Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 45] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1946). — 1946

[Serial Volume 45:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1946). — 1946, January. — 1 issue

[Article 45:1] Alumnae News. — January 1946

[Article 45:1] Book Review Sociology Applied to Nursing. — January 1946
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Review of new book from the 2nd edition of the book with the additon of a chapter on Community Health Agencies.

[Article 45:1] Deaths. — January 1946

[Article 45:1] First Brogden Memorial Lecture The Clinical Teaching of Social Medicine. — January 1946
Speech delivered at JHH, October 22, 1945 on the teaching of social medicine to medical students at the bedside about the importance of the integration of social elements with the biological or physico-chemical needs of the patient. He emphasizes the doctor-patient relationship and seeing the patient "as a whole."

[Article 45:1] Items of Interest. — January 1946
Brief announcements about increase in alumnae dues, contribution to Nurses' Endowment Fund, new Canteen at hospital, solicitation of funds for upcoming expansion and modernization of the hospital.

[Article 45:1] List of Alumnae in the Services. — January 1946
Four pages of lists giving in alphabetical order, with year of graduation, all the Hopkins nurses who had served or were still serving overseas with the army, navy, American Red Cross, and UNRRA.

[Article 45:1] Marriages. — January 1946

[Article 45:1] News of Our Service Nurses. — January 1946
News gathered from various sources, letters, returning nurses, etc. on individual members of nursing units during World War II.

[Article 45:1] Officers and Committees of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae association, Inc. 1945 - 1946. — January 1946
Listing of officers and committee chairmen and members for coming year.

[Article 45:1] Report of a Representative of the Alumnae on the School of Nursing Advisory Board. — January 1946
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia
Reasons for presentation of recommendation in March 1944 that (1) a baccalaureate degree be requirement for admission to the school of nursing and (2) steps be taken as promptly as possible to establish the school as a university school of nursing.

[Article 45:1] Student Nurses Page. — January 1946
Creator: Vicinus, Patricia B. ;  Ott, Elizabeth Jones
Annual Fall dance at Hampton House, presentation of "Something In Common," musical written by Betty Barefoot ('46) with music by Irene Huddleson ('46)with proceeds to Dick Memorial Fund.

[Article 45:1] The 118th General Hospital. — January 1946
Creator: Price, Mary Sanders ;  Cobb, Edith Nunn
Letter to nurses of 118th General Hospital from their commamding officer, letter to "JHH Friends" from member of the 118th, brief announcement of commendation to the 118th.

[Article 45:1] The Maryland Professional Counseling and Placement Service. — January 1946
Creation of a plan for a "national placement service" for nurses through nursing-run state organizations.

[Article 45:1] The United Nations Organization and World Peace. — January 1946
Talk given on the importance of the newly created United Nations Organization in preserving peace and promoting stability throughout the world as post-war so much turmoil and struggle exist. (Talk given at Alumnae Meeting, September 18, 1945 by Mrs. Frank Otenasek, Assistant Professor of Economics at Tinity College, Washington, D.C.)

[Article 45:1] Welcome Home. — January 1946
Creator: Cullen, Mary Bartlett Dixon
Return from overseas of nurses serving during World War II.

[Serial Volume 45:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 1946). — 1946, April. — 1 issue

[Article 45:2] A Challenge to Nursing. — April 1946
Some of the major issues to the nursing profession as presented to the faculty of the JHH School of Nursing by Virginia Dunbar, the new Dean of the Cornell SON.

[Article 45:2] Alumnae News. — April 1946

[Article 45:2] Book Reviews (1) Oral Health. (2) Medical Nursing. (3) Women and Men. (4) Fundamentals of Bacteriology. — April 1946
Creator: Kennedy, Loula ;  Struve, Mildred ;  Owen, F. Carrington
Reviews of four books: (1) role of the nurse in prevention and care of dental disease with which about 96% of all school children are "afflicted"; (2) a new textbook emphasizing the patient as an individual and the need for care of the whole patient; (3) examination of the common beliefs and theories of the differences between men and women, how to use each of them; (4) third edition of classic text on the subject with rearrangement of material/chapters and less emphasis on toxonomy.

[Article 45:2] Charlotte Miller Heilman Retires. — April 1946
Creator: Frederick, Hester K.
Article on Mrs. Heilman on her retirement after a career in World War I, in the Red Cross, with anti-tuberculosis work, working in Italy, Serbia, Greece and back in the United States. Recognition of her work and special honors to her are numerous, including the Florence Nightingale Medal in 1933.

