Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 26] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1927). — 1927

[Serial Volume 26:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (February, 1927). — 1927, February. — 1 issue

[Article 26:1] A Foundation in Nursing Education at the University of California. — February, 1927
Creator: Jamme, Anna C.
From funds obtained from registration of nurses, the Califonia legislature has established a Foundation for Nursing Education at the University of California. This will provide for the preparation of teachers and administrators in schools of nursing. (Reprinted from The American Journal of Nursing, December, 1926)

[Article 26:1] Book Reviews. — February, 1927
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Long review of a book of a collection of essays, articles, speeches made by M. Adelaide Nutting, plus brief mentions of/comments on seven (7) other new books or new editions of older books of interest to nurses.

[Article 26:1] Editorials (1) Sadie Heath Cabaniss, 1893. (2) A Foundation in Nursing Education at the University of California. (3) The Sixth Christmas Sale for the Benefit of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Endowment Fund. (4) "A Sound Economic Basis for Schools of Nursing." (5) "Routine," 1927. — February, 1927
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon ;  Carr, Patience
(1) Introduction to the article in this issue about the memorial to Miss Cabaniss, 1893, at the University of Virginia. (2) Introduction to the article in this issue on the establishment of The Foundation in Nursing Education at the University of California. (3) Results of the December Christmas Sale by the Gate House Shop. (4) A collection of published articles by M. A. Nutting is reviewed in the Book Review section of this issue. (5) Announcement of the new issue of "Routine" with the appeal to all to purchase copies.

[Article 26:1] Facts and Hearsay in Private Duty Nursing. — February, 1927
Creator: Schouten, Irene Burch
A recent study in New York has shown that from 30% to 50% of private duty nurses are entering other fields, a situation that seems typical of other parts of the country. The article touches on the poor pay, the costs of private duty, the long hours of duty, no increases in salary for experience, the dangers to her own health. As yet, despite study by physicians, no solution has been found although some suggestions have surfaced. Among these are "centralization of nursing resources under one clearing house," group nursing, an hourly nursing plan. Also, however, there has been a decrease in demand for private duty nurses. The conclusion is that a solution must be found.

[Article 26:1] Marriages. — February, 1927

[Article 26:1] News Notes (1) Hospital News. (2) Alumnae News Notes. (3) News of "1923." (4) Class Notes, 1925. . — February, 1927
Creator: Hussey, Elma J. ;  Frederick, Hester K. ;  Spessard, Lottie M. ;   Davis, Marjorie B. ;  Snoke, Edna Myers
A few sections about Hospital News includes a lengthy part on the Liver Diet (by Miss Frederick). Items of the Class of 1923 are reported by Miss Hussey. A letter by Miss Spessard with information about the building of a hospital in the Phillipines is included. News of each member of the Class of 1925 is reported by Miss David. Also included are brief items of many members of other classes.

[Article 26:1] Nursing Education in Toronto. — February, 1927
Creator: Dyke, Eunice H.
In this article the author compares -- item by item -- nursing education in Hospital Schools, University of Toronto Public Health Nursing, Extension Department of the University of Toronto, and New Courses organized by the University Department of Public Health Nursing. The author is Director of Public Health Nursing, Department of Public Health and the article seems to center on Public Health nursing.

[Article 26:1] Report of the Quarterly Meeting. — February, 1927
Minutes of the proceedings of the Alumnae Association meeting held November 18, 1926 with Report of the Endowment Fund Committee and a list of individual contributions to the Endowment Fund listed by class.

[Article 26:1] Sadie Heath Cabaniss, 1893. — February, 1927
Full page portrait photograph of Sadie Heath Cabaniss, Class of 1893. The article about a memorial in her honor is covered in an editorial and a subsequent article in this issue.

[Article 26:1] Suggestions by the Publication Committee for the Consideration of the Alumnae Association. — February, 1927
The current editor of the Alumnae Association is resigning her position. This article gives suggestions for the members of the Association to consider at its next meeting with the principle change being the appointment of an "Editorial Staff" instead of a single editor-in-chief. It further describes its ideas of the functions of each editor.

[Article 26:1] Taking Stock of Ourselves. — February, 1927
Creator: Nutting, M. Adelaide (Mary Adelaide), 1858-1948
A 1925 Review by the Rockefeller Foundation presents the nurse as the "storm center" of various complaints about nurses by the public, physicians, and hospitals, claiming nurses have lost the "Florence Nightingale spirit of sacrifice and service." In order to obtain sufficient and objective data, studies are being made to get concrete information from nurses on their activities. Miss Nutting suggests that the JHH Alumnae Association conduct its own study to add to the other data.

