Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 32] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1933). — 1933

[Serial Volume 32:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1933). — 1933, January. — 1 issue

[Article 32:1] Alumnae Membership and Its Relation to Public Health. — January, 1933
Creator: Ames, Miriam
The writer addresses "two outstanding facts" from the Alumnae Survey: first, the need for married nurses to retain their memberships in professional organizations, especially the JHHSON Alumnae Association; second, the need for single, working nurses to maintain their membership in the Alumnae Association.

[Article 32:1] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — January, 1933

[Article 32:1] Block Plan of Johns Hopkins Hospital. — January, 1933
Full page diagram of the block plan of the JHH after the addition of Hurd Hll, Osler Clinic, and Halsted Clinic. Brief announcement is written on page 36 of this issue under News Items.

[Article 32:1] Book Reviews. — January 1933
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Mention of six (6) new editions of books of interest to nurses. Also brief reviews of two (2) books of nursing interest and two (2) more lengthy reviews, the last of which contains the reviewer's very slanted personal feelings.

[Article 32:1] Correction. — January 1933
Correction: K. Amberson did not retire as Chairman of the Indexing Committee. She remains and is assisted by Ruth Taylor, 1924.

[Article 32:1] Editorials (1) The Passing of Dr. Thayer. (2) Educational Preparation of the 1932 Class. (3) Facts and Figures on Alumnae Membership. (4) Miss Fredericks's Report. — January 1933
(1) Tribute to Dr. Thayer on his recent death. (2) Increased academic achievement prior to entry as student nurses of the 1932 class. (3) Results of survey on alumnae membership in the alumnae association. (4) Outline of the educational program of the JHH School of Nursing.

[Article 32:1] In Memoriam. — January, 1933
Tribute to Marion Furnival Peyton on her recent death written by a group of her classmates from the Class of 1915.

[Article 32:1] Marriages. — January, 1933

[Article 32:1] Meeting of Advisory Board of Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — January, 1933
Review of the activities of the Advisory Board at its November, 1932 meeting: (1) Miss Lawler's report on the school and some changes in health examinations for students and in curriculum. (2) progress in public health proram for students.

[Article 32:1] News Items . — January, 1933
Very brief announcements of (1) raising of entrance requirement to schools of nursing; (2) letters from several alumnae; dedication activities for Osler Clinic, Halsted Clinic, and Hurd Memorial Hall; (3)why nurses are exploited in hospitals.

[Article 32:1] Notices. — January 1933
Appeal to all graduates to return all unwanted alumnae magazines and all discarded holiday cards to Ruth Brewster Sherman for distribution to others.

[Article 32:1] Our Alumnae and the Red Cross. — January, 1933
Creator: Noyes, Clara D.
The writer expresses surprise at the small number of alumnae who are members of the Red Cross since there is no cost, the only requirement being membership in the ANA. She also points out the prestige that comes from the membership.

[Article 32:1] Report of Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York. — January, 1933
Complete account of the first meeting of the JH Nurses Club of New York with Caroline Falls as its president. It was attended by 45 alumnae and included a guest speaker, proposal for an honorary member, the positions of several alumnae in New York, the officers for the coming year, the different committees appointed,plus the report of the Service Committee.

[Article 32:1] Report of Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — January, 1933
Minutes of the regular quarterly meeting of the Alumnae Assocition with reports of several standing and special committees. It was at this meeting that the name of the group was changed to "Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Association."

[Article 32:1] S. O. S.. — January 1933
Creator: Brogden, Margaret Smith, 1865-1944
Appeal by the secretary of the alumnae association for members to keep the association informed of changes of address.

[Article 32:1] Talking picture of Dr. Welch to be Preserved for Future Reminiscences of Early Days of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Recorded in Film and Sound. — January, 1933
Recorded speech on film and sound of Dr. Welsh giving his experiences in post graduate studies and the many medical discoveries during that time. The article related that Dr. Welsh spent 4 months for his New York visit, also recorded the address a second time. (Article reprinted from the Baltimore Sun)

[Article 32:1] The Relation of the School of Nursing to the Hospital Administrative Unit as It Affects the Student Nurse. — January, 1933
Creator: Frederick, Hester K.
Detailed discussion of the role of nursing administrative assistants in assigning students to varied units to meet the educational needs of the students and the needs of the hospital; various meetings held by the superintendent of nursing and the school with her assistants and with the hospital administration; the relationships between the students and the school administration; the formal and informal relationships between hospital nursing personnel and nursing school personnel. The writer also emphasizes the obstacles to education when the students have such large numbers of patients to whom to give care.(Adddress given at a meeting of the League of Nursing Eduction, November 29, 1932.)

