Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 44] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1945). — 1945

[Serial Volume 44:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1945). — 1945, January. — 1 issue

[Article 44:1] Alumnae News. — January, 1945

[Article 44:1] An Opportunity for Head Nurses. — January, 1945
Creator: Grainger, Margaret F.
Announcement and description of "four point course" on the Management and Teaching in the head Nurse Unit presently being given by the JHU College for Teachers.

[Article 44:1] Book Reviews (1) The Control of Germany and Japan. (2) A Textbook of Practical Nursing. (3) Textbook of Gynecology. (4) Gynecology and Gynecologic Nursing. (5) Textbook of Medicine. (6) The Public Health Nurse in the Community. (7) Institutions for Serving Children. (8) Mitchell's Pediatrics and Pediatric Nursing. (9) A Textbook of Surgery. (10) Obstetrical Practice. (11) DeLee's Obstetrics for Nurses. . — January 1945
Brief reviews of new books, all but one of which are related to the medical and nursing field. These are reviewed by different Hopkins nurses.

[Article 44:1] Christmas Card Sent to Nurses in the Service. — January, 1945
Frontispiece drawing of chorus of Hopkins nursing graduates singing in foreground of statue of Jesus always seen in lobby of main entrance of the hospital. Accompanied by a poem and sent by JHHNAA.

[Article 44:1] College Counseling Trips. — January, 1945
Trips across the nation by different nurses to stimulate interest in nursing among the collegiate population. (Program sponsored by National Nursing Council for War Service)

[Article 44:1] Deaths. — January 1945

[Article 44:1] Editorials (1) Watchman, What of the Peace? (2) Margaret S. Brogden, 1902. (3) the Army and Navy Must Have More Nurses. — January, 1945
Creator: Craigen, Claire R. P. ;  Athey, Helen S. Wilmer ;  Dunbar, Virginia
(1) Need for a "vocational bureau" of the Association to handle the influx of post-war applicants for positions over the country. (2) Tribute to recently deceased graduate of Class of 1902. (3) Appeal for still more graduate nurses to join the services to relieve the shortage in all services.

[Article 44:1] Greetings from Mr. Gibbs to the Incoming Class Convocation -- October 11, 1944. — January, 1945
Creator: Gibbs, John S.
Brief greeting to the incoming class of students.

[Article 44:1] Hopkins News from the Armed Forces. — January, 1945
News of alumnae serving in the armed forces taken from numerous letters sent to Miss Wolf or the JHNAA.

[Article 44:1] Items of Interest. — January 1945
Contributions to Alumnae Association; Nobel Prize winners from JHH; new appointments; new treatment for syphilis.

[Article 44:1] Letter from Representative Frances P. Bolton. — January, 1945
Appeal from member of U.S. House of Representatives for more nurses needed in the military.

[Article 44:1] Marriages. — January 1945

[Article 44:1] Officers and Committees of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association, Inc. 1944 - 1945. — January 1945
Listing of all officers of the JHHNAA including chairmen of each committee and members of each committee. (Only the chairmen are listed in this cataloging.)

[Article 44:1] Reminiscences. — January, 1945
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
Memories of Christmas on the wards by Miss Lawler from when she was a student nurse with special memories of the early morning Christmas carols by a group of nurses.

[Article 44:1] Student Nurses Page. — January, 1945
Creator: Mann, Jean Ebersbach (22 Oct 1917-) ;  Poling, E. Jane ;  Harrison, Ann Strickland ;  Bloomer, Bertha L. ;  Aufhauser, Trude R. ;  Weaver, Mary Martha Earnest ;  Silverstein, Irma S.
New "Big Sister" orientation plan for entering students emphasizing "uniform" and "Honor system"; student description of public health experience; full page of cartoons detailing a day as student-nurse midwife;student look at course in Ward Management; first issue of newsletter called the "Biopsy"; review of Cadet nurse corps' "Ho-Hum" musical, written and performed by the students.

