Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 31] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1932). — 1932

[Serial Volume 31:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (February, 1932). — 1932, February. — 1 issue

[Article 31:1] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — February 1932
Includes lengthy letter from Rebekah Hoffman Davies, 1911, from India. Also includes shorter letter from A. Helbling-Bolger, 1926, from Switzerland.

[Article 31:1] An Unemployment Project. — February 1932
Creator: Rose, Marie L.
Description of the work done in New York City for the registration and re-employment of unemployed nurses, accommpanied by several examples of the problems encountered, the success brought about for many, but also the bleak outlook for so many more.

[Article 31:1] Book Reviews. — February 1932
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of five (5) books of interest to nurses, of which one is the life of William Welch (at 80 years of age) and another the life of Sir William Osler.

[Article 31:1] Deaths. — February 1932

[Article 31:1] Editorials (1) Unemployment. (2) Survey of Graduates. — February 1932
(1) Unemployment of nurses throughout the United States is a serious problem. This will be discussed at length at the upcoming Biennial Convention of the ANA. (2) This survey is continuing and a report will come in the future. Meanwhile, it is sad to see how many alumnae are not members of the Association and are lost to nursing through marriage.

[Article 31:1] In Memoriam. — February 1932
Tributes to recently deceased alumnae of the School of Nursing: M. Maye Liphart and Mona Freer.

[Article 31:1] Letter from Survey Committee. — February 1932
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia ;  Dines, Alta Elizabeth ;  Lowe, Julia Brown ;  Amberson, Katherine Good ;  Mentzer, Gladys Cox
Letter from Survey Committee to all nursing alumnae telling of the purpose of the survey and advising all readers of the survey which will be received soon by mail, also requesting participation by all. The article also includes a list of graduates of the school for whom there are no correct addresses.

[Article 31:1] Marriages. — February 1932

[Article 31:1] News Items. — February 1932
Introduction to the various activities to be held at the upcoming meeting of the American Nurses Association and National League for Nursing Education in April; closure of the Army School of Nursing at Walter Reed General Hospital; letter of appreciation received by the Editor of the Alumnae Magazine; visit to D. C. by the new group of JHHSON students;announcement of convention dates of the American Red Cross in Washington, D. C. in April.

[Article 31:1] Report of Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York. — February 1932
Creator: Weiler, E. Ruth Smith
Detailed report of two meetings held by the Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York in October and in December of 1931, giving speakers and new participants at each.

[Article 31:1] Report of Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — February 1932
Minutes of the quarterly meeting of the Alumnae Association held on November 13, 1931, including reports of the standing and special committees.

[Article 31:1] Something New, Something Different. — February 1932
Creator: Rieffel, Mary Hemphill Bush
The article tells of a unique service in New York called the Psychiatric Bureau, which has a very detailed way of fitting the right nurse with the right patient. Some of the process is described.

[Article 31:1] The Present in Nursing. — February 1932
Creator: Nutting, M. Adelaide (Mary Adelaide), 1858-1948
One of a trilogy read at the NY State Nurses' Association meeting, as published in the December 1931 issue of the American Journal of Nursing. In it, the writer speaks of the menace of unemployment as steadily increasing, then deals with Hourly Nursing, Registries problems, and the effect of visiting nurses in reducing the death rate in England.

[Serial Volume 31:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (May, 1932). — 1932, May. — 1 issue

[Article 31:2] Adelaide Nutting. — May 1932
Full page photograph of M. Adelaide Nutting in academic gown sitting at desk.

[Article 31:2] Advisory Board of The Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — May 1932
Creator: Noyes, Clara D.
Summary of the several meetings held by the Advisory Board including the study of the resources and conditions in the School for public health nursing for students, also the curriculum with changes suggested by Miss Lawler.

[Article 31:2] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — May 1932

[Article 31:2] Attention -- Caps. — May 1932
Announcement that graduate nursing caps are sold at the Gate House Shop for 40 cents each; shipping charges are 25 cents for a minimum order of six (6) caps.

