Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 39] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1940). — 1940

[Serial Volume 39:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1940). — 1940, January. — 1 issue

[Article 39:1] A Golden Year Draws to a Close. — January 1940
Creator: Falls, Caroline E.
The drive to add to the Endowment Fund as a way of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the School met with great success with contributions coming in from all areas of the country and the world.

[Article 39:1] Alumnae News. — January 1940

[Article 39:1] Deaths. — January 1940

[Article 39:1] Do You Know. — January 1940
Brief announcements of activities and other items of interest to nursing personnel at the JHH.

[Article 39:1] Endowed Schools of Nursing The Endowment of the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. — January 1940
Creator: Tunnell, Helen (Frances) Ziegler
Using a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, with subsequent financial support from the same source, the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing was established in 1925, with a full separation from the hospital delayed until 1934 and with its first professional graduation in 1938. At the time of the article, two separate courses were offered by the school; the two courses are described briefly.

[Article 39:1] General Staff Meetings at Hopkins. — January 1940
Resumption of general monthly staff meetings feature Dr. Winford Smith as the first speaker. The following month featured speech by social worker. Following this came explanation of activities of the Admitting Office.

[Article 39:1] Important Announcements by Maryland Health Departments. — January 1940
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
Objectives of the Maryland Health Department to improve the health of communities with a brief commentary on the committees formed to perform the work. The deficiencies are listed along with some of the ways to help.

[Article 39:1] Interesting Articles in the December 1939 American Journal of Nursing. — January 1940
One to two sentence reviews of twelve (12) articles found in December 1939 issue of the American Journal of Nursing.

[Article 39:1] Letters. — January 1940
Excerpts from three letters from alumnae giving news of their current activities

[Article 39:1] Marriages. — January 1940

[Article 39:1] Merger of Organizations in New York City. — January 1940
From two smaller groups serving the needs of the poor has come the largest non-sectarian, private family welfare society in the country. The new Community Service Society has two Hopkins nurses on its staff.

[Article 39:1] Our New Unit at J.H.H.. — January 1940
Creator: Purcell, Mary Stewart
New Nurses' Infirmary opened on Thayer I with a description of its physical appearance and its capabilities. Includes three (3) photographs of the new facility.

[Article 39:1] Our School Library. — January 1940
Remodeled nursing school library opens in Main Nurses Home with addition of many new books. The article includes two photographs of students working in the library.

[Article 39:1] Pittsburgh J.H.H. Group. — January 1940
Creator: Macaulay, Margaret Vander Kam
Report of proceedings of four meetings of Pittsburgh group of nursing alumnae from the first one in the Fall of 1938 to the next one where the decision was made to "organize," a card party, and a first meeting of the Fall of 1939.

[Article 39:1] Report of Activities of J.H. H. Nurses Alumnae Association Given at the Meeting of the Maryland State Nurses Association. — January 1940
Creator: Thuma, Marion E.
Varied items of activities of the JHHNAA during the year: Publication, Registry, House, Library, Sick Visiting, Gate House, Red Cross, and other Committees. Includes report on progress of Nutting Endowment Fund, progress on writing the book on the life of Mrs. Robb.

[Article 39:1] Report of the Regular Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — January 1940
Creator: Loeffler, Catherine
Minutes and reports of committees from meeting on November 3, 1939

[Article 39:1] The New York Club. — January 1940
Creator: Green, Mabel Grassmyer
Report of proceedings of meeting of New York Club of nursing alumnae with Elizabeth Phillips (1927) as speaker. Aslo description of the group's Anniversary dinner in November 1939 with 33 members attending.

[Article 39:1] The Red Cross and the Red Cross Nursing Service Today. — January 1940
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
Need for increased enrollment for the Red Cross Nursing Service, the reasons for that increased need, discussion of several activities being performed by this group, including relief of suffering in wartime Europe.

[Article 39:1] Wartime!. — January 1940
Creator: Salmon, Calista Banwarth
Detailed story of one nurse alumna of her adventures in England after finishing an educational program in the days before the beginning of World War II: the beginning of the air raids with escape to air raid shelters, the movement of children out of the city to safer environments, the beginning of her work with the International Council for Nursing. After the executive decision that the records of the ICN should be moved to safety to New York City, this alumna was the one who packed all the records and was in charge of bringing them to the United States. The account of the voyage from England to the U.S. is another adventure described by the author.

[Article 39:1] Your Christmas Sale. — January 1940
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Sales of over one thousand dollars from the latest Christmas sale reported by the chairman of the Gate House Shop, with appreciation expressed to many contributors for the project.