[Article 44:1] Thiouracil in the Treatment of Hyperthyroidism. — January, 1945
Abstract of a report by Dr. Elliott Newman, Resident in Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital at the time, concerning the use of this medication alone or in conjunction with other mediction in the treatment of hyperthyroidism.

[Serial Volume 44:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1945). — 1945, April. — 1 issue

[Article 44:2] Alumnae News. — April, 1945

[Article 44:2] Book Reviews (1) Dogs at War; (2) Psychology in Living; (3) History of Nursing in Industry; (4)Gynecological and Obstetrical Urology; (5)The Woman Asks the Doctor; (6) American Illustrated Medical Dictionary. . — April 1945
Creator: Sherman, Ruth Brewster ;  Kennedy, Loula ;  Hare, Nannie Cox ;  Wallis, G. Eileen McLaughlin ;  Betzold, K. Virginia
Brief reviews of new books, all of which are related to the medical and nursing fields. These are reviewed by Hopkins nurses.

[Article 44:2] Christina M. Dick. — April, 1945
Creator: Lawler, Elsie M.
In Memoriam tribute to Miss Dick by classmate, Elsie M. Lawler. Includes many personal, off-duty memories of class activities. Also includes excerpts from other letters in tribute to Miss Dick.

[Article 44:2] Convocation. — April, 1945
Summary of the events at convocation for graduates February 1945 Class of students

[Article 44:2] Deaths. — April, 1945

[Article 44:2] Hopkins News from the Armed Forces. — April, 1945
News from alumnae in the Armed Forces includes two photos of personel in 18th Unit plus an an aerial view of the camp at Suva, Fiji.

[Article 44:2] Hospital Corps School for WAVES. — April, 1945
Creator: Schoonover, Lillian B.
Description of the first year of the Corps School for WAVES

[Article 44:2] Items of Interest. — April, 1945
Brief announcements of Nurse-Draft Bill going to Congress; first class of all college graduates entering the JHHSON with sampling of their backrounds; opinions sent in on the proposed Vocational Bureau; 90th birthday of mother of Anna D. Wolf; new course offered by Western Reserve University SON; introduction of hospital-sponsored "Under the Dome"; several other brief announcements.

[Article 44:2] Marriages. — April, 1945

[Article 44:2] Miss Wolf's Report at Convocation February 19, 1945. — April, 1945
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Efforts of the school to meet increased need for more nurses;changes in the graduate staff; desirability of national draft of nurses; death of Christina Dick; marriage of Jessie Black, Associate Director of the School.

[Article 44:2] Our Contribution to a Common Cause. — April, 1945
Creator: Smellie, Elizabeth L.
Personal reminiscence of some discouraging times at the JHH School of Nursing and getting through them, the role of nurses in the war and in the world. (Address given at the graduation of February 1945 Hopkins School of Nursing)

[Article 44:2] Report of the Regular Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — April, 1945
Report of regular quarterly meeting of the Association including the reports of several committees. The meeting was held on February 19, 1945.

[Article 44:2] Senior Cadet Nurse Experiences. — April, 1945
Creator: Shipley, Lydia Langworthy ;  Speicher, Mary Kathryn
Excerpts from two letters to Miss Wolf from Cadet Nurses currently not at JHH

[Article 44:2] Student Nurses Page. — April, 1945
Creator: Weaver, Mary Martha Earnest ;  Aufhauser, Trude R.
Visit and talk by Eleanor Roosevelt; brief account of The Cherry Hop, an informal dance; experience on a Children's Ward in Phipps; the assignment of eight (8) weeks Public Health experience at Eastern Health District of Baltimore City.

[Article 44:2] The Margaret S. Brogden Memorial. — April, 1945
Creator: Hoyt, Margaret Bliss
Make-up and progress of memorial to Miss Brogden, class of 1902, former Director of Social Service Dept. of JHH.

[Article 44:2] With the Frontier Nursing Service. — April, 1945
Creator: Bloomer, Bertha L.
An adventurous transport of a pre-natal patient along the hills of Kentucky in snow and ice to get her to the hospital for a miscarriage.

