Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 22] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1923). — 1923

[Serial Volume 22:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (February, 1923). — 1923, February. — 1 issue

[Article 22:1] Book Reviews. — February, 1923
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of two (2) books of interest to nurses and a little longer review of one (1) book on the development of public health nursing.

[Article 22:1] Editorials (1) New Honors for Miss Taylor. (2) An Alumna Who Has Achieved. (3) Reports of Importance. (4) The Women's Conference at the Hague. — February, 1923
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon ;  Saxton, Mary Howard
(1) Brief professional biography of Effie Taylor on the occasion of her appointment as Executive Secretary of the National League for Nursing. (2) Tribute to Anne O'Connell who won her own battle with tuberculosis and now owns two sanitoria in North Carolina for people with this disease. (3) Special attention brought to two items in this issue's "Report of the Quarterly Meeting": the financial report of the Endowment Fund and the report of the Publication Committee. (4) Women's Conference at the Hague protesting the failure of the peace terms after World War I and the calling for a "new" peace.

[Article 22:1] Effie J. Taylor, 1907. — February, 1923
Portrait of Effie J. Taylor, 1907, to accompany an editorial on her recent appointment as Executive Secretary of the NLN.

[Article 22:1] Items of Interest (1) The Jacob Schiff Memorial Building. (2) "The Spirit of Service" Memorial to War Nurses. (3) History of the American Red Cross Nursing Service. — February, 1923
Creator: Nash, Jessie Rogers
(1) Upon the occasion of the dedication of the new Administration building for the Henry Street Settlement, the roles of Lillian Wald and of many JH nurses are reviewed. (2) Introduction and description of a new large painting memorializing the service of nurses during World War I. This painting is at the National Headquarters of the American Red Cross. (3) Announcement of the newly completed book on the History of the American Red Cross Nursing Serice.

[Article 22:1] Louis Pasteur, 1822 - 1895. — February, 1923
Article reprinted from Manchester Guardian Weekly (December 22, 1922) as a tribute to Louis Pasteur on his centenary. The article gives information on Pasteur's scientific and personal attributes.

[Article 22:1] Marriages. — February, 1923

[Article 22:1] News Notes. — February, 1923

[Article 22:1] Pioneer Public Health Nursing in Prince Edward Island, Canada. — February, 1923
Creator: MacMahon, Amy E.
The article tells of the two-year development of a public health program on Prince Edward Island, working through difficulties through school children to reach the parents and larger population with the establishment of a Health Care Center with several community offshoots.

[Article 22:1] Report of the Quarterly Meeting. — February, 1923
Minutes and proceedings of the regular quarterly meeting of the Nurses Alumnae Association held in November, 1922 and including reports of several committees plus itemized listing of contributions of individual alumnae to the Endowment Fund.

[Article 22:1] Some Recent Developments and Changes in the School of Nursing (1) Social Service Experience for Student Nurses at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. (2) The Course in Metabolism for Student Nurses. (3) Recent Changes on the Wards and in the Nurses' Home. (4) Practical Nursing Procedures at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. — February, 1923
Creator: Giddings, Helen ;  Savage, Louise
(1) Elective senior course now offered student nurses in practical social work on the wards. (2) Eight-month course combining the theoretical and practical for patients with a variety of diseases, especially those requiring special diets. (3) Among these changes are the provision of toothbrushes to improve mouth care, the giving of soap, and improvement in serving meals on the wards. Also included are changes in the library, a member of the physician house staff for the student nurses, and the allowance of more privileges for the nurses. (4) New pamphlet on nursing procedures at the JHH written by Hester Frederick.

[Article 22:1] The Extension Course in Maternity Hygiene for Graduate Nurses in New York. — February, 1923
Creator: Houston, Cecilia P.
To help satisfy the growing need for nurses to conduct prenatal, postnatal, and other maternity work has led to the development of this extensive program mandated by the New York state legislature over the entire state with lectures and demonstrations leading to expertise in these areas of public health care.

[Article 22:1] Work with Refugees in Athens. — February, 1923
Creator: Noyes, Clara D.
The article gives the organization of the different refugee camps in and around Athens, how the work in each group is managed by an appointed refugee director with all work done by other refugees. This organization, created by Charlotte Heilman, JH 1908, is now the model for all such refugee work.

[Serial Volume 22:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (May, 1923). — 1923, May. — 1 issue

[Article 22:2] "Briefs" from the Annual Report of the Social Service Department. — May, 1923
From the annual report of the Social Service Department to the hospital Board of Trustees, the article contains brief mention of many new services offered over the past year by this department: e.g. progress of two boys cited the previous year, securing of motor buses for transportation for crippled children to and from schools. It also tells of the continuation of the social service course for student nurses and for several other unsatisfied needs.

[Article 22:2] Book Reviews. — May, 1923
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Reviews of two (2) books and briefer reviews of four (4) other books that are of interest to Hopkins nurses.