[Serial Volume 39:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1940). — 1940, April. — 1 issue

[Article 39:2] A "Coffee Shop" in a Hospital. — April 1940
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
Proposal for the establishment of a small "coffee shop" at Hopkins Hospital for the convenience of staff and for the use of profits for increasing the Endowment Fund (or for some other purpose). To aid the cause, the author tells of the "coffee shop" experience in another hospital.

[Article 39:2] Alumnae News. — April 1940

[Article 39:2] Ballot for 1940 - 1941. — April 1940
Ballot with nominees for offices in the Nurses' Alumnae Association. Included are very brief professional biographies of each candidate.

[Article 39:2] Book Reviews. — April 1940
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of six (6) books -- or new editions of older books -- that are of interest to nurses. Also includes a more lengthy book review of a newer book, "How to be a Responsible Citizen," the review of which is by a different reviewer and is reprinted from an issue of a different magazine.

[Article 39:2] Christmas Activities at Hopkins. — April 1940
Creator: Duskey, Mary Alice (Jill)
Report of Christmas activities in different clinics at JHH: Phipps, Harriet Lane, Osler, Halsted Three--The Children's Ward, Women's Clinic, The Nursing School Office. Also present is an account by The Probationer Nursing Students. The article is accompanied by two photographs: "Cardboard Village" and "Fruit and Vegetable Orchestra."

[Article 39:2] Deaths. — April 1940

[Article 39:2] Do You Know?. — April 1940
Very brief announcements of facts and activities of interest about the hospital or nursing or the nursing students.

[Article 39:2] Editorials (1) Miss Lawler Resigns. (2) Dr. Bay's Bequest to Nurses. (3) Red Cross Nurse's Badge. (4) Why Write about Christmas Now? (5) Order It Today. — April 1940
Short editorials about Miss Lawler's resignation as head of the School of Nursing and Superintendent of Nurses, financial bequest of physician for financial help for sick nurses, the wearing of the Red Cross nursing badge, planned activities for upcoming Christmas celebrations in the hospital,reduction in the cost for "Within the Gates" book.

[Article 39:2] Grace Baxter, 1894. — April 1940
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
The author meets with Grace Baxter in Scotland and writes of her past professional life, starting a school of nursing and living in Italy, returning to Edinburgh to live with a sister.

[Article 39:2] Guatemala: The Land of Manana. — April 1940
Creator: Hotz, Rachel Rothenburger
Life and work and experiences while working in a hospital in Quirigua, Guatemala in an area with almost primitive resources, life, and undisturbed beauty.

[Article 39:2] History of our Flags. — April 1940
Development of the current American flag from the British flags of 1707 and later, the addition of the horizontal stripes from the Dutch flag in the 1660's, the changes made to the U.S. flag with the addition of new states.

[Article 39:2] Hospital Progress (1) Special Nurses' Dressing Room -- 1940 Model. (2) Marburg Library (3) Out-Patient Department. . — April 1940
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
After an introduction to the improvements made in the Nurses' Infirmary, the Private Duty Nurses' rooms and the new library, the writer gives more detailed information about the new Private Duty Nurses' Dressing Room, the Marburg Library, the new surgical dressing rooms and the cafeteria in the Out-Patient Department. She also includes a short amusing vignette about a little boy patient in the hospital.

[Article 39:2] Industrial Nursing. — April 1940
Creator: Hummel, Jane Besemer
An industrial nurse writes of the adventure of her field, giving a clear summary of the different roles taken by the nurse in this specialty.

[Article 39:2] International Aviation and Public Health. — April 1940
The role of the Quarantine Station of The U. S. Public Health Service in preventing spread of disease, including some of the procedures in the inspection of incoming aircraft. (Excerpts from articles in the Baltimore Health News of May 1939 and January 1940.)

[Article 39:2] Letters. — April 1940
Excerpts from letters from two alumnae giving news of their current activities.

[Article 39:2] Marriages. — April 1940

[Article 39:2] Mary P. Laxton, 1897. — April 1940
In Memoriam tribute to recently deceased alumna, Mary P. Laxton.

[Article 39:2] Memorials to Louise Pomeroy Yale. — April 1940
In Memoriam tributes to recently deceased alumna, Louise Pomeroy Yale by members of the Class of 1916. Includes a donation from her mother and an article from the St. Petersburg Times of December 25, 1939.

[Article 39:2] Nurse-Stewardess on an Airship. — April 1940
Creator: Maxwell, Frances Armin
Creation of the job of Airline Stewardess with its requirements for employment, plus the responsibilities/job description for the position. Included is description of two flights.

[Article 39:2] Red Cross War Relief. — April 1940
The desperate need for help by war refugees and the activities of the Red Cross in the U. S. and European countries to meet these needs.

