Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 33] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1934). — 1934

[Serial Volume 33:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1934). — 1934, January. — 1 issue

[Article 33:1] Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — January 1934
Brief account of the proceedings at the November meeting of the Advisory Board: opening of Thayer Memorial Clinic, opening of the Metabolism Ward on Osler 5, funding by the Women's Board of two teaching positions -- one in Osler and one in Halsted.

[Article 33:1] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — January 1934
Includes lengthy discussion of the reasons for resignation as Director of Nursing Service of Conn. Dept. of Health by Sara Addison, 1907. Also includes large parts of letters from Grace Baxter, 1894, and from Elizabeth Miles Morton, 1910.

[Article 33:1] Book Reviews. — January 1934
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Four (4) extensive reviews and two (2) shorter reviews of books of interest to nurses and women in general. Also includes mention of new editions of two other books of medical/nursing interest

[Article 33:1] Deaths. — January 1934

[Article 33:1] Editorials (1) Happy New Year to All. (2) The Trained Nurses and the Depresssion. (3) Survey of Alumnae. — January 1934
(1) Despite the "economic distress," Happy New Year to all. (2) Preview of article in this issue of extracts from longer article printed in another magazine. (3) Another report gathered from the Survey of Alumnae printed in this issue.

[Article 33:1] Marriages. — January 1934

[Article 33:1] Mental As Well As Physical Health "How Are You?". — January 1934
Creator: Simpson, Nora Platt
Discussion of the state of health being more than the achieving of a set of pre-set standards for "good health." Increasingly, mental health is being included in this assessment of good heath -- until the "spirit or mind equals the boyancy and well being of the physical body in which it dwells." Some of the article is voted to the causes of mental illness: mental fatigue, worry, boredom, irritability.

[Article 33:1] News Items (1) Charlotte M. Heilman, 1908, Awarded Florence Nightingale Medal. (2) Tribute to Dr. Osler. (3) Yale School of Nursing Raises Its Entrance Requirements. (4) Cornerstone Contains List of Deceased Nurses. (5) Nurses Give Benefit Play. — January 1934
(1) Alumna member Charlotte M. Heilman, 1908, of the Red Cross receives award for multiple services in several countries. (2)Excerpts from tribute to Dr. Osler by William Lyon Phelps. (3) Entrants into Yale School of Nursing must be college graduates. (4) Announcement that list of 11 nurses who died during duty in World War I is included in JHH cornerstone. (5) Brief paragraph about a beneift play given in New York that earned money for Association of Graduate Nurses of Manhattan and Bronx.

[Article 33:1] Proposed Reunion of Hopkins Graduates. — January 1934
Proposal by Elsie Lawler for a Hopkins nurse reunion at the conclusion of the Biennial Convention of the ANA to be held in Wahington, DC. in April of 1934. This announcement tells nurses how to register.

[Article 33:1] Report of Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — January 1934
Minutes and proceedings of the November 1934 meeting of the Alumnae Association, including reports of the president and of standing committees.

[Article 33:1] Salaries of Alumnae IV. Does a Degree Bring Increased Salary Returns?. — January 1934
In this summary of findings from the JHNAA survey it is reported that increased education seems to be a factor is increasing earnings, but not in all fields. e.g. private duty nursing. It also was found that 48% of all alumnae support someone else besides themselves, with private duty nurses carrying the heaviest burden in this category.

[Article 33:1] The Hospital Cornerstone. — January 1934
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Facts given to Miss Sherman while a student nurse about the hospital cornerstone with the box of records in the large dome, about a group of bricks each of which was named for one member of the first Board of Trustees, and about some odd findings in the water supply system.

[Article 33:1] The Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York. — January 1934
Account of the tea and the dinner/business meeting of the New York Club held in recently in New York with 40 members attending the business meeting.

[Article 33:1] The Trained Nurse and the Depression. — January 1934
Creator: Van Blarcom, Carolyn Conant
The effects of unemployment on nurses who have enjoyed gratification and reward from their profession can be devastating. The article writes of these effects and some suggestions for adjustments. (Excerpts from a longer article in "The Nation", October 11, 1933)

[Serial Volume 33:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1934). — 1934, April. — 1 issue

[Article 33:2] Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — April 1934
Summary of the activities of the Advisory Board at its three monthly meetings in December, January, and February.

[Article 33:2] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — April 1934
Includes a lengthy letter from Mamie Berry Roots, 1931, on life in Peiping, China, day by day over a week.

[Article 33:2] Alumnae Survey Employment of Alumnae After Marriage. — April 1934
This is the summary of another category in the recent survey of Hopkins Nurse Alumnae. Findings included are 22% of our married alumnae continue full time work, with equal distribution among institutional work, public health and private duty. In addition, the trend towards continuing nursing work after marriage has been increasing, but this tends to decrease with married alumnae with children. Included in the summary are several tables with statistics/averages/percentages.

[Article 33:2] Book Reviews. — April 1934
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
One (1) brief review of a textbook on Chemistry and one (1) longer one on the effects of the "Five Year Plan" of the Soviet leaders, plus notices of new editions of three (3) other books of nursing interest.