[Article 32:1] To What Professional Organizations Do Johns Hopkins Nurses Belong?. — January, 1933
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
Detailed report of the results of the alumnae association survey relating to the organizations to which JHHSON nurses belong: to the Alumnae Association (78%), to the ANA (70%), to the National Organization for Public Health Nursing, to the Red Cross Nursing Service.
This is the report of a committee of which Miss Dunbar was the chairman

[Article 32:1] What Keeps the Nurses Going. — January, 1933
Creator: Wald, Lillian D.
The founder of the Henry Street Settlement Visiting Nurse Service in New York briefly reviews the rewards of public health nursing to the nurses involved as well as from the sense of identity with the families that is brought by their work.(From the November 15, 1932 issue of The Survey)

[Article 32:1] Why a Johns Hopkins Nurse Should be a Member of the American Nurses Association. — January, 1933
Creator: Jamme, Anna C.
Plea to all nurse alumnae to become members of their professional groups, with emphasis in this article on the JHHNA and the American Nurses Association. The author points out the importance of membership is a step towards gaining the reputation as "professionals."

[Article 32:1] Why Be a Member of the National League of Nursing Education?. — January, 1933
Creator: Pfefferkorn, Blanche
The NLNE began as a small group of women with a single idea and has blossomed into a larger group that has confronted many of the problems/weaknesses/needs of professional nursing, e.g.curriculum guidance; programs for social possibilities of nursing; the beginning of the program at Teachers' College, Columbia; scholarship funds. Why should alumnae belong? -- she asks. "So we might go on and on," she answers. She also cites the JHHSON alumnae who have served as presidents of the group.

[Serial Volume 32:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1933). — 1933, April. — 1 issue

[Article 32:2] A Hypodermic Spoon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. — April 1933
A nurse in the hospital has created a permanent support for the large spoon needed to sterilize the needle for an injection. The story is brief but shows the ingenuity of people.

[Article 32:2] Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — April 1933
Very brief, single paragraph announcement that meetings were held in December, February and March, 1933.

[Article 32:2] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — April 1933
These notes include a lengthy work description by M. McMaster Ketchin, '01 and a long tribute to the recently deceased Marie Riopelle Allen, '11.

[Article 32:2] Book Reviews. — April 1933
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of nine (9) books of nursing interest. Also mention of one (1) new edition of book on dietetics.

[Article 32:2] Canned Breast Milk. — April 1933
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
Premature babies do best with breast milk which is not always available for them. Nurses created a method of securing breast milk from carefully screened wet nurses, collecting and storing it in sterile bottles with careful treatment in a sterilizer and follow-up testing in the Harriett Lane Research Laboratory. The breast milk has been used with very positive results for the babies.

[Article 32:2] Congress of the International Council of Nurses. — April 1933
Announcement of the upcoming meeting of the ICN in Paris with the encouragement for all to attend despite the difficult financial times.

[Article 32:2] Deaths. — April 1933

[Article 32:2] Dr. Howard Kelly -- Seventy-Five Years Young. — April 1933
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Description of the party honoring Dr. Kelly on his special birthday and some of the tributes paid to him.

[Article 32:2] Editorials (1) Lowering Rates. (2) Survey Committee Reports on Publications. (3) Hopkins Influences Rar-reaching. — April 1933
(1) With the lowering of rates paid to private duty nurses, many nurses are remaining idle. The editorial disapproves of this. (2) Announcement of article in this issue giving list of books published by our nursing alumnae. (3) Influence of Hopkins nursing alumnae on the leader of the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing in France.

[Article 32:2] International Events. — April 1933
Announcement of the upcoming meeting in Chicago of the International Congress of Women with printing of the group's statements of the efforts to solve some of the pressing problems of women at that time. Announcements also are made of the upcoming International Hospital Association meetings in Belgium and another International Congress for the Protection of Infancy to be held in Paris.

[Article 32:2] Johns Hopkins Hospital Campus 1899 and 1929. — April 1933
Skyview photos of the hospital buildings in 1899 and 1929 illustrating the great amount of physical growth.

[Article 32:2] Long Live Johns Hopkins. — April 1933
Praise for the Hopkins nurse by a French physician is recalled by Dr. Anna Hamilton, who founded and leads the Nightingale School in France.

[Article 32:2] Marriages. — April 1933

[Article 32:2] News Items. — April 1933
(1) Interesting facts about the Red Cross in Maryland. (2) Death of F. Bauernschmidt who gave a million dollar trust fund.

