Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 41] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1942). — 1942

[Serial Volume 41:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1942). — 1942, January. — 1 issue

[Article 41:1] Address Given by Alta Elizabeth Dines at The Convocation of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing. — January 1942
Creator: Dines, Alta Elizabeth
Convocation speech on September 29, 1941 on "What Nursing has Meant to Me." Points made include the "opportunity for service," the great need for doing more, the satisfaction and motivation coming from the service, "a sense of the significance of life and the dignity of death."

[Article 41:1] Alumnae News. — January 1942

[Article 41:1] At Teachers' College. — January 1942
Creator: Nelson, Katherine R.
Report on program and JHHSON alumnae attending Columbia University's program for academic degrees for nurses.

[Article 41:1] Book Reviews. — January 1942
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of two (2) recently published books of interest to medical/nursing personnel, plus brief comment on new edition of formerly published Reference Handbook for Nurses.

[Article 41:1] Civilian Protection in Blitzed England. — January 1942
Creator: Williams, Huntington
Brief account of trip to England to get help in how to safeguard the civilians in the U.S. in anticipation of possible war on its own shores. (Reprinted by permission of the The Johns Hopkins Alumni Magazine.)

[Article 41:1] Community Defense Program. — January 1942
Creator: Frederick, Hester K.
Scope of the recruitment, training, and activities of the Women's Division of Civilian Defense of the state of Maryland. (Talk given at Alumnae Meeting, Nov. 7, 1941)

[Article 41:1] Dean DeWitt Lewis 1874 - 1941. — January 1942
Creator: Trimble, I. Ridgeway (Isaac Ridgeway), 1900-1979
In Memoriam tribute to and accomplishments of the recently deceased retired Surgeon-in-Chief at JHH.

[Article 41:1] Deaths. — January 1942
Includes short In Memoriam tribute to Bertha Beers, Class of 1914.

[Article 41:1] Devotional Activities in the School of Nursing. — January 1942
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
Evening service led by Dr. Kelly held on November 27 in Hampton House; traditional Morning Prayers now held in "reading room" in Nurses' LIbrary.

[Article 41:1] Do You Know?. — January 1942
Single sentence announcements of events, changes, etc. at JHH and/or JHHSON.

[Article 41:1] Dr. Alfred Blalock. — January 1942
Creator: Firor, Warfield, 1896-1988
Welcome to new Surgeon-in Chief of JHH with some memories of his student days at Hopkins Medical School.

[Article 41:1] Editorials (1) Hopkins Unit Needs Nurses. (2) Hopkins Unit Nurses. (3) The Government Needs Nurses. (4) Max Broedel. (5)The Divine Healer. (6)Holiday Poem by Ruth B. Sherman. — January 1942
Creator: Sloan, Doris Edwards ;  Sherman, Ruth Brewster ;  Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
Appeal for more nurses for the war effort, with letter from government stating this need; short tribute to Max Broedel who designed cover page of Alumnae Magazine; brief description of stautue at main entrance and its significance -- especially during the holiday season with full page photo on Frontispiece); original religious poem by an alumna.

[Article 41:1] Extra-Curricular and Diversional Activities. — January 1942
Monthly extra-curricular and diversional activities for hospital staff now being arranged by a newly organized Social Committee for that purpose. One month was a film; the next month, a concert.

[Article 41:1] First Aid Classes at Hopkins. — January 1942
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Per the national program for civilian defense, evening classes in First Aid are held every week at the hospital. The plan is to have every nurse qualified in this activity.

[Article 41:1] From the Office of the Director of the School of Nursing, The Johns Hopkins Hospital Concerning Convocations, Awards of Diplomas and Senir Scholarships. — January 1942
Includes: (1) Action of Board of Trustees about awards and scholarships, (2) Actions in recruitment of students, (3) Approved new Faculty standards, with faculty including all of rank of head nurse and above,(4) New Faculty appointments, (5)Formation of Student Association with list of its officers, (6) Monthly staff education program.

[Article 41:1] Have You Thought of Anesthesia?. — January 1942
Appeal for nurses to attend school to become nurse anesthetists, with description of the course plus activities and salaries.

[Article 41:1] Letters . — January 1942
Creator: Biber-Gaule, Madeleine (-7 Dec 1964) ;  Wu, Lillian ;  Spessard, Lottie M. ;  Criscitiello, Mildred Rose
Letters -- or excerpts from letters -- from four (4) nursing alumnae in Switzerland, China, Phillipines, U.S.

