Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 28] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1929). — 1929

[Serial Volume 28:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (March, 1929). — 1929, March. — 1 issue

[Article 28:1] Address to the Class of 1928. — March 1929
Creator: Winternitz, Milton C.
The speaker discusses the development in medical knowledge until the need for specialization, which has stalemated medical curricula; and the subsequent need for nursing to solve its own problems now. (Graduation speech to the Class of 1928)

[Article 28:1] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — March 1929

[Article 28:1] Book Reviews. — March 1929
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of four (4) books and mention of four (4) more that may be of interest to nurses and other medical personnel.

[Article 28:1] Christmas at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1928. — March 1929
Creator: Craig, Margaretta ;  Brogden, Margaret Smith, 1865-1944
In the first article, a senior student nurse describes the coming of Christmas to the patient wards with music and laughter. In the second article in this section, the Social Worker-in-Chief describes the festivities in greater detail, with special descriptions of activities for Harriet Lane, Phipps, and Wilmer patients.

[Article 28:1] Congress of International Council of Nurses. — March 1929
The development of the International Council of Nurses and its role in integrating nursing of the world and educating nurses over the world. The headquartes of the I.C.N. is in Switzerland and nurses are encouraged to attend its biennial convention.

[Article 28:1] Deaths. — March 1929
Creator: Estes, Mary Laird ;  Barrett, M. Edna Wales ;  Sikes, Ethel B.
Includes a brief biographical account of the life of Ruth Bridge written by three classmates.

[Article 28:1] Editorials (1) The Passing of a Great Nurse. (2) The First "Hundred Thousand." (3) Endowed Rooms. (4) Is the Magazine Fulfilling its Highest Purpose? (5) The Graduates Uniform. . — March 1929
(1) Announcement of the death of Anna Maxwell with the description of her greatness, including 30 years as head of the Presbyterian school of Nurses in New York City, maker of many plans for the Red Cross, and numerous contributions in war service. (2)Report of the progress of the Endowment Fund after 15 years and new efforts to re-invigorate it. (3)Questions about the raising of funds for an Endowed Room in the hospital for care of our nurses. (4) Solicitation of comments and suggestions to maintain and improve the quality and functions of the Alumnae Magazine. (5) Areas to be considered in determining the uniform for our graduates and other guidelines to be considered in this matter.

[Article 28:1] Marriages. — March 1929

[Article 28:1] Notes on the Current Press (1) Recent Gifts to Nursing. (2) Fatigue. (3) Sleep. (4) Noise. — March 1929
(1) New financial gifts to nursing include the Rockefeller endowment of the Yale University School of Nursing, the Patton bequest in Chicago and its public health association, the Lavanburg Foundation gift to 10 Chicago shools of nursing, gifts to the Henry Street Settlement of New York. (2) Brief comments on the increasing number of articles on Fatigue, especially a recent article in Harper's magazine. (3) Comments on a new article on Sleep in the Forum, June 1928, which presents sleep as a "physiological necessity." (4) With the increasing number of complaints about noise, Medical Associations are starting to study the biological effects of noise in public health as a starting point in these studies.

[Article 28:1] Notes on the East. — March 1929
Creator: Fitzgerald, Alice Louise Florence, 1874-1962
After her two years reorganizing, updating, and improving the nursing instruction and care in Siam, Miss Fitzgerald writes of the history, government, and culture of the country, including the effects of these on the education and service of the young women learning to be nurses.

[Article 28:1] Record Rooom of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. — March 1929
Detailed description of the new Central Record Room at the hospital with discussion of the relief of former problems by having separate record rooms in each clinic/ward/specialty.

[Article 28:1] Report of Endowment Fund Committee. — March 1929
Creator: Miller, Amy P.
Report of the Endowment Fund committee with a complete listing of the individual donations by nurse alumnae.

[Article 28:1] Report of Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — March 1929
Creator: Bonney, Caroline Kemp
Minutes of the regular quarterly meeting of the Alumnae Association held on November 15, 1928. Much of the business was devoted to (1) the uniform change and (2) raising funds for help for sick nurses.

[Article 28:1] Staff Education. — March 1929
Changes in head nurse instruction is improving, including the "conference type to a more systematic course of special instruction" is being done. The article includes a personal account from an alumna who is doing this kind of work in Newark, New Jersey.