[Article 39:2] Report of the Regular Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — April 1940
Minutes, reports of committees, and proceedings of the regular quarterly meeting of the Alumnae Association held on February 16, 1940.

[Article 39:2] Staff Education at Hopkins. — April 1940
Program of meetings and instruction of staff and head nurses to assist in increasing knowledge of advances in medicine and nursing, and in understanding the workings of all the departments of the hospital.

[Article 39:2] The Johns Hopkins Nurses' Club of New York. — April 1940
Creator: Green, Mabel Grassmyer
Account of the dinner meeting of the club in February 1940 with Effie Taylor and Calista Banwarth as guest speakers.

[Article 39:2] The Russell Sage College School of Nursing associated with the Albany Hospital and Albany Medical College. — April 1940
Creator: Amberson, Katherine Good
Description of the course of study over the four year program culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree. The discussion responds to two questions: (1) how are the courses arranged over the four years and (2) how do you plan for sufficient hours of practice. The complete 4-year schedule in chart form is included in the article.

[Article 39:2] Today Looks at Yesterday and Tomorrow. — April 1940
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
The creation, growth and use of the Sick Benefit Fund and the responsibility of the Gate House Shop in its current direction of helping the elderly nurse alumnae.

[Serial Volume 39:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1940). — 1940, July. — 1 issue

[Article 39:3] 15th Anniversary of Class of 1925. — July 1940
Brief article of luncheon held by Class of 1925 in honor of their 15th anniversary. Includes listing of attending members plus names of those who sent greetings but could not attend.

[Article 39:3] Alumnae News. — July 1940

[Article 39:3] Alumnae Supper, 1940. — July 1940
Activities and festivities at the alumnae dinner at the Annual Homecoming with special tribute to Miss Lawler, who was retiring as Superintendant.

[Article 39:3] Amy Phillips Miller, 1900. — July 1940
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
Memories of the professional life and personal attributes of a recently deceased alumna written by a graduate several years later of the school of nursing. Includes a double page photograph of Miss Miller with a group of students at the bed of a patient.

[Article 39:3] Another "Base Hospital #18" Being Formed. — July 1940
Creator: Finney, George G. (George Gross), 1899-
Activities undertaken to comply with U.S. War Department request for Hopkins to form a new medical/nursing military group for the Army.

[Article 39:3] Book Reviews. — July 1940
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of two (2) and one (1) more lengthy review of books that are of interest to nurses.

[Article 39:3] Contributions to Endowment Fund. — July 1940
Contributions to the Endowment Fund by Pittsburgh Group of Alumnae Association, by the staff of the General Operating Room Staff of JHH, and by the Class of 1940.

[Article 39:3] Deaths. — July 1940

[Article 39:3] Elsie M. Lawler, 1899. — July 1940
Full page photograph of Elsie Lawler in uniform

[Article 39:3] How the Baltimore Chapter of the American Red Cross is Helping to Solve the Blood Transfusion Problem. — July 1940
Creator: Fischer, Charlotte M.
As the need for blood transfusions has increased, the Baltimore Chapter of the American Red Cross has instituted a new program to develop a group of volunteer blood donors.

[Article 39:3] In Appreciation of Elsie M. Lawler. — July 1940
Creator: Smith, Winford H., 1877-1961
Tribute to Miss Lawler at the time of her retirement as Superintendant of the School of Nursing and Nursing Sevice.

[Article 39:3] Letters. — July 1940
Excerpts from letters from five alumnae giving news of their current activities and several especially commenting on the announcement of the retirement of Elsie M. Lawler

[Article 39:3] Marion Turner Brockway, 1891. — July 1940
In Memoriam tribute on the recent death of the first student to enter the JHH nursing school.

[Article 39:3] Marriages. — July 1940

[Article 39:3] Miss Lawler -- An Appreciation. — July 1940
Creator: Frederick, Hester K.
Lengthy tribute to Miss Lawler at the time of her retirement as Superintendant of the School of Nursing and Nursing Sevice.

[Article 39:3] Miss Lawler's Report -- 1940. — July 1940
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Annual report of the changes and growth of the hospital and the school of nursing by the superintendant of the school and nursing that includes the changes in staff at the hosital and in the school.

[Article 39:3] Notices. — July 1940
Included are a brief appeal for relief nurses to fill the vacancies expected at Hopkins during the coming summer, an appeal for help in areas of the writing of the book on the life of Isabel Hampton Robb, and a correction in the title given in the previous issue to Katherine Amberson,class of 1919.