[Article 41:1] Marriages. — January 1942

[Article 41:1] Medical and Surgical Relief Committee of America. — January 1942
Volunteer work done by nurses in collecting needed medical supplies for shipment to England and her allies. Included is whom to contact to become part of the group.

[Article 41:1] Notes on a Brief Discussion upon the Effects of the National Defense Program in the Hospital and Nursing School Alumnae Meeting Nov. 7, 1941. — January 1942
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
The many effects of the current "emergency" on the hospital and school: closing of beds, too early discharge, shortage of staff, increase in non-professional staff, simplification of procedures, use of Registry nurses for regular hospital patient care, subsequent increased burden put on student nurses, efforts to increase qualified student nurse enrollment.(Report given at Alumnae Meeting, November 1941)

[Article 41:1] Notes on the School of Nursing Library. — January 1942
Full time librarian increases access and assistance to the School library. Writes of a few physical changes as well as additions to the library by Dr. Kelly and Miss Sherman. Library Committee of Alumnae Association is listed as well.

[Article 41:1] Red Cross Volunteers Make Surgical Dressings at J. H. H.. — January 1942
Creator: Sherwood, Elizabeth W.
After completing their quota for national use, Red Cross volunteers are being used by the hospital to make surgical dressings for use in JHH operating rooms. This helps relieve the shortage of nurses and attendants in the operating rooms.

[Article 41:1] Report of the Regular Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — January 1942
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Minutes and reports of the regular meeting of the Nurses Alumnae Association held on November 7, 1941, including three letters received encouraging recruitment of more students to nursing. (One of these letters is seen in the Editorial section of this issue.)

[Article 41:1] The American Red Cross Volunteer Nurses' Aides. — January 1942
New Red Cross program to train volunteer nurses' aides to help relieve the working load of the nurses as the shortage of nurses in civilian hospitals becomes a national emergency. The mandatory course of eighty hours, divided into theory and practice, is described. Hopkins has held two courses and has begun its third.

[Article 41:1] The Divine Healer. — January 1942
Full page photograph of the statue of Jesus standing in the foyer of the main building of the Hospital.

[Article 41:1] The New York Club. — January 1942
Creator: McNeil, Glenn Marie
Activities of New York nurse alumnae on November 1, 1941 with dinnr meeting honoring Miss Wolf and new officers taking over their duties.

[Article 41:1] The State Nurses' Association is Active. — January 1942
Creator: Northam, Ethel
Many activities of the MD. Nurses' Association in recruitment, training and use of nurses into action to relieve the current shortage of nurses. (Talk given at Alumnae Meeting, Nov. 7, 1941)

[Article 41:1] What Is It Like? Information from Some of Our Nurses in the Army Nurse Corps. — January 1942
Creator: Witmer, S. Kathryn ;  Newell, Inez Connor ;  Bonney, Virginia L. ;  Burfeindt, Anna L. Forrest
Accounts of four different training locations by four different alumnae giving the physical and learning environment of each.

[Serial Volume 41:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1942). — 1942, April. — 1 issue

[Article 41:2] "This Wealth is My Stewardship". — April 1942
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Celebration of graduation of one set of nurses and admission of the largest class of student nurses in the history of the school with the promise that quality will be achieved without lowering standards. Tribute to already active alumnae and to retired alumnae now returning to active participation.

[Article 41:2] Alumnae News. — April 1942

[Article 41:2] Annual Meetings of Maryland Nurses (1) Concerning the Nursing Defense Program (2) Maryland League of Nursing Education (3) Report of the Activities of The Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association. — April 1942
Creator: Bunting, I. Gertrude ;  Ames, Miriam ;  Struve, Mildred
Held in January 1942, the National Defense meetings concentrated on the program for nurses to help meet the wartime needs of the state of Maryland: classifying all nursing volunteers, staffing of 14 of the 33 city casualty stations not located in and staffed by hospitals. The Maryland League of Nursing Education held an open meeting with a panel discussion on recruitment for student nurses. The Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae reported on its year of activities for the school and for the community.

[Article 41:2] Book Reviews. — April 1942
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews on three (3) books of medical and nursing interest.