[Serial Volume 28:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (May, 1929). — 1929, May. — 1 issue

[Article 28:2] A Noble Benefaction. — May 1929
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
This article writes of the continued generosity of Mr. Frederick Bauernschmidt, noting especially the most recent announcement of one million dollars to be divided among ten (10) institutions to assist in paying for treatments, etc. for those who cannot afford to pay completely for these services.

[Article 28:2] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — May 1929

[Article 28:2] Annulment of Nurses Contract No Bar to Hospitalization. — May 1929
Brief announcemnt that recent ruling of "annulment" of nurses serving in the Spanish American War does not bar the claimant from hospitalization.

[Article 28:2] Book Reviews. — May 1929
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of four (4) books that might be of interest to nurses.

[Article 28:2] Deaths. — May 1929

[Article 28:2] Editorials (1) Two Committees Organized as Result of Report of Special Committee. (2) The International Council of Nurses. — May 1929
(1) Two committees relating to nursing and nursing school needs have been appointed by the hospital Board of Trustees. For different reasons, neither special committee has yet held a meeting. (2) Reminder of the date and place of the upcoming meeting in Montreal, Canada, of the International Council of Nurses.

[Article 28:2] Foreign and Other Visitors to the School. — May 1929
International student guests come to the School of Nursing for varied amounts of time. Their assignments depend on the length of time to be spent, the previous instructions of the purpose of the visits, and their preferences. The article contains the names and home countries of many of these visitors.

[Article 28:2] In Lighter Vein. — May 1929
A poem signed as written by "Any Nurse: 1929" on some of the demands on nurses.

[Article 28:2] Marriages. — May 1929

[Article 28:2] News Notes (1)The American Nurses Memorial. (2) Needed. (3) New Out-Patient Building Opened. (4) Changes in Administration Building. — May 1929
(1) Results of drive for funds for the School at Bordeaux, France. (2) Appeal for a copy of November 1920 issue of Alumnae Magazine. (3) Account of the ceremony to formally open the new Out-Patient building on December 5, 1928. (4) With the opening of new Welch Library, this room has been transformed to a Training School Office. Also mentioned in these notes is a visit to Washington, DC. by the students in the November division of the Preparatory Class.

[Article 28:2] Notes on the East (Continued). — May 1929
Creator: Fitzgerald, Alice Louise Florence, 1874-1962
The writer recounts her visit to Peking, China in the summer of 1928 from both personal and professional views. She expresses special joy and admiration for the nursing program and service at the Peking Union Medical College, with which many Hopkins nurses have been and still are involved. At the end of her visit, she returns to Italy. (The first part of this article was published in the previous issue March 1929.)
Article mentions presence of several more Johns Hopkins nursing alumnae. However, these individuals could not be positively identified due to the reference in the article being to "our Miss King" and "our Miss Scott" with neither first names nor years of graduation being identified.

[Article 28:2] Poems. — May 1929
On the occasion of the engagement of Anne S. Morrow to Charles Lindbergh the Alumnae Magazine prints three of the poems composed by Miss Morrow.

[Article 28:2] Report of Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — May 1929
Creator: Bonney, Caroline Kemp
Minutes of regular quarterly meeting of the Nurses Alumnae Association held February 14, 1929.

[Article 28:2] The Life of a Red Cross Nursing Field Representative. — May 1929
Creator: Heilman, Charlotte Miller
After a brief review of her first domestic work in Georgia and Florida, the writer is transferred to New York State. Using this as her base, she details the duties of a Nursing Field Representative as the "long arm" of the Red Cross headquarters in Washington, D.C. which partially includes developing specific services offered by the Red Cross, keeping them up-to-date and educated, taking charge in the event of disaster.

[Serial Volume 28:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (August, 1929). — 1929, August. — 1 issue

[Article 28:3] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — August 1929

[Article 28:3] Deaths. — August 1929

[Article 28:3] Editorials (1) A Tribute to Miss Nutting. (2) Miss Lawler's Report. (3) The Young Graduate. (4) Class of 1899. (5) Attendance at Alumnae Meetings. — August 1929
(1) Naming of Endowment Fund in honor of Miss Nutting plus letter from Miss Nutting accepting in gratitude and anticipation. (2) Introduction to article later in Alumnae Magazine, pointing out several items of special importance in the report. (3) The editor ponders over the opportunities available to the graduates of that day. (4) Thirtieth reunion at Homecoming of the Class of 1899. (5) Concern over the meager representation of alumnae at the annual Alumnae Meeting.

[Article 28:3] Marriages. — August 1929

[Article 28:3] Miss Lawler's Report. — August 1929
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Annual report by the Director of the School and of Nursing Service of changes in the hospital and in the school of nursing.