[Article 22:2] Contributions to the Endowment Fund. — May, 1923
Listings, by class, of individual contributions to the Endowment Fund from January 18 to Aril 17, 1923.

[Article 22:2] Editorials (1) A New Era in the Education of Nurses. (2) Expansion Plans of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Progressing Most Favorably. (3) Pledges to the Endowment Fund. (4) A Message from the Gate House Committee. (5) Radio Talks by our Graduates. (6) "The Routine." (7) The Uniformity of our Uniform. — May, 1923
Creator: Nutting, M. Adelaide (Mary Adelaide), 1858-1948 ;  Athey, Helen S. Wilmer ;  Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
(1) The opening of two (2) collegiate schools of nursing at Yale and Western Reserve has created a new era in nursing education with schools of nursing having the same relationship with universities as Medical Schools have enjoyed. (2) Over two-thirds of the needed funds have been provided for the expansion plans of the hospital. The editor looks forward to some time in the future when the school of nursing will have obtained its one million dollar endowment fund. (3)Brief notification of the address to which to send pledges to the nurses' endowment fund. (4) Report of the Gate House chairman accompanied with the plea for more donations of products to sell at the shop. (5)Two alumnae recently have delivered radio talks: one on public health nursing, the other on nursing as a profession. The second talk is printed in this issue. (6) Announcement about the yearbook to be published by senior class is accompanied by encouragement to alumnae for its purchase and by the offer of assistance to the class. (7) At the February meeting the suggested regulations for the Hopkins graduate uniform were accepted.

[Article 22:2] Marriages. — May, 1923

[Article 22:2] News Notes. — May, 1923

[Article 22:2] Nursing -- A Profession. — May, 1923
Creator: Ford, Eleanor Jones
The three qualifications for a Nurse are: the desire to help/serve, skill obtained through capable training, and home training by family in the fundamentals of learning. The author then writes of the fields of public health nursing, private duty work, hospital nursing, industrial nursing, the different "government" services, and the pioneering rural work. (This article originally was given as a radio broadcast for Post Westinghouse, Radio Broadcasting Station, Pittsburgh, PA.)

[Article 22:2] Recent Developments at the J. H. H.. — May, 1923
Money has been donated for the building of the new dispensary and for the endowment of Phipps Clinic. The itemized plan for the expansion and improvements is given. There is a detailed description of the new parts of Women's Clinic plus the plans for its completion. Also presented in the article are some of the improved equipment, e.g. beds, that have been added to rooms in Marburg.

[Article 22:2] Report of the Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — May, 1923
Creator: Crighton, Annie
Minutes of the proceedings of the Nurses' Alumnae Association at its regular quarterly meeting on February 28, 1923. The major business was the acceptance of the rules and regulations governing the graduate nurses uniforms. Also included was the permission granted by the Association for the use of the Alumnae Pin for the first student nurse yearbook.

[Serial Volume 22:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (August, 1923). — 1923, August. — 1 issue

[Article 22:3] "Routine," The First Annual of the Training School. — August, 1923
Announcement of the publishing of the first yearbook by the Class of 1923 upon its graduation.

[Article 22:3] Announcements. — August, 1923
Announcement of new $10,000 to be used for nurse scholarships to increase the number of field nurses in rural areas and cities for child health work and to increase the number of child health specialists. The requirements and the address for applicants is given.

[Article 22:3] Commencement Day Exercises. — August, 1923
This review of graduation day for the Class of 1923 includes the opening prayer of the Rev. Dr. Oscar T. Olson, Miss Lawler's Annual Report, the address by the Dean of Goucher College and the listing of the scholarships awarded to different student nurses. The graduation speech talked in detail of Copernicus and his extensive studies and accomplishments as the speaker drew several parallels between Copernicus and the graduating class of nurses: the length of time with varying experiences for their careers plus the "attitude of mind" with its willingness to try new idea and "follow the truth."

[Article 22:3] Editorials (1) A Word to the Wise. (2) Appointments to the Yale University School of Nursing. (3)Our Presidents. (4) This, Our Annual Number. (5) The Hospital as an Ideal. (6) Women and the Census. (7) The Class of 1923. — August, 1923
(1) The endowment and subsequent creation of the Yale University School of Nursing has made it more essential to obtain our endowment goal and to have all parts of "the Hopkins" push for collegiate status. (2) Three JHH School of Nursing alumnae have been appointed to positions in the new Yale University School of Nursing. (3)Praise for retiring president Hester Frederick and incoming president Claire Craigen. (4) Highlights of this issue of the magazine especially regarding Homecoming and the Annual Meeting. (5) Hospitals frequently have been founded by "idealists." The editorial describes a new small hospital in Crisfield on the Eastern Shore, built as a memorial to the donor's husband, child, and nurse killed in an accident. (6) Figures from the 1920 census are given, with a "complaint" that mothers/homemakers are called "no occupation." (7) Welcome to the Class of 1923 as our newest alumnae.

