Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 30] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1931). — 1931

[Serial Volume 30:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (February, 1931). — 1931, February. — 1 issue

[Article 30:1] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — February 1931
Includes a lengthy letter from Marie Brunk Reiter (1920) and a shorter one from Alice Henderson (1907).

[Article 30:1] Anniversaries. — February 1931
The birthdays of the American Red Cross (50 years) and the American Nurses' Association (35 years) occur this year of 1931. The article states the needs of each group and the efforts to enlarge, maintain, and strengthen each group.

[Article 30:1] Book Reviews. — February 1931
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
A lengthy review of two(2) books about Mary Baker Eddy; two (2) shorter reviews and four (4) even shorter ones of books of interest to nurses. There also is mention of new editions of (6) books of interest to nurses. One book reviewed is a biography of Dr. Halsted

[Article 30:1] Caps! Caps! Caps!. — February 1931
Appeal for orders for graduate caps from the Gate House Shop, including the necessity for paying postage in addition to the cost of the caps.

[Article 30:1] Editorials (1) Unemployment. (2) The American Red Cross and the Drought. — February 1931
(1) After having a "dearth" of nurses around World War I, now there seems to be serious unemployment problems for nurses. Some of the editorial questions if this is due to uneven placement of jobs; another part of the editorial deals with the Hopkins' educated private duty nurse. (2) Twenty-one (21) states have been seriously affected by the drought and the Red Cross needs help to meet their needs. This is difficult because so much was given to meet the needs of World War I that people no longer have the resources to contribute.

[Article 30:1] Faculty Attitudes Towards the Pupil Nurse. — February 1931
Creator: Richards, Esther Loring, 1885-1956
The article discusses the two pyschological mechanisms inolved in decision-making: the use of reason pro and con about the matter, consideration of the emotional factor in the individual matter. The discussion narrows in on the head nurse-student nurse relationships. The article then enlarges its scope to a general discussion of finding the causes of aberrant or less-than-desirable behavior.

[Article 30:1] Marriages. — February 1931

[Article 30:1] Miss Effie J. Taylor, 1907, Writes of Nursing in Foreign Lands. — February 1931
Creator: Taylor, Effie J.
Effie Taylor, Class of 1907, reports in a letter of her three months in Europe to study the care of patients by nursing in various general and mental hospitals in various cities/towns. In this study for the Rockefeller Foundation, she visited hospitals in England, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and France. Her observations included both nursing care in general as well as student nurses.

[Article 30:1] News Items. — February 1931
Status of the American Nurses' Memorial School in Bordeaux, France; criteria for wearing the French Commemorative medal for serving overseas during World War I.

[Article 30:1] Report of Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — February 1931
Minutes and other activities at the regular quarterly meeting of the Alumnae Association held in October 1930. Includes reports from several standing committees, also a complete listing of all contributors to the Endowed Room Fund.

[Article 30:1] Report of the First Meeting of Advisory Board of Training School. — February 1931
Creator: Frederick, Hester K.
The minutes of first meeting of the Advisory Board held in December 1930 are printed in this issue. They introduce each member of the group, its organization into three (3)committees, its functions as a group.

[Serial Volume 30:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (May, 1931). — 1931, May. — 1 issue

[Article 30:2] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — May 1931
Regular alumnae news also includes parts of letters from Marian Watts (1899), Amy P. Miller (1900), Evelyn Oliver (1903), Dorothy Filler McBride (1920), and Caroline Falls (1925).

[Article 30:2] An Appreciation. — May 1931
Appreciation sent for Elizabeth Phillips Squier for her work as chairman of the Endowed Room Fund.

[Article 30:2] Book Reviews. — May 1931
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Two longer reviews and four shorter ones on books of possible interest to nurses. One is a biography of Johns Hopkins, one is a book of tributes to Sir William Osler. One of the longer ones is an autobiography by Marie, Grand Duchess of Russia. Another of the longer reviews is a continuation of the story at Hull House by Jane Addams.

[Article 30:2] Correction. — May 1931
Correction of five errors in previous issue of contributions to the Endowed Room Fund.