[Article 31:2] Book Reviews. — May 1932
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Reviews of one book on birth control, a book on astronomy and two on George Washington. There is a more lengthy review of a book on different dukes and duchesses in Russia. Also included is mention of new editions of four textbooks of interest to nurses.

[Article 31:2] Bromide Intoxication. — May 1932
Creator: Ruge, Ann E.
A study of the use of bromide as a sedative and anesthetic with the development of later intoxication, the different effects on different individuals and groups of people. The article includes results of a lengthy study on the characteristics, effects, and uses of the medication. Also includes a detailed description of the symptoms of simple bromide intoxication. (Summmary of a paper by Dr. Diethelm on "bromide Intoxication" published in the Journal of Mental and Nervous Diseases, February 1930)

[Article 31:2] Death. — May 1932
Includes a poem written about the recently deceased Lydia Biddle.

[Article 31:2] Editorials (1) New Portrait of Miss Nutting. (2) Tribute to Dr. Williams. (3) Alumnae Survey Committee. (4) Federal Legislation of Interest to Nurses. — May 1932
(1) New portrait of Miss Nutting presented to Columbia University. (2) Memorial tribute to Dr. J.W. Williams originally printed in N.Y. Times reprinted in this issue. (3) Introduction to first article as part of the report of the Alumnae Survey Committee printed in this issue. (4) Introduction to brief articles printed in this issue in News Notes.

[Article 31:2] News Items. — May 1932
(1) Legislation of Interest to Nurses includes the congressional bill on Maternity and Infancy Legislation, the American Nurses Association support for a Federal Department of Education, other work on the sstatus of nurses employed in the government. (2)Effective protest by nurses against the use of a nurse in uniform smoking a cigarette in advertising by R. J. Reynolds Co. (3) Response to nursing inquiries about obtaining work at the Anglo-American Nursing Home in Rome, Italy after the publication a letter from a nursing alumna on her activities there. (4) Activities of Clara Noyes in Chicago earlier in the year.

[Article 31:2] Order of the Purple Heart. — May 1932
Reinstatement of the Order of the Purple Heart by President Herbert Hoover. This medal is awarded to those receiving wounds requiring medical attention in action with an enemy, or those as a result of an act of the enemy and construed by the commanding officer as resulting from a meritorious "act of essential service."

[Article 31:2] Report of Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York (February and April Meetings). — May 1932
Summary of meetings of the New York club and of the activities held during the three months about which the report is written.

[Article 31:2] Report of the Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — May 1932
Minutes and proceedings of the regular quarterly meeting of the Alumnae Association held in February, 1932, including reports of several standing committees.

[Article 31:2] Rounds in the Phipps Clinic. — May 1932
Creator: Schaub, Betty Brown
Description of the weekly nursing rounds held with different doctors includes their general objectives as well as the differences in the approaches of the different physicians. The conclusions by the writer include the large nursing attendance and the promotion of greater interest in psychiatric nursing.

[Article 31:2] Teachers College Receives a Portrait. — May 1932
Description and presentation ceremony of new portrait of Adelaide Nutting presented to Teachers College, Columbia University, (Originally printed in Teachers College Record.)

[Article 31:2] The Alien Nurse. — May 1932
Summary of a report from the American Nurses Association about the growing problem of the effect of the growing numbers of foreign nurses in the United States on the unemployment status of so many American nurses. Sections discussed include American regulations for student nurses and graduate nurses, Canadian regulations, and how New York City met the problem.

[Article 31:2] Tribute to Dr. John Whitridge Williams. — May 1932
Creator: Van Blarcom, Carolyn Conant
Memorial tribute to the recently deceased Dr. J. Whitridge Williams with special mention of his pioneering work in improving prenatal ans maternity care for all classes of women.

[Article 31:2] What Our Graduates are Doing A Report of the Survey Committee. — May 1932
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
First report of the Alumnae Survey Committee deals with the fields of work the alumnae are entering, separated into Unemployed, Institutional Nursing, Private Duty, Public Health, Other Nursing Occupations, Non-Nursing Occupations.