[Article 45:2] Deaths. — April 1946

[Article 45:2] Editorial Why a University School?. — April 1946
Creator: Struve, Mildred ;  Ames, Miriam
The writers cite the advantages of Hopkins for student nurses but also the fear that the school will be losing the best students to university schools of nursing. They urge the authority from the hospital Board of Trustees to seek endowment funding from individuals and foundations.

[Article 45:2] Evelyn Pope Lord and the Fiftieth Birthday of the IVNA. — April 1946
Letter written by 83 year old man recalling memories from being the fourth person to receive an appendectomy in 1890 to Mrs Lord after reading in the Sunpaper of the 50th birthday of the IVNA in Baltimore. Includes article that brought the response.

[Article 45:2] Facts You Should Know about Your School. — April 1946
Brief reviews of (1) the new curriculum, (2) a 48-hr week for all students, (3) correlation of theory and practice, (4) public health experience, (5) senior Cadets from other schools, (6) recruitment of students.

[Article 45:2] Hopkins News of the Armed Forces. — April 1946
News of and letters from nurse alumnae in the armed forces most of whom had returned to the United States after military service.

[Article 45:2] Improvements for the Main Nurses' Home. — April 1946
Complete cleaning of the Main Nurses' Home when Miss Crighton loaned them the use of German prisoners to wash all the walls. Renovations also included updating floors and electric wiring.

[Article 45:2] Letters. — April 1946
Creator: Smith, Louise C. ;  Spessard, Lottie M. ;  Craft, Bernice Kapp-Wienke
Three letters from alumnae: (1) with UNRRA in Greece; (2) missionary in Philippine Islands; (3) experiences at an army hospital in CA.

[Article 45:2] Marriages. — April 1946

[Article 45:2] Maryland State Nurses Meetings. — April 1946
Brief review of the proceedings at the annual meeting of the MNA, MD League of Nursing Education, and MD. Organization for Public Health Nursing held on January 29, 1946

[Article 45:2] Red Cross Advisory Board on Health Services. — April 1946
New Red Cross Advisory Board, with nine (9) nurses among its membership, to study and advise on programs within every type of health service.

[Article 45:2] Report of the Regular Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — April 1946
Minutes of the regular quarterly meeting of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association including reports of all standing and special committees.

[Article 45:2] Rounds with Dr. Osler. — April 1946
Creator: Boggs, Thomas Richmond
Humorous poem written by physician about Dr. Osler and his medical rounds.

[Article 45:2] Student Nurses Page. — April 1946
Creator: Gilkey, Helen Huberty ;  Hess, Joan Chesney ;  Reeslund, Rosella Potter ;  Hamilton, Virginia Adele Pfitsch
(1) Senior Cadet Nurse Experience in the DVNS. (2) Senior Cadet Nurse Experiences in the Army at Newton Baker General Hospital with many different specialties, with the Indian Service at the Tacoma Indian Hospital in the state of Washington, at the Veterans Administration in Perry Point, MD.

[Article 45:2] The Alumnae Banquet and Dance. — April 1946
Account of the banquet and dance held in honor of the graduating class of 1946 at Emerson Hotel in Baltimore.

[Article 45:2] With the Frontier Nursing Service. — April 1946
Creator: Bloomer, Bertha L.
Adventure of a frontier nurse for two hours in a driving rain with washed out roads and bridges on her way to a pregnant woman.

[Serial Volume 45:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1946). — 1946, July. — 1 issue

[Article 45:3] "Early Rising" for the Post-Operative Patient. — July 1946
Creator: Ravitch, Mark M., 1910-1989
History of habit of three-to-four week post-operative bed rest changing to early ambulation after one or two days bed rest after observation and experimentation. Includes history of "early rising" as an idea in 1899. Advantages and disadvantages of bed rest and early rising.

[Article 45:3] A Stitch in Time. — July 1946
Creator: Kerley, Mary Agnes Bier
Need for collegiate and graduate degrees by our instructors in nursing in order to be successful teachers of student nurses who already have collegiate degrees.

[Article 45:3] Alumnae News. — July 1946

[Article 45:3] Auditors' Report. — July 1946
Complete itemized account of financial transactions/funds of the Nurses' Alumnae Association as of April 30, 1946.

[Article 45:3] Book Reviews (1) A Surgeon Looks at Life. (2) The Evolution of Plastic Surgery. (3) Corky the Killer.(4)Health Care of the Family. (5) American Red Cross First Aid Textbook.,. — July 1946
Creator: Kennedy, Loula ;  Diller, Doris ;  Bunting, I. Gertrude
Reviews of five (5) new books of interest to nurses reviewed by several nurse alumnae.

