue as attending Teachers College, Columbia. However, there is no alumna with that name from that class in the Archives records.

[Article 21:2] Notice. — May 1922
Announcement of Tours for Nurses to be held at the upcoming convention to be held in Seattle, WA.

[Article 21:2] Report of the Endowment Fund. — May 1922
Financial report of the Endowment Fund accompanied by an itemized individual listing by classes of contributions to the fund from December 4, 1921 to April 8, 1922.

[Article 21:2] Report of the February Alumnae Meeting Minutes of the Meeting of the Alumnae Association Held at the Hospital on February 10, 1922. — May 1922
Creator: Shipley, Angela Mitchell
Minutes of the proceedings and actions taken at the regular quarterly meeting of the Alumnae Association.

[Article 21:2] The Social Service Department Opens Its Doors to Seniors (1) Introduction. (2)Social Service for the Babies. (3)"L Clinic" and the Family. (4)Jim and Ike. . — May 1922
Creator: Athens, Rachel Yost ;  Stead, Florence Carey ;  Steele, Katharine McLean ;  Miller, B. Faye
(1) A short one-month elective course in the Hospital Social Service has been started for Senior students in the school of nursing. (2) By very brief examples, this section deals with the many ways in which the Social Service Department needs to be used to help parents with problems with children. (3) With the use of examples, this section explains the use of Social Service in finding solutions to problems in homes and with families in order to improve patient cooperation and compliance. (4) This is the story of two young blind boys from West Virginia who needed a series of surgeries to bring them some vision.

[Serial Volume 21:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (August, 1922). — 1922, August. — 1 issue

[Article 21:3] Book Reviews. — August 1922
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster ;  Miller, Amy P.
Lengthy reviews on two (2) new books written by our alumnae, plus a briefer review on one (1) other book and part of a letter sent by Lavinia Dock on the review of her new book.

[Article 21:3] Commencement Week. — August 1922
Summary of the different events held during Commencement Week.

[Article 21:3] Editorials (1) Yale University Honors Miss Nutting. (2) Report of the National Committee on Nursing. (3) Our Endowment Fund. (4) Nurses as Publishers. (5) A Gift to the Sick Nurses Benefit Fund. (6)The Work of Vashti Bartlett in Haiti. (7) The Class of 1922. — August 1922
(1) Miss Nutting received an honorary Master of Arts degree from Yale University. (2) Recommendations of the National Committee on Nursing are based on the Goldmark investigations. (3) Work of Endowment Fund Committee invigorated by award to Miss Nutting; also includes long letter from Miss Nutting to the alumnae. (4) Announcement of publication of two new books by alumnae. (5) Announcement of $500 gift by Dr. and Mrs. Finney to Sick Benefit Fund. (6)Report by Vashti Bartlett of her work in Haiti at its school of nursing. (7) Thanks to the Class of 1922, each member of which contributed to the Endowment Fund.

[Article 21:3] Graduation Day. — August 1922
Creator: Taylor, Effie J.
Description of some of the preparations for graduation, the procession of the students, the garden party following the graduation. Also lists the individual student nurses receiving scholarships.

[Article 21:3] Marriages. — August 1922

[Article 21:3] Miss Lawler's Report to the Trustees. — August 1922
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
In her annual report, Miss Lawler speaks of the "changes and many improvements" in what may seem like an unventful year. These includes increases in staff, new buildings, work in the School and on the patient units. She also speaks of the scattered locations of our more than a thousand graduates.

[Article 21:3] Notices. — August 1922
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
One notice is a request for old issues of the Amercan Journal of Nursing; the second is the offering for sale of bound Volumes 1 - 10 of the American Journal of Nursing.

[Article 21:3] Officers of the Alumnae Association 1922 - 1923. — August 1922
Listing of all officers, members of the Board of Directors, Chairmen of all committees and the membership of each committee. (When a chairman is listed, the members of that committee will not be included in this indexing.)

[Article 21:3] Report of the Thirtieth Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — August 1922
President's address, minutes/proceedings of the meeting, complete financial report, and reports of all standing and special committees at the 30th annual meeting of the Alumnae Association held on May 26, 1922. Also includes a summary of Dr. Sabin's address to the group and the report of the results of the election of JHNAA officrs.

[Article 21:3] The Influence of the Hospital on the Nurse. — August 1922
Creator: Robinson, George Canby, 1878-1960
The speaker acknowledges the three years of education received by the graduating students, but points out the contribution of the hospital, itself, through the "spirit" and "humanity" exerienced in this hospital. (Graduation speech given to the graduating student nurses on May 25, 1922.)

[Article 21:3] The Teresians Discuss Student Government. — August 1922
Creator: Howell, Helen M.
Efforts to develop either a Student Government or a Student Council (as advisory for the faculty and authorities) were debated at special meetings with inconclusive results. It was decided to give the matter further consideration.

[Serial Volume 21:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (November, 1922). — 1922, November. — 1 issue

[Article 21:4] Book Reviews. — November 1922
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of two (2) new books plus mention of two (2) new editions of books that are of interest to nursing. Also includes a list of other medical or nursing magazines and books exchanged with other libraries.

[Article 21:4] Editorials (1) William Stewart Halsted. (2) The Delano Red Cross Nurses. (3) An Appreciation of Carolyn Van Blarcom's "Obstetrical Nursing." (4) Practical Opportunities of Assisting the Endowment Fund. (5) Sargent's Great Painting. — November 1922
Creator: Hurd, Henry M. (Henry Mills), 1843-1927 ;  Noyes, Clara D. ;  Giddings, Helen ;  Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
(1) Detailed biographical In Memoriam for William Halsted, M.D. by Henry Hurd. (2)Announcement by Clara Noyes of the two recipients of the Jane Delano award for work in Alaska and in the Maine islands. (3) Praise for the recently published work in "Obstetrical Nursing" written by alumna Carolyn Van Blarcom. (4)Advetising the recent additions to stock at the Gate House Shop for sale to benefit the Endowment Fund. (5) Brief announcement of appreciation to Dr. Kelly for the photograph of the "Big Four" doctors of Hopkins for his presenting the photo to the Alumnae Association.

[Article 21:4] Frances McQuaide's Work in Constantinople. — November 1922
When Frances McQuaide started her work in Constantinople, there were "the usual problems of public health in a large Constantinople complicated a thousand times by overcrowding, lack of sanitation, excessive poverty...and the constant influx of refugees from the wars..." In this milieu, McQuaide started caring for the children and initiated a school to train local girls in nurses' training. These services have evolved into clinics and home visits for all. The article is accompanied by a full page photograph of Frances McQuaide and two smaller sized photos of patients and nurses.

[Article 21:4] From Our Graduates in India and the Mountains of Tennessee, U.S.A. (1) From Louise Eckert, 1919. (2) From Phyllis Higinbotham. — November 1922
Creator: Loucks, Linna (Louise) ;  Higinbotham, Helen Phyllis (-Apr 1978)
(1) Difficulties faced by an alumna in the poorer area in India are related by the use of several case studies. (2) At this Settlement School in Gatlinburg, TN. patients usually call for medical help late and the conditions are less than satisfactory, but help is given and frequently is successful.

[Article 21:4] Marriages. — November 1922

[Article 21:4] News Notes. — November 1922

[Article 21:4] Report of Endowment Fund Committee. — November 1922
Individual listing by class of donations to the Endowment Fund froom April 8 to October 13, 1922.

[Article 21:4] Sargent's Portrait of William H. Welch, William S. Halsted, William Osler, Howard A. Kelly. — November 1922
Full page photograph of the four (4) noted physicians/professors at Johns Hopkins Hospital and University.