[Serial Volume 31:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1932). — 1932, July. — 1 issue

[Article 31:3] A New Name for our Association. — July 1932
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Proposal made to change the name of the alumnae association to a shorter and more accurate title: "The Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Association."

[Article 31:3] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — July 1932

[Article 31:3] Commencement Activities. — July 1932
Creator: Cobb, Edith Nunn ;  Stafford, Frances Lowell
Two articles by two graduates of the Class of 1932 about commencement activities emphasizing different aspects of graduation weekend.

[Article 31:3] Deaths. — July 1932

[Article 31:3] Editorials (1) Renaming the Alumnae. (2) The Adelaide Nutting Endowment Fund Assists with Educational Work. (3) Post-Graduate Courses for Nurses at the "Hopkins.". — July 1932
(1) Suggestion to change name of alumnae association to be voted on by referendum. Members are encouraged to read the article in this issue on the reasons for the proposal. (2)Outcomes of the study for use of endowment funds for teaching of public health nursing are included in this issue. (3) Advantages of taking new educational courses at JHH.

[Article 31:3] Hopkins Nurses in Chicago Gather to Discuss Club. — July 1932
Social and organizational meeting of many of the nursing alumnae in Chicago who met to discuss the formation of a Chicago club of JHHSON alumnae.

[Article 31:3] Important. — July 1932
Three (3) very brief announcements about change in "dates of issuance" of the Alumnae Magazine, change in "copy due" dates for the magazine, and a request for submission in copy in duplicate.

[Article 31:3] In Memoriam. — July 1932
In Memoriam tributes to two (2) recently deceased alumnae by classmates and friends. The tribute to Fannie Z. Smith includes an original poem by another alumna.

[Article 31:3] Marriage. — July 1932

[Article 31:3] Miss Lawler's Report. — July 1932
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Annual report by head of the school of nursing and of nursing service at JHH given at graduation of the Class of 1932. It includes conditions and changes in the school of nursing and the hospital.

[Article 31:3] News Items Method Followed in Wrapping Sterile Flasks. — July 1932
Creator: Davis, Marjorie B.
Detailed description of the new way of wrapping sterile flasks at JHH.

[Article 31:3] Notice. — July 1932
Announcement of date for annual Gate House Shop Christmas Sale with appeal for donations.

[Article 31:3] Officers of the Alumnae Association 1932 - 1933. — July 1932
List of officers, committee chairmen, and committee members for the following year. (Note that names of members of all commitees are not included in this index)

[Article 31:3] Poem Spring. — July 1932
Creator: Smith, Mary E. Bell
Four (4) verse poem written by an alumna about the beginning of Spring.

[Article 31:3] Report of the Fortieth Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — July 1932
Minutes of the proceedings of the annual meeting of the nurses' alumnae association, including reports of all standing and special committes and a full auditor's financial report.

[Article 31:3] Scholarships. — July 1932
Listing of the nurses awarded scholarhips for recognition, further study and advanced degrees.

[Article 31:3] The Capping of the Preliminary Students. — July 1932
Creator: Winship, Myrtle Grande
Brief account, along with the significance of the occasion, of the first ceremony for capping of students as part of the Class of 1934 participates.

[Article 31:3] The Greatest Story Ever Told on Canvas. — July 1932
The article tells of the successful efforts to have the composite picture of the American nurse in World War I included in the panoramic picture known as the "Pantheon de la Guerre."

[Article 31:3] The Johns Hopkins Graduate at the Biennial Convention of the Three National Nursing Associations. — July 1932
Participation of Hopkins nursing alumnae at the convention of the three large national nursing organizations, both as participants and attendees.
Error in title which is printed as "The Johns Hopkins Graduates at the Biennial Convention of the Three Natural Nursing Organizations"

[Serial Volume 31:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1932). — 1932, October. — 1 issue

[Article 31:4] Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — October 1932
Brief summary of the proceedings at the June meeting of the Advisory Board concentrating on update on establishing the Public Health program for students.

[Article 31:4] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — October 1932

[Article 31:4] Book Reviews. — October 1932
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
One (1) brief review of a book on food and nutrition and one(1) announcement of a new edition of a book on physiology.