[Serial Volume 44:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1945). — 1945, July. — 1 issue

[Article 44:3] Address Given at Convocation June 20, 1945. — July 1945
Convocation address on "the making of choices" given by Margaret Conrad, Professor of Nursing at Columbia University.

[Article 44:3] Alumnae News. — July 1945

[Article 44:3] Appointments to the Faculty of the School of Nursing. — July 1945
Appointment of Faye Whiteside as Associate Director of Nursing Service; appointment of Amanda Lee Norris as Head of Nurses' Residence in charge of social/recreational activities; new Social and Recreational Counselor; new supervisor of Public Health nursing.

[Article 44:3] Auditors' Report. — July 1945
Complete itemized account of financial transactions/funds of the Nurses' Alumnae Association as of May,1945.

[Article 44:3] Change in Rules Governing Use of the Endowed Bed. — July 1945
Creator: Purcell, Mary Stewart
Changes in the rules for use of the Endowed Bed due to increased use and increased requested use of this resource.

[Article 44:3] Deaths. — July 1945
Includes an In Memoriam tribute to recently deceased Maria Daniels, Class of 1895

[Article 44:3] Hopkins News from the Armed Forces. — July 1945

[Article 44:3] House Activities. — July 1945
Creator: Mullin, Bernadette A.
Variety of activities arranged for the graduate staff and student nurses vs. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Activities arranged via a committee of graduate and student nurses.

[Article 44:3] Items of Interest. — July 1945
(1) New list of nursing school graduates available. (2) Mildred Struve attended Vocational Guidance Conference as JHSON faculty representative. (3)Red Cross Nursing News Letter. (4) Need for Red Cross Home Nursing instructor. (5) Election of two JHH physicians to National Academy of Sciences.

[Article 44:3] Letters. — July 1945
Creator: Nelson, Edith Howard Smith ;  Levendosky, Florence R. ;  Bell, Mary Keeler ;  Riley, Georgia
Letters from nurse alumnae, including one about the establishment of a Vocational Guidance Bureau.

[Article 44:3] Marriages. — July 1945

[Article 44:3] Nominees for Office. — July 1945
Slate of Officers for election 1945-1946 for vote at next Alumnae Association meeting.

[Article 44:3] Our Plan for a Memorial to Miss Christine Dick. — July 1945
Creator: Goldthwaite, Mary Agnes
Plans for the cottage at Sherwood Forest as a memorial to Miss Dick suggested by Miss Wolf. Also includes comments from Dr. Winford Smith which tells of the origin of the use of the cottage with a letter from an early graduate of the SON telling of her first experience there.

[Article 44:3] Student Nurses Page. — July 1945
Creator: Tippett, Susan Pincoffs ;  Boetiger, Elizabeth Herrick ;  Lindstrom, Betty Nelle Barefoot ;  Wellman, Cora Marguerite
Play School for patients at Harriet Lane; Johns Hopkins Orchestra; celebration of National Hospital Day.

[Article 44:3] The Johns Hopkins Nurses' Registry. — July 1945
Resignation of Lucie Chisolm as Registrar of the Registry and appointment of Jane McDermitt as Acting Registrar.

[Article 44:3] With the UNRRA in Italy. — July 1945
Creator: Beerstecher, Ada M.
Work and pleasure activities in Italy with UNRRA

[Serial Volume 44:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1945). — 1945, October. — 1 issue

[Article 44:4] A Tea for Miss Pomeroy. — October 1945
Creator: Frederick, Hester K.
Tea given in honor of Pamelia Pomeroy, wartime full-time Red Cross nurse in charge of recruitment for the Baltimore chapter.