[Article 33:2] Deaths. — April 1934

[Article 33:2] Editorials (1) Twenty Years Later. (2) Hopkins Increases its Graduate Staff. (3) Preliminary Education Preparation of Student Nurses. — April 1934
(1) Discussion of endowment funds for schools of nursing as introduction to article in this issue by Amy P. Miller. (2) Increase in graduate staff benefits in both the educational program and the care of patients in the hospital. (3) "Up grade" of pre-admission educational levels of student nurses gives hope to increasing entrance requirements.

[Article 33:2] Honors Come to Elizabeth L. Smellie, 1909 Chief of the Victorian Order of Nurses. — April 1934
Elizabeth Smellie, 1909, has recently been awarded the honor of Commander of The Order of the British Empire for her work in Canada and overseas.

[Article 33:2] In Memoriam. — April 1934
Tributes to Rachel Bonner, first matron of the Hospital, and Annie McDowell, first head nurse of Ward C in Marburg.

[Article 33:2] Marriages. — April 1934

[Article 33:2] News Items (1) Biennial Convention. (2) American Red Cross Convention. (3) Dedication of Delano Memorial.(4) Guest from Abroad. (5) The Recent Graduate and Private Duty. — April 1934
(1) Biennial convention of the three national nursing organizations will be held in Washington, D.C. the end of April. (2) Announcement that convention of American Red Cross will be held in Washington, D.C. in the beginning of April. (3) Announcement of the dedication of a Memorial to Jane Delano and 296 nurses who died in World War I will be dedicated on April 26. (4) A faculty member from a school in Bordeaux, France is visiting to study and observe nursing care in the United States. (5) Fewer recent graduates of the JHH School of Nursing are entering private duty.

[Article 33:2] Notices. — April 1934
(1) Need to increase price of graduate nursing caps because of increase in price of the organdy used to make them. (2) From Ruth B. Sherman comes the continued request for old issues of the Alumnae Magazine.

[Article 33:2] Report of Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — April 1934
Minutes and proceedings of the regular quarterly meeting of the JHH Nurses Alumnae Association, including reports of all standing committees.

[Article 33:2] The Johns Hopkins Nurses' Club of New York. — April 1934
Summary of the activities of the New York Nurses' Club at their March, 1934 meeting.

[Article 33:2] The Virgin Islands as I Know Them. — April 1934
Creator: Hare, Nannie Cox
The writer describes her work in the Virgin Islands with the American Red Cross, principally in social work, with fights to improve health and social care for the many inhabitants, with the obstacles she found and the hurdles she had to leap. She, also, includes descriptions of the physical beauty of the islands and its enviable climate.

[Article 33:2] Twenty Years later A Short History of the Endowment Fund of the Johns Hopkins Nurss' Alumnae Association. — April 1934
Creator: Miller, Amy P.
The writer traces in detail the origin and the progress of the Endowment Fund over the 20 years of its existence including the original committee.

[Serial Volume 33:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1934). — 1934, July. — 1 issue

[Article 33:3] Address at the Graduation Exercises of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — July 1934
Graduation speech given by Harriet Frost, Director of Public Health Nursing, N.Y. Hospital, New York City on the role of the Public Health Nurse in the "war against disease." During her speech, she went over the history of public health nursing, a broad definition of the art of nursing as applying to "sick nursing" and to "health nursing."

[Article 33:3] Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School for Nurses. — July 1934
Summary of the activities of the Advisory Board in its three meetings in March, May and June.

[Article 33:3] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — July 1934
Includes a lengthy letter by Margaret Thomas, 1907, on her life as a nurse in Idaho.

[Article 33:3] Book Reviews. — July 1934
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of three (3) books of interest to women or nurses.

[Article 33:3] Commencement Day, 1934. — July 1934
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Details of Commencement Day dealing with the weather, the procession, the general activities, the decorations as opposed to the actual graduation exercises.

[Article 33:3] Death. — July 1934

[Article 33:3] Editorials (1) Dr. Williiam Henry Welsh. (2) Membership in Alumnae and Attendance at Meetings. (3) The Biennial Convention. (4) Dedication of the Delano Memorial. — July 1934
Creator: Nutting, M. Adelaide (Mary Adelaide), 1858-1948
(1) Tribute by Adelaide Nutting to Dr. William H. Welsh on his death. (2)Lament and questions about the small numbers of alumnae attending the Aumnae Meetings with decreasing statistics as the graduation year becomes more recent. (3) Encouragement to attend upcoming Biennial Convention of the three largest nursing organizations to be held in Wshington, D.C. (4)Description of the new Delano Memorial to the nurses who died in World War I recently dedicated in Washington, D.C.

[Article 33:3] Honors Bestowed on Miss Carr. — July 1934
Alice Carr (Class of 1914) of Athens,Greece is awarded the Silver Cross of the Order of Phoenix on behalf of the Greek Government for her many contributions to health in the Balkans, most noticeably her work in eradicating malaria from the region. In addition, Miss Carr was alwarded another prize at JHH for her work in the Balkans.