[Article 28:3] News Notes. — August 1929
Most of the article consists of brief announcements of professional visitors from other countries(China,England,The Netherlands,Hungary,Bulgaria,Germany) to the JHH School to observe or consult. Final news item is of three nursing alumnae being on the U.S. Veterans Bureau of the United States.

[Article 28:3] Officers of the Alumnae Association. — August 1929
Listing of the officers of the Alumnae Association plus the chairmen and committee members of all committees. (All members of all committees are not included in this indexing.)

[Article 28:3] Professional Responsibility. — August 1929
This speech points out several important needs for new nurses, including the need to gain experience as a graduate before going into further education or specialties, that without those experiences one may accept all theory as fact in all cases. She also speaks of three specific dangers: that we think graduation opens unlimited doors of opportunity without further education and preparation, that all schools for women may suffer "financial strangulation," that we still must not forget the need for further study and preparation. She speaks, too, of the need for research, just as we need vocational guidance after graduation. She finally speaks of the needs of a profession and the qualities needed to advance these. (Graduating Address at John Hopkins Hospital, May 23, 1929, given by Adda Eldredge.)

[Article 28:3] Report of the Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — August 1929
Minutes of the proceedings of the annual meeting of the Alumnae Association, including reports of all standing and special committees, the complete auditor's report, and address by the outgoing president.

[Article 28:3] Scholarships. — August 1929
Listing of recipients of different scholarships given at graduation.

[Serial Volume 28:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (November, 1929). — 1929, November. — 1 issue

[Article 28:4] A Plea from the Editor of Routine. — November 1929
A very brief request for good wishes for the writing and publishing of the next "Routine."

[Article 28:4] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — November 1929
Most of this news section is a letter from Glenn M. McNeil, 1922, about her experiences at a mission hospital in Ceylon.

[Article 28:4] Book Reviews. — November 1929
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Reviews of three (3) books plus very brief comments on six (6) other books that may be of interest to nurses. One of the three longer reviews is a biography of a leader of the Anglican church.

[Article 28:4] Dedication of the Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute. — November 1929
History of the development of the idea to the opening of the Wilmer Eye Institute to become the finest in the country for the study and treatment of eye problems. Also includes a detailed description of the contents and activities in the new building.

[Article 28:4] Editorials (1) The Great Congress of the International Council of Nurses. (2) The Opening of the Welch Library. (3) Endowment Fund Investments. — November 1929
Creator: Noyes, Clara D. ;  Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
(1) This brief editorial does not review the entire meetings of this Congress, but does write of the exhibits of Osler Library at McGill University. It also mentions the upcoming "International Nursing Review," and encourages more attendance in four years at its meetings in Paris and Brussels. (2) This editorial celebrates the great event of the opening of this historical library at Hopkins and its significance to Hopkins and the entire medical world. (3) Mrs. Cullen explains why some of our invested bonds yield below what could be obtained currently and further explains that we have invested many more much higher yielding bonds.

[Article 28:4] Marriages. — November 1929

[Article 28:4] News Notes. — November 1929
Announcement of many foreign visitors to the school and hospital include visitors from various countries in the world. The Notes also includes a lengthy letter from Marion Vannier, 1905, describing her 1928 visit to Scotland and England.

[Article 28:4] Notice. — November 1929
Announcement by Editor of Alumnae Magazine of the decision by the Publications Committee to discontinue the printing of condolences on the death of family members of nursing alumnae.

[Article 28:4] The Future. — November 1929
Creator: Nutting, M. Adelaide (Mary Adelaide), 1858-1948
This long article discusses the history of the development of nursing and the growing recognition of the necessity for educational foundations being made for the future of nursing, of careful "training" based upon scientific knowledge. This foundation must be of different character from that upon which nursing of the present is built. (Read at a General Session of Congress International Council of Nurses, July 9, 1929, Montreal, Canada.)

[Article 28:4] The Opening of the William H. Welch Medical Library and the Inauguration of the Department of the History of Medicine of The Johns Hopkins University. — November 1929
Description of the ceremony of dedication of the Welch Library along with the detailed description of its rooms and the contents of each room. Accompanying the article are two photographs: one of the building, itself, from the outside and one of the reception hall of the library.

[Article 28:4] The William Holland Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute. — November 1929
Full page photo of newly built and dedicated Wilmer Eye Clinic at the Johns Hopkins Hospital