Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 36] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1937). — 1937

[Serial Volume 36:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1937). — 1937, January. — 1 issue

[Article 36:1] A Year In London Under the Florence Nightingale International Foundation. — January 1937
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
Detailed, but easy to read, account of the year spent by Virginia Dunbar '23 in England studying at the Florence Nightingale International Foundation that included sightseeing and adventures with an international group as well as study in public health and the history of nursing.

[Article 36:1] Alumnae News. — January 1937

[Article 36:1] Book Reviews. — January 1937
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Reviews of different lengths of seven (7) books considered of interest to those interested in nursing and patient care.

[Article 36:1] Deaths. — January 1937
Includes In Memoriam tribute to Emma Vaughan Johnson,Class of 1909, from several classmates.

[Article 36:1] Diversional Therapy. — January 1937
Development and some examples of diversional therapy for patients during their hospitalizations.

[Article 36:1] Do We Need an Endowment Fund?. — January 1937
Creator: Falls, Caroline E.
Review of the history of the JHH School of Nursing, changes in the school and the hospital, the Nursing proposal of an endowment fund for the school of nursing, the subsequent efforts and movement to accumulate an endowment fund of one million dollars. The author also writes of the uses to which some of the funds have been put and why great increases in the fund are needed.

[Article 36:1] Do You Know. — January 1937
One sentence announcements of events and activities at JH Hospital or of interest to staff, student nurses, and alumnae.

[Article 36:1] Editorials (1) Miss Nutting's Resignation. (2) The Gate House Shop. (3) The Florence Nightingale International Foundation. — January 1937
(1) Miss Nutting's resigntion from Publications Committee. (2) Funds earned by the Gate House Shop and its other projects for the alumnae association. (3) Honors to JHH alumnae as a scholarship for study and election of other alumnae to offices in the Nightingale Foundation.

[Article 36:1] Marriages. — January 1937

[Article 36:1] News of Interest (1) The Advisory Board of the School of Nursing. (2) A Generous Gift from a Graduate. (3)Our Christmas Sale. (4) A Letter from a Patient. — January 1937
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Re-appointment of Anna D. Wolf to Advisory Board and the work of the Advisory Board. (2) Gift to Sick Benefit Fund by family of 1892 graduate. (3)Work of Gate House Shop Committee in its first year as a standing committee.(4) Letter of appreciation sent to head of the Nurse's Registry from a patient about his private duty nurse.

[Article 36:1] Recollections. — January 1937
Creator: Jamme, Anna C.
Personal and professional memories of classmate Clara Noyes (1896) by Anna Jamme (1897).

[Article 36:1] Report of Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — January 1937
Proceedings of regular quarterly meeting of Alumnae Association, including reports of all standing and special committees.

[Serial Volume 36:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1937). — 1937, April. — 1 issue

[Article 36:2] A Letter from Jean K. Lowder, 1936. — April 1937
Creator: Johnson, Jean Lowder
Lengthy letter with details of the daily work of a nurse graduate in New Haven as a public health nurse carrying a patient load of 80 - 100 families with varying sickness and wellness needs.

[Article 36:2] Alumnae News. — April 1937

[Article 36:2] Book Reviews. — April 1937
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Reviews of varying lengths of seven (7) books of interest to nursing and medical personnel.

[Article 36:2] Congress of the International Council of Nurses. — April 1937
Creator: Ingersoll, Margaret M.
Review of activities at the upcoming meeting of the International Council of Nurses to be held in London with encouragement for others to attend.

[Article 36:2] Deaths. — April 1937
Includes two (2) very brief tributes from classmates to Sallie Leonard (1906) and Helen Bauer (1921).

[Article 36:2] Do You Know. — April 1937
Very brief announcements of items relating to the hospital of interest to nursing and other hospital personnel.

[Article 36:2] Early History of the Hospital and Training School. — April 1937
Creator: Carr, Ada M.
The writer gives a long account of the development of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Medical School and School of Nursing. The account includes the physical development as well as the donor's actual directions. It also includes many little known -- or neglected -- parts of this development. Also included is a full page photo of the original site of the hospital as the old "City Hospital."

[Article 36:2] Editorials (1) An Historic Event. (2) Credit Allowed our School by Johns Hopkins University. (3) Some Friends Outside "The Family." (4) Life Membership in the Association. — April 1937
(1) Announcement of transfer of Endowment Fund money to the Board of Trustees of the hospital for use in student nurse education. (2)Granting of credits in the university for nursing school graduates to pursue a baccalaureate degree. (3)Growth in the number of outside libraries and schools receiving the Alumnae Magazine. (4)Explanation of "What Constitutes a Life Membership" in the Alumnae Association.