[Article 41:2] Choose, Therefore. — April 1942
Creator: Bowman, Isaiah
The speech urges all to be more than just their profession -- to be a part of the larger world, and giving new meaning to "honor, service, sacrifice, greatness." (Part of the address given at the Convocation of the School of Nursing, JHH, February 19, 1942, just several months aftr the United States joined World War II)

[Article 41:2] Deaths. — April 1942
Includes one (1) Resolution re Miss Seefred and one (1) tribute to B. C. Beers.

[Article 41:2] Dr. John C. Whitehorn Psychiatrist-in-Chief of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. — April 1942
Welcome to new Psychiatrist-in-Chief giving his professional history and accomplishments.

[Article 41:2] Florence Nightingale's Lamp A Symbol or a Reality?. — April 1942
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
"The Lady with the Lamp" with its accompanying image was created in the United States in a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow with its transfer to Britain when a memorial monument was erected. Probably the real lamp used by Nightingale was an ordinary camp lantern. The author also presents Nightingale as a very practical person in her achievements.

[Article 41:2] General Hospital #18 Medical Personnel as of March 1, 1942. — April 1942
Complete listing of all Medical, Surgical, Laboratory, Nursing, Dental personnel in this military unit.

[Article 41:2] Greetings. — April 1942
Creator: Gibbs, John S.
Greetings include the many opportunities and responsibilities thrust upon the new nursing graduates at the time when the U.S is acitively engaged in World War II.

[Article 41:2] Johns Hopkins Takes Air-Raid Precautions. — April 1942
Detailed account of equipping the hospital for "Blackout" conditions from functioning without showing any outside lights, provision of complete set of emergency operating rooms, inclusion of extra emergency beds, procedures in case of emergency needs. (Reprinted from The Evening Sun of Baltimore on January 21, 1942)

[Article 41:2] Life in the Army Nurse Corps. — April 1942
Creator: Witmer, S. Kathryn
Journey of a nurse alumna from enlistment to training to Walter Reed Hospital and then six weeks later to the headquarters of the Army Nurse Corps.

[Article 41:2] Marriages. — April 1942

[Article 41:2] Ordeal By Fire. — April 1942
Creator: Pickrell, Kenneth L.
Numbers of occurrences of burn patients with results of the burns: death and agonies of post-trauma recovery. Problems faced by the physicians and current treatments for severely burned patients, all given with accompanying problems.

[Article 41:2] Price of Subscription to our Magazine. — April 1942
Increase in subscription price to $2.00/year. Also includes a brief letter from Editor of South African Nursing Journal.

[Article 41:2] Recent Advances in Surgery. — April 1942
Creator: Fox, Marian
Talk by Dr. Warfield Firor at Staff Meeting of the School of Nursing on recent advances in surgery, including prevention/treatment of shock, two new substances used in anesthesia with precautions in their use, and use of new sulfa drugs.

[Article 41:2] Report of the Regular Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — April 1942
Minutes of regular meeting of Alumnae Association including reports of all standing and special committees, nominations for two (2) honorary members plus their later letters of thanks, and other business conducted.

[Article 41:2] Some of our Nurses Doing War Work. — April 1942
Portrait photographs of six (6) JHHSON alumnae in different military services at present time, including one in Canada.

[Article 41:2] Southern California in War Time. — April 1942
Creator: Slemons, Anna Goodsill
Changes in this area since the entry of the U.S. into the war: concerns about the military, about the large number of Japanese in the area, preparation for emergencies by Red Cross and other groups, beginning of the "blackouts."

[Article 41:2] The First Convocation Since the Declaration of War. — April 1942
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Description of the mood and the activities of this "evening of firsts": first February convocation, first evening Commencement, first February class of graduates without the September group, first Red Cross badges to be worn, first address by President Bowman of JHU.

[Article 41:2] The New York Club. — April 1942
Creator: McNeil, Glenn Marie
Luncheon meeting to discuss location for Annual Meeting, use of funds, recent visit to Baltimore by Miss Dines, other routine matters. Attending were 17 alumnae.

[Serial Volume 41:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1942). — 1942, July. — 1 issue

[Article 41:3] Alumnae News. — July 1942

[Article 41:3] Book Reviews. — July 1942
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of five (5) books of interest to medical and nursing professionals.