[Article 32:2] Notices. — April 1933
(1) Concern over large number of graduates who are not members of the Association; (2) Thanks for Christmas cards sent to Miss Sherman.

[Article 32:2] Report of Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York. — April 1933
Meeting of the New York Club in December, 1932 with guest speaker, Dr. Edward Hume, and the few pieces of business discussed.

[Article 32:2] Report of Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — April 1933
Minutes of proceedings of the Alumnae Association with reports of several standing committees at its regular quarterly meeting in February 1933.

[Article 32:2] Special Meetings of the Alumnae Association. — April 1933
Minutes of proceedings at two special meetings of the Alumnae Association held in December to resolve two different issues: (1) probability of reduction of rates for special duty nurses; (2) appointment of committee of five for nurses' relief.

[Article 32:2] What Our Graduates are Writing Books and Important Pamphlets. — April 1933
List of books and pamphlets written by Johns Hopkins nurse alumnae with the authors and the titles of the publication listed in full. This list was compiled from the special Alumnae Survey Committee.

[Serial Volume 32:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1933). — 1933, July. — 1 issue

[Article 32:3] A Visitor's Impressions. — July 1933
A nurse visitor from the Florence Nightingale School in France writes of her reactions to and experiences in Johns Hopkins Hospital, being most impressed by the organization and cooperation in this "immense hospital."

[Article 32:3] Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — July 1933
Announcement of the May, 1933 meeting of the Advisory Board stating acceptance by Miriam Ames of public health teaching position and resignation from committee of Effie Taylor.

[Article 32:3] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — July 1933

[Article 32:3] Book Reviews. — July 1933
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of six (6) new books of interest to nurses plus mention of new editions of two (2) other books previously reviewed.

[Article 32:3] Caps for Those Afar. — July 1933
Explanation for the cost of graduate caps remaining the same but with a 25 cent extra charge for mailing.

[Article 32:3] Commencement Activities. — July 1933
Creator: Holbrook, Margaret Evans
Description of all the activities of the two days of graduation, parties, and other activities associated with the commencement of the graduating Class of 1933.

[Article 32:3] Death. — July 1933
Includes a small Tribute from the publication of the West Virginia State Nurses' Association.

[Article 32:3] Editorials (1) Another Class Graduates. (2) Appointment of an Instructor in Public Health Nursing. (3) Fund for Endowed Bed Growing. (4) Henry M. Hurd Memorial Hall. — July 1933
(1) Welcome to the new graduates and good luck on their future. (2) Appointment of Miriam Ames as Public Health instructor with salary paid rom Nutting Endowment Fund. (3)Report on progress for Endowed Bed Fund. (4) First in a series of articles on the opening of the new Hurd Hall.

[Article 32:3] Marriages. — July 1933

[Article 32:3] Miss Lawler's Report. — July 1933
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Annual report relating to the activities in the school of nursing and in the hospital including staffing and changes throughout the year.

[Article 32:3] News from the Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York. — July 1933
Report of activities at the two meetings of the club in March, 1933 and May, 1933. At the March meeting, Effie Taylor was speaker; at the May meeting, election results for the following year were announced.

[Article 32:3] News Items. — July 1933
(1) Retirement of M. C. Nelson, 1894. (2)Results of requests for used Alumnae Magazine copies. (3) Announcement of Delano Memorial presentation in Washinton, D. C.(full page photo on frontispiece of this issue). (4) Award to Clara Noyes, 1896. (5) Poem submitted by Effie Taylor, 1907. (6)Review by Nelly Holljes, 1914, of new book on psychoanalysis.

[Article 32:3] Officers of the Alumnae Association. — July 1933
Listing of the officers and committee chairmen of the Alumnae Association 1933 - 1934.

[Article 32:3] Presentation of Delano Memorial to Representives of the Committee by the Sculptor, Dr. R. Tait McKenzie. — July 1933
Full page photograph of the Delano Memorial monument at the time of its presentation to the committee in charge of the project.

[Article 32:3] Report of the Forty-First Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association . — July 1933
Proceedings and minutes of the annual meeting including president's report, complete auditors' report, and reports of all standing and special committees.

[Article 32:3] Scholarships. — July 1933
Listing of the scholarships awarded at commencement exercises and their recipients.

[Article 32:3] Special Meeting of Alumnae Association of Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — July 1933
Minutes of special meeting of alumnae association in May, 1933 to vote on three (3) matters: (1) change in name of the Alumnae Association; (2) acceptance or rejection of the Constitution; (3) acceptance or rejection of By-laws. All were passed.