[Article 44:4] Address by Dr. Daniel A. Poling. — October 1945
Creator: Poling, Daniel A.
Challenge to graduating class of 1945 for the work that will come after the War in preserving the "American way of life," illustrating his talk with several personal experiences involving nurses. (Given at Convocation September 17, 1945)

[Article 44:4] Alumnae News. — October 1945

[Article 44:4] Book Reviews. — October 1945
Creator: Mullin, Bernadette A. ;  Burton, Alice ;  Struve, Mildred ;  Kennedy, Loula ;  Owen, F. Carrington
Book reviews of seven (7) textbooks for nurses by various members of the nursing staff and/or faculty.

[Article 44:4] Deaths. — October 1945

[Article 44:4] Helen Conkling Bartlett. — October 1945
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
In Memoriam tribute to Helen Bartlett after her recent death

[Article 44:4] Hopkins News from the Armed Forces. — October 1945
Creator: Cobb, Edith Nunn ;  Schoonover, Lillian B. ;  Huddleson, Irene

[Article 44:4] Items of Interest. — October 1945
(1) Excerpt from Baltimore Sun on luncheon given by physicians from wartime JHH Unit in Australia in honor of visiting governor of New Sourth Wales and his wife. (2)Scholarship honor for son of alumna. (3) Appeal next year for funding for hospital expansion planned for 1946. (4) Honors to JH School of Hygiene and Public Health. (5)New ruling for deduction allowance for purchase and laundering of uniforms.

[Article 44:4] Letters. — October 1945
(1) Thanks for gift from Sick Visiting Committee from alumna who had been a patient in JHH. (2) Information on promotion of an alumna. Plus 2 other short letters from two alumnae.

[Article 44:4] Marriages. — October 1945
Also contains correction from April issue about marriage of Louise Shattuck to Rev. Dr. Cyril R. Richardson.

[Article 44:4] Report for Graduation Exercises, June 20, 1945. — October 1945
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Composition of graduating class; the war with Japan remaining after V-E Day declared; new class of students as continuing of admission of three (3) classes/year; invaluable assistance of Bryn Mawr College Summer School of Nursing; continuing of U. S. Cadet Corps; vacancies in staff and replacement appointments.

[Article 44:4] Report in School Activities, September 17, 1945. — October 1945
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
The admission of the largest class of students in the School's history; shortages in staffing and efforts to correct these; contribution of students in patient care during the war; support of different colleges in helping during the war and the acknowledgment of this help; 10-year anniversary of the DVNS as a public health teaching field for students; lessons learned during the war for nursing education and practice.

[Article 44:4] Report of the Fifty-Third Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — October 1945
Minutes and reports of all standing and special committees for Annual meeting of Alumnae Association on September 18, 1945

[Article 44:4] Report of the Regular Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — October 1945
Minutes and committee reports for Alumnae Association meeting June 20, 1945

[Article 44:4] Student Nurses Page. — October 1945
Creator: Lindstrom, Betty Nelle Barefoot ;  Tippett, Susan Pincoffs
Dance for students at Aberdeen Proving Grounds; Planned December original musical to raise funds for the Dick Cottage; Observation in public health nursing.

[Article 44:4] The Margaret S. Brogden Memorial. — October 1945
Announcement of first lecture as memorial to early graduate of nursing school and long time Director of the JHH Department of Medical Social Work.

[Article 44:4] Twenty-Five Years of Service. — October 1945
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Tea held for five members of the JHH staff who have been there continuously for more than twenty-five years.

[Article 44:4] With the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky. — October 1945
Creator: Bloomer, Bertha L.
Visit to see classmates working in small towns in rural Kentucky by two Army Nurse Corps friends "on leave," with all the mishaps that occurred before their "hilarious" time together.

[Article 44:4] With UNRRA in Greece Excerpts from Letter from Louise Smith, JHH 1935, Assistant Nurse Officer, UNRRA Greece Mission. — October 1945
Creator: Smith, Louise C.
Work at refugee camp in Greece on island of Lesbos with 130,000 population, a 220-bed hospital, and two (2) "trained" nurses. The main disease on the island is malaria, with tuberculosis a close second. Writer describes the range of work, help of volunteers, the helpful presence of Greek Red Cross, and the "living arrangements."