[Article 41:3] Deaths. — July 1942
Includes newspaper In Memoriam tributes to Martha J. Silver and Dr. J. M. T. Finney

[Article 41:3] Editorial. — July 1942
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Three suggestions for increasing the General Fund to meet the routine and daily expenses of the Alumnae Association. To this end, a proposed revision of the By-laws is presented.

[Article 41:3] Hail and Farewell. — July 1942
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Reception held for the Army Hospital Units #18 and #118 a few days before their departure plus the true farewell at the railway station on April 20, 1942.

[Article 41:3] Health Education in Perth Amboy Public Schools. — July 1942
Creator: Takacs, Mary Richeson
After graduating from Hopkins School of Nursing and earning her MA from Columbia, this alumna began work in Perth Amboy, New Jersey as Health Education Director. She made an initial survey, then established several clinics for preventive health care, the first being a very successful Dental Clinic. Cases of diphtheria have dropped to zero cases with 100% immunization. Health education is taught from kindergarten through all grades in high school. The department has been enlarged greatly as well.

[Article 41:3] Letters. — July 1942
Creator: Roots, Mamie Berry ;  Van Blarcom, Carolyn Conant ;  Fradkin, Esther Weber
Letter from Mamie-Lou Roots, 1931 from China; another letter from Carolyn Conant Van Blarcom, 1901 about the teaching of Nurses' Aide courses; third letter from Esther Weber, 1936 who her work in Albany, NY and the prospect of the medical unit there being sent overseas.

[Article 41:3] Marriages. — July 1942

[Article 41:3] Miss Lawler Visits General Hospitals Nos. 18 an 118. — July 1942
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Miss Lawler's account of her 3-day visit with the nurses (and men) of the two JHH Hospital Units while they were in San Francisco. Taking the 79 mile trip by bus, she relates her enjoyment from seeing these nursing alumnae, going to a party with them, watching them all unpack their trunks, other activities together until leaving on Monday afternoon.

[Article 41:3] News From Hawaii (1) Letter from Irene Gasteiger Moltzau, 1936. (2) Letter from Alleyne Clark, 1918. — July 1942
Creator: Moltzau, Irene Gasteiger ;  Clark, Alleyne
The first letter tells of life in general on Maui after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, including the preparation for attacks and possible invasion. The second letter details what happened on Dec. 7, 1941 and the changes in life since that attack.

[Article 41:3] Nominees for Office The Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae Assn., Inc. 1942 - 1943. — July 1942
Nominees for each office plus several committees of the Alumnae Association for vote at the Annual Meeting to serve 1942 - 1943. Only the candidates for office and the Board of Directors are listed in this index.

[Article 41:3] Notes from the Office of the Director of the School of Nursing. — July 1942
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Resignation and appointments in the School and at the hospital.

[Article 41:3] On Duty in the Office of the Surgeon General. — July 1942
Creator: Witmer, S. Kathryn
Account of the selection of the new uniforms for the Army Nurse Corps.

[Article 41:3] Report of the Regular Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — July 1942
Minutes of the regular meeting of the Alumnae Association held May 28, 1942, including reports of all standing and special committees, detailed Auditors' Report, plus extra business considered.

[Article 41:3] The Army Nurse Corps of General Hospitals Nos. 18 and 118. — July 1942
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Formation and composition of the two General Hospitals for the military and their deployment and activities until the present time.

[Article 41:3] The Historical Collection. — July 1942
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
The development of our Historical Library beginning the encouragement of study of the history of nursing from Miss Hampton and Miss Nutting with the formation of "The Teresians." This article lists much of the contents of this Historical Library, as well as their sources. Also included is a recent visit to our Historical Room on the National Hospital Day in May.

[Article 41:3] The Matron-in-Chief in Canada Elizabeth Lawrie Smellie, C.B.E., R.R.C. — July 1942
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Professional life, including several awards, of Elizabeth Smellie from before WWI to current time as Matron-in-Chief of the Nurse Corps in Canada. Includes photograph of Miss Smellie in uniform.

[Article 41:3] The Merrill-Palmer School. — July 1942
Creator: Trainham, A. Genevieve
The story of the Merrill-Palmer School in Detroit that specializes in pre-school training. The school was founded from a bequest of Lizzie Merrill Palmer to train young women "for the functions and service of wifehood and motherhood, and the management, supervision, direction, and inspiration of homes." This enormously successful program has spread to a multitude of foreign students.

