Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 29] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1930). — 1930

[Serial Volume 29:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (February, 1930). — 1930, February . — 1 issue

[Article 29:1] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — February 1930

[Article 29:1] Book Reviews. — February 1930
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Very brief or merely mention of six (6) books of interest to nursing.

[Article 29:1] Editorials (1) Thirtieth Birthday of Nursing Education Department of Teachers College. (2) The Overcrowded Private Duty Field. (3) Provision for the "Rainy Day." (3) The Nightingale Pledge. — February 1930
(1) Events during the reception honoring the 30th birthday of Teachers College Nursing Education Department with emphasis on the roles played by different Hopkins nursing alumnae. (2)Growing unemployment among private duty nurses brings an appeal for newer granduates to consider other specialties in nursing. (3) Some suggestions for planning for retirement income for the future. (4) The origin of the Nightingale Pledge which is reprinted here.

[Article 29:1] Marriages. — February 1930

[Article 29:1] News Notes. — February 1930
Presentation of many of the eight recommendations from the League of Red Cross Societies for the International Committee; Letters of visits to various European hospitals by another alumna (Marion Vannier, 1905)

[Article 29:1] Report of Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — February 1930
Very brief minutes and reports of several committees. The Endowment Fund Committee included a listing of all contributors; the report of the Committee on Uniform included a full page photograph of a nurse in the present day uniform.

[Article 29:1] The Binding Influence of a Library on a Subdividing Profession. — February 1930
Creator: Cushing, Harvey
The writer reviews the development of medicine to its present state of a profession with many diverse specialties. He presents the need for this type of separation to be developed in medical libraries. (Address given at the dedication of the William H. Welch Library, Baltimore, MD, October 17, 1929)

[Serial Volume 29:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (May, 1930). — 1930, May. — 1 issue

[Article 29:2] A Year With Infants' Nurses. — May 1930
Creator: Carr, Patience
Description of the "old" course of instruction at the Babies Hospital of New York and the "new" curriculum to graduate caregivers rather than merely "nursemaids."

[Article 29:2] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — May 1930
Includes a long letter from Julia Olsson, 1916, about her work in Tombstone, AZ.

[Article 29:2] Book Reviews. — May 1930
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of five (5) books that may be of interest to nurses and of a longer book of a more medical-religious nature.

[Article 29:2] Editorials (1) Florence Nightingale's Writings. (2) America's First Nurse Answers Final Role Call. (3)Our Benefit Fund. (4) The Midwife and Her Instruction. (5) The Private Duty Nurse Speaks. (6) Training of Infants' Nurses. — May 1930
(1)The suggestion has been made for the establishment of an active Florence Nightingale Foundation. (2)The first woman to graduate from a school of nursing in the United States has died: Linda Richards. Her career is summarized. (3)Proposal to discuss at the next alumnae association meeting sources, uses, and management of the Sick Benefit Fund. (4)Introduction to an article in this issue into the work of the "colored midwife" in Virginia. (5)Reactions by various alumnae to the editorial in the previous issue to the "over-crowded" private duty field of nursing. (6)Introduction to a new course given at Babies Hospital of New York to prepare women to care for infants in homes.

[Article 29:2] Eighty Years Young. — May 1930
On the occasion of the national rcognition of the 80th birthday of Dr. William Welch in Washinton, D.C. the article recalls how Dr. Welch always suppported and championed nursing.

[Article 29:2] Letter from Florence Nightingale. — May 1930
Full text of a letter written by Florence Nightingale as recommendation for a "Miss Jones" for an unknown supervisory position. In the letter, Miss Nightingale supports a "non-religious" approach to nusing. (Letter submitted by Elsie Lawler)

[Article 29:2] Marriages. — May 1930

[Article 29:2] News Items (1) Resignation of Miss Fox. (2) Chinese Nurses' Convention. (3) Changes at the Hospital. (4) Uniform. (5) Dietetic Laboratory. — May 1930
(1) Elizabeth Fox, 1910, takes new position as director of VNA in New Haven, Connecticut. Article gives a summary of her professional biography. (2) Brief account of recent Biennial meetings of the Chinese nurses, especially citing its president as Lillian Wu, 1918. (3) Changes in the locations of some of the clinics and services at JHH. (4) Excerpts from an alumna letter about problems with the new uniform, from a second alumna letter about the French government aid to the new Bordeaux Nightingale School of Nursing. (5) Description of new Dietetic Laboratory included in JHH new service building.

[Article 29:2] Notices. — May 1930
Brief announcements about ordering caps from the Gate House Shop, appeal for a missing book from the Library at the Club, The M.A. Nutting Historical Nursing Collection at Teachers College, Columbia.

[Article 29:2] Peanut Milk. — May 1930
Creator: Craig, Margaretta
To promote the health in Africa of newborn babies whose mothers have died, a Hopkins nurse creates a formula made of peanuts and bananas to nourish these infants who otherwise would have died. The formula was refined by two JHH physicians after it was presented to them by the nurse.

[Article 29:2] Report of the Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — May 1930
Minutes and proceedings of the quarterly meeting of the Nurses' Alumnae Association held in February, 1930. Includes reports of many of the standing and special committees.

[Article 29:2] The Board Lady Has Her Settings. — May 1930
Creator: Bennett, Emily Waddill
Colorful description of the eight lessons given to prepare Negro midwives in a Virginia county to reduce the number of deaths at childbirth.