[Article 45:3] Cartoon from Baltimore Sunpapers. — July 1946
Creator: Yardley, Jonathan
Full page cartoon by Baltimore Sunpapers cartoonist sent by the cartoonist for the Baltimore Sunpapers to Mildred Struve after his hospitalization at Hopkins.

[Article 45:3] Deaths. — July 1946

[Article 45:3] Dr. Walter Dandy. — July 1946
Tribute to Dr. Dandy at his recent death citing his career of experimental and clinical neurosurgery.

[Article 45:3] Editorials (1) A Tribute to Miss Kennedy. (2) A Ten Years Accomplishment. (3) Membership. (4) Eighth Revision of the Constitution and By-Laws. — July 1946
Creator: Winship, Myrtle Grande ;  Athey, Helen S. Wilmer ;  Farrow, Elva Weber
(1)Tribute to Loula Kennedy on her retirement including a full page photograph of Miss Kennedy. (2)Tribute to Claire R. P. Craigen on her retirement from positions of editor of Alumnae Magazine and Executive Secretary of the alumnae office. (3) Appeal for increase in dues-paying members of the Alumnae Association to combat economic "crisis." (4) Specific changes in By-Laws on membership, dues, reduction of committees in the group, creation of a "Headquarters Office," other changes related to duties of the officers and the conducting of business of the Association.

[Article 45:3] Items of Interest. — July 1946
Brief announcements of changes at Hopkins, resignations/retirements and new appointments, honors to physicians and nurse alumnae.

[Article 45:3] Loula Esdale Kennedy. — July 1946
Detailed personal and professional account of Miss Kennedy at time of her resignation from her official capacity at JHH.
Article written by "K.V.B." Unable to identify the writer further.

[Article 45:3] Marriages. — July 1946

[Article 45:3] Miss Annie Goodrich -- Eighty Years Young. — July 1946
Creator: Struve, Mildred
Celebration of 80th birthday of Annie Goodrich in New York City with attendance by several Hopkins nurse alumnae.

[Article 45:3] Miss May-On Soong. — July 1946
Creator: Reich, Lydia F.
The story of a too little and too young Chinese girl who became a nurse in war-torn China and Japanese occupation to help people and start a hospital at the direction of the occupying forces.

[Article 45:3] Nominees for Office The Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association, Inc. 1946 - 1947. — July 1946

[Article 45:3] Plan for Individualizing Patient Care Throughout the Hospital. — July 1946
Creator: Grainger, Margaret F.
Committee designing system of individualized patient care with the nurse assigned to a patient responsible for the total care of tht patient rather than the current system of assignment by "activities."

[Article 45:3] Present Constitution and By-Laws of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association, Inc.. — July 1946
Constitution and By-laws of the JHHSON Alumnae Association followed by proposed changes to be voted on at next Annual Meeting. (Proposed changes not indicated in any special way in the text.)

[Article 45:3] Report of the Director From the Office of the Director of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service. — July 1946
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Increase in nurse salaries with decrease of prerequisites (e.g. laundry, rooms, meals, etc.), continuing shortage of nurses. Article contains the item by item detailed JHH Personnel Policies and Practices for Graduate Nurses as of June 1, 1946.

[Article 45:3] Student Nurses Section Abstracts from the First Student Panel Discussion Presented to the Faculty of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing. — July 1946
Creator: Reep, Margaret Allen
Students discuss their own responsibilities for professional and personal growth.

[Article 45:3] The Christina M. Dick Memorial Fund. — July 1946
New station wagon for use by Hopins nurses is gift from Gate House Shop in honor of Christina Dick. Article stresses that not all of the donations came from alumnae, plans for "housewarming" for cottage.

[Article 45:3] The Nursing Care of "Blue Babies". — July 1946
Creator: Walter, Marian Capwell ;  Hillman, Virginia Swindler ;  Whittemore, Ruth
Physiological causes and symptoms of "blue babies," pre-operative and post-operative care of these patients.

[Article 45:3] Tomorrow's Nursing -- Your Challenge. — July 1946
Creator: Leone, Lucille Petry
Limitless nursing opportunities of the future demand continual learning, the importance of awareness of all health and welfare issues, the many questions that need study and resolution.(Commencement address at JHHSON commencement February 18, 1946)

[Serial Volume 45:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1946). — 1946, October. — 1 issue

[Article 45:4] "Blue Baby" Operation Filmed. — October 1946
Creator: Ward, Eleanor Collins
Description of the filming of a "blue baby" operation as performed by Dr. Blalock.

[Article 45:4] Alumnae News. — October 1946

[Article 45:4] Bronchiectasis in Children. — October 1946
New hope from new advances in diagnosis and treatment offered to children with bronchiectasis.