[Article 41:3] The National Biennial Nursing Convention Chicago, Illinois May 17 - 25, 1942. — July 1942
Creator: Struve, Mildred
Report on the week-long convention which had the theme of "Nursing at the Nation's Service." Also described was a luncheon of 33 JHHSON alumnae during the convention.

[Article 41:3] The New Uniforms of Our Students. — July 1942
Creator: Ames, Miriam
The new uniforms for students: brown lab coat for Pre-Clin, blue uniform with white collar and cuffs after Pre-Clin, brown hose and shoes instead of the previous black ones. Cost of new uniforms to be taken by students rather than by the school. The article is accompanied by two photographs: the pre-clin lab coat and the student uniform.

[Article 41:3] Waste or Win?. — July 1942
Creator: Lewis, Kathleen M.
Because of the war, scarcity and higher prices are prevalent with food and dining items. Conservation and caution are needed by all. (These remarks were made by the Head of the Dietary Department at JHH at a staff meeting where the discussion centered on Hospital Economics.)

[Article 41:3] With General Hospital No. 18. — July 1942
Creator: McLaughlin, Elizabeth K.
Orientation of the unit in South Carolina and travel to next destination in California as preparation for boarding the ship to "sail for an unknown port" as the next step in the journey.

[Serial Volume 41:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1942). — 1942, October. — 1 issue

[Article 41:4] A Recent Visit to England, July 1942. — October 1942
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
Report of the trip by Clipper and the activities of reviewing the needs of the Red Cross Military Unit, including the need for nursing personnel.

[Article 41:4] Address to the Alumnaae Association. — October 1942
Creator: Taylor, Effie J.
Beginning with a walk down "memory lane" at Hopkins, especially at Phipps, proceeding to the actvities of nurses and the need to be "useful." (Address at Alumnae Association Homecoming by Effie J. Taylor, Dean Yale University School of Nursing and President of International Council of Nurses)

[Article 41:4] Alumnae News. — October 1942

[Article 41:4] Book Reviews. — October 1942
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster
Brief reviews of three (3) books of interest to nursing professionals, one being a biography of Edith Cavell.

[Article 41:4] Deaths. — October 1942

[Article 41:4] Editorial Bessie Baker, 1902. — October 1942
Tribute to Bessie Baker on the occasion of her recent death.

[Article 41:4] Hopkins Gets $300,000 Grant for Study of Poliomyelitis. — October 1942
Grant given by National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis for construction of unit at JH to study ALL the problems of polio on a comprehensive scale and on a long time basis.

[Article 41:4] Marriages. — October 1942

[Article 41:4] News From the Units. — October 1942
Creator: Weber, Helen J. ;  McLaughlin, Elizabeth K.
Conditions of living and activities getting settled of the Hospital Units #118 (to Australia) and #18 (location censored). Also included are excerpts from several letters from nurses in one or the other medical units. Also includes the complete list of nursing personnel in Unit #18.

[Article 41:4] Nurses of General Hospital No. 18 and Auxiliary Personnel. — October 1942
Group photograph of the nurses of Unit #18 in full uniform.

[Article 41:4] Our Obligations. — October 1942
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Resume of activities of JHHSON activities and problems from current military and civilian needs. (Address given by Miss Wolf at Graduation Exercises, September 1942)

[Article 41:4] Our Registry, Past and Future. — October 1942
Creator: Tamblyn, Margaret Errol
Article traces the JH Nurses Registry from complete lack of organization to its establishment, "home" at the JH Nurses' Club until previous year, currently within the JH hospital walls. The many advantages to nurse, patient and hospital are cited.

[Article 41:4] Report of the Fiftieth Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — October 1942
Minutes and activities at the Annual Meeting of the JHHNAA, including address by president and reports of all standing and special committees.

[Article 41:4] Sulfathiazole Ointment. — October 1942
Creator: Keeney, Edmund L.
Development of sulfathiazole ointment and its uses in various types of acne, eczema, impetigo, and other skin problems.

[Article 41:4] The Alumnae Supper. — October 1942
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Presence of several members of the classes of 1892 and 1917 at the annual Alumnae Supper at Homecoming, plus inclusion of three (3) letters from Class of 1892 who were unable to attend.

[Article 41:4] The New York Club. — October 1942
Creator: McNeil, Glenn Marie
Proceedings of the last meeting of the year in New York City, with election of the local officers.