[Article 22:3] Marriages. — August, 1923

[Article 22:3] News Notes. — August, 1923

[Article 22:3] Officers of the Alumnae Association 1923 - 1924. — August, 1923
A listing of the officers, Board of Directors, chairmen and members of all standing and special committees of the Nurses' Alumnae Association. (In this indexing, the membership of committees is not included unless there is no designated chairman.)

[Article 22:3] Report of the Thirty-First Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — August, 1923
Minutes and proceedings of the annual meeting of the Alumnae Association on May 25, 1923, including a complete report by Auditors on the financial holdings of the Association as well as the Endowment Fund, reports of all standing and special committees, the president's address, the Alumnae Supper, and the Evening Meeting with several student practical demonstrations.

[Article 22:3] Social Work with Children in the Dispensary of the Phipps Psychiatric Clinic of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. — August, 1923
The article writes of the variety of children brought to this part of the Phipps Clinic, the determination and treatment of the different causes of the problems. The illustration of the differences is brought out through two case studies. The end of the article is an A to Z "Health Alphabet" poem written by a 1903 JHHSON alumna, V. M. Macdonald.

[Article 22:3] The Appeal of the Five Year Course in Nursing. — August, 1923
Creator: Baker, Bessie
The article gives the breakdown of the studies at the university and at the school of nursing of a five-year course, including both the advantages of this increased length of time and the reactions of two young prospective students during their interview.

[Article 22:3] The Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Tumors. — August, 1923
Creator: Dandy, Walter Edward, 1886-1946.
Early diagnosis and surgery are essential for possible cure of brain tumors. A new method makes this early diagnosis possible; it is called ventriculography, developed by Dr. Dandy.

[Serial Volume 22:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (November, 1923). — 1923, November. — 1 issue

[Article 22:4] Announcement. — November, 1923
Information by the state Nurses Association on (1) rules on transfers to other states and (2) formation of a committee to study registration laws in different states.

[Article 22:4] Book Reviews. — November, 1923
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of three (3) new books of interest to nurses, one (1) longer review of one chapter in a previously reviewed book by a JHH obstetrician, and a paragraph of recommendation for each of two (2) more books of nursing interest.

[Article 22:4] Contributions to the Endowment Fund. — November, 1923
Itemized individual contributions listing by class to the Endowment Fund.

[Article 22:4] Deaths. — November, 1923
Includes In Memoriam comments from classmates on two of the deceased alumnae.

[Article 22:4] Editorials (1) The Endowment Fund. (2) The Christmas Sale. (3) Caps (4) The Seventh Annual Roll Call of the American Red Cross. (5) "Hygeia." (6) Miss Nutting's Illness. — November, 1923
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon ;  Frederick, Hester K. ;  Athey, Helen S. Wilmer ;  Noyes, Clara D.
(1) The need for the Endowment Fund is emphasized to retain our status as a "leading" school. (2) Announcement of the upcoming Christmas Sale by the Gate House Shop, with the request for donations. (3) A notice about how to order graduate caps. (4) Request for membership in the Red Cross at the time of its annual Roll Call, giving the work of the Red Cross and its need for members. (5) Announcement of the publication of a new journal of individual and community health with a very brief review. (6) Announcement of Miss Nutting's recent surgery and report on her progress in recupertion.

[Article 22:4] Insulin in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. — November, 1923
Creator: Anderson, Mildred Everett
A discussion of the discovery and development of insulin for treatment of diabetes mellitus in 1922 includes not only its use but also the exaggerated claims by some of the medication as a "cure" for the disease. The article also emphasizes the continued need for dietary control and how the diets are constructed.

[Article 22:4] Items of Interest (1) From the Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. (2) An Appreciation of the Cottage at Sherwood Forest. (3) From Red Cross Headquarters. (4) From the Near East Relief. . — November, 1923
Creator: Clark, Alice M.
The article contains brief commentaries about a tea by Miss Lawler at the School of Nursing which included some amusing entertainment; a student's comments of appreciation and activities at the cottage at Sherwood during the summer; the work of many nurses as part of the Red Cross in Greece; and a summary of many activities in relief in Greece after a bombing of the area by Italy.

[Article 22:4] Marriages. — November, 1923

[Article 22:4] News Notes. — November, 1923
Includes a more detailed description of the school for nurses in Warsaw established by the Red Cross there with its director, Ruth Bridge, class of 1916.

[Article 22:4] Our Uniform. — November, 1923
Creator: Brockway, Marion L. Turner
With the recently accepted changes for a uniform for the school of nursing, the first student of the school writes of how the initial uniform was created. The brief article is accompanied by a full page photograph showing the student uniform and the graduate uniform.

[Article 22:4] The Problem of the Neurotic Child. — November, 1923
Creator: Cross, Elizabeth B.
With the use of two case histories, the author explains the behaviors noted with "neurotic children," their sources, how they are treated, and some of the results.