[Article 36:2] Excerpts from the 47th Report of the Director of the Hospital. — April 1937
Creator: Smith, Winford H., 1877-1961
Brief excerpt from the Director's Report with items of interest to Hopkins nurses.

[Article 36:2] Helen H. Crawford, 1901. — April 1937
Creator: Kent, Elizabeth A. Thomas
Brief tribute with memories of the nursing career of the retiring matron of the hospital.

[Article 36:2] Hospital News Notes. — April 1937
Description of several projects/activities within the hospital and school of nursing: (1) programs for pediatric inpatients; (2) plaque placed to commemorate gift for Women's Clinic; (3)appreciation of nursing care from a physician patient; (4) study of pneumonias for which serum treatment has been developed; (5)student evening with Miss Dick and Miss Lawler.

[Article 36:2] In Memoriam. — April 1937
Tributes by classmates to two (2) recently deceased alumnae.

[Article 36:2] Letters of Appreciation of the Endowment Fund. — April 1937
Creator: Harlan, Henry D. ;  Bowman, Isaiah ;  Smith, Winford H., 1877-1961 ;  Lawler, Elsie M.
Letters from various areas of Johns Hopkins expressing gratitude for the Endowment Fund money now being available for use in education of student nurses.

[Article 36:2] Marriages. — April 1937

[Article 36:2] Our Alumnae as Authors. — April 1937
Creator: Kennedy, Loula
New project to collect for the nurses' library books written by our school of nursing alumnae. The article includes a list of nineteen (19) books that currently are included and an appeal is made for more.

[Article 36:2] Report of the Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — April 1937
Proceedings of the quarterly meeting of the nurses' alumnae association including reports of all standing and special committees.

[Article 36:2] The Cottage at Sherwood Forest. — April 1937
Creator: Struve, Mildred
Lighthearted account of the history of the cottage for student use and of the many activities to be enjoyed.

[Article 36:2] The Endowed Room. — April 1937
Brief extracts from a few of the letters received expressing gratitude for the use of the Endowed Room in Marburg funded by the Alumnae Association.

[Article 36:2] The Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York. — April 1937
Creator: Grainger, Margaret F.
Very brief summary of the Thanksgiving time meeting of the year held by the New York Club.

[Article 36:2] The New Meaning of Mothers' Day for Nurses. — April 1937
Creator: Dines, Alta Elizabeth
The mortality for women related to maternity is "far too many" and there now is a big movement to reduce this figure through better pre-natal and maternity care.

[Article 36:2] Twenty-Four Years as Matron. — April 1937
Creator: Smith, Winford H., 1877-1961
Announcement of the retirement, after twenty-four years, of the matron of the hospital, with an accompanying review of her duties and a tribute to her.

[Serial Volume 36:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1937). — 1937, July. — 1 issue

[Article 36:3] A Step Forward -- The Eight-Hour Day. — July 1937
Creator: Twentier, Dora
The writer celebrates the reduction of a nurse's shift from 12 to 8 hours, giving the several reasons for and the advantages of the switch. There also is the mention of the planned, but not yet published, article advocating the 12-hour day with the appeal for a vounteer to write such an article.

[Article 36:3] Alumnae News. — July 1937

[Article 36:3] Book Reviews. — July 1937
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of three (3) books of interest to nurses, including a biography of Brookings, a biography of Elizabeth Fry, and a book on famous composers.

[Article 36:3] Commencement and the Graduating Class. — July 1937
Creator: Wise, Wilma Garner
Brief review of graduation for the Class of 1937 beginning with the opening Prayer Service at 7 a.m. Included are the words of the Class Song.

[Article 36:3] Deaths. — July 1937

[Article 36:3] Do You Know. — July 1937
One-to-two sentence announcements of activities and items of interest to nurses and JHH personnel.

[Article 36:3] Editorials (1) A Nursing Tribute to Dr. Walker. (2) N.O.P.H.N's Silver Jubilee. (3) Base Hospital 18, A.E.F. — July 1937
(1) In Memoriam tribute to Dr. George Walker, a true friend to nursing. (2) N.O.P.H.N. celebrates its 25th anniversary with mention of Hopkins nurses who have been involved in the organization. (3) First reunion of the nurses who served in the JH Base Hospital Unit #18 during Word War I.