[Article 30:2] Deaths. — May 1931
Includes a poem written by Jessie Rogers Nash, Class of 1915

[Article 30:2] Editorials (1) Position of Nurses in Government Service. (2) The Tolling Bell. (3) Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — May 1931
(1) Introduction to an article reprinted from the Independent Woman in this issue about "Sub-Professionals." (2) Death of Hopkins physician, William S. Baer, M.D. (3) Introduction to upcoming Homecoming meeting of the Aumnae Association and some of the issues that will be considered.

[Article 30:2] Marriage. — May 1931

[Article 30:2] News Items. — May 1931
Announcements of various items of interest to nurses and Hopkins nursing.

[Article 30:2] Report of Meetings of Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins Training School for Nurses. — May 1931
Detailed report of the proceedings of the February and March meetings of the Advisory Board. Much of the discussion centered on the results of a study on what nursing education should be. Included is a long letter from Miss Nutting on the purpose, function, and scope of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

[Article 30:2] Report of the Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — May 1931
Creator: Ruge, Ann E.
Minutes and proceedings of the quarterly meeting of the Alumnae Association held in February, 1931, including reports of several standing committees and the progress of the Endowed Bed Fund.

[Article 30:2] Responsibility of the University Towards the School of Nursing. — May 1931
Although universities are organized for teaching while hospitals are not, this study shows that there is little difference between the programs and student outcomes between so-called university schools and hospital schools of nursing. These article excerpts also give suggestions for successful change. (The article is extracted from an address of Mary Ayres Burgess, Ph.D., before the American Hospital Association, New Orleans, LA, October 22, 1930.)

[Article 30:2] Sub-Professionals -- Who and What Are They?. — May 1931
Creator: Noyes, Clara D.
This article explores the placement of nurses working in government services being placed in a "Sub-Professional" category, the negative effects of this classification on nursing and nursing schools, the protests and the results of the protest actions. (Reprinted from Independent Woman, March, 1931)

[Article 30:2] The New Osler Clinic. — May 1931
Creator: Black, Marjorie O. ;  Beckwith, Anna T.
Detailed description of the new Osler Clinic in a seven story, newly furnished building with a capacity of 148 beds and many great improvements enabling better patient care. Included before the aticle are two full page photos of the "Tray Room' and a section of the Large Ward.

[Serial Volume 30:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (August, 1931). — 1931, August. — 1 issue

[Article 30:3] Address to the Class of 1931. — August 1931
Creator: Richards, Esther Loring, 1885-1956
Recognizing the 40th annivrsary of the graduation of the first class of student nurses at Hopkins, the speaker reviews the activities at that first graduation and in many cases compares the education of that early group with the education of the Class of 1931. The speaker also discusses the "problem of preparing nursing as a profession." She also discusses "attention to the personality aspects of education."

[Article 30:3] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — August 1931
Alumnae news includes two long letters: one telling of the death of Thelma Thumm, 1929, in Korea; the other from Elizabeth Moser, 1926, from Europe.

[Article 30:3] Book Reviews. — August 1931
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of three (3) books plus mention of four (4) other books that might be of interest to nurses.

[Article 30:3] Commencement and Alumnae Activities as Seen by Various Groups and Individuals. — August 1931
Review of the different activities related to graduation and Homecoming activities: the day before, graduation excercises and the reception following, class dinners in the evening, the alumnae activities the following day.

[Article 30:3] Deaths. — August 1931

[Article 30:3] Editorials (1) Commencement Day. (2) The Class Annual of 1931. (3) Anna Dryden Wolf, 1915, Honored. — August 1931
(1) The significance of Commencement Day at Hopkins Nursing compared with those at some other schools of nursing. (2) Compliments from the alumnae for the Class of 1931's end-of-school magazine "Routine." (3) Anna D. Wolf, 1915, appointed Director of Nursing and the School of Nursing at the New Cornell Medical Center in New York.

[Article 30:3] Marion Turner Brockway, 1891 First Probationer to enter the School of Nursing. — August 1931
Full page photograph of Marion Turner Brockway, Class of 1891.

[Article 30:3] Marriages. — August 1931

[Article 30:3] Miss Lawler's Report. — August 1931
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Annual report of the director of the school and of nursing service on the status of nursing at Hopkins and the changes in the hospital/school and nursing staff. Also included is the introduction to the presence and activities of the new Advisory Board.