[Article 32:3] The Henry M. Hurd Memorial Hall. — July 1933
Creator: Torrance, Jane Taylor
Detailed description of the new Henry Hurd Memorial Hall located between the new Osler and Halsted Clinics.

[Article 32:3] The Osler Clinic. — July 1933
Creator: Thayer, William Sydney, 1864-1932.
History of the development of the medical clinic from a small section of Wilmer Clinic to its culmination in the newly dedicated Osler Clinic in its own building. The writer includes biographical information on Dr. Osler as well as a professional tribute to him.

[Serial Volume 32:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1933). — 1933, October. — 1 issue

[Article 32:4] A Comparison of Nursing in America and China. — October 1933
Nursing in China is "young," with about 150 schools, of which three or four have collegiate status. Several of the Chinese schools could compare favorably with some of the finest U.S. schools. The writer points out the similarities and differences between clinical care in the two countries. (The article is written by a post-graduate student visiting from China, Pearl Chen.)

[Article 32:4] Advisory Board of The Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — October 1933
Very brief announcement of the activities at the June meeting of the Advisory Board.

[Article 32:4] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — October 1933
Includes extracts from a letter fromGen Eva Hubbell Carlburg (1929) of the poor health conditions she has met in the Chinese Inland Mission in China.

[Article 32:4] American Nurses' Memorial, Bordeaux, France. — October 1933
Photograph of the entrance to the hospital in Bordeaux, France

[Article 32:4] Book Reviews. — October 1933
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of four (4) books and mention of new editions of five (5) books of inteest to nurses and nursing. There is also a brief review of a new book on rock-gardening. The author of one of the new editions mentioned is Carolyn Van Blarcom (1901).

[Article 32:4] Editorials (1) A Comradeship of Service. (2) The Nurse and the N. R. A. (3) The American Nurses' Memorial. — October 1933
(1) Role of the American Red Cross during this Depression with an appeal for support from the American people. (2) Introduction to an article in this issue on the rising interest in shorter days for working. (3) Discussion of the newly completed school building and dormitory in Bordeaux, France, erected by American nurses as a memorial to those nurses who died in World War I (photo on Frontispiece)

[Article 32:4] Honor to Whom Honor is Due Clara D. Noyes Decorated by the French Government. — October 1933
Because of her leadership in obtaining funds from American nurses to assist the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing in Bordeaux, Frances, Clara D. Noyes was awarded the French medal given to "those to whom France is grateful."

[Article 32:4] In Memoriam. — October 1933
Creator: Struve, Mildred
(1) Tribute to Dr. Frederick Henry Baetjer on the occasion of his recent death. His main field of work was in the development of x-rays, whcih contributed to his death. (2) Memorial tribute to William Woods, who helped build JHH and who participated in its work until his death.

[Article 32:4] Marriages. — October 1933

[Article 32:4] News Items. — October 1933
(1) National League for Nursing Education celebrated its 40th anniversary in Chicago. The brief article gives the events in which Hopkins nurse alumnae participated. (2) Foreign visitors to the School. (3)Extracts from a graduation address at Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

[Article 32:4] Salaries of Alumnae. — October 1933
Continuation of the report from the survey of Hopkins nursing alumnae with this segment discussing salaries of alumnae in private duty, alumnae in institutional work, alumnae in public health work.

[Article 32:4] The Alumnae Library Receives a Gift. — October 1933
Listing of seventeen (17) books donated to the Alumnae Library by Helen Athey, 1905.

[Article 32:4] The Johns Hopkins at the Congress of the International Council of Nurses. — October 1933
The report of the recent Congress of the International Council of Nurses was published in the September issue of the American Journal of Nursing. In this article there is discussion of the participation of Hopkins nurses at these meetings.

[Article 32:4] The N. R. A. and Nursing. — October 1933
Nurses, being considered "professionals," are not covered by the national President's Re-employment Agreement. This article is the statement of the Board of Directors of the American Nurses' Association offered as advice for nursing work in all fields in order to maintain excellent care of patients without the overuse of nurses.

[Article 32:4] The William S. Thayer Memorial. — October 1933
This features the details of the plans for a memorial tribute to Dr. and Mrs. William Thayer by a fund to assist "patients of gentle birth but of restricted resources" when they need to be hospitalized to avoid being placed in the "Public Wards." The plan was to convert two of the original wards into "attractive cubicles" for this use. Alumnae are asked to contribute to this fund.