[Article 36:3] Education is Never Complete. — July 1937
Creator: Williams, Huntington
Speech praising nurses, pointing out their collegial relationship with physicians and the ever-widening boundaries of their profession, and emphasizing that graduation should be only the beginning of their education and their responsibility to that education. (Graduation speech at School of Nursing on May 27, 1937.)

[Article 36:3] Gardens!. — July 1937
The arrival of Spring at JHH has brought a variety of small gardens around the campus and on porches.

[Article 36:3] In Memoriam. — July 1937
Brief In Memoriam tributes from classmates of three (3) recently deceased School of Nursing classmates

[Article 36:3] Marriages. — July 1937

[Article 36:3] Miss Lawler's Report. — July 1937
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Report on the progress in the School of Nursing and some changes in its curriculum. Also enumerated are several "outstanding events" for the school, the most notable being the Alumnae Association's transfer of funds from the Endowment Fund for use for the development of the Public Health program for students. Also included are the planned addition to Hampton House, new demands in staffing in the hospital. (Report given by Miss Lawler at Grduation Exercises May 27, 1937.)

[Article 36:3] News Items. — July 1937
Announcements of recent news of interest to nurses. Includes honorary doctorate to Alice Carr (1914), gift to Josephine McLeod (1911), news from Nightingale Foundation, placing of all nurses on 48 hour work week, improvements in the hospital, and a brief account of a child placed in a respirator and her gradual recovery.

[Article 36:3] Report of Anna D. Wolf, Class of 1915. — July 1937
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Report on work of the Advisory Board of the School of Nursing that includes mention of the enlarged public health part of the student curriculum, enlarged health program for students, accreditation of nursing curriculum by the university.

[Article 36:3] Report of the Forty-Fifth Anual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — July 1937
Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Nurses' Alumnae Association, including reports of all standing and special committees, with extensive discussion of the proposed writing of the book on the life of Isabel Hampton Robb and the detailed Auditors' Report.

[Article 36:3] Student Nurse Activities To Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood. — July 1937
Creator: Bonney, Virginia L.
Preparation for and happy activities at the picnic given the Class of 1939 at Sherwood, the swimming and boating and relaxing and the return on the bus. This was followed the next day by a special Nautical Party given by the class on Hampton House roof for Miss Lawler, Miss Kennedy, and the "preliminary students."

[Article 36:3] The Annual Alumnae Dinner. — July 1937
Brief account of the holding of the Annual Alumnae Dinner on May 28, 1937, which included a skit by members of the Class of 1937 and a 20th reunion entertainment by members of the Base Hospital Unit #18.

[Article 36:3] The Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York. — July 1937
Creator: Grainger, Margaret F.
Brief report of Annual dinner and meeting of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York, including the officers elected for the coming year. Also includes the notice of the upcoming party to initiate the 1937-1938 season.

[Article 36:3] The Sign of the Cross in Nursing Insignia History of The Johns Hopkins Nurses' Pin and Motto. — July 1937
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
The writer gives a detailed account (many of them quotations of paragraphs from Nutting and Dock's History of Nursing)of the use of different types of crosses in nursing. She also gives the story of the development of the "Vigilando" motto used on the alumnae pin of the Hopkins School of Nursing.

[Article 36:3] The Staff of the Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic Celebrates for Dr. Adolf Meyer. — July 1937
Creator: Newell, Florence E.
Detailed description of the many activities during the two day celebration of Dr. Adolph Meyer's 70th birthday with the presentation of professional papers to receptions at the Belvedere Hotel with numerous speeches of tributes.

[Article 36:3] Two Resignations of Importance. — July 1937
Both the medical director and the nursing supervisor at the Eastern Health District have resigned for new posts in New York. This article relates their accomplishments during their long tenures in their capacities in the organization.

[Serial Volume 36:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1937). — 1937, October. — 1 issue

[Article 36:4] A Nurse's Prayer. — October 1937
One paragraph prayer for guidance in caring for the sick during that day.

[Article 36:4] Alumnae News. — October 1937

[Article 36:4] Appreciation of our Contribution to the F.N.I.F.. — October 1937
Thank you letter from the Florence Nightingale International Foundation for the contribution of the JHNAA to the foundation.

[Article 36:4] Book Reviews. — October 1937
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Reviews of different lengths of eleven (11) books of general or nursing interest, along with mention of many other new or new editions of books of interest.