[Article 39:3] Nursing and the Future. — July 1940
Creator: Freeman, Allen W. (Allen Weir), 1881-1954
Message to the graduating class of 1940 of the many opportunities open to them at that time, giving special attention and details to the work of the public health nurse.

[Article 39:3] Nursing in the Navy. — July 1940
Creator: Yarnall, Catherine
Requirements, duties, and responsibilities of a nurse in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps. Author was a navy nurse currently stationed in the Philippines and she gives a description of the Naval hospital there and the services it provided.

[Article 39:3] Pittsburgh Club Notations. — July 1940
Creator: Macaulay, Margaret Vander Kam
Account of the dinner meeting of the club with election of officers for coming year.

[Article 39:3] Report of the Forty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — July 1940
Proceedings, reports of the President and chairmen of all standing and special committees, and other business at the Annual Meeting of the alumnae on May 24, 1940. Also includes the complete Auditor's Report for the finances during the year.

[Article 39:3] The Johns Hopkins Club of New York. — July 1940
Creator: Green, Mabel Grassmyer
Brief report of annual meeting of club held on May 4, 1940 with Miss Lawler as guest.

[Article 39:3] The National Biennial Nursing Convention Philadelphia, May 12 - 18, 1940. — July 1940
Creator: Struve, Mildred
Report from the Alumnae Delegate of the national convention with the theme Nursing in a Democracy. Special mention is made of the Red Cross meeting on one evening of the convention and of the Hopkins dinner with 72 members of the Hopkins family together.

[Article 39:3] Till We Meet Again. — July 1940
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
End-of-school luncheon get together held by Hopkins nurse alumnae attending Columbia Teachers College.

[Serial Volume 39:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1940). — 1940, October. — 1 issue

[Article 39:4] A Note on Bacterial Chemotherapy. — October 1940
Development of new sulfa drugs to combat illnesses (e.g bacterial pneumonia) previously resistant to medications. Includes comparisons of several commonly used sulfa drugs as well as precautions and side effects. The article also emphasizes that bacterial chemotherapy is "still very much in its infancy."

[Article 39:4] Alumnae News. — October 1940

[Article 39:4] Anna Dryden Wolf. — October 1940
Creator: Wiedenbach, Ernestine
Professional and personal account of the life of Anna D. Wolf, newly appointed Director of the Hopkins School of Nursing and Nursing Service.

[Article 39:4] Baltimore's Hospital Service Plan A Progress Report. — October 1940
Development of a plan (Blue Cross) to assist in payment for medical services which previously proved catastrophic for people. This service was developed for people whose employers cover medical services and for those who did not receive benefits through an employer plan.

[Article 39:4] Book Reviews. — October 1940
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of four (4) books that are of interest to nurses.

[Article 39:4] Deaths. — October 1940
Creator: Waterbury, Ruth C.
Includes In Memoriam tributes to Marion Turner Brockway, first student nurse at JHHSON and member of Class of 1891.

[Article 39:4] Directory for JHHSON Alumnae Association. — October 1940
Listing of officers of the JHHNAA and full list of graduates

[Article 39:4] Editorials (1) The Passing of Our Club. (2) Our New Alumnae Office. (3) The Registry Office. — October 1940
(1) Closing of the residence house on North Avenue. (2) New location of alumnae office on Charles Street near the JHU. (3) New location and phone number for Nurses Registry.

[Article 39:4] For the Red Cross. — October 1940
Review of the successful fund raising event for Red Cross Nursing by nursing at the hospital, which included refreshments, Bingo, entertainment, and drawing of a grand prize New York trip.

[Article 39:4] Letter from Judge Harlan Acknowledging $13,666.62 Check for Endowment Fund. — October 1940
Letter acknowledging receipt of check to add to Endowment Fund.

[Article 39:4] Marriages. — October 1940

[Article 39:4] Nursing in Industry. — October 1940
Creator: Aird, Mildred Vaiden
History of the development of industrial nursing from the 5th century B.C.E. to the employment of the first gradute industrial nurse in the United States in 1895 until the present time. The article also writes of the development of a special association for these nurses, as well as the broad spectrum of activities for which an industrial nurse is responsible.

[Article 39:4] Photograph -- Anna D. Wolf , 1915. — October 1940
Full page photograph of Anna D. Wolf, 1915, appointed Director of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service at Johns Hopkins

[Article 39:4] Progress of Eight Hour Duty. — October 1940
Creator: Miller, Helen Waid
The difficulties and use of eight hour duty nurses vs. the present twelve hour duty ones, seen from the viewpoint of different types of patients and the nurses.

[Article 39:4] The Christmas Sale. — October 1940
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Preview of upcoming Christmas sale at the hospital for the benefit of the Sick Benefit Fund and the Endowment Fund.