[Article 33:3] In Memoriam. — July 1934
In Memoriam tribute to Kate Lownsborough Greene, 1905, by five of her classmates.

[Article 33:3] Marriages. — July 1934

[Article 33:3] Minute on the Death of Dr. Welch Adopted by the Trustees of The Johns Hopkins Hospital at Their Meeting, May 8, 1934. — July 1934
Tribute to Dr. William H. Welch on his recent death.

[Article 33:3] Miss Lawler's Report. — July 1934
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Report given at recent graduation to give her update on conditions in the School and in the hospital, including changes in staff personnel. Included is a lengthy discussion on the new Public Health experience for students.

[Article 33:3] News Items (1) Miss Anna Schwarzenberg Succeeds Miss Reimann. (2) New Address for I.C.N. Headquarters. (3) Foreign Vicitors to the Hopkins. . — July 1934
(1) Retirement of Christiane Reimann as Executive Secretary of the I.C.N. and appointment of Anna Schwarzenberg to succeed her. (2) Renaming of street on which ICN headquarters office is located necessitates new address. (3) Announcements of four foreign visitors to JHH to observe or to give speeches here.

[Article 33:3] Notice. — July 1934
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Request for names of ill nurses to be given to the Sick Visiting Committee so the committee can visit of otherwise acknowledge their illnesses.

[Article 33:3] Report of the Forty-Second Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — July 1934
Minutes of the proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association, including reports of president, all standing and special committees, and a full Auditors' Report. Included is a lengthy verbatim discussion of the purpose of the Endowment Fund.

[Article 33:3] Scholarships. — July 1934
Listing of the scholarships awarded to various student nurses as presented at the graduation exercises.

[Article 33:3] The Alumnae Dinner. — July 1934
Activities at the annual Homecoming dinner with details about the decorations, the celebration of their 40th anniversary by the Class of 1894, the raffle of a clock donated by Helen Wilmer Athey.

[Article 33:3] The Biennial Convention Reported by Members of Alumnae Association. — July 1934
Creator: Schouten, Irene Burch ;  Northam, Ethel ;  Ames, Miriam ;  Snoke, Edna Myers ;  Lawler, Elsie M.
Lengthy and detailed reports of the recent Biennial Convention of Nursing of each branch represented: the American Nurses Association, the National League for Nursing Education, and the National Organization for Public Health Nursing.

[Article 33:3] The Johns Hopkins Nurses' Club of New York. — July 1934
Activities from the final meeting of the year of the New York Club with election of officers and a talk by Dr. Esther L. Richards.

[Serial Volume 33:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1934). — 1934, October. — 1 issue

[Article 33:4] Alumnae Notes (Alumnae News). — October 1934

[Article 33:4] Blazing the Trail. — October 1934
Creator: Richards, Esther Loring, 1885-1956
In a speech given to the New York Alumnae Association Club, Dr. Richards reviews her history with the school of nursing, her recognition of the importance of nurses, the type of preparation and education for students, her own feelings about removing nursing education from the hospital to academic institutions of learning, the hospital as the "laboratory" for the student nurses,

[Article 33:4] Book Reviews. — October 1934
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of four (4) books, a lengthy review of one (1) book -- an autobiography of a physician classmate of the reviewer -- of interest to the nursing and medical community. Also includes mention of new editions of seven (7) other books of possible interest to nursing.

[Article 33:4] Deaths. — October 1934

[Article 33:4] Editorials (1) Enrolling for Service. (2) The Florence Nightingale International Foundation Inaugurated. (3) The International Council of Nurses. — October 1934
(1) Appeal for nurses to join the American Red Cross which functions in so many types of disasters. (2) Brief discussion of the newly started Florence Nightingale Foundation with encouragement to read the longer article in the recent American Journal of Nursing. (3) Summary of activities of the July meeting of ICN held in Paris and the need to support "world peace."

[Article 33:4] In Memoriam. — October 1934
Creator: Ingersoll, Margaret M.
Brief tribute by Class of 1922 to recently deceased classmate, Louise Tuttle

[Article 33:4] Marriages. — October 1934

[Article 33:4] News Items (1) Our Reunion in Baltimore. (2) Dr. Anna Hamilton Now Honorary Directress. — October 1934
Creator: Wiedenbach, Ernestine
(1) Account of alumnae reunion during the recent Biennial in Washington, D.C. with emphasis on the social get together at the alumnae luncheon. (2) Resignation of the former organizer and director Florence Nightingale School of Nursing at Bordeaux, France. Also after the article are the announcement of a change of instructors at the school and a change in membership of a committee of the Alumnae Association of disposal of alumnae pins.

[Article 33:4] Officers of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumna Association, Inc.. — October 1934
List of current officers and committees of the Alumnae Association 1934 - 1935.

[Article 33:4] Sale. — October 1934
Brief announcement of Gate House Shop Annual Sale with appeal for donations.