Index of the Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine in the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

[Serial Volume 46] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (1947). — 1947

[Serial Volume 46:1] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (January, 1947). — 1947, January. — 1 issue

[Article 46:1] Alma L. Jacobs. — January 1947
Creator: Athey, Helen S. Wilmer
Announcement of retirement after 25 years of employee of Gate House Shop.

[Article 46:1] Alumnae News. — January 1947

[Article 46:1] BAL in the Treatment of Bichloride Poisoning. — January 1947
Creator: Struve, Mildred
Discovery of effective method of treating patients with bichloride of mercury poisoning with British Anti-Lewisite (BAL) with the used of JHH for clinical investigation of its use.

[Article 46:1] Deaths. — January 1947
Creator: Lord, Evelyn Pope ;  Finney, Mary E. Gross
Includes brief In Memoriam to Ruth Williams, member of the first Class of 1891, by two classmates of Class of 1891.

[Article 46:1] Editorials (1) A Challenge; (2) Miss Wolf Honored; (3) An Appreciation. — January 1947
Creator: Dunbar, Virginia ;  Frederick, Hester K.
(1) Need for backing from alumnae to obtain a collegiate school of nursing; (2) Miss Wolf appointed to Grand Council of the Florence Nightingale Foundation; (3) thanks to retiring president of JHHNAA, Dorothy Blackman VandeGrift, still very active in professional activities.

[Article 46:1] Marriages. — January 1947

[Article 46:1] Our New York Club. — January 1947
Creator: McLaughlin, Elizabeth K.
Meeting of the New York Club for the purpose of urging university status for the JH School of Nursing.

[Article 46:1] Report of the Director of the Schoolof Nursing Convocation, October 14, 1946. — January 1947
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Presentation of the dilemma of using students as hospital labor to the detriment of the student nurse as a student; praise for the graduation class for maintaining high caliber of study and work in deteriorating physical conditions and auxiliary staff shortages; the new class of students beginning their education with a new curriculum; the interdependency of good nursing education and good nursing service, the need for study to support actions; the need for college graduates to enter the schools and field of nursing. (Report given by the Director of the School at Convocation, October 14, 1946)

[Article 46:1] Report of the Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — January 1947
Proceedings of the annual business meeting of the Nurses Alumnae Association including reports of the Standing and Special Committees as well as current officers of the Association.

[Article 46:1] Student Nurses Section (1) My First Convention. (2) Coffee Hours. (3) Commencement Activities. (4) New Residence Director. — January 1947
Creator: Stokes, Gertrude A. ;  Reep, Margaret Allen ;  Webb, Larayne Whalen ;  Brown, Frances Woods
(1) Attendance of two students at Biennial Convention with faculty members (2) Initiation of "coffee hours" on Wednesday evenings in Hampton House with relaxation and speakers (3) Commencement exercises for October division of graduates with Miss Wolf and Alice Fitzgerald, Class of 1906 (4) New Director of Residences for Hampton House.

[Article 46:1] The Atlantic City Convention. — January 1947
Creator: Fee, Rachel
Report of the Biennial Nursing Convention of the American Nurses Association, the National League of Nursing Education and the National Organization of Public Health Nursing with the overall theme of "Nursing in the Nation's Plan for Health."

[Article 46:1] The Hopkins Luncheon at the Biennial. — January 1947
Creator: Camery, Wilda
Luncheon for JHHSON alumnae attending the Biennial Convention at which old and new alumnae met to know one another, but also to come up with a resolution supporting a collegiate school of nursing to be presented to the Board of Directors of the Nurses Alumnae Association.

[Article 46:1] The Margaret S. Brogden Memorial Lecture Summary by Amy W. Greene, Chief, Social Service Department The Johns Hopkins Hospital, October 21, 1946. — January 1947
The Psychosomatic Concept: Its Use in Medicine. Its Use in Social Case Work. Speaker of the first was Dr. Felix Deutsch; of the second topic was Eleaor Cockerill. Bith emphasized that the human functions on the physical and emotional level and both should be considered for effective care/functioning.

[Article 46:1] The Salute of Service. — January 1947
Development of caring and nursing from ancient times to present, citing influences of war and science on this development. (Convocation speech at School of Nursing October, 1946 by Mrs. C. Prem Nath Dass)

[Article 46:1] With UNRRA in Greece. — January 1947
Creator: Smith, Louise C.
Letter from alumna on her nursing experiences in Greece to try to reestablish and build the basis for a good nursing service.