[Article 30:3] News Item The Endowed Room Fund. — August 1931
Ideas on ways to contribute to the growing Endowed Room Fund: installment payments, use of Gate House Shop, card parties and other events by groups of Hopkins alumnae in other parts of the country. Also, mentioned that the ANA had passed 100,000 in its membership drive.

[Article 30:3] Officers of the Alumnae Association 1931 - 1932. — August 1931
Listing of officers of the Alumnae Association plus chairmen and members of all standing committees for the year 1931 - 1932. (Only the officers, members of the Board, and committee chairmen are listed in this index.)

[Article 30:3] Report of the Thirty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — August 1931
Minutes and proceedings of the annual Homecoming meeting of the Alumnae Association, including address of the president, reports of standing and special committees, and a detailed auditors' report.

[Article 30:3] Scholarships. — August 1931
Listing of the scholarships awarded to student nurses.

[Serial Volume 30:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (November, 1931). — 1931, November. — 1 issue

[Article 30:4] A Nurse Advisor Goes to the League of Nations. — November 1931
The appointment of a nurse to the League of Nations Health Section is an accomplishment of the International Council of Nurses, whose efforts established this position in the world organization. The experiences and work of Miss Goff, the appointee, make her a fortunate choice.

[Article 30:4] A Tribute to Grace O'Bryan. — November 1931
In Memoriam tributes to recently deceased Miss O'Bryan: a lengthy one from Mary Beard of the Rockefeller Foundation writing in detail of Miss O'Bryan's work with the INDNS in Boston, her work in catastrophes, her many attributes; three other short ones from JHHSON alumnae who knew her on a more personal level.

[Article 30:4] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — November 1931
Includes, among other items, a long letter from Alice Fitzgerald, 1906.

[Article 30:4] Book Reviews. — November 1931
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Review of a biography of George, Duke of Buckingham; also mention of new editions of two (2)textbooks for nurses.

[Article 30:4] Death. — November 1931

[Article 30:4] Editorials (1) Death Comes to Grace O'Bryan. (2) Fifteenth Anniversary Roll Call of the American Red Cross. (3) American Nurses' Association Reaches Its Membersip Goal. (4) The League Calendar for 1932. (5) The Gate House Sale. (6) The Alumnae Survey. — November 1931
(1) Contributions of Miss O'Bryan to the Alumnae Association. (2) Various roles taken on by the American Red Cross. (3) Brief history of the development of the American Nurses Association. (4)Fund raising calendars and memorandum pads developed and sold by the National League for Nursing Education with the appeal to buy these items. (5) Promotion of the upcoming Gate House Shop sale to benefit the Endowed Room Fund. (6)Announcement of committee appointed to conduct a full survey of different areas in the lives of alumnae.

[Article 30:4] Grace O'Bryan as Staff Superintendent of the Instructive District Nursing Association, Boston. — November 1931
Full page photograph of Grace O'Bryan, Class of 1897, in uniform sitting at her desk. (Accompanying article, a tribute to her upon her recent death, is included in the issue.)

[Article 30:4] Marriages. — November 1931

[Article 30:4] News Items. — November 1931
Announcement of the May, 1931 meeting of the Advisory Board of the School; report of a meeting celebrating the founding of the American Red Cross; brief announcements of other meetings/events.

[Article 30:4] Psychiatric Nursing. — November 1931
Creator: Mullin, Bernadette A.
Detailed discussion of the course for senior student nurses in psychiatric nursing in Phipps Clinic from the understanding of themselves to the understanding of the patient as a whole, then their care. During the article, the details of the planned activities of the day for patients are given. (Article read at The Maryland State Meeting of the League of Nursing Education)

[Article 30:4] The Alumnae Survey. — November 1931
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
The Survey Committee explains its purpose and the kinds of questions for which they seek answers, explaining the importance for all alumnae to respond to the survey.

[Article 30:4] Tribute By a Classmate. — November 1931
In Memoriam tribute to Mona Freer, 1901, giving a very personal account of the decease's personality, characteristics and talents.

[Article 30:4] Why I Joined the Harmon Plan. — November 1931
Creator: Pfefferkorn, Blanche
An alumna from the Class of 1911 gives reasons for nurses saving systematically for their retirement. One such plan for doing this is the Harmon Plan, which the writer has joined. The writer gives a general description of the plan.