[Article 29:2] The Duke University School of Nursing. — May 1930
Creator: Baker, Bessie
General description of the Duke Univesity of Nursing program and its plans for the future given by first dean of the School.

[Article 29:2] The Great Exodus to Duke University. — May 1930
Creator: Craig, Margaretta
Listing of the nurses and physicians who are leaving Hopkins to join the staffs of the new Duke Hospital, medical school, and nursing school.

[Serial Volume 29:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (August, 1930). — 1930, August. — 1 issue

[Article 29:3] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — August 1930

[Article 29:3] Book Reviews. — August 1930
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of five (5) books that may be of interest to nurses and plus mention of four (4) new editions of previous books of interest.

[Article 29:3] Changing Conditions in Nursing and in the Education of Nurses. — August 1930
Creator: Barker, Lewellys F. (Lewellys Franklin), 1867-1943.
This speech concentrates on the changes in nursing and nursing education, the differences between professional and non-professional nursing, how nursing education has developed with the recent attempt to bring this education into the "professional" realm, and what is happening at Hopkins in this regard. (School of Nursing graduation address given at JHH, May 22, 1930.)

[Article 29:3] Deaths. — August 1930

[Article 29:3] Editorials (1) The Tolling Bell. (2) Dr. Barker's Address to the Graduating Class. (3)The Johns Hopkins Hospital at the Biennial Convention. (4) A Generous Gift to the Endowed Bed. — August 1930
(1) Trbute to S. Lillian Clayton, the president of the ANA after her sudden death. (2) Complimentary introduction to the graduation speech of De. Barker, published later in this issue. (3) Summary of the recent Biennial Convention of the ANA, acknowledging the various alumnae who attended. (4) Donation of Mrs. John Gibbs, a constant friend to the nurses' alumnae.

[Article 29:3] Marriages. — August 1930

[Article 29:3] Miss Lawler's Report. — August 1930
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Annual report by Superintendant of Nurses at JHH giving the activities and changes in the hospital and in the school of nursing.

[Article 29:3] Officers of the Alumnae Association. — August 1930
Listing of newly elected officers and newly appointed chairmen and committee members of the Alumnae Association.

[Article 29:3] Report of the Thirty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — August 1930
Minutes and proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Nurses Alumnae Association, including a complete Auditors' report, reports of all standing and special committees, and the Address of the President of the Asociation.

[Article 29:3] Scholarships. — August 1930
Listing of the scholarships awarded to different students in the school of nursing.

[Serial Volume 29:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (November, 1930). — 1930, November. — 1 issue

[Article 29:4] A Nurse is Graduated. — November 1930
Creator: Best, Dorothy R.
Personal description by a member of the recently graduated Class of 1930 of the graduation day and exercises for her class's graduation from the school of nursing.

[Article 29:4] Ada M. Carr Retires from Active Work. — November 1930
Announcement of the retirement of Ada Carr as editor of The Public Health Nurse with additional information of her contributions as a member of the Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Association as well as her contributions as a Public Health nurse and as an instructor in our School of Nursing.

[Article 29:4] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — November 1930
Includes several long excerpts from letters from alumnae.

[Article 29:4] An Advisory Board for the School of Nursing. — November 1930
Discussion of the new by-law of the hospital establishing the Advisosry Board for the School of Nursing. The entire by-law is quoted in the article with the purpose of the Board to be "to advise the Trustees of the hospital upon all matters relating to the welfare of the Training School for Nurses."

[Article 29:4] Deaths. — November 1930

[Article 29:4] Declaration of Dependence. — November 1930
Parody of the U. S. Declaration of Independence soliciting help in publishing and selling the next issue of The Routine (yearbook of the graduating classes of the School of Nursing).

[Article 29:4] Editorials (1) Good News. (2) University and College Schools of Nursing. (3) Codes of Ethics. (4) The Red Cross Membership Roll Call. — November 1930
(1) Discussion of the newly established Advisory Board for the School of Nursing. (2)Intoduction to the article in this isssue on the Yale Scool of Nursing: its history and its significance. (3)History of the adoption of our Code of Ethics, the importance of emphasis on ethics of student and graduate nurses. (4)Appeal for enlistment in the Red Cross membership Roll Call with a brief presentation of the various roles of Red Cross Nursing.

[Article 29:4] Gardening, A Recreation. — November 1930
Creator: Bailey, Harriet
Gardening as a recreation is described in almost poetic sentences as an activity giving changing forms of beauty and satisfaction from year to year.

[Article 29:4] Marriages. — November 1930

[Article 29:4] News Notes. — November 1930
Two items are announced: The calendar for the Naional League of Nursing Education and mention of foreign visitors to the JHH during the past year.

[Article 29:4] The Yale University School of Nursing. — November 1930
Creator: Melby, Elizabeth
This is a lengthy discussion of the creation of the Yale University School of Nursing after the gift from the Rockefeller Foundation. After this subject, the article proceeds to discuss the facilities for instruction, requirements for matriculation, the length and contents of the course with a special discussion of the correlation of theory and practice. A special section deals with the importance of Public Health in the curriculum, the growth of the school and its graduate degrees. Finally, it deals with the faculty of the school and how the members function.