[Article 31:4] Commencement Address. — October 1932
Address delivered at graduation exercises by Sophie Nelson, R.N. President of the National Organization for Public Health Nursing. The speaker tells of the trends in nursing with special emphasis on the growing field of public health nursing. She speaks of two major problems of the day: providing adequate and modern medical service and the prevention of disease. The speaker then enlarges on the problems and the status of actions to solve them.

[Article 31:4] Death. — October 1932
Gives the complete date and cause of the death of Marion Furnival Peyton.

[Article 31:4] Editorials (1) Your Red Cross and You. (2) Survey Committee and Its Work. (3) Congress of International Council of Nurses. (4) Articles from Student and Head Nurses. — October 1932
(1) Work of the American Red Cross followed by an appeal for financial support through payment of annual dues. (2) Praise for the survey being carried out by the alumnae association and a few of the more interesting findings. (3) Notice of upcoming ICN Congress in July 1933 to be held in two different European cities plus appeal for Hopkins nursing alumnae to attend. (4)Introduction to several articles in this issue of the magazine.

[Article 31:4] Long Live Johns Hopkins. — October 1932
The writer tells of the many similarities between the school of nursing in Baltimore and the one in Bordeaux, France, citing the many contributions of the Johns Hopkins nurses to the creation and maintenance of the French school, as well as mentioning the gratitude of the French school to Hopkins as a school and to several Hopkins alumnae.

[Article 31:4] Marriages. — October 1932

[Article 31:4] News Items (1) Grace Baxter, 1894, Writes a Textbook. (2) November Eighteenth and the Christmas Sale. — October 1932
(1) Grace Baxter's new book on practical nursing is the first book of this kind to be written by a nurse in italy. The account also gives a brief review of Miss Baxter's career. (2) Promotion of the upcoming Christmas Sale by the Gate House Shop with the appeal for more donations. (3) Other brief announcements in this section include a new book by Carolyn Van Blarcom and the announcement of a membership change in the Survey Committee.

[Article 31:4] Our New Surgical Nursery. — October 1932
Creator: Cherry, Blanche H.
The opening of the new Halsted 3 Nursery has enabled these little patients to be cared for by pediatric nurses, has provided the entire gamut of specialties to be performed in this one setting, and also has provided entertainment and play experiences for this special group of little ones. (Paper read before the monthly meeting of head nurses.)

[Article 31:4] Post-Graduate Study A Report of the Survey Committee . — October 1932
Another in the series of reports from the information obtained by the survey of Nnrse alumnae, this dealing with numbers and types of post-graduate study undertaken by alumnae. Overall, almost 30% of alumnae have pursued graduate study with psychiatry, public health, and anesthesia being the three specialties most taken.

[Article 31:4] Public Health Report -- Athens Area. — October 1932
Creator: Carr, Alice G.
Report from Greece on helping the people in that area many of whom have been neglected in health care, most of whom are at the lower end of poverty with all the accompanying needs of this group of society. (Report from October 1931 reprinted by permission of the Near East Foundation, with which Miss Carr has been connected for many years.)

[Article 31:4] The Growth of the Dispensary in the Harriet Lane Home. — October 1932
Creator: Young, Dorothy McAlpine
The Dispensary of the Harriet Lane Home has greatly expanded and there are separate specialty departments with scheduled appointments, very minor charges (even though no one is denied treatment), an area for "isolation" cases, prevention teaching and procedures. Revenue for the hospital has increased, but -- even more -- pediatric patients and their families are receiving total care. (Co-authored with Katherine Kinkle, Church Home graduate Class of 1928.)

[Article 31:4] The Red Cross Needs You. — October 1932
Full page photograph of recruitment poster for American Red Cross Nursing Association.

[Article 31:4] Ultra-Violet Rays in the Health Program. — October 1932
Creator: Dodd, Mary Avery
This is a brief explanation of the qualities of the sun's different rays with concentration of the ultra-violet rays, their qualities and their healing powers against bacteria, and how they accomplishes these goals.