[Article 26:1] The Chair of Nursing at the University of Virginia A Memorial to Sadie Heath Cabaniss. — February, 1927
Creator: McLeod, Josephine
A Chair of Nursing in honor of Sadie Heath Cabaniss, Class of 1911, has been established at the University of Virginia. The idea and the process of this is detailed in the article. Taking up most of the article, however, is the reprint of an editorial in the Richmond News Leader at the time of Miss Cabaniss's death in 1921. The last paragraph of this editorial cites the reasons for calling Cabinnis among the "great pioneers of the commonwealth." She developed the first nursing education program, began the Nurses Settlement for treatment of the poor, helped this develop into the IVNA in Virginia,started rural public health, started the legal professionalization and certification of nurses in the state.

[Article 26:1] The Increasing Demand for the "Practical Nurse". — February, 1927
Creator: Butler, Frances K. M.
In June, 1922, the law in Maryland standardized the qualifications, teaching and licensing of "practical nurses." The author is in charge of one of the three institutions in Maryland giving this one-year course and she describes the general course for these students.

[Article 26:1] To My Garden-Loving Sister Nurses. — February, 1927
Creator: Blackinton, Katrine
An alumna describes the contagious nature of starting a garden and how hers has spread so rapidly. She also invites all to come and visit the flowers in her garden.

[Serial Volume 26:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (May, 1927). — 1927, May. — 1 issue

[Article 26:2] "Down North". — May, 1927
Creator: Adkins, Virginia Mahoney
After spending three years in Newfoundland on the Grenfell Mission, the writer describes some of her experiences there in charge of the base hospital at St. Anthony, Newfoundland, then Flower's Cove Station along the coastline for the final two years of her activities. She describes all as an adventure with good people living a hard life.

[Article 26:2] A Few Facts about "Specialling". — May, 1927
Creator: Fuller, Dorothy Sutton
The writer praises the work of the special duty nurse as bringing forth the finest of spirituality and mentality of nursing. Nurses should enter this specialty because of the desire to serve in this way and to widen their experience, not just as something to do until something better comes along.

[Article 26:2] Alumnae News Notes. — May, 1927
This news section, along with short announcements of the news items, includes a lengthy letter from Helen Douw Richards, 1923.

[Article 26:2] Bits About Peking. — May, 1927
Creator: Loucks, Mary Swisher
The writer was sent by the Rockefeller Foundation to China to do some work on anesthesia. This article describes the P.U.M.C. with its modern hospital, comfortable nurses' home and the people she has met. She also writes of the city of Peking, itself, with its many sights and temples, etc.

[Article 26:2] Book Reviews. — May, 1927
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Announcements of new editions of two (2) books of interest to nurses.

[Article 26:2] Deaths. — May, 1927
These announcements of alumnae deaths include a lengthy tribute to Katherine Laing Spackman, Class of 1892, by her class mate, Estelle Hall Speakman, reprinted from Friends' Intelligencer.

[Article 26:2] Editorials (1) Mary Bartlett Dixon, Cullen, 1903. (2) "Our Registry." (3) Miss Lawler's Portrait. (4) The Gate House Shop Supplies. — May, 1927
Creator: Miller, Amy P. ;  Chisolm, Lucie V. ;  Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
(1) Brief thank-you to Mrs. Cullen for her years of service as Editor of the Alumnae Magazine. (2)Facts about the Johns Hopkins Nurses Registry with the appeal to graduates to consider joining it. (3) One sentence announcement of the completion of the portrait of Miss Lawler and the date of the official presentation. (4) Announcement of the Gate House Shop as the center for ordering graduate caps and of the availability of Miss Frederick's "Notes on Practical Nursing Procedures."

[Article 26:2] Marriages. — May, 1927

[Article 26:2] Mary Bartlett Dixon Cullen, 1903. — May, 1927
Full page photograph portrait of Mary B. D. Cullen, Class of 1903, who recently resigned as editor of the Alumnae Magazine after more than ten years of service.

[Article 26:2] Report of the Quarterly Meeting. — May, 1927
Minutes and proceedings of the regular quarterly meeting of the alumnae association including reluctant acceptance of resignation of Mary B. D. Cullen as editor of the magazine with several short tributes to her. Also includes report of the Endowment Fund Committee, revised Registry rules, and listing of individual gifts to the Endowment Fund.