[Article 45:4] Change in Rates at Hopkins. — October 1946
Initiation of "flat rate" all-inclusive charge at the hospital replacing the former "item by item" method.

[Article 45:4] Deaths. — October 1946

[Article 45:4] Dr. Louis Hamman. — October 1946
In Memoriam tribute to recently deceased Dr. Hamman.

[Article 45:4] Editorials (1) A Tribute to Miss Wasserberg. (2) Maryland Professional Counseling and Placement Service. — October 1946
Creator: Wallis, G. Eileen McLaughlin
(1) Congratulations to Miss Wasserberg on new position as hostess at the JHU dormitories. (2) New service in Maryland of ANA established May 25, 1945 to offer direction and help to health care personnel.

[Article 45:4] General Policies for the Use of the Christina M. Dick Cottage, Sherwood Forest. — October 1946
Rules for use of the Dick Cottage near Annapolis by students of The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing.

[Article 45:4] Items of Interest. — October 1946
Committee appointed for writing the history of the School of Nursing. New Executive Secretary and Editor of the Alumnae Magazine. The Carry-on Shop. New Red Cross publications.

[Article 45:4] Johns Hopkins Hospital Campaign. — October 1946
Appeal for funds to complete acquiring of three million dollars for construction of new Surgical Building.

[Article 45:4] Marriages. — October 1946

[Article 45:4] Message from Miss Lawler. — October 1946
Letter from Miss Lawler upon her return to Baltimore expressing her thanks and appreciation for the welcoome, notes and messages from alumnae.

[Article 45:4] Nursing Experiences in Changsha, China. — October 1946
Creator: Scherer, Frances Schlosser
Letter to Miss Wolf telling of alumna's recent experiences in China where she has been working with post war refugees.

[Article 45:4] Nursing in a Changing World. — October 1946
Creator: Bonney, Virginia L.
The purpose of nursing is unchanged in a world that is changing scientifically, economically, educationally, and industrially. New problems for the nurse with suggested solutions are presented in this article. The article is a summary of a Nursing Council Associates' meeting in New York City.

[Article 45:4] Nursing School Announcements From the Office of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service. — October 1946
Changes in personnel and curriculum in the School of Nursing, the initiation of the postwar curriculum with citation of the changes, list of members of the graduating class now working at JHH.

[Article 45:4] Recent Changes in the Medical School Faculty and Hospital Staff. — October 1946
Retirement or death of several physicians and their replacements in Pediatrics, Medicine, and Urology.

[Article 45:4] Reminiscences of a Former Patient. — October 1946
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
Contents of letter to graduate of first class of JHH Training School for Nurses recalling his own illness and the illness of his wife. Letter states appreciation of the members of this Class of 1891 with whom he came in contact.

[Article 45:4] Report of the Director of the School of Nursing. — October 1946
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Comments about the graduating class of 1946 and the changed world since they entered the school,the continuing shortage of nurses, changes in the personnel/faculty of the JHH and JHHSON, establishment of new play activities for children at Harriet Lane, changes in personnel policies beneficial to nursing and nurses.

[Article 45:4] Report of the Quarterly Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — October 1946
Minutes of the meeting of JHHNAA held June 11, 1946 and including reports of all standing and special committees.

[Article 45:4] Robert Garrett Hospital. — October 1946
Announcement of new surgical pediatric building to be built with funds from will of Mary Jacobs as a memorial to her first husband, Robert Garrett.

[Article 45:4] Student Nurses Section. — October 1946
Creator: Hudleson, Irene ;  Friedman, Edith M. Felner ;  Reep, Margaret Allen ;  Jacob, Carol G.
Commencement, June 1946. Updating and renovating of Dick Cottage at Sherwood Forest. Memories of the Spring dance. Public performances of the Student Chorus and its current work.

[Article 45:4] The Harriet Lane Premature Nursery. — October 1946
Creator: Schnetzer, Helen ;  Mosiman, Margaretta Biddle
Announcement of opening of Harriet Lane Premature Nursery with details of care of the premature infants.

[Article 45:4] The Nurse and the Patient. — October 1946
Creator: Longcope, Warfield T. (Warfield Theobald), 1877-1953
The education of the nurse in caring for the whole patient, many dramatic occasions, but more often the long attentive care. Graduation as the beginning of the continuing of this education.(Commencement address given June 15, 1946.)

[Article 45:4] The Social Worker and the Nurse. — October 1946
How the social worker and the nurse can understand each other's job and can work together better.
Author of article signed at "J.E." -- no name included or found