[Article 36:4] Deaths. — October 1937
Includes a resolution from classmates due to the death of Naomi Ruth Hackman

[Article 36:4] Do You Know. — October 1937
Single sentence announcements of events/changes relating to Hopkjins from "forty years ago," "thirty years ago," "twenty years ago," "ten years ago," and the present year of 1937.

[Article 36:4] Editorials (1) New President of the I.C.N. (2) A Curriculum Guide (3) Nursing and the Red Cross. — October 1937
(1) Effie Taylor (1907) elected new president of I.C.N. [Full page photo of Effie Taylor is frontispiece of this issue]. (2) Publication of "A Curriculum Guide" by the NLNE with Isabel Stewart as chairman, giving somoe changes from the original, also the practical use of the guide for schools of nursing. (3) The role of the International Red Cross in military duty, with public health, in times of disaster, with an appeal for enrollment.

[Article 36:4] Effie Jane Taylor. — October 1937
Full page photograph of Effie Taylor to accompany editorial celebrating her election as president of the Internation Council of Nurses.

[Article 36:4] Elizabeth Moser's Experiences in China. — October 1937
Creator: Moser, Elizabeth
Long letter from alumna in China concentrating on the Chinese people,and the problems they encounter especially with some diseases totally unknown in our country. The letter also writes about the work the nurses are doing there.

[Article 36:4] Excerpts from a Letter from Eileen M. Gleeson, '29. — October 1937
Creator: Gleeson, Eileen V. M.
Parts of a letter describing personal allergic reaction to receiving a toxoid injection and the treatment given to heal this.

[Article 36:4] Farewell Senior Party Circus in Town!. — October 1937
Creator: Bonney, Virginia L.
Held on Hampton House roof, the Senior Farewell Party took the form of the "Darnem Daily Circus" complete with sawdust, a ringmaster, a barker for the side shows, a medicine "man" with a tattooed lady, and a special Punch and Judy Show.

[Article 36:4] Fund for Philanthropic and Religious Work in the Hospital. — October 1937
Description of how a fund given in 1918 to "promote the philanthropic and religious work in connection with the hospital" has been used by the library with a cart that travels throughout the hospital units.

[Article 36:4] Hopkins' Breakfast at the I.C.N.. — October 1937
Part of the letter from Miss Lawler giving details of the J.H.H. nurses at the I.C.N., especially at the special J.H.H. breakfast.

[Article 36:4] Important Notice -- Book Lost. — October 1937
Volume 1 of the bound official set of the Alumnae Magazine is missing from the Nurses' Room of Welch Library. It is irreplaceable. This is an appeal for its return.

[Article 36:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Club of New York -- Dinner. — October 1937
Announcement of and invitation to attend the upcoming dinner of the New York Club with Claire R. P. Craigen as speaker.

[Article 36:4] Marriages. — October 1937

[Article 36:4] New York Needs Graduate Nurses. — October 1937
Letter appealing for nurses needed in New York due to the initiation of the eight-hour day of work there,

[Article 36:4] Public Health Nursing uner the WPA in Atlanta, Georgia. — October 1937
Creator: Addison, Sarah
The great progress in Public Health nursing in Georgia from the operation of the WPA government-sponsored program. The article gives the many reasons why nurses were suffering from unemployment, the numbers and types of staff, the work done by the nurses in this program.

[Article 36:4] Suggestion for Disposal of Your Alumnae Magazines. — October 1937
Continued appeal for the return of old alumnae magazines. Thanks for packages of Christmas cards received and appeal for the continuation of this practice. Also notice that Katherine Devine Allen, 1909, will send older graduates copies of the magazine if other alumnae forward their copies to her.

[Article 36:4] The 12-Hour Day for Private Duty Nurses in the Home. — October 1937
Creator: Vietor, Laura M.
Condensation of an article defending the continuation of the 12 -hour day for nurses for private duty nurses in the home.

[Article 36:4] The Christmas Sale. — October 1937
Announcement of the upcoming Christmas Sale of the Gate House Shop and asking for contributions.

[Article 36:4] The Congress in London. — October 1937
Creator: Tunnell, Helen (Frances) Ziegler
The business and social functions of the International Council of Nurses meeting held in London. For many this was their first trip abroad and the author expressess the wonder and joy of it for her. The attendance of seventeen Hopkins nursing alumnae and their activities together also is covered.