[Article 26:2] Senior Seminars. — May, 1927
Creator: Kennedy, Loula
Senior Seminars for student nurses is new this year in the school and seem to have been very successful from the viewpoint of both the students and the faculty. The article presents some of the topics discussed, with the printing of the report on Dignity and the Senior Nurse printed in its entirety.

[Article 26:2] The Official Directory. — May, 1927
Creator: Leigh, Helen Pease
Through the efforts of the American Nurses Association an OFFICIAL directory of all private duty nurses is being produced, with each school having a separate section for its own graduates. For the good of the group of special duty nurses, it is essential that Hopkins participate in this official directory rather than each school merely maintaining its own listings. This centralization is necessary for the welfare and progress of the private duty nurses.

[Article 26:2] Vanderbilt University's Contribution to Nursing Education. — May, 1927
The establishment of the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing from money given by the Rockefeller Foundation enables the nursing education that will culminate in the granting of Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees at the completion of the program. The article written by the director of the School, describes the curriculum and the contents of the two year course leading to this degree, along with the objectives of the program.

[Serial Volume 26:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (August, 1927). — 1927, August. — 1 issue

[Article 26:3] Announcement. — August, 1927
Brief announcement of the election of Florence Patterson, 1907, to membership on the "Special Committee" for plans for development of the School of Nursing.

[Article 26:3] Book Reviews. — August, 1927
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of three (3) books plus mention of (1) book of interest to nurses.

[Article 26:3] Commencement Address. — August, 1927
Commencement address by Mary Beard, Ass't Director Division of Medical Education, The Rockefeller Foundation in which she addresses the differences between her generation and the graduates' generation and what the new graduates will face in their nursing world of that day. She speaks at length of nursing situations in Croatia, of Christmas at St. Thomas's Hospital in London.

[Article 26:3] Commencement Day. — August, 1927
Creator: Carr, Patience
Review of the events of Commencement Day from the uncertain weather, comments about aspects of the program, listing of the scholarships awarded to different students. and the reception after the graduation ceremonies.

[Article 26:3] Elsie M. Lawler, 1899. — August, 1927
Full page photograph of recently completed portrait of Elsie Lawler. (The photograph accompanies the brief article announcing its completion.)

[Article 26:3] Marriages. — August, 1927

[Article 26:3] Miss Lawler's Report. — August, 1927
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Annual report at graduation by Miss Lawler of conditions, changes at the School of Nursing and the JH Hospital. Particular events cited were the opening of Hampton House (residence for the nurses), the transfer of the old GYN operating room to the 6th floor of Women's Clinic, and the appointment of a graduate nurse to be in charge of the Accident Room in the OPD at night, as well as specific changes in the school and staffs.

[Article 26:3] Officers of the Alumnae Association 1927 - 1928. — August, 1927
Listing of the officers of the Alumnae Association, members of the Board of Directors, chairmen and members of standing and special committees. (Where there is a designated chairman of a committee, only the name of the chairman is included in this indexing.)

[Article 26:3] Presentation of Portrait of Miss Lawler Address of Margaret Black Pels, 1917. — August, 1927
Creator: Pels, Margaret Black
Presentation of portrait of Miss Lawler by Alumnae Association to the President of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Also includes brief acceptance remarks by Henry Harlan, President of the Board of Trustees.

[Article 26:3] Report of the Thirty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — August, 1927
Minutes and proceedings of the annual meeting of the Alumnae Association including reports of all standing and special committees, listing of individual contributors to the Endowment Fund, the complete financial audit, and an address by the president of the Association.

[Serial Volume 26:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (November, 1927). — 1927, November. — 1 issue

[Article 26:4] Book Reviews. — November, 1927
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of four (4) books and mention of two (2) others. Of all the books reviewed, one (1) is about aviation in World War I and two (2) have decidedly Christian topics.

[Article 26:4] Editorial Our New Editor. — November, 1927
Creator: Miller, Amy P.
Process of and success in securing a new Editor of the Alumnae Magazine. The article includes a brief professional biography of the new editor, Clara D. Noyes, 1896. It also explains the necessity of this very small November issue and another small issue in March 1928.

[Article 26:4] Marriages. — November, 1927

[Article 26:4] Report of the Quarterly Meeting. — November, 1927
Creator: Bonney, Caroline Kemp ;  Miller, Amy P. ;  Squier, Elizabeth Phillips
Minutes of the regular Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association, including the Report of the Endowment Fund Committee and the Report on Grading Committee.