[Serial Volume 46:2] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (April, 194). — 1947, April. — 1 issue

[Article 46:2] A Priceless Treasure. — April 1947
Creator: Kurban, Helena Lu-Affatt
Career of Alice Fitzgerald, 1906, at the time of her sending to the Alumnae Association many of her medals and other mementos of her life.

[Article 46:2] Alumnae News. — April 1947

[Article 46:2] Camsadel Shipley Cannon Retires froom I.V.N.A.. — April 1947
Brief tribute to Mrs. Cannon, Class of 1908, on her retirement as Assistant Director of I.V.N.A.

[Article 46:2] Deaths. — April 1947

[Article 46:2] Do You Know That. — April 1947
Brief announcements about membership dues being $4.00, obtaining new alumnae pin, appeal for changes of address, request for alumnae news, delay of new directory.

[Article 46:2] Editorials (1) Can Nature and the Culture Be Reconciled; (2) Mary Bartlett Dixon Cullen; (3)Help Bring Foreign Nurses to I.C.N. — April 1947
Creator: Schnetzer, Helen ;  Kennedy, Loula ;  Mallory, Cynthia
(1) Importance to pediatric nurses of knowledge and observance of developmental processes in the care of children; (2) Contributions of Mrs. Cullen to the Editorial Committe upon her retirement; (3) Need for financial help for foreign nurses to attend ICN convention in Atlantic City.

[Article 46:2] Gift to Endowment Fund. — April 1947
Creator: Wangen, Clare M. J.
Letter accompanying a "small" monetary gift to the Endowment Fund by the alumna making the donation.

[Article 46:2] India in Retrospect. — April 1947
Creator: Acheson, Harriet Gibbens
Letter from alumna recalling the anxiety of being a refugee during World War II from Burma in India from 1942 until V-J Day.

[Article 46:2] Items of Interest. — April 1947
Brief announcements of appointments and changes in the JHH or involving personnel in the hospital and alumnae association.

[Article 46:2] Letter from Miss Lawler. — April 1947
Miss Lawler writes of attending the different Christmas celebrations in the hospital and her appreciation of seeing and hearing them.

[Article 46:2] Lily Pinneo, 1945, Writes from Africa. — April 1947
Creator: Pinneo, Lily
Letter from alumna on her trip from the U.S. to Africa as she embarks on her career as a missionary nurse.

[Article 46:2] Marriages. — April 1947

[Article 46:2] Mary E. Lent, a Pioneer in Public Health Nursing. — April 1947
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Tribute to Mary Lent, Class of 1895, upon her death. Miss Lent had two careers: first as a professional nurse, especially in Public Health nursing, and later as an expert appraiser of rare antiques.

[Article 46:2] Maryland State Nurses Meetings. — April 1947
Summary of the events at the recent annual meeting of the Maryland Nurses Association.

[Article 46:2] Notes from the Office of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service. — April 1947
Resignations and appointments to the School of Nursing and to areas in Nursing Service at the JHH.

[Article 46:2] Nurse from Dutch Underground at Hopkins. — April 1947
Creator: Struve, Mildred
Story of Jeltje Jellema, a Dutch nurse, who served in the Dutch Underground in caring for injured shot down fliers and smuggling them to safety until her capture and subsequent torture by the enemy with her final rescue from prison. This nurse is now at Hopkins observing American nursing methods.

[Article 46:2] Our New Curriculum. — April 1947
Creator: Betzold, K. Virginia
New post war curriculum being put into practice for incoming Class of 1949 covers 128 weeks (with ten weeks of vacation) and gives greater coordination of study and practice. It also recommends the reduction of the work week to 44 hours. The specific breakdown in the curriculum is given.

[Article 46:2] Recruitment Program. — April 1947
Extensive recruitment program being undertaken by the School of Nursing at colleges over the United States with the names of the nurse alumnae visiting the different schools given in the article.

[Article 46:2] Report of the Director of the School of Nursing Convocation, February 17, 1947. — April 1947
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Affinity of graduating Cadet Corps nurses with patient care; comments on the "nursing shortage" with recommendations for its alleviations; importance of adherence to education over service for student nurses; the upcoming ICN meetings in Atlantic City, N.J.; the wealth of U.S. rsources, money, etc. vs. the different conditions in foreign countries.

[Article 46:2] Report of the Regular Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — April 1947
Proceedings of the regular quarterly meeting of the JHHNAA including reports of all standing and special committees.

[Article 46:2] Student Nurses Section. — April 1947
Creator: Roberts, Jeanne E. ;  Vlahakis, Wanda Ginter ;  McLiverty, Marian Garvin ;  Colwell, Beth M. ;  Pugsley, Mary Louise Watrous ;  Friedman, Edith M. Felner
(1) Adventures with a little black bag during student public health experience; (2) Student Christmas activities at Hampton House, the Main Residence and the hospital; (3) history of the development of the pediatric play program at Harriet Lane and a student's assessment of the program; (4) attending a meeting of the JHNAA and a tea with Miss Wolf.

[Article 46:2] World Health. — April 1947
Creator: Boudreau, Frank
Nursing's role in the pioneering frontier of world health in the post World War II world. (Convocation address given at the JHHSON February 17, 1947)

[Serial Volume 46:3] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (July, 1947). — 1947, July. — 1 issue

[Article 46:3] Alumnae Delegate Reports I.C.N.. — July 1947
Creator: Brack, Annabelle Gleason
Detailed description of the events and meetings of the recent International Congress of Nurses convention in Atlantic City, NJ. Omits discussion of the content of the addresses given at the meetings.

[Article 46:3] Alumnae News. — July 1947

[Article 46:3] Auditor's Report. — July 1947
Complete and detailed annual accounting of finances of the JHH Nurses Alumnae Association.

[Article 46:3] Deaths. — July 1947

[Article 46:3] Editorials (1) The International Congress of Nurses; (2) Dr. Thomas S. Cullen -- Early Proponent of Health Education. — July 1947
Creator: McVicar, Jessie Black
Editorial comments by JHHSON alumna about recent meeting of International Congress of Nurses; Dr. Cullen as an early proponent of health education in 1912.

[Article 46:3] First Operation by Television. — July 1947
First televising of an operation done at Hopkins, this one being the anastomosis for pulmonary stenosis performed and narrated by Dr. Alfred Blalock.

[Article 46:3] Fund Raising Committee in Action. — July 1947
Creator: Brack, Annabelle Gleason ;  McMahon, Cecilia A.
Praise for successful fund raising to pay for publication of first volume of history of the JHHSON, followed by listing by class of all subscribers to the book.

[Article 46:3] Items of Interest. — July 1947
Brief announcements of thanks for contributions for I.C.N.; meeting of the JHHNA in New York; brief report on National Conference of U.N. Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization; televising of actual operations at JHH; JH breakfast at the I.C.N.; where alumnae nurses should send historical materials.

[Article 46:3] Marriages. — July 1947

[Article 46:3] Maryland Program for I.C.N. Nurses. — July 1947
Creator: Hall, Eleanor
Details of social program following the closing of the Congress of the Internationl Congress of Nurses for 78 nurses from 21 countries by the MD Hospitality Committee, chaired by Anna D. Wolf.

[Article 46:3] Nominees for Office The Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association, Inc. 1947 - 1948. — July 1947
Listing of nominees for office to be voted upon at next annual meeting of the JHHNAA.

[Article 46:3] Nursing School Announcements (1) From the Director of the School of Nursing and Nursing Service. (2) Faculty and Staff. (3)Commencement Exercises. — July 1947
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
(1) Expectations from our role in the upcoming ICN convention; some of the visitors who will be joining us. (2) Changes in the staff of the school and the hospital, including the upcoming retirement of Bernadette Mullin, head of psychiatric nursing at the hospital. (3)Brief announcement of next graduation.

[Article 46:3] Our Programs for Foreign Graduate Nurses. — July 1947
Creator: Whiteside, Faye
Programs planned for the many foreign nurses requesting opportunities to observe and have experience in nursing at JHH.

[Article 46:3] Southern Hospitality. — July 1947
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Account of the "work" of hospitality given by Baltimore to foreign nurses as part of the social times after the convention of the International Congress of Nurses, including complimentary housing, trips to D.C. and Annapolis.

[Article 46:3] Student Nurses Section Class Dinner; Impressions of the I.C.N. — July 1947
Creator: Colangelo, Margaret Nagele ;  Munson, Mercedes Pittman ;  da Costa, Margaret Mein ;  Loughrin, Florence Gobillot ;  Spencer, Mary Short
Description of the graduation dinner held for the graduating Class of 1948 (October);several accounts by students of some of the exhibitions, demonstrations, and other memories of the recent I.C.N. convention; the recent spring formal dance held on Hampton House roof.

[Article 46:3] The Christina M. Dick Memorial Fund. — July 1947
Creator: Ames, Miriam
Thanks for contributions to fund, announcement of addition of radio for the Dick Cottage at Sherwood, and awaiting the arrival of the station wagon to help with transport to the cottage.

[Serial Volume 46:4] Johns Hopkins Nurses Alumnae Magazine (October, 1947). — 1947, October. — 1 issue

[Article 46:4] Alumnae News. — October 1947

[Article 46:4] ARC Launches New Enrollment Plan. — October 1947
Revised plan to facilitate enrollment by nurses for community volunteer activities of the Red Cross. (Reprinted from Public Health Nursing, 39: 7: 374, July 1947)

[Article 46:4] Commencement Address, June 12, 1947. — October 1947
Creator: Hojer, Gerda
Commencement address to Class of 1947 emphasizing need for more than a "kind heart and a soft hand" to be a successful and good nurse: the necessity of skill and science.

[Article 46:4] Deaths. — October 1947
Includes brief memorial tribute to H. Pauline Little, Class of 1903.

[Article 46:4] Editorials (1) Bernadette A. Mullin, Honorary Member; (2) Dedication of the Mary Adelaide Nutting Plaque; (3) Honor to an Alumna. — October 1947
Creator: Ruge, Ann E. ;  Taylor, Effie J. ;  Frederick, Hester K.
(1) Resignation of Miss Mullin as Head of Psychiatric Nursing at JHH with photo of portrait on frontispiece; (2)Tribute to Adelaide Nutting at occasion of plaque in her honor for JHH; (3) Memorial to Elizabeth Weller '09 by City School Board of Staunton, VA.

[Article 46:4] Experiences with UNRRA. — October 1947
Creator: Redd, Rika Vandenberg
Letter to Miss Wolf detailing the 15 months spent in Germany working with post-war displaced persons and their problems: overcrowding, maintenance of cleanliness, lack of sanitation, teaching of health programs. In addition, the problem of staff and inadequate staff.

[Article 46:4] Impressions of a New Graduate. — October 1947
Creator: Roberts, Jeanne E.
The changes (mostly with the cap), the fears, the recognition experienced by a new nurse graduate on her first day after graduation.

[Article 46:4] Items of Interest. — October 1947
Brief announcements of changed reunion plans for Class of 1927, listing of members of committee working on university status for our school, third reunion of the JHH unit, Base Hospital No. 18 from WWI,death of first Church Home Hospital affiliating student (Katharine Mallalieu), update on new directory.

[Article 46:4] Marriages. — October 1947

[Article 46:4] My Senior Cadet Period. — October 1947
Creator: Foote, Eleanor Gardner
Experiences during the last six months of training during Senior Cadet Period on Navajo reservation in Arizona.

[Article 46:4] Report of the Director of the School of Nursing Commencement, June 12, 1947. — October 1947
Creator: Wolf, Anna Dryden
Current difficulties in recruitment of students for nursing, other curriculum and faculty changes, reduction of hours of class/work time to 44 hours with inclusion of holidays and vacation, comments on problems of nurses in other countries and plans for participation in the meetings of the I.C.N., other school activities.

[Article 46:4] Report of the Regular Meeting of the Alumnae Association. — October 1947
Minutes of regular biennial meeting of the JHHNAA including reports of all standing and special committees

[Article 46:4] Student Nurses Section. — October 1947
Creator: Hurst, Barbara Weimer ;  Dunn, Joan Shuchowsky ;  Vlahakis, Wanda Ginter
Delightful week's vacation spent by three (3) student nurses at the Dick Cottage at Sherwood Forest.

[Article 46:4] The Course is Half Run. — October 1947
Creator: Brack, Annabelle Gleason
Experiences during her first year as President of the Alumnae Association and goals for the next year in office.

[Article 46:4] The Dick Cottage, 1947. — October 1947
Description of the exterior and interior of the Dick Cottage at Sherwood Forest as a brief haven for fortunate Hopkins nursing students, with the addition of the gift of a new station wagon to get students there and back.

[Article 46:4] The New Cancer Detection Center at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. — October 1947
Creator: Brack, Dr. C. Bernard
The new Cancer Center at Hopkins with its mission to prevent cancer by diagnosing precancerous lesions and actual cancer in very early and treatable stage. This center is s free service held on Wednesday afternoons in Surgical Dispensary for "well" patients.

[Article 46:4] Turtle Derby Day. — October 1947
First post-war renewal of the Turtle